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    The Bulletin

    Any news on whether The Bulletin will be digitised and accessible through Trove - such an important and influential publication in its time, would be really valuable to be able to search online

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    The Bulletin newspaper would be a fantastic addition for Trove!

    As one of Australia's most iconic publications, I would suggest that it be made a top priority for scanning, if not the first priority.

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    I remember hearing rumours about The Bulletin coming soon to Trove, but it doesn't appear on the list of Newspaper titles coming soon.

    Could this be because it is classed as a magazine rather than a newspaper, and that it would be appearing on the Journals module of Trove instead of the Newspapers module?

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    The Bulletin has been scanned into the NLA site, which is a great achievement.

    Although, at this stage, in "set 301-320" there is a huge gap, with the entirety of all issues from 1886, 1887, & 1888 missing.
    Does anyone know if there is any chance they will be put on the NLA site?

    Of course, it almost goes without saying that it's a shame the many periodicals, pamphlets, and books scanned and put onto the NLA site don't have the same set-up as the historical newspapers for crowd-sourcing text corrections.

    Those two gripes aside, it's great to see The Bulletin available for online viewing!

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