Trove privacy statement


The purpose of this statement is to let you know how the National Library of Australia (NLA):

  • manages the privacy and personal information of Trove users; and
  • deals with privacy concerns relating to library material that is accessible to the public through Trove.

The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) does not apply to library material that is held, managed and made accessible by the Library, including collections made available through Trove.

Trove users

The NLA manages personal information relating to Trove users in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act.

We collect personal information when you register for a Trove user account. We may also record personal information when you use certain Trove features, such as user activity.

We collect data relating to Trove interactions using Google Analytics, for the purpose of improving Trove user experience. Certain analytics data may be shared with NLA partners (for example, libraries that supply digital materials and collections, and other organisations that support our digitisation projects) in a de-identified form to assist in improving our services.

Additional information guidance on the collection and handling of information from online users is available in the NLA’s Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement.

You should also be aware of Trove’s Terms of Use, Copyright Statement and Disclaimer.

In particular, you should note:

  • As explained in our Terms of Use, Trove users contribute content, such as tags, comments and lists, under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This does not apply to private messages sent through the Trove forum.
  • Search engines index the content of Trove, so any public content you provide, including your username, could be searched and found. For this reason we advise you to carefully consider the public username you choose when registering.
  • If you access the Trove Forum while logged in to Trove you are automatically registered for the Forum and your username will appear within the Forum’s list of members.
  • Trove logs and displays recent searches, however, we do not record the details of users who conducted those searches.
  • The Trove People and Organisations zone provides information about many individuals and organisations. Much of this information is contributed by other institutions under a Memorandum of Understanding that allows the National Library of Australia to make it available through Trove.

Trove content

Under the National Library Act 1960 (Cth), the National Library of Australia is responsible for:

  • collecting, preserving and making accessible resources of national significance relating to Australia and the Australian people (as well as significant non-Australian library materials); and
  • making available services relating to library material, including online services such as Trove.

Please read the Disclaimer for more information on Trove content.


The NLA has endorsed the National and State Libraries Australia (NSLA) position statement on requests to take down access to content from our collections.

The NSLA position statement expresses commitment to freedom of expression and universal access to information. It notes that libraries are responding to community expectations for greater access to online collections. It states that NSLA libraries will take down online content or impose other access restrictions only in extraordinary circumstances.

NSLA libraries recognise that there may be occasions when material made available online breaches copyright or other relevant law, or contains information that is culturally sensitive.

If you find material in Trove which you believe infringes your rights, or, for example, contravenes privacy law, is defamatory, or in breach of copyright, you may submit a takedown request.

The NLA will take whatever action it deems appropriate.

If you have other privacy queries or concerns about content that is available through Trove, you can contact our Privacy Officer at