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Thread: The Trove Book Club returns - "Retribution" by John Silvester Nottage

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    Working my way through Upfield. I'll look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just4tatts View Post
    Well, between my last post and your reply, I suddenly got a new user name and password via email--for TBC. Problem solved. I now have access.
    Great to hear.

    Quote Originally Posted by Just4tatts View Post
    "To Be Continued" is an effort to identify all of the fiction that appeared in Australian newspapers. It was announced a while back on the front of the Trove website.
    They have oo... 20,000 or so different titles.. from the 19th Century papers, where they started. Here you go. You can look around and read... can't add to the database without registering... and can't correct without access to Trove. They sort of run in parallel.
    Thanks for the info.

    They seem to be down at the moment, will try the site another time.
    "Error establishing a database connection"

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