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Thread: Upgrade to improve the visibility of Australian content

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    Upgrade to improve the visibility of Australian content

    The Trove service is being upgraded to improve the visibility of Australian, full-text, digitised content. Work will begin on 29th November 2018 and will take 2-3 weeks to complete. There will be no disruptions to Trove services but you might start to notice that over the next month, Australian results returning higher on your search page, and faster search - especially in Trove's Journals zone.

    The work involves removing a large amount of international content that our research has shown is either now inaccessible to Australian users, or very infrequently accessed. In Trove's infancy, we collaborated with several large institutions to increase the uptake of subscription material by Australian library patrons. As part of the project, many of these institutions shared a significant amount of content with Trove. While we are grateful for the contribution, Trove's audience and aims have since expanded, and this upgrade will significantly improve the visibility of Australian content and make it easier for Trove users to find and access popular resources.

    If you have any further questions about the upgrade, please contact the Trove team.
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