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Thread: ABC Radio National in Trove

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    ABC Radio National in Trove

    Over the past few months, the Trove team has been working with the ABC to bring two Radio National programs into Trove, The Philosopher's Zone and The Science Show.

    We are pleased to announce that we have successfully been able to bring records for these shows into Trove, and now have a process we can use to bring further Radio National programs into Trove in future.

    Trove now contains records for each segment of these shows that appears on the Radio National website, and, where possible, has indexed the transcripts for these segments for searching. We also link back to the Radio National website for each segment, so users can either listen to the original show, or read the transcript (where these are available).

    These items all appear in the 'Music, Sound and Video' zone in Trove, are searched in a simple search, and can be quickly identified by the thumbnail images that appears in the search results -

    and .

    To search within these items in Trove, simply go to this search and add your additional search terms.
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