Hi Everyone,

I have been researching 19th Century Australian stained glass windows, in particular those created by the Colonial Victorian firm ?Ferguson & Urie? of North Melbourne.

The principals of the firm, James Ferguson (1818-1894) and James Urie (1838-1890) arrived in Victoria in 1853 and initially started business as Plumbers, Slaters, and Glaziers in Curzon street North Melbourne and by 1861 had transformed the business to solely concentrate on the production of Ecclesiastical and Secular stained glass windows for Churches and private residences.

A significant amount of my research (known so far) on the Ferguson & Urie Company and of their stained glass windows can be seen at http://fergusonandurie.wordpress.com

The companies prolific stained glass period was between 1861 - 1899. I'm also interested in other artist/studios stained glass from this period as well which helps me define artistic styles to help identify who made them and I also have an alternate web site at http://stainedglassaustralia.wordpress.com with a lot of articles about other artists/studios windows.

On Trove, any articles tagged at "Ferguson Urie" or "Stained Glass" are most likely already known by me (as they are likely to be my tags)

If you come across anything in your own research from the period that mentions stained glass windows it may be of interest to me and I would appreciate the tip if you have time. You can contact me via Trove. My user name is rayjbrown.

Thanks and happy Trove hunting.