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Thread: Why am I having issues - newspaper articles not displaying

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    Why am I having issues - newspaper articles not displaying

    Long-time user of Trove newspaper search but - since yesterday - can't seem to get any images (or anything) to load? Some have been spinning wheels for over 5 minutes now.

    Are there some current issues? Can't seem to find any announcements or news about it in here or at the Trove site.

    Thanks to anyone who may be able to advise - I'm getting withdrawal symptoms

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    I'm having the same issue, with both Firefox Quantum 59.01.1 and Internet Explorer 11.309.

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    Same problems here. Not sure if anyone at Trove has been contacted about this. I tweeted about it a few hours back but no response so far.

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    I've now sent a note to the Trove contact people regarding this. If they don't supply systems support this may not be fixed until Monday.

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    Same problem, so frustrating when I put aside time especially this weekend to research. Please fix soon Trove.

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    Lat Mar 24 in western USA Not working well. Only one in 12 posted the page as required.

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    15:43 pm 25/03 (aus) Still no joy - only had 1 article display in 2 days.

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    The War Memorial's transcription process isn't working either (related?)

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    Looks like it is up and running again. I noticed it came back on at 3:59pm on Sunday 25th March 2018. Thankyou to the support team at NLA and Trove for getting this wonderful resource and service back on line.

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    This seems to be happening again, but for a few hours at a time. You enter a search, and get partial results (eg. the Archived Websites and People results might come up), but as the OP described, the "wheels" spin for the other categories such as newspapers for minutes before you give up. This happened yesterday for a few hours, and then again today.

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