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Thread: Why are these results grouped like this? 'Smooth' arranged by Saucedo

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    Question Why are these results grouped like this? 'Smooth' arranged by Saucedo

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I see the option to submit a request to merge results that describe the same work.
    1. Where can users submit a request to separate results?
    2. Does Trove consider the second result in the pictured example with the two versions to be the same work, knowing the arranger in the displayed 'Title' link is not responsible for both versions?

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    Trove uses a threshold approach to grouping of works - which basically means that if the works have a certain number of matches (particularly in title, creator and publisher fields) then they are considered to be two different versions of the same 'work'

    This applies even if the titles are not identical, but very similar (which they are in this case).

    To separate the results you need to go into the result, select the version you wish to separate out, and when looking at the version there is a box on the right-hand side that includes the link 'Separate this version'.

    We know that there are some issues around grouping of works, but we are unable to provide any specific information on when we may revisit this.
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