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At the moment a group in the communities of outer eastern Melbourne are currently campaigning to see the historical local newspapers of Knox and the Dandenongs digitised and searchable on Trove. As Federal Funding is no longer available only those newspapers funded by State or Local Government, Historical Societies, community groups, donors, grants, or crowdfunding projects are digitised and made accessible on Trove. As the papers we are interested in having digitised are local newspapers we've identified the local Councils (Knox and Yarra Ranges) as being primarily the best possible fully funding option given they have local interest and are financially capable; but are open to other possible funding sources that present themselves, although these may only partially fund the digitisation.

There are 5 newspapers from 1920-1956 with approximately 17,730 pages in 1977 weekly issues that are microfilmed and ready to be digitised. All that is needed is the funding (and copyright permission for the last two years). These newspapers are The Mountaineer (1920-1921); The Pilot (1921-1922); Fern Tree Gully news (1923-1947); Mountain district free press (1947-1956); and Ferntree Gully and district times (1953-1956).

We've got a petition up accessible via www.DigitiseShireOfFernTreeGullyNews.org. It has gained much some attention, and we'd appreciate any extra signatures that can be added to it (you don't have to chip in, but if you do sign please check your location). We also have a Twitter feed at @digFTGnews , this has received some support and attention as well from a wide variety of people, including local residents, professional historians, archivists, archival researchers, librarians, library associations, members of Parliament, and Trove itself. You're more than welcome to sign the petition or follow us on Twitter to show your support for the campaign.

Hopefully with enough support the historical local newspapers of Knox and the Dandenongs will be digitised and searchable on Trove for everyone anywhere and anytime with any internet enabled device to be able to access.

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Digitise Shire of Fern Tree Gully News
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