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Music Australia has been integrated into Trove.

Music Australia was released in April 2005 and brought together Australian music and music related resources into a single online discovery service.  All the resources and people and organisation records previously in Music Australia are available in Trove.

Via Music Australia, the National Library worked with partners and contributors to expose the rich collections of music and resources in both hard copy and digitised form held by libraries, archives and other cultural institutions across Australia.

Trove has brought new awareness to this content by placing Australian music in a wider context, especially with reference to the digitized newspaper content. For example, the early history of Australian music has been extensively researched by Graeme Skinner in his PhD at the University of Sydney. The study was a first attempt to provide contemporary Australian composition with a pre-history, by tracing settler Australian music from its foundations. Graeme used Trove to trace the earliest music compositions. The outcome of his research is available in Trove as “Toward a general history of Australian music composition: first national music, 1788-c.1860” at

Please be aware that as a result of this integration the format of search URLs have changed, therefore any saved or bookmarked Music Australia hyperlinks that use search terms will no longer work (eg:

You may want to learn how to construct Trove search URLs to replace your Music Australia search links.

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