The National Library of Australia is integrating its online discovery service Music Australia into Trove. This integration was first flagged in 2010 and is to be completed by 30 June 2012, when the separate Music Australia user interface at will be switched off.

As part of the preparation for the integration the Trove support team will be working to migrate some, but not all Music Australia functions to Trove. Other functions will be migrated after 30 June, and some not at all, because we believe that Trove provides an enhanced experience in many areas.

We will advise you of these changes in a series of bulletins.

Since its launch in 2009 Trove has included all the Music Australia resource records. It has been wonderful to see how Trove has raised the profile of heritage music collections held in Australia’s cultural agencies and educational institutions. Trove builds on the rich content in Music Australia, digitised historic newspapers, and the Australian National Bibliographic Database (part of Libraries Australia).

Via Music Australia, the National Library has worked with music-oriented partners to provide rare out-of-copyright Australian sheet music. Trove has brought new awareness to this content by placing music in a wider context, especially with reference to the digitized newspaper content. For example, the early history of Australian music has been extensively researched by Graeme Skinner in his PhD at the University of Sydney. The study was a first attempt to provide contemporary Australian composition with a pre-history, by tracing settler Australian music from its foundations. Graeme used Trove to trace the earliest music compositions. The outcome of his research is available in Trove as “Toward a general history of Australian music composition: first national music, 1788-c.1860” at

We believe that Australian music resources will benefit from the new contexts which Trove provides. We hope you will continue to build Trove with us.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact us via Trove with any questions about the integration.