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Thread: Victorian newspapers digitised and the number of years still to be digitised

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    Victorian newspapers digitised and the number of years still to be digitised

    I got curious as to how many years there were that haven't been digitised of those Victorian newspapers that have begun or are scheduled to begin to be digitised. I constructed a spreadsheet of all the titles, and made columns for those years that have been digitised. Then using State Library of Victoria's catalogue and Trove as a resource I built up a list of year ranges. Subtracting the digitised year range from the complete year range gave me an estimated year range for how many years are still to be digitised of these newspapers. This is only an indicative figure as there are many variables that haven't been taken into consideration (digitisation of preceding and succeeding titles leading to duplication of years, known years of publication no longer been held or in existence, etc).

    The total figure I've established using this method was 7863 years. This seems like a big number but if progressively digitised could be chipped away at slowly. There are 7 years until copyright clearance comes into effect for the first round of 70 year newspapers after the 1954 digitisation date. Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could convince Governments and various authorities to digitise all the existing titles by 2025, leaving only one year of each publication already commenced digitised to be done each year !!! If we did that would be only 1123.285 years per year to digitise of existing titles digitised (of course there are preceding and succeeding titles and those titles not yet even touched at all still needing digitisation).

    If you're curious there were 365 titles in total. A large proportion of the titles have no years to digitise, 139 (37.98%). 87 (23.84%) have 1 to 25 years. 78 (21.37%) have 26 to 50 years. 50 (13.70%) have 51 to 75 years to digitise. And 11 (3.01%) have 76 to 100 years to be digitised.

    There are dailies, bi and tri-weeklies and weeklies included in the titles to be digitised. Some newspapers would have the good fortune of having all their run on microfilm, others would only have some and others would have none. There are some newspapers with less than 10 pages an issue, and some with more than 30 pages probably included. This means that it would be difficult to estimate how much it would cost to digitise all these titles. But I guess it is of some value knowing how much is still needing to be done.

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    I'm especially interested in
    The Herald. (Melbourne) Can you share the information from the 1930's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just4tatts View Post
    I'm especially interested in
    The Herald. (Melbourne) Can you share the information from the 1930's
    If you go to the 'View title info' page for The Herald:
    You will see the available issues for the Herald represented in graph form - there is a bar for each year. If you hover your mouse over one of the bars it will tell you how many issues are available for that year. You will see that most of the years in the 1930s have 310-312 issues available, but 1932 has 315 and 1938 has 289.

    You can click on any of the year bars in the graph and you will be taken to the browsing page with that year of The Herald pre-selected. You can then scroll through the months (right arrow on calendar) to see which particular issues are missing (if any). In doing this for 1938 in The Herald you will see that most of the June issues are missing from Trove for that year, but otherwise it appears the 1930s are fairly complete for The Herald.

    If you want to be notified if or when any more issues are added for The Herald, you can subscribe to the 'web feed' on the right of the 'View title info' page ("Newly added issues for The Herald").
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