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Thread: Primary School students editing newspaper articles

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    Primary School students editing newspaper articles

    I have been using Trove personally for about 12 months for finding photos/newspaper stories for my Lost Facebook Pages - Lost Shepparton, Lost Wangaratta etc.
    I am a newbie to this forum though.

    My next project is to bring this local history to Primary School students.
    I start this week at a small primary school outside Shepparton and working with grade 4-6 students.
    One of their projects will be to help edit the Newspaper articles under my supervision.

    I would like to chat to some people on here about this and if anyone has done this work with school students.


    Geoff Allemand

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    Hello Geoff, Trove is indeed very helpful and I'm also using it to find relevant information. You are doing great work Trove. Thank you

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