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    Linking articles


    I can't seem to find anything on this topic. Is there a direct way of linking one article that references another (apart from tags and comments)?

    E.g. is mentioned as having been refuted by the parents in this article and if I dig, I can probably find the letter to the editor too.


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    I check patterns for knitting, crochet, tatting. If there are corrections (that I find), I cross post in both the correction and the original in the Comments section of each, giving the article identifier as you have above. I also post if the pattern is part of a 'set' -- booties, bonnet, coat, or lace sets in different sizes or shapes that match. Some of these pieces have little meaningful searchable phrases, so I supply aids in Comments.

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    Putting a notation (with a link) in the Comments section is the best way (being a solution which you have already mentioned).
    Aside from Comments, Tags, and Lists, there appears to be no other way of linking articles in Trove.

    Be warned though that, for quite some time, any links (including Trove links) placed in the Comments section will not work, as the Trove software cuts off the end part of the link (the URL text is there, but you can't use it as a direct link).

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    There is currently a problem with links in comments where they seem to fail at the first punctuation (including ".") after the last forward slash ("/").

    There is a way around this problem, by displaying text in place of the URL, e.g. "Follow this link".

    For example, if you wanted to point to the following article in a comment:
    Then enter the URL into the Comment in the form below with the associated markup:
    <a href="">Follow this link</a>

    This will appear in the comment as:
    Follow this link

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