Magic, witchcraft, and religion : an anthropological study of the supernatural / [compiled by] Arthur C. Lehmann and James E. Myers Lehmann, Arthur C

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Lehmann, Arthur C
Religion.; Occultism.; Magic.
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  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. The Anthropological Study of Religion
  • 1. Clifford Geertz, Religion
  • 2. Marvin Harris, Why We Became Religious and The Evolution of the Spirit
  • 3. Dorothy Lee, Religious Perspectives in Anthropology
  • 4. Stephen Jay Gould, Non-Overlapping Magisteria
  • 5. Robert S. Root-Bernstein, Darwin's Rib
  • 6. Claude E. Stipe, Anthropologists versus Missionaries: The Influence of Presuppositions
  • Chapter 2. Myth, Symbolism, and Taboo
  • 7. Scott Leonard and Michael McClure, The Study of Mythology
  • 8. John Beattie, Nyoro Myth
  • 9. Claude Levi-Strauss, Harelips and Twins: The Splitting of a Myth
  • 10. Raymond Firth, An Anthropologist's Reflections on Symbolic Usage
  • 11. Mary Douglas, Taboo
  • 12. Mary Lee Daugherty, Serpent-Handling as Sacrament
  • Chapter 3. Ritual
  • 13. Victor W. Turner, Betwixt and Between: the Liminal Period in Rites de Passage
  • 14. Daniel Gordon, Female Circumsion in Egypt and Sudan: A Controversial Rite of Passage
  • 15. Barbara G. Myerhoff, Return to Wirikuta: Ritual Reversal and Symbolic Continuity on the Peyote Hunt of the Uichol Indians
  • 16. Roy A. Rappaport, Ritual Regulation of Environmental Relations Among a New Guinea People
  • 17. Elizabeth G. Harrison, I Can Only Move My Feet Toward mizuo kuyo: Memorial Services for Dead Children in Japan
  • 18. Horace Minor, Body Ritual Among the Nacirema
  • Chapter 4. Shamans, Priests, and Prophets
  • 19. Victor W. Turner, Religious Specialists
  • 20. William Howells, The Shaman
  • 21. Michael Fobes Brown, The Dark Side of the Shaman
  • 22. G. Reichel-Dolmatoff, Trining for the Preiesthood Aong the kogi of Colombia
  • 23. Michael Barkun, Relfections After Waco: Millennialists and the State
  • Chapter 5. The Religious Use of Drugs
  • 24. Mike Miyaani and Thomas J. Csordas, On the Peyote Road
  • 25. Peter T. Furst and Michael D. Coe, Ritual Enemas
  • 26. Michael Harner, The Sound of Rushing Water
  • 27. Robert S. de Ropp, Psychedelic Drugs and Religious Experience
  • Chapter 6. Ethnomedicine: Religion and Healing
  • 28. Arthur C. Lehman, Eyes of the Ngangas: Ethnomedicine and Power in Central African Republic
  • 29. Robert Bergman, A School for Medicine Men
  • 30. William Wedenoja, Mothering and the Practice of "Balm" in Jamaica
  • 31. L.A. Rebhun, Swallowing Frogs: Anger and Illness in Northeast Brazil
  • 32. Edward C. Halperin, MD, Should Academic Medical Centers Conduct Clinical Trails of the Efficacy of Intercessory Prayer?
  • Chapter 7. Witchcraft, Sorcery, Divination, and Magic
  • 33. James L. Brain, An Anthropological Perpsective on the Witchraze
  • 34. Naomi M. McPherson, Sorcery and Concepts of Deviance Among the Kabana, West New Britain
  • 35. T.M. Luhrmann, The Goat and the Gazelle: Witchcraft
  • 36. E.E. Evans-Pritchard, Consulting the Poison Oracle Among the Azande
  • 37. Bronislaw Malinowski, Rational Mastery by Man of His Surroundings
  • 38. George Gmelch, Baseball Magic
  • Chapter 8. Ghosts, Souls, and Ancestors: Power of the Dead
  • 39. William E. Mitchell, A New Weapon Stirs Up Old Ghosts
  • 40. Paul Barber, The Real Vampire
  • 41. Karen McCarthy Brown, Voodoo
  • 42. Peter A. Metcalf, Death Be Not Strange
  • 43. Stanley Brandes, The Cremated Catholic: The Ends of a Deceased Guatemalan
  • 44. C. Allen Haney, Christina Leimer, and Juliann Lowery, Spontaneous Memorialization: Violent Death and Emerging Mourning Ritual
  • Chapter 9. Old and New Religions: The Changing Spiritual Landscape
  • 45. Melvyn C. Goldstein, The Revival of Monastic Life in Drepung Monastery
  • 46. James Steel Thayer, Pilgrimage and Its Influence on West African Islam
  • 47. Anthony F.C. Wallace, Revitalization Movements
  • 48. Alice Beck Kehoe, The Ghost Dance Religion
  • 49. Peter M. Worsley, Cargo Cults
  • 50. William F. Lewis, Urban Rastas in Kingston, Jamaica
  • 51. William Janokowiak and Emilie Allen, Adoring the Father: Religion and Charisma in an American Polygamous Community
  • 52. John Whitmore, Religious Dimensions of the UFO Abductee Experience
  • Chapter 10. Religion as Global Culture: Migration, Media, and Other Transnational Forces
  • 53. Homa Hoodfar, The Veil in Their Minds and on Our Heads: Veiling Practices and Muslim Women
  • 54. Steve Brouwer, Paul Gifford, and Susan D. Rose, South Korea: Modernization with a Vengeance, Evangelization with the Modern Edge
  • 55. Mark Juergensmeyer, The Global Rise of Reigius Nationalism
  • 56. Stephen D. O'Leary, Cyberspace as Sacred Space: Communicating Religion on Computer Networks
  • 57. Lisle Dalton, Eric Michael Mazur, and Monica Siems, Homer the Heretic and Charlie Church: Parody, Piety, and Pluralism in The Simpsons
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Index.
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