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Thread: Correcting missing categories, eg "Family Notices"

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    Hi Mark
    As per any user added content, additional categories can be removed by Trove support staff if they are reported and on investigation deemed to be incorrect.
    The example I reported about "Weather" being wrongly assigned to still has not been corrected. I realise this such a minor issue, but the principle is important.

    Contrary to wiki practice, there seems to be no audit as to the author of the additional category assignment (as against comments) and whether they are registered users.
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    Wrong categories are certainly a problem. I am currently correcting a 12599 words "Advertising" article which is more than 50% Family Notice.

    Users searching Family Notices (only) will miss out on relevant information. If users include "Advertising" as well, they will encounter huge (overwhelming) number of irrelevant articles.

    I agree that correctors should not be able to change categories but Trove should provide a solution. The value of Trove information is decreased by errors like wrong classification.

    I expect that Trove staff can correct the classification of articles.

    I suggest that Trove make a thread available for "Wrongly Classified Articles" so we can notify Trove of problem articles and leave it to Trove staff to inspect posted articles and, if necessary, assign the correct category. Correctors could make a quick post suggesting what they think is the correct classification and giving the article id.


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    If you've read this thread from the beginning, you would be misled.. The latest version has indeed added the capability of adding one or more categories. It lists the original category, and offers a selection of other categories which can be added. I don't use this to search, so I don't know if the search for "Family Notices" only uses the original category or actually uses the added categories as well. Hope so... wouldn't make much sense if it didn't.

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