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Thread: Trove at the NSW/ACT Association of Family History Societies family history fair!

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    Trove at the NSW/ACT Association of Family History Societies family history fair!

    Last Friday, the 20th of September, the Trove team were let out of the National Library to attend the family history fair, part of the 2013 conference of the NSW/ACT Association of Family History Societies which was held in a nearby suburb of Canberra.

    We were presenting a Trove masterclass which we’d been told 150 people had registered to attend. After setting up our table in the main room, and getting a round of coffee, we got ready to present our masterclass.

    The presenters were Trove manager, Tim, along with Trove team members Catriona, Julia and Mark. Support acts included Chris who stayed behind to man our table, Jess who tweeted throughout the presentation, Nicolette who took some photos of the presentation and Karen, the Trove team’s placement student, took notes of the various questions and comments we got throughout the day.
    Here’s a shot that Jill, an attendee of the masterclass, took of the team:

    We had a great time out at the fair interacting with family historians who all shared their love for Trove with us. We heard some fantastic stories of how people had found their great-great-great-grandfathers in Trove. Or was that great-great-great-great? One Trove user gleefully shared the story of how they had discovered there was an axe-murderer in their family tree. You can read some of the tweets we and others sent about the fair thanks to this Storify that Tim created.

    Do you use Trove for your family history research? Did you learn an interesting fact about your family that you didn’t know until you found it in Trove? We’d love to hear about it. You can comment on this post in the thread in the Genealogy sub-forum.
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