Trove survey. I received an email about a Trove survey. I was given a URL (which I won't repeat here for reasons that will become obvious).

I was also told "We encourage you to forward this survey to your research networks." Always willing to help, I forwarded the email to some mailing lists. However, when I commenced the survey, it said that my link was outdated and would be updated and then dropped me into the middle of the survey with the earlier questions already answered. It appears that this is a "per user" invitation and therefore cannot be shared with other users as we are all filling out the same individual survey form! So that was fail number 1 -- it's not a URL that you should share.

When I tried to report this problem, I found firstly that it was a "noreply" email address (why do organisations think this is a smart thing to do?!), but the email also said that if there were any questions to go to:

which then told me to contact

which turned out to be a broken link. Fail number 2!

I think the emails may need to be sent out again with a completely new URL that is not "per user" and can be shared. I think all the survey responses received via the old links have to discarded unless there is a way of establishing that each response was completely only by a single user as anyone who shared their link as requested may have resulted in a single response written by more than one person.

I may be that I have misdiagnosed the problem, but there's something weird happening here.