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Thread: And the winner is...Troveia results

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    And the winner is...Troveia results

    Friday the 21st November saw teams gathered online from far and wide to test their troveing skills in Troveia, a trivia night all about Trove. Six rounds of questions were posted online, competitors searched for the answers and added them to a Trove list. Questions were marked and the scoreboard updated. At the end of the fast and furious searching the Gasworks Hotel 1864 team were the winners by 3 points over the Moreton Monitors. During the course of the night spot prizes were given away and two games were played.

    Here are the winners.

    1st prize
    Gasworks Hotel 1864

    2nd prize
    Moreton monitors

    3rd prize
    Flying Dugongs

    Honourable mention
    Sian Dart

    The best T.R.O.V.E acronym
    Total Recall of Voices Echoed - @goldenskye

    Trove connections game
    Rachel Bahl
    Liz Pidgeon

    When was the latest version of Trove released?
    Edgar Crook
    Helen V Smith

    How many comments have been added today?
    Lorraine Phelan
    Liz Pidgeon

    How many records from the National Alpine Museum are in Trove?
    Kimberley Peters

    What are the names of the three Trove Support Zones?
    Liz Pidgeon
    Carmel G
    Heather Iveson

    First tweeters to mention #troveia

    Virgil T. Morant
    Rosemary Kopittke
    Alex Daw
    Helen V Smtih
    Neale Ferguson

    Honourable mention
    Inside History

    Could all the winners please send your address to Contact us, if you have not already done so?

    Thank you all for participating.
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