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Picture Australia logo Picture Australia has been absorbed into Trove. It was originally launched in September 2000, and at that time, was a unique and ground breaking service, bringing together digitised images from cultural heritage collections around Australia for not only all Australians to see but also the world.

Contemporary images were sourced from Flickr via a series of Groups, which ensured individual contributions to Picture Australia were included in the snapshot of Australiana. We will continue with this tradition using the Trove: Australia in Pictures Group.

To read more about how we integrated Picture Australia into Trove please see the bulletins in the Trove forum.

Please be aware that as a result of this integration the format of search URLs have changed, therefore any saved or bookmarked Picture Australia hyperlinks that use search terms will no longer work. (eg: (

You may want to learn how to construct Trove search URLs to replace any Picture Australia links you have.

If you’re looking for a Slideshow or Picture Trail these have been made into Trove slideshows or lists. Please do a search in Trove for the title of the slideshow or trail.

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