Tim Sherratt, of WraggeLabs Emporium, supplies ‘hand crafted digital tools for the discerning historian’. Using the Trove API Tim has created Query Harvester. Query Harvester enables you to ‘harvest the details of thousands of newspaper articles and save them for detailed analysis at your leisure’ ‘Depending on the options you choose, just feed a Trove newspaper query to our harvester and watch in awe as it creates:
• a CSV file containing all the article metadata, ready to be opened as a spreadsheet, or imported into the database of your choice
• a zip file conveniently packaging the text contents of all the harvested articles, ready to be feed to a text analysis program
• a zip file containing pdf versions of all the articles, saved for future reference’.

Further information about Query Harvester can be found here.

Tim suggests that before embarking on a major mining exercise with Query Harvester, it can be helpful to use QueryPic to ‘create a quick snapshot of your search query, displaying the total number of articles your query matches over a span of years’. As well as access to the digitised newspapers in Trove via the Trove API, QueryPic is also able to access the collection of New Zealand newspapers made available through Papers Past using the DigitalNZ API.

Further information on using QueryPic can be found here.

And just to see how well you know your Australian history, treat yourself to a game of Headline Roulette. That's not so easy!