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Thread: AUSTLANG National Code-A-Thon: How to add language tags

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    AUSTLANG National Code-A-Thon: How to add language tags

    During NAIDOC Week (7-14 July) Trove is supporting a national code-a-thon to help tag resources in Trove that are in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.
    Tags are keywords you can add to items in Trove. These tags will make it is easier for communities, researchers and all Australians to find this material if they are searching for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

    How can you help through Trove?
    Help us by tagging items in Trove with the relevant language code from AUSTLANG (the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages database).
    1. Read the instructions and watch the video.
    2. Sign in to your Trove account. If you don?t have an account you can sign up for free.
    3. Find a record from the list of Trove searches on the Austlang national code-a-thon webpage. Look for the links under the Resources heading.
    4. Check the record in Trove. Has a specific Indigenous language been identified in the 'Language field' If not, see if an Indigenous language has been identified in another field like 'Subjects' 'Notes' or 'Description'. The aim is to identify material in Indigenous Australian languages, not about them.
    5. Visit AUSTLANG and search for the specific language name (for example: Warlpiri). If there is a clear match to a language group, note the code at the start of the heading (for example: C15). The aim is to identify material in Indigenous Australian languages, not about them.
    6. Back in Trove, add a tag to the record. In the tag include the term 'austlang' along with the correct language code.

    Examples and things to check
    When adding codes as part of the code-a-thon, it is vital that the term 'austlang' is included somewhere in the tag. This is how we will find tags added during the code-a-thon.

     AUSTLANG_C15
     C15 austlang
     c15austlang
     austlangC15

    Other words will not be recognised.
     AIATSIS c15
     C15 Warlpiri

    Some language codes include a decimal place, such as Anmatyerr (C8.1), Barrow Point (Y63.1) and Birrkili (N116.C).

    If adding a language code that contains a ?.? character, include the period even though it will not display in the tag. For example, A51.1 will look like A51 1 and this is fine.
    If adding multiple language codes in the same tag, separate them by a space.
     austlang y22 y84 Y14
     Y22 Y14 AUSTLANG

    If you make a mistake, delete the tag and then add the correct tag.

    What if a tag doesn't look right?

    If you think an item has been tagged with an incorrect language, you can use the Trove Contact Us form to ask for a review.

    In the form, please include:
    1. the URL of the item you would like reviewed; and
    2. what you think is the correct language code.

    Throughout the week, the National Library and Trove will be collaborating with AIATSIS and State and Territory libraries to review language codes for accuracy.

    The code-a-thon is a collaboration between the National Library, the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS), Trove, Libraries Australia and the State and Territory libraries.

    If you have questions on Austlang or queries about Indigenous Australian languages please contact AIATSIS at

    Links, more help and information

    AUSTLANG database of Indigenous Australian languages

    National Code-A-Thon event page including 'how to' videos and links to probable language material

    General help on adding and deleting tags in Trove
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