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Thread: Trove newspapers redevelopment - Discussion thread

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    Talking Some great features on

    Hi, if you're taking suggestions for new features, I love the way you can create 'clippings' on, and then search your own clippings to find articles you've previously set aside.

    Take a look at their service if you haven't already- they've made a lot of good decision re: site design and user-friendliness in my opinion.

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    Hi, I know this is all new and some things are not working but I hope the page number drop down stays. On the new it (atm) just says previous next. For example if I am looking at family notices in the Age they are on page 1 & page 8 generally. I would just look at page 1 and then on the drop down go to page 8. Sports generally start at page 13. So I am hoping I don't have to go thru each page to get to what I want Regards

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    I'd just like to say I like the new interface.

    The best feature is the sometimes annoying + - tab below the current line during editing. Yes! How often have I wanted to insert a new line or delete a superfluous line. On the down side, I can't see where the inserted lines appear in

    I also like the idea of changing font, but it would be even better if you could choose a font like the one suggested recently (I'm sorry but have forgotten by whom) that better differentiates between 0O, 1l etc.

    Cheers P

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    Who did this? I just want to go to the map of OZ and move through the newspapers, selecting the one I want to search. Where has that option gone.

    Its all gone from easy to difficult.

    You may need to relook at your work.

    Quote Originally Posted by mraadgev [NLA] View Post
    Trove?s newspapers zone is undergoing redevelopment!

    The original Australian Newspapers service was released to the public in August 2008, and since this release there have been only minor changes to the interface and supporting infrastructure to migrate the service into Trove. As the service is continuing to expand, there needs to be some changes made to support the expanding content, and ensure that the service is reliable into the future.

    Although there will be some changes to the interface, which are intended to improve usability and accessibility of the site, the majority of the changes will be to the supporting infrastructure. These changes will allow Trove to support greater volumes of newspapers, as well as improve the response times and stability of the service.

    Due to the age of the newspapers system, this redevelopment requires a complete rebuild of the infrastructure and interface, although there are some limitations on what will be changed due to interactions between the newspapers system, Trove and other National Library systems. As this is a complete rebuild, no changes will be visible in Trove until the system is built, tested and launched.

    This redevelopment is an interim solution to improve performance, stability and accessibility of the newspapers zone in Trove. The National Library?s Digital Library Infrastructure Replacement program (DLIR) will introduce a new long term home for Newspapers, alongside all other NLA digitised material. The current redevelopment is focused on improving the existing system until such a time as DLIR reaches completion. If you would like further information on the DLIR project they have a public information page here.

    During the redevelopment process we will be posting to the Forums with information about what is being worked on, however details may be limited.

    This thread has been provided for you to ask questions and discuss the redevelopment process, not to make suggestions or request enhancements.

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    Hello, I am new to this Forum.
    I am not sure if this is the correct place to make some inquiries regarding the new Trove7 Newspaper Site.
    On the old site I used the Copy & Paste and the Cite function, but now I find those functions are no longer there.
    I was wondering if those functions will be carried over to Trove 7 ?

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    Wrong place, but the Copy and Paste function and cite function are still there, they are just attached to icons on the sidebar - see the Sidebar guide for exactly what each of the icons does.
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