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Thread: Improved navigation and facets for Australian magazines and newsletters

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    Improved navigation and facets for Australian magazines and newsletters

    Browsing Trove has improved following an upgrade to Trove.

    We have now implemented options to filter by place and title across more content types in Trove, to match newspapers searching.
    The place filters make it easier to select a word, then narrow your results to a State, Territory or Country. You will also find it easier to select a title. All these filters can be used together so you can narrow your results to exactly what you are looking for.


    Search in our journals category and you now get beautiful covers – these make it easier to select the magazines, newsletters, journals or other periodicals you are looking for.

    Continued title browsing
    You can now see when a magazine has been continued under a new name, and click through to view the next issue. For example the journal ‘Sitrep’ changed to ‘Bush fire bulletin’ in 1978 and you can now see that reflected.

    Search box
    We’ve introduced the ability to search within a Journal title - our most requested enhancement.

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages are displaying, alongside their Austlang code. This will help you locate items in more than 1,000 First Australians languages.


    These changes have been applied in Trove but also in the Trove API. Find out more about the changes to the API – it's all in the What’s changed - API Technical Guide version 2.1.

    Over the past two years, we have been doing lots of work to improve how you can search and browse Trove. Find out about earlier improvements in our blog Digitising journals on Trove: a national approach to sharing content, engaging communities and collaboration in the digital world.

    Get involved in testing our changes by volunteering to be involved in testing.
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