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Thread: Eastern Districts Chronicle (York, WA:1877-1927) 18 February 1893missing supplement

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    Eastern Districts Chronicle (York, WA:1877-1927) 18 February 1893missing supplement

    An article published by Eastern Districts Chronicle (York, WA : 1877 - 1927), on 18 February 1893, p. 5.col.4. , mentions a coloured supplement. However the supplement itself doesn't appear to be scanned. I don?t seem to be able find the actual supplement. When I look at the TROVE index there is the paper but not the supplement, any ideas how I can locate it? Would a supplement not be scanned when they did the newspapers?
    Any thoughts and/or ideas would be most welcome. I?m particularly interested in locating the image for ?The tailoring establishments of Mr Williamson and Mr. Lind?

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    I would assume that the supplement would have been scanned if it was held in the newspaper collection.
    But, then again, sometimes mistakes can be made.

    However, on the other hand, sometimes things can go missing.
    A colour supplement would have been unusual at that time, so there is also possibly that the original was stolen for its unique value or interest - and so is now missing from the newspaper collection.

    You could try contacting the State Library of Western Australia to see if they hold the colour supplement.

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