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Thread: Introducing Trove 6.1

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    Introducing Trove 6.1

    This morning Trove 6.1 was released. See our blog post for an overview of the highlights. For those who are interested, this is a detailed list of the improvements we’ve made and the bugs we’ve resolved.

    11 Improvements in the Digitised Newspapers and More zone

    • Advanced Search form
      • Better State, Title and Date selectors, including better keyboard accessibility
      • List of titles is in alphabetical order (with leading "the" removed)
      • “National” is listed above “ACT”
      • Search scope can now be limited to exclude tags and comments
      • Publication date has new date pickers or the ability to type a date in yyyy-mm-dd format
      • Search can now be limited to articles that are illustrated, not illustrated, or both
      • Similar design to other Advanced Search screens in Trove
    • Search results
      • New refine option of State
      • Limit of 2,000 results per search to improve stability. See the Help Documentation for tips on working with this new limit
    • Unicode characters can be searched
    • Serious infrastructure change – Solr has been implemented to give a more consistent search experience for all users

    14 Improvements in the other zones

    • Display of works
      • On the edition screen, for MARC records, 510$c (location) now displays in the "Cited In" field.
      • Include display of MARC 243
    • Searching
      • Language codes in facets updated to reflect the latest MARC Code List for Languages (pending a data refresh)
      • Duplicate and coded language values removed from the Advanced Search form (pending a data refresh)
      • Trove’s determination of Australian items has been updated, using more places of publication
      • Ability to refresh subsets of data without effecting performance
    • Homepages
      • New link to the Australian Government Web Archive (AGWA) on the Archived Websites zone page
      • Updated link to the Tasmanian DPI Nomenclature Board on Maps Zone page
      • Updated link to the NSW Geographical names register on Maps Zone page
      • Updated link to the Trove News section on the Trove home page
      • Users are directed to the homepage, not the login screen, after logging in
    • Contributor statistics
      • Differentiated statistics for contributors from next month.
    • Users
      • Warn users when Javascript is turned off
      • Provide users with an updated Help section

    9 Resolved Bugs in Digitised Newspapers and More zone

    • Searching
      • A warning will appear when too many titles are selected
      • Double quotes entered into ‘the phrase’ box of the Advanced Search form no longer produce incorrect results
      • Clicking on a tag that contains an apostrophe on the search results page will return articles with the whole tag, not just the first part
      • Searches with diacritic characters will produce correct results
      • Comments with returns / end of line characters will be entirely searchable
      • lastupdated: index now updated when a batch becomes available for viewing

    • Display
      • Display of the Title facet after multiple titles were selected on the Advanced Search form is now correct
      • Title pages for newspapers printed after 1999 will display correctly
      • ‘More information’ link for withdrawn articles points to the correct URL

    4 Resolved Bugs in other zones

    • Display
      • Decade facet will display in reverse chronological order
      • Default tag cloud now show tags in different font sizes
      • Request for a deleted or private List will return a meaningful error message
      • Cover Art for a small number of items that were not displaying has been fixed and will show

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    A number of dedicated users have let us know that articles saved in their Lists are now displaying as "Coming Soon", where they were previously available. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as possible and will let you know when they are working again.

    For those with lists already created, we want you to know that your Lists, their content, and the hundreds of hours of valuable work you've put in are all safe. They should be restored shortly.

    Watch the @TroveAustralia twitter feed and this forum thread for updates.

    Trove Support Team
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    The Lists display issue has now been resolved. All newspaper article links appearing in Lists are once again accessible and should not display "Coming Soon".

    If you're still seeing an outdated version of the page you will need to completely refresh your browser. Press the 'Control' and 'F5' keys on your keyboard at the same time to ensure you're seeing the live version.

    Spot any other oddities around Trove? Please let us know via the Contact Form

    Trove Support Team

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