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    Aviation Magazines

    Hey everyone, I have the option to purchase some older Australian Aviation magazines including Flight International, Aviation News, Australia Aviation and lots more. I was wondering if it was worth me buying a couple boxes of them so that they can be added to Trove? I realize that a lot of them are not that old but some are getting to be 60 years now and have some really good insight into the aviation history in Australia. I might grab a couple anyways, but I wanted to see what the interest in having them archived would be before spending a chunk of change on ones that don't interest me that much. Let me know what you think in the next couple days so I can get them if people think its a good idea!

    I have decided to buy the magazines I had my eye on, and got even more than I bargained for! After talking with a seller that had listed the magazines on I met with him and he showed my his collection, which was huge! It is going to take me quite a while to go through everything but I have already found a handful of older magazines. I am going to see if I can work with someone to get the older mags archived, whether on here on on another database. Thanks for the tips Spearth!
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    If you mean to add them to Trove for online viewing, then you need to know that most of the newspaper/magazine titles that appear on Trove do not extend past 1954 (i.e. 63 years ago), and are unlikely to be extended until after the year 2025.

    This is due to copyright law, and the only newspapers/magazines on Trove beyond 1954 are those where the copyright holder has granted permission for them to be included in Trove. Therefore the National Library of Australia would be unable to include these magazines unless they are 1954 or earlier, or unless they get copyright permission.

    By way of explanation, following 2004 Australia changed its copyright law from 50 years to 70 years. Therefore, for example, 1955 newspapers cannot be added until after 2025, unless the copyright holder grants their permission, as is the case with the Australian Womens Weekly, Canberra Times, etc.

    The reasons are also documented in the Help pages:

    If you do mean to add these magazines to Trove for online viewing then they first have to be scanned and their is a significant cost involved. You may want to refer to the following help page:

    The 'Flight International' you refer to may already be online - is this the one:
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    So if I were to get my hands on some copies of pre-1954 magazines then I could start to work towards digitizing them onto Trove? I understand that the cost might be a bit high so that will obviously have to go into consideration if I were to do them myself. I think I will go ahead and pick up some boxes since there is not way of knowing what I will get until I see them myself and I might get lucky; finding lots of 70+ year old copies hidden among the newer ones. Thanks for all the information, seems I will have lots of reading to do

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    You will have to talk to the NLA staff for further details. I would imagine from the link provided that you would have to make a submission to NLA to see if they want the magazines on Trove:

    The information provided via this link suggests that it is not just a matter of scanning them yourself, the scans and the optical character recognition (OCR) would have to meet certain standards. I would presume this work would have to be done professionally. I suggest you need to ask NLA before committing to anything.
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