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    Lightbulb New section suggestion - Hacking Trove

    Trove is a fantastic resource of course, but it's still rather inward focused. While it aggregates info from many sources, it generally only provides this aggregated info as html pages. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the only publicly available machine-readable interfaces at the moment are the SRU & OpenSearch interfaces for People Australia. As a result, there's little opportunity for re-using, mashing-up, or extending the data.

    It'd be great to provide a space where the possibilities for hacking and extending Trove are discussed. Topics might include APIs, RDF/RDFa, Linked Data, machine tags, and until we get something better we could also share screen-scraping recipes.

    I know that there are discussions about these sorts of things going on within the NLA, but I also know that such developments are often demand driven. There's obviously a chicken/egg situation here because people aren't likely to demand things like RDF until they have an understanding of what it might make possible.

    So how about it? A forum section on hacking Trove? Let's start a public discussion on the possibilities...
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