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MONETARY AND COMMERCIAL. (Article), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Tuesday 20 November 1906 [Issue No.18,828] page 10 2017-03-27 17:05 The Tnlcrnalional Pill v hulder» Com
imitée bas »eut nut n i nillir fnmi London
lo llntisb )>ohrv holilirs if tin New Notk
lift liisiirmni (oiti|uiiv, k|h» of which
linvt liccn nreiitil bv \ii-lialuni pohev
hollier« The iintilir i nrloses tin eomiml
tie« I u kel ' or list of J4 rniiliilnte» whom
il n i-oniuit »ris fur t It 11 mu ns riiris tors nul'
ni.o un iiiulope Im wini b In tmlo.e tin
inllol nntl Iheiilhoiiri i union) nrirircssotl lo
lin lion Kit burri lllnev, «li nun in of tin
iiiniiiiillec m Non _oih il is Mutctl Hut
tit» nllleiil balbi!» win jKisdcl (o (lolicv
Imliltr» from Ntw iori, t n Oelolur lil
1 rom tin» it is nbvinii« Hut Aiistnihnn
jilbiy bolder» in Hu Nivv \urk Life lum
Ullin ('nnip-inv (innot n turn the luillnt«
ivvlii« h hate no1 ul arrived lietel in lime
f« i Hu» ih ti mu in New "mik i u Hcrcmlitr
Ih nuil the (|iie»tiou nn».« win thor thev
will count on nrtivuig lhere itboiil .lunn
Hie < in ular of the Ind millón ii Polin
bnhleis- Coinmiliei windi i« nguri! ),v
3a<iril si Oswald Mt .1 s llarninoil llinnir
(tun uf Hit SI t Hiriiiliiti «), lind Mi Robert
mu lawson (lion h cn biri) «el« fortli foin
k i«on« fir voting for tlie committee tit kel,
instt ni of the mltmttistntlton tit kit. Hu
tust reason i« Hint not mete«!»' a lui in!
ni'»» I) i leelctl, luil n e oinplete i Innige In emu
ln»l, i» ixipiiru]. Tin« »eroiul i« I lint Ihr
minion-! mt mu titket ¡mintie« till cxeipt
«,ue nf xxlitit !» tle«inln«tl u« Hu* "uluti"
xwi»liing loininittii'." or niiistignling min-
imi tie appointed bv the bo nd of trustees
itftei ttn» »i .inda!« iii*o»e. 'Hie third i« tlint
Hie Inlern iliniiiil l'oliu-holili is' Coinmit
lee'a iinimiicc« hit toiiunitlfil to full ami
i'l'.iile»* exiiimiiation »f llie»|»i»t, mu! to
»Hill ni turn fur ) rsl ii ul ion u« lint munnin«
linn in ii )inni« in ii«»« iii, anti nn» fieefloni
Willi »Heit iii.nilli ilion. 'Hie lotii'lh tie ii«
nilli llio oliji'tlion Ihal ii lui ml of euiin»lv
ne« men would link Hu« pei»onnl kum».
Jnlge of Hie i iimp nu "a lilian» pn«st»»cd bi-
llie piesent bnaid, iii unit In »luth It i«
pointu! nut lh,il ut the l.egi»lntl,e lilli »ti
gallon iiiiiii,- of the tiu»tu-s and tbuttoi«
pleadttl igunrmiee na n defente. lint lime
ia a skilled »lull, mu! that Hu« iliiln« of Hie
board tiri« i-cally those of tiu«tie».
The International .....................ders Com-
mittee has sent out ................... from London
to British policy holders ........... New York.
Late Insurance Company copies of which
have been received by Australian policy
holders. The ...................... the commit-
tees "ticket" of I................. indicates whom
it recommends for election and......... and
also an envelope in which to enclose the
ballot and the official envelope addressed to
the Hon. Richard Olney, chairman of the
committee in New York. It is stated that
the official ballots were posted to policy
holders from New york on October 18th.
From this it is obvious that Australian
policy holders in the New York Life Insu-
rance Company cannot return the ballots
(which have not yet arrived here) in time
for the election in New York on December
18, and the question arises whether they
will count on arriving there about Janu-
The circular of the International Policy
holders' Committee which is signed by
Lord St. Oswald, Mr. J.S. Harmood Banner
(one of the 24 candidates), and Mr. Robert-
son Lawson (hon. secretary) sets forth four
reasons for voting for the committee ticket
instead of the adminstration ticket. The
first reason is that not merely a board
newly elected, but a complete change in con-
trol is required. The second is that the
administration ticket includes all except
one of what is described as the "white
washing committee," or investigating com-
mittee appointed by the board of trustees
after the scandals arose. The third id that
the International Policy holders' Commit-
tee's nominees are committed to full and
fearless examination of the past, and to
such action for restitution as that examina-
tion may prove necessary, and are free from
Wall-street domination. The fourth deals
with the objection that a board of entirely
new men would lack the personal know-
ledge of the company's affairs possessed by
the present board, in reply to which it is
pointed out that at the Legislative investi-
gation many of the trustees and directors
pleaded ignorance as a defence, that there
is a skilled staff, and that the duties of the
board are really those of trustees.
MONETARY AND COMMERCIAL. (Article), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Tuesday 20 November 1906 [Issue No.18,828] page 10 2017-03-26 13:36 ?
1 he gra n marl cts ope ned v estonia) with
little thany fiom list wc(k Old win it
iv a« firm, but new iv lint lutin r quirt owing
to the strength ot the frc (,bt market Oats
nnd maize weie stud) In the import
market«, ten ivis fuirlv active, and the
news With jcgaid to In li in and I nghsh
mirkrla was of ti film clnnttcr con-ump
lion in I nglind being poiticululv active
3)iicd iruit» remain» iirm in jute fabric«
toinsncls were iirm in tone, and other de
"triplions of i-oods were stculv. Amongst
metal goods, fencing matent!» arc modi
lately uctlve, some M/es of ii(ttm¿ being
i-carcc, avhilc there is more demand foi
Kalvaniäcd iron and tinplntcs
Ilnnk t-iiiotationn arc unnltrrod, Hie ofli
Eial list being as follow» -
Advances -Discount late '1 lo 6" per rent per
linn un, uverdrait rate, 0 tu 7 | cr tent per uri
nersailts for six months (tenere sHowed) IJ lo ¡bj
percent per »nntim for 1 montis I | er cent
j er annum for Ino teirs «rid ui wards J to J)
I cr tent, jicr annum
During . Selling
"ia , dlsccrarit 01) 10/ ; premium
l"/fl dlscounti 10 dar« 17 '/. premium
370 -' discount CO da)» tar
Ul discount la] dar« ».
Tclcgrap) le transfers l"/0 'A premium t-selllng)
Inténtate Ficti»ng» -On New South Wales, J
per cent on Ilrtsbaae j per cent on North
Queensland J to 1 per cent on south Australia
} per cent, on Heitern AuiIraH- Perth and Ire
mantle ' (o } per cent, poid Held« } to li per
rent on Tasmania ", per cent, «>n New Zealand,
1 per cent, on Jvorlbern Territory, 2 per rent.
There ii a Rood demand for gold for -hip
¡mint from Australia, nnd owing to the
dear moncv market in London, the nie» of
exchange offered ore exceptional!! full On
the oil or hand, the requirements of the
wool «-rason provide «tuple employment
locally for av niable funds, though the cur
lint nte of eichnnge on wool bills is not
j-o remunerative n» ivhnt would be obtain
.tillo against cold shipment« The position
,s au unusual one, local employment and
ubi oat. competing with one nnothoi
The effect of dear money in Ijondon lins
been more pronounced in India than locally
ind an exchange ng »bown in the weekly
Mien of Counc.l bill«, declined r\ gilli) after
t'io Rank of Tnsland'discount late lia»
iijsod to 0 per cent, mid th<* amount of
bril« to be offered in London b) the India
( onnc I was rcduci d. In other word», the
(tclianso hink« wire lots lulling to trans
fir money from I-ondon to India notvnth
standing the prospict of nn «iirlv increase
in Indian prtulmi diafts on laontion, as
usual at this period of the >ni.
i be Canadian cxpirnnreof tholaw reqiui
ing publication of unclaimed 1 ink balances
induit.« that legislation if this kind s
r»all«, unneetwary .lit latest olhcial pub
hellion, relating to TI iistitulions, »hows
that the amount» tonctrntd nre most.)
mall nnd the «igrf»»-tc f ir 1 lu 11 bank»
j» onlv ntont -TlOI/elT, to windi lnnv be
iddtri nbotit £*¡8_« for uni ad ««rift» The
ni erige jier bank i» n hin'li »mall mid it
i« to be remembered tn.t t ii balance « nrc
(he property of the depofiloi«, not of the
Tin miîl lia» lu nug it lln» report nnd
balance-sheet of D nnd W Murray 3»ttl
for the tear cn led lull ID list The tiet
profit for the nar (lieiore dislucting prefer
ince dividend) i» ¿"S'iIO against 4.01 87-1
for 1901-5 mel ¿".«.(fit for 100,1-4
«riding lmlanee hroug it forw ml, £.1 070
tin total «viriabl« is ¿N_8S0 Din
tit ml on ilu V jier r nt jirifcrcnci
»hare«! nls-orb« £11 ."sü «liv nie nil of
111 per cut nml lsonu» of 1 jier c. nt
in tin onhtinn «hin s i k1 (»«I nntl sifter
tnnsfirrng -UR107 to j,innil reservi ar
munt, nntl £TI*W to spot ni ii »me, tin
lnlnnce, jC7,439, is (irrusl f rvv ml 'Hin
(,'neril rcerve is tim« i-u»-ri lo ¿113 107,
which i« etjuivnlint lo tue ann mil of good
iv II si own ninongst t u ns- i The com
)nii! s cip.tal is _,G.-)«"X>) jiicliiilttig
XlidlKfl in pn fen nee nn 1 i.To«D0O0 in ot
ilmiirv »linre»; nntl the 41 p r rent fust
mortgage dibonttiro etui» .amotinl» lo
'«.IprjiifiO Including rc»(no fund nnd pro
(t linlanec and tumut bibbin», the
liilance-shoel total m ¿1-11 UK AiuuU
mt lu li jiropirtiiit, i.Xartf\, »totk«,
awsoui; thblors nnd lill» receivable,
iTH^Hl mid nther ii ni» At the mut
ing in London on October 11 Hu,
"Mr D Murrav, ts-nl Hut li iiicrnst in
liusiiufsj nt (he nrious I mu io», although
)i"*rltnp» no1 proportiotnt« 11 the growth in
ni id rial jirnsjieiilv thr me. lu ul the Com
iiionwealtli wa» »till i io«t ,mtii)ing nnd
.a» ixp-innon in »nth i lumms -'(pond«!
mon upon tin lunn«;t< d mini«, of the
population than upon t'n ¡.louth of iniliv,
dual wealth, thev liari no 1 «ulit tint tluv
buri done tht r full shan if ilu jncuuscd
truli It hail 1min flinn 1 lim «»»ila lo ron
hl.lilitiK inrroasi tin n imini aititnn« np
jilitiiitis nnd li. w buri hu.« v m in coin»i
«if iiistiou lvliioh w ni' all irl (.nut r
! io nt tes for tin r boot t it I tit thing manu
The grain markets opened yesterday with
little change from last week. Old wheat
was fir, but new wheat rather quiet, owing
to the strength of the freight market. Oats
and maize were steady. In the import
markets, tea was fairly active, and the
news with regard to Indian and English
markets was of a firm character, consump-
tion in England being particularly active.
Dried fruits remains firm. In jute fabrics,
cornsacks were firm in tone, and other de-
scriptions of goods were steady. Amongst
metal goods, fencing materials are mode-
rately active, some sizes of netting being
scarce, while there is more demand for
galvanised iron and tinplates.
Bank quotations are unaltered, the offi-
cial list being as follows:
Advances.—Discount rate ..... to 6½ per cent. per
annum, overdraft rate, 6 to 7 per cent. per an-
Deposits for six months (where allowed), 1½ to 2½
per cent. per annum; for ... months, 3 per cent.
per annum, for two years and upwards, 3 to 3½
per cent. per annum.
Buying. Selling.
...... discount O.D. 10/ ... premium.
...... discount 30 days ......... premium.
...... discount 60 days Par.
2..... discount 90 days ...........
Telegraphic transfers, .......... premium (selling).
Interstate Exchange.—On New South Wales, ¼
per cent ; on Brisbane, ½ per cent ; on North
Queensland ½ to 1 per cent on South Australia,
¼ per cent ; on Western Australia, Perth and Fre-
mantle ½ to ¾ per cent., goldfields ¾ to 1½ per
cent ; on Tasmania, ¼ per cent ; on New Zealand,
½ per cent, on Northern Territory, 2 per cent.
There is a good demand for gold for ship-
ment from Australia, and, owing to the
dear money market in London, the rates of
exchange offered are exceptionally full. On
the other hand, the requirements of the
wool season provide ample employment
locally for available funds, though the cur-
rent rate of exchange on wool bills is not
so remunerative as what would be obtain-
able against gold shipments. The position
is an unusual one, local employment and
abroad competing with one another.
The effect of dear money in London has
been more pronounced in India than locally.
Indian exchange, as shown in the weekly
sales of Council bills, declined slightly after
the Bank of England discount rate was
....ed to 6 per cent, and the amount of
bills to be offered in London by the India
Council was reduced. In other words, the
exchange banks were less willing to trans-
fer money from London to India, notwith-
standing the prospect of an early increase
in Indian produce ................. London, as
usual at this period of the year.
The Canadian ........................ law requir-
ing publication of unclaimed bank balances
indicates that legislation of this kind is
really unnecessary. The latest official pub-
lication, relating to 31 institutions, shows
that the amounts ........ and are mostly
small, and the aggregate to the 31 banks
is only about £104,... ............... may be
added about £5,826 for ....... drafts. The
average per bank is ............. small, and it
is to be remembered that the balances are
the property of the ............., not of the
The mail has brought the report and
balance sheet of D. and W. Murray Ltd.
for the year ended July 19.... The net
profit for the year prefer-
ence dividend ... £78...... against £64,872
for 1904-5, and £......... for 1903-4.
Adding balance brought forward, £3,976,
the total available ............... 886. D.....
dend on the ............................. preference
shares absorbs £..................... dividend of
10 per cent, and ....................... per cent
on the ordinary shares ............ and after
transferring £18... to g...... reserve ac-
count, and £5....... to special reserve, the
balance, £7,439, ......................... The
general reserve .......................... £133,197
which is equivalent to ................. good-
..... own amonst ................... The com-
pany's capital ...... £6........ including
£....000 in preference .......... 000 in ord-
nary shares; and ................................
mortgage debentures ...........amounts to
£100,000. In......................... and pro-
fit balance and current liabilities, the
balance sheet total of £1,244,421. Assets
including properties, £2.......... stocks,
£508,.....; d....... and bills receivable,
£3..,... and other ................... At the meet-
ing in London on October ......... chairman,
Mr. D. Murray, said ............. increase in
business at the various ......... although
perhaps not proportion .......... growth in
material prosperity .............. the Com-
monwealth was still ............ ing and,
as expansion in such ........... depended
more upon the of the
population than upon .............. indivi-
dual wealth, they had ........... they
had done their full s............. increased
trade. It had been for.............. to con-
siderably increase the ap-
pliances and new bu.................... course
of erection ............................... great ...
.............. for that b........................manu-
CASUALTIES AND FATALITIES. RUN OVER BY A CART. (Article), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Tuesday 20 November 1906 [Issue No.18,828] page 9 2017-03-26 12:54 CASUALTIES AXI) FATALITIES.!
Mr Aitliiir Datr.« inplc, dam man, of Or
mond,\\"c»t l'oeit«tr.t«. met willi lather
a painful accident list Sunda«. Whilst nn
Ina round lie hil tlie tail In »crxe a cm
tamer in Walter »mut. On lu« return lu«
attempted to get into tin- t.iit. lint In«
font slipped and the lioi-e stn!tu! 'Hie rp-'
suit »».is that I) ill «tuple »»a* Ihrown heimli j
ou to «be londwii). and a wheel ol the turt
pasM'tl our liol li lu« legs mid «high. Ile
wa* I.ii,en to lu» linine. mu! lie H being lit-
ten,Iel lo b) Dr. Wild».
Mr. Arthur Dalrymple, dairyman, of Or-
mond-road, West Footscray, met with rather
a painful accident last Sunday. Whilst on
his round he left the cart to serve a cus-
tomer in Walter-street. On his return he
attempted to get into the cart, but his
foot slipped and he horse started. The re-
sult was that Dalrymple was thrown heavily
on to the roadway, and a wheel of the cart
passed over both his legs and thigh. He
was taken to his home, and he is being at-
tended to by Dr. Webb.
BOY'S MIRACULOUS ESCAPE. (Article), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Tuesday 20 November 1906 [Issue No.18,828] page 9 2017-03-25 14:39 j roy's mii:\( n.oi s'k-cai'i: I
A hoy named l.e-lie Morgan. KI years old,
who ro«¡de» with In» patent» at IK1 .¡rattan
street, Carlton, hail a miraculous escupo
from a very serious injuty yesleiriny. He
wits out tit Research with his brothor nu
ii shooting expedition, w lien hy soiuu arci
.(lent Hie gun Iris brother was r.irrying went
olf vvliile puinteil in tlie bnv's illrettinn.
The bullet struck him in the forelio.iil, and
thittcneri ngiiinst tlie bone of In«
-kuli. It then lodged m In« scrip. The
I weapon was .1 small-bore Winchester rilli*.
Ile was inimitié.! to the .Mellsmrno Hos-
pital by Dr. Sewell wini e,pros-eel mindel
mont nt the m.irvellon, coupe.
A boy named Leslie Morgan, 16 years old,
who resides with his parents at 183 Grattan-
street, Carlton, had a miraculous escape
from a very serious injury yesterday. He
was out at Research with his brother on
a shooting expedition, when by some acci-
dent the gun his brother was carrying went
off while pointed in the boy's direction.
The bullet struck him in the forehead, and
flattened against the frontal bone of his
skull. It then lodged in his scalp. The
weapon was a small-bore Winchester rifle.
He was admitted to the Melbourne Hos-
pital by Dr. Sewell, who expressed wonder-
ment at the marvellous escape.
A ROTTEN BRIDGE. (Article), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Tuesday 20 November 1906 [Issue No.18,828] page 9 2017-03-25 14:37 A KO! ri'.N HltllX!!.. i
I lal'lll CK.-While leturni'ig linme from
Ititi* Ltingeiciiong Itali nu I'lttli» dening
j Miine Murtiui xi.itnis, mt hiding Mr. Sa»».»cr
Istiliiiiorl.Dt. l.niigbrmi. undsctejal lulu-«,
bad an exponent c. While pis»
nig o»er one nt tit«« W timm ra Hu« r bridge*
! »nine «if the plank* git'" wn, mid one of
| the liop-e« lil) tliioiiuh into llie stream li
«»».nn filling for .lboiil lot) janl«, until it
minage«! to set me ii looting, und »»'a* thin
¡ti«rucil b» the pirt». A« llie horso nix
1 Kttllx sliil.,'11 lix it« tall .nul immersion, «lu«
1 p.irtx* wile un ililf lo ptxxvcd. mid ufter
. tialipfeiliiig the lidies tn another huggv
llie n*m umlernt tin« part» dei ulcd to tamp
mi the budge lill d.nlmht. Hu« prohibit
ptcxctiletl linllut .in nit in«, hi »turning
«itlirt-n who iirotndit! lint mj lilci.
LUBECK.—While returning home from
the Longerenong ball on Friday evening
some Murton visitors, including Mr. Sawyer
(solicitor), Dr. Loughran, and several ladies,
had an unpleasant experience. While pass-
ing over one of the Wimmera River bridges
some of the planks gave way, and one of
the horses fell through into the stream. It
swam along for about 100 yards, until it
managed to secure a footing, and was then
rescued by the party. As the horse was
badly shaken by its fall and immersion, the
party were unable to proceed, and after
transferring the ladies to another buggy
the remainder of the party decided to camp
on the bridge till daylight. They probably
prevented further accidents, by warning
others who proceeded that way later.
BOY'S SHOCKING DEATH. (Article), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Tuesday 20 November 1906 [Issue No.18,828] page 9 2017-03-24 19:28 HOVi« SIIOCKIXU DKATll.
SYIATY. Mondai. \ In), iigi-,1 1.' lim
?on m* (huit'« M'Kitulilin, met willi ,1
le.lll'lll eleilb al I ollilotmlill. II. father,
,11.11! biuight lum .1 ponv. in oislor tint In«
might rule to «¡mol The lad mmmtr.I thej
nnuii'il m 1 puldoe k T lie tumi lim ki c1, j
unit tin» Im «j. iili-eileil (11 fulling niie]
font 1 unlit ni the stirrup, and hu wa«
ilr.ifftri imi'iri lln* pnillo. 1. I hu lu.v vv is le .
p. ali tilt lo. ltd. .turi when fourni Ins henri
vv i« .linn -I loin ir.uu his annullier«.
SYDNEY, Monday.—A boy, aged 12, the
son of Charles M'Lauchlin, met with a
fearful death at Condobolin. His father
had bought him a pony, in order that he
might ride to school. The lead mounted the
animal in a paddock. The pony bucked,
and the boy was unseated. In falling one
foot caught in the stirrup, and he was
dragged round the paddock. The boy was re-
peatedly kicked, and when found his head
was almost torn from his shoulders.
GORED BY A BULL. (Article), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Tuesday 20 November 1906 [Issue No.18,828] page 9 2017-03-24 19:26 l.(iliH) HI A iin.i, I
IlKYl'ir.l.D. Mundi«. A «oung man
inmrd I l.iuk stigg, unphneel b) Mr Alex.'
lulim, »» i« tiiriut».' u iuill nut nf lh«' » ml«
»lien ll'i' 'limn ii turned nu lum, ltx»-iug mid lum »exer ix. the hunns cnlonng the,
Vowei pointu nt nu» lint!.. ||e wa. lli.n1
thrown nguiu.! iii.« ii inc. ami ti »pinner Tin.I
i long «'lil. it.I h t i hill, mid. pa»»iiig flin ugh
the i heel,, i tn.tu .ibón« llie le nplc j
I lleilii ti a d w ?» a: unit' »tiiuinoiii.l, uni li e
»nihill ret i ni «I tn itnit ni
HEYFIELD, Monday.—A young man
named Frank Stagg, employed by Mr. Alex.
Aubrey, was turning a bull out of the yard
when the animal turned on him, tossing and
goring him severely, the horns entering the
lower portion of the back. He was then
thrown against the fence, and a splinter 7in.
long entered his chin, and, passing through
the cheek, came out above the temple,=.
Medical aid was at once summoned, and the
sufferer received treatment.
FATAL HOTEL FIRE. (Article), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Tuesday 20 November 1906 [Issue No.18,828] page 9 2017-03-24 19:24 rvr.u. nom. nur.
MTI.I.IMiroN, Mnntl.iv. The lliiilge
I Hotel, ti! Waltina, in the Taimiriki iii.lui I, i
lui. been th »Iruvrri l«v bli', nml ii IsiiiiIi-i
n.iiiieil I Imma» M'litiiie wu» bur.1 lol
ric U It.
WELLINGTON, Monday.—The Bridge
Hotel, at Waitara, in the Taranaki district,
has been destroyed by fire, and a boarder
named Thomas M'Guire was burned to
MINOR ACCIDENTS. (Article), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Tuesday 20 November 1906 [Issue No.18,828] page 9 2017-03-24 19:23 I MINOR* AcÜni.'.Vlí» I
I 1,1 NI*, ««until
?.I l.r
. f I.r Ml
rr«««lll. Il.imlai.- William Ma.1,1,.1.. ,lii
lur «»nulli an,! I" . illili.-ilellieilii. p,»l. al 'I lue.,
.la. I« nilli', I'll Lettin li til.- .lull» .n.l li. I, ar«.
,| ita» Ile rrtcllitl .eirn' »,«l|i Iniuilr..
eil tit.
eil.,I ?»
.,| li,, mu., li. el lu« h g l»,
,r,.gi.»»lint la»..»tr.l.l>.
|-»IIN «HI I.I,«. «Lu .tai-.- Ilueluga tl.uii.!
n ni«'.! .Kim« l.enn.i, » pr, T».t.»r
»»I Ml Ililli II ll.lli» lil. «I. * I». I,.
Ililt-ll lain.«. Ilir.e li
Ir, Nj)li,r. I..II.C.I'.. -I II
ia» I. lila»»i.1 lo Hu- Iniilrn
CLUNES, Monday.—Tilly Kennedy, daughter of
Mr. M. Kennedy, of the Nag's Head Hotel, was
swinging in Queen's-park on Saturday, when she
fell and broke the wrist of her left arm.
STAWELL,—Monday.—William Maddock, driver
for Wright and Co., while delivering goods at Three
Jacks mine, fell between the shafts and the horse
was kicked. He received severe scalp injuries,
and the muscles of his leg were exposed. He is
progressing favourably.
TARNAGULLA, Monday.—During a thunderstorm
on Sunday night James Kenny, a prospector, missed
the track and fell into a hole 3ft. deep, fracturing
a thigh-bone. Three hours later he was released.
Mr. Naylor, L.R.C.P., set the broken limb. Kenny
was removed to the Inglewood Hospital.
INJURING ALEXANDRA-AVENUE. TO THE EDITOR OF THE ARGUS. (Article), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Tuesday 20 November 1906 [Issue No.18,828] page 9 2017-03-24 15:06 /-../f Rl\'(! AI.RVjMiR I- Il / Vf /'? I
I TO Till. IDITllll OP Till llll.ts I
?*- r. - I rit-Ire, lliiimgh voiir i-ohiiiiii«, in publie allciillon m Un. iteriil
» ni thing« iriitiiiiiin. at Hie Ah-i.tnilrii-1
uii'inic. A uren« piuprit'Iii' lus been
allowed to pile Ii touts in the pirillie t!,mi lill j
ami lion»«' hol'.e« mid ««liter mniiiiil. thorn i
so nuning the pinn' uno a lively »i.ible inn! I
slink van!. Tin« in ll.i'lf uotil.l be lud i
eiiough, bul lunn) ol Ihe boaiilifiil Digilah j
nml oilier trfe« gl'uwing then« luve U'eii '
iliMinvt'il bv litiviiig íleon riiig-Kirke.l bv '
lim-.,» ni' oilier uluma!«. It nul,.-, nue,
iildign.iiil In »ni« Ilu« liinl of lliliig pi'iiiiitle.l
liv the uiilbniilit'», wlioever linn linn be,'
jil.I when (hal In-mill ill (hive ;» beginning'
In .lune' »ulii.'lllillu lui* tlie iniiiii'V ixneiided
Yuin«, »Ve,,
____,_,__,________, CTI'1/.I.X.
Sir,—I desire, through your columns, to
draw public attention to the disgraceful
state of things obtaining at the Alexandra-
avenue. A circus proprietor has been
allowed to pitch tents in the public domain
and house horses and other animals there—
so turning the place into a livery stable and
stock yard. This in itself would be bad
enough, but many of the beautiful English
and other trees growing there have been
destroyed by having been ring-barked by
horses or other animals. It makes one
indignant to see this kind of thing permitted
by the authorities, whoever they may be,
just when that beautiful drive is beginning
to show something for the money expended
upon it.—Yours, &c.,
November, 19. CITIZEN.

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