Recently, Flickr was taken over by the company SmugMug.

Some Trove photo contributors have been in contact with us to ask if their photos would remain in Trove once they removed them from Flickr. To ensure anyone who chose to leave Flickr, also had descriptions of their old photos removed from Trove, we initiated a refresh of the Flickr "Trove: Australia in Pictures" collection.

The unintended consequence of this refresh is that some links to Flickr items, such as bookmarks or user-created Trove List items appear to have been deleted. For example this is what you would see in Trove Lists:
Flickr error.jpg

We would like to sincerely apologise to users who may have lost items from their Lists, Tags or Comments. We know they take time and effort to create and enrich Trove for all users.
Unfortunately it is impossible for us to bring back those old references. But rest assured, the connection to Flickr is now repaired, any photos still in the Flickr collection are back in Trove, and photos are flowing through to Trove on their usual schedule 6am, midday and 6pm daily.