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Family Notices (Family Notices), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Tuesday 4 August 1936 page Family Notices 2015-01-27 09:02 Mil 1 Ml ItlllSI On tin ml \uiiu t at 11
Ilotuiid street e irner siciinsin sim ti Ken
1 illilir demil bein»ni hnsbmid of M»rlle shel
niirdliio and lot lui, fither of Ho* and Peter
M OOM It-On Un 3rd Aiikiist »lift n I i
denee 10 MnnnlUKtiei load Hawthorn I lui I
euri eldest ii uighti r of (he hue Crorke and I
M irt III/ iii, th Minion, r and lot tint slsirr of
Dlumllc IMrs A I Ha»ni I M im.1 and I 111 1
iMi llisll Hart i I
Ml \ltr On Hie mill lull atSydnei , carlj
hciotul hushuml of Pe« nuil fatlur ot Cn offre» '
i"id 13 linn
li H um mi I iii _ on tin .'ist )ult at!
Plrianillli Ilos|)llnl Stdtiet Oeirll Ininti d'
unit son o J c, and h s lei Ilofsiiedi
Willi \ reden Sunburj » li nu In and mt dmr
Onie for a robe of spotless tillite
Gone Into Hinten s iinsullleil Ukin
t me tt un lint ni II» s it lorn s dei.
< om as ii triumph of sutlng kian
(. mi »there Hu norms tor etir tease
lone hilo ItLiitius umufTlid |i< tee
tDorolli» i f
IIIOMMIN On the 1st August t
Ardotnc slrccl Muck Kock Miry doughte
Hu latí hlmou und Annes 1 houison lot Ihr
slsiei of Andre« ideiensidi Aim» idicensidi
Ileliu iMts I lttgusnit simon (derensedi
[and Hell iMrs lledtiilli Unterrcd prltalelt
I 3rd Angus! 11)111 i lot i d bj all
. 11 M N On Hu. 1st AiiRiisi at hi» residí nee
| 17 Maliern rond looiak Fdttnrd Mundriip
denrlt lot id husband of Annie Maila and lot lue
I father of Mabel iMrs J P White) dial'
All»» (Mrs i itonsi Mnrkirt iMrs
Rprakuel lojic Ronald Naiict mid »nld aiicil
«7 tears iCitmatcd ut Springtime 3rd Auiiust 1
?-.I'OONIH - Hie rrlind of 111» late Mis
l> IIOHLNtl IOUISI M OOM-ft are Informed
that her tim,ral will lente her home 70 Mnunlni.
A A SILIGHI rl\ LID lu trill 410
SHELMERDINE. — On the 2nd August, at 1
Howard street (corner Stevenson street), Kew,
Edgar, dearly beoved husband of Myrtle Shel-
merdine, and loving father of Ross and Peter.
SPOONER. — On the 3rd August, at her resi-
dence, 70 Manningtree road, Hawthorn, Flor-
ence, eldest daughter of the late George and
Mary Elizabeth Spooner, and loving sister of
Blanche (Mrs. A. T. Bayne, Mabel, and Ethel
(Mrs. Basil Hart).
STUART. On the 30th July, at Sydney, dearly
beloved husband of Peg, and father of Geoffrey,
aged 33 years.
TER-HOFSTEEDE. — On the 21st July, at
Parramatta Hospital, Sydney, Gerrit, beloved
only son of J. G. and E. A. ter-Hofsteede,
Vel-te-Vreden, Sunbury, Victoria, and my dear
Gone for a robe of spotless white.
Gone into Heaven's unsullied light;
Gone where they see the Saviour's face.
Gone as a triump of saving grace;
Gone where the storms for ever cease,
Gone into Heaven's unruffled peace.
THOMASON. — On the 1st August, at 17
Ardoyne street, Black Rock, Mary, daughter of
the late Simon and Agnes Thomson, loving
sister of Andrew (deceased), Agnes (deceased),
Helen (Mrs. J. Ferguson), Simon (deceased),
and Bell (Mrs. Bedwell). (Interred privately
3rd August, 1936.) — Loved by all.
TUXEN. — On the 1st August, at his residence,
57 Malvern road, Toorak, Edward Mandrup,
dearly loved husband of Annie Maria, and loving
father of Mabel (Mrs. J. P. White), Charles,
Alice (Mrs. L. Lyons), Margery (Mrs. H.
Sprague), Joyce, Ronald, Nancy, and Enid, aged
67 years. (Cremated at Springvale, 3rd August.)
SPOONER. — The Friends of the late Miss
that her funeral will leave her home, 70 Manningtree road, Hawthorn, THIS DAY (Tuesday, the 4th August), at 3 o'clock, for the Melbourne Cemetery, Carlton.
A. A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD. Central 410.
Family Notices (Family Notices), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Saturday 12 June 1909 page Family Notices 2015-01-08 09:43 TIULM-BIIKI -On Hu Util .Ma), nt Con
trc"Mtlt>iiil CluilHi, Viml road, "-1 hilda, bv
Ik» M llonkius, 1 u'tutt Ti leei UIIHÍ ,on
ill It N II 1 ratet lu Vntiit Guite )ounctst
tlm-litir of late R ilph Brute, of Miindlli_ung
-IttNL V-HOI 1 -Oil Hie 13th Mi) lum ut sV
Mir» s liomin Cilholit Linn til U't St kilda
In the Bei .atliu li nth loscph I'lluta
Miunil ildist son uf the lute lunns and Bel
mult» "lrtnti to Sin tldt«l ilaughttr oi Hu
lite lillies UKI Man Holt, lite of Bl ¡gillon Vit
tout lu liienst Pitsent addrcs«, Rutherglen
V \I M H-llOTT -On the 11th M n at Chi M
llliirdi St Wida, li) Ile» ( mon Sndlkr M V
1 du tri! Arthur 1 lillord t ltlest bon of the late
»rllnir 1» ilktr toll-it tldtst daughtti of John
It ut ot St kilda
VI I I lUHDIV, -On Hie Pilli Mai it the rcsi
ilenee of huiles |iiront« ' leingroie ' Gi inge
rnil VlphinUou bl the Ile» Vndrei» Haldli,
li lill mi Vltiauder ohlest «on of William \ule
ol the lot eminent Printing ollite, to Pdie third
iliughter ol lohn I 1 llnrdlllg lite tlelk of
committee to Mitrotieilitaii Board of Moiks
Presrnt addrtas, Killeen, ' Ntcilinioid Oak
TRACEY — BRUCE. — On the 13th May, at Con-
gregational Church, Alma-road, St. Kilda, by
Rev. W. Hopkins, Eustace Tracey, eldest son
of R. N. D. Tracey, to Annie Grace, youngest
daughter of late Ralph Bruce, of Wandiligong.
TRINEA — HOLT. — On the 15th May, 1909, at St.
Mary's Roman Catholic Church, East St. Kilda,
by the Rev. Father Lynch, Joseph Trinea,
second eldest son of the late James and Ber-
nardo Trinea, to Sara, eldest daughter of the
late James and Mary Holt, late of Brighton, Vic-
toria, by license. Present address, Rutherglen.
WALKER — BOTT. — On the 15th May, at Christ
Church, St. Kilda, by Rev. Canon Sadlier, M.A.,
Edward Arthur Fulford, eldest son of the late
Arthur Walker, to Elsie, eldest daughter of John
Bott, of St. Kilda.
YULE — HARDING. — On the 15th May, at the resi-
dence of bride's parents, "Fern-grove," Grange-
road, Alphington, by the Rev. Andrew Hardie,
William Alexander, eldest son of William Yule,
of the Government Printing-office, to Edie, third
daughter of John T. T. Harding, late clerk of
committee to Metropolitan Board of Works.
Present address, "Killeen," Neerim-road, Oak-
Family Notices (Family Notices), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Saturday 12 June 1909 page Family Notices 2015-01-08 09:36 Mlllil-ll. \M H -,0n the lOili Mai, a' "-t
luki« Lhnrth ol I iiglimil liilghtuu, 1 lb'
llei t. I t Midi Ililli suomi «on ol M
??milli kldiUrililuster 1 inland nul t t litt
M «milli Vlhiii-toie \\ ir»»itlsbne lli-lind,
lu Itliel Mai, thliel il militer of Mi an 1 Mi
I »I Ilninttt Gie nikir) Bli «' , Iliifjilon
SMITH-1*1 II lib-On Hie 21bt Vprll ii St Pit
ruk« Cailitelril, Vii ilioiuni li» Hit lit» 1 ithei
»lurplli S ttiruli* »ouni,e«t on uf tilt litt
I con_ -nulli, Ballal II and Mu Smith, Min
ile uni to Minnie ililt»t iliuklitei of Hie Iiti
lunns I'ltichur I'tlns of Uuuctslon and »k1
1 urne mil Mi« Ptln 1 ist Melbourne
Ml I II-M III VII »Ml -On the Ulli »pill, nt
Hie »lethoillsl Lhlire'i, »rint, li» till Iii» I
Nicholson, S 1 lind loungist son lite Sunlit!
btule Stuwill to Oeitnidt, eldest ilatighltr of
lldiil Mheatlaiul. Aim it
THOMSON-M l\\l\C. - On Hit rill Mai, at «tots
(liuiili Lolluisstlttt, by Uti Di Mur_illl,
»lee k M , Httotvl «on of lames Tltoiii«on 1 « i
»louiiae ' II million, to I tliel, onlv diu-litir
ii Hit late ldiiard and Mrs Manuln;, of Port
SMITH — BENNETT. — On the 19th May, at St.
Luke's Church of England, Brighton, by the
Rev. G. A. C. Wade, Frank, second son of Mrs.
Smith, Kidderminster, England, and the late
W. Smith, Atherstone, Warwickshire, England,
to Ethel May, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Bennett, "Gien-leary," Bay-st., Brighton.
SMITH — PETERS. — On the 21st April, at St. Pat-
rick's Cathedral, Melbourne, by the Rev. Father
Murphy, S. Warwick, youngest son of the late
George Smith, Ballarat, and Mrs. Smith, Wen-
douree, to Maude, eldest daughter of the late
James Trevelyan Peters, of Launceston and Mel-
bourne, and Mrs. Peters, East Melbourne.
STEELE — WHEATLAND. — On the 9th April, at
the Methodist Church, Ararat, by the Rev. J.
Nicholson, S. Lloyd, youngest son late Samuel
Steele, Stawell, to Gertrude, eldest daughter of
Alfred Wheatland, Ararat.
THOMSON — MANNING. — On the 6th May, at Scots
Church, Collins-street, by Rev. Dr. Marshall,
Aleck W., second son of James Thomson, Esq.,
"Monivae," Hamilton, to Ethel, only daughter
of the late Edward and Mrs. Manning, of Port-
Family Notices (Family Notices), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Saturday 12 June 1909 page Family Notices 2015-01-08 09:24 l'MI IISON-Dll l_)N -On the 10th Mirth 1WI
tit SI Pul Nth* C ill edi li, »lelhoiirnc, b» tilt
Id» 1 itllel lung«tll-> li)lol l'Jtel«oli of
Oil mil», ' Inlllltbl to Muire leinnetti third
?I ni. lilli uf Morris Dillon lite of liilmort
U »HSON-LÓM II- - l!u the* Oth Ma»,- It Hie
ItaiekiKi of Hie bruie " pun nts, Itrang, li) the
Pti S lrilM.1, M » , Pre«b»terlilll intuíste-,
Milliani Janie« sctonil son of Milli un Pi ii »on
. imluit, to Mai», tlliiil duughtti o! \k_ndu
ai d 1 Um Ceillit
ll<v.«,-DVBB1 «Ililli"-On the 1st linn 1IXW b)
the Ik» M lait ut tilt re ¡dence of the bilde-,
puent- »lutiihoin bon e, Nuiuurk iii llonild
\ lto»s, C 1 , ltdentcd Mill) Hiles "lilma»«,
tldi t ton of Donald Bo «, ln»onii«s Soti ni
l I rillte«, eldest diu.htci of John Direi)
MUM-Mitt VA -On. Hie Ird lune ut Clmst
lluinli Sinitli luna, li) Hit Iii» Í Inun-ml,
Bul trt llbrit, )oiin_,i»l son of tin lile J Vu»
IP llcilesillk to Illunie »kin, tlllld liJUL-ll
lu of 1 nderkk luina), South Nuri 1
PATERSON — DILLON. — On the 10th March, 1909,
at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne, by the
Rev. Father King, Augustus Taylor Paterson, of
"Quamby," Fairfield, to Marie Jeannett, third
daughter of Morris Dillon, late of Kilmore.
PEARSON — COLLIE. — On the 6th May, at the
residence of the bride's parents, Terang, by the
Rev. S. Fraser, M.A., Presbyterian minister,
William James, second son of William Pearson,
Yandoit, to Mary, third daughter of Alexander
and Ellen Collie.
ROSS — DARBYSHIRE. — On the 1st June, 1909, by
the Rev. W. Tait, at the residence of the bride's
parents, "Mundoona-house," Numurkah, Donald
A. Ross, C.E., Federated Malay States Railways,
eldest son of Donald Ross, Inverness, Scotland,
to Frances, eldest daughter of John Darby-
SHAW — KELWAY. — On the 3rd June, at Christ
Church, South Yarra, by the Rev. T. Townsend,
Herbert Albert, youngest son of the late J. Shaw,
J.P., Healesville, to Clarrice Meta, third daugh-
ter of Frederick Kelway, South Yarra.
Family Notices (Family Notices), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Saturday 12 June 1909 page Family Notices 2015-01-08 09:18 UOI Ml S-DAHGUV -On (he 21th M ire.ll it "»lie
gum ah, Toorik, HIL ic-ldinie of Mrs lohn
»ton Smart, bl the Hu Di Mai-shall, Ricbnrd
H HU mi Holme« ildt«t sein of Hie hilo Illili ml
Holmes Brissl Diniliipim, Mill, In Hose
Min, )uungisl delie,htir »I the. Ilk 1 lloma!
Uaulu, 0\li> Station, h S M
IKKll'l ll-RUDV -On Hit mill Vprtl non al Hit
«telncl road Methodist Cliurtb, liruiibiiitk li» Hit
liri II M riiiilil|i_ll assiste el li) tilt Hi» 1
»lila» Uonurit, llilrt son of Uluma« Iloopti
I'll Northcote to Milan fourth diiughlei of
ti ri.c Buln, I m uf \arrnn \t home M tdnes
el» anil Ulundi», lune K1 and 17, 'Ballara,'
st ition strut Moltlaud
KI NM-U.-«-II VHI»I -On Hie 12th Apnl, at
loliiiinohurg Ci nile] \rlliiu, leiiuth ton A tilt
lit lill» eld Lil}Ion lienntd), of iNunlhcrilll_,lc
_l_(loli. Neil «.lilli Males, to Del tie. sieond
iljii-htu ol Mrs Slnrpc, ol luifloiitilli, lobiin
ii _iurg
IICMI-BUBI »r>0\-(lu the ¿1st Vpnl al
(.neill « lollege, b) Uti U II Sutiloll, »I \
II Inri 'on ul lite Innes l_ilu llilliiril to
( tate iullligiH dlll-liltf of lohn W Hubirtsoll,
r rirlton
M1\B\-PI Bin -On Hie 7th lune ut the Cltho
lit »ptnolit Lluinli, Outensberri «trccl Liri
lui I Hughs Nenin cliksl «oil of 1)1 George
Nulli) »I I) of Ixuitltili (1 liglund), mel ol Neil
Wk lo -ilia Lonsi-nii, »oungtr iliugbtti of
t_ I milk) Pill), e\ 1> M , Melhourni
HOLMES — DARCHY. — On the 24th March, at "Mic-
gunyah," Toorak, the residence of Mrs. John-
ston Smart, by the Rev. Dr. Marshall, Richard
William Holmes, eldest son of the late Richard
Holmes, Brassi, Deniliquin, N.S.W., to Rose
Ann, youngest daughter of the late Thomas
Darchy, Oxley Station, N.S.W.
HOOPER — RUBY. — On the 29th April, 1909, at the
Sydney-road Methodist Church, Brunswick, by the
Rev. R. W. Thompson, assisted by the Rev. T.
Alday, Leonard, third son of Thomas Hooper,
Esq., Northcote, to Lilian, fourth daughter of
George Ruby, Esq., of Yarram. At home Wednes-
day and Thursday, June 16 and17, "Ballara,"
Station-street, Moreland.
KENNEDY — SHARPE. — On the 12th April, at
Johannesburg, Gerald Arthur, fourth son of the
late Edward Clayton Kennedy, of Nuntherungie
Station, New South Wales, to Bertie, second
daughter of Mrs. Sharpe, of Turffontein, Johan-
LECKIE — ROBERTSON. — On the 21st April, at
Queen's College, by Rev. E. H. Sugden, M.A.,
Robert, son of the late James Leckie, Ballarat, to
Grace, youngest daughter of John W. Robertson,
of Carlton.
NEWBY — PERRY. — On the 7th June, at the Catho-
lic Apostolic Church, Queensberry-street, Carl-
ton, J. Hughs Newby, eldest son of Dr. George
Newby, M.D., of London (England), and of New
York, to Zelia Constance, younger daughter of
C. Lindley Perry, ex-P.M., Melbourne.
Family Notices (Family Notices), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Saturday 12 June 1909 page Family Notices 2015-01-08 09:09 fl<>N|)-tt IDSON -On the lilli April, al Dunkeld,
11 the He» A C linn on 1 r ink Gi nile!, «fill «on
nf lohn llonil Mull to nile, diu__htcr of the.
late George. M ilson, narimba
UtO/IHl-Jkl.ll.UVRlV - On the Ulli Mai,
UKI) at *-u,i, Cliurih alban), M ». , bv tin.
Itei I \liKi««ink, Hain, second .on of I
( rorier, of Toorik to I Isa, second daughter of
Millleilni McGllllira), I l«lcln»\lik
OUI I N-H flOn-On the >th Mill, lit SI
llioiniss Lhiirih, «r««endoti, by the. Ile) Mm
Ihlltoil, »I I isslslid li» the liri Momhoiisi
Mm t> [li»il Orien «lill» o( Moonie
j omis son of las 1 luid Cleon, of ' ii inipton,"
Hnitlnni, to linne, second ehtliJiUr of thelitc
Loirttilllor Thouin» I Moll, 1 1' , ot L istlciniiint,
uni Mrs 1 Liliotl, 1 iimuuiigh," Bouldir,
tt V
tRIIlDlV - »101 UM -On the .Mill \piil 1IXM,
nts »min vr s l're M» ki lau Church Deniliquin
1» Hu Re» M I) I liilinini, M \ Willum
I nun ilekst son of lohn llalliilil _>Mitlie.ulii
to I luienLC Bontriic. iliughter of the late Junes
luthoii) »loltlne, of Deniliquin, N s tt.
lil »111-1111,1.1 ï-ISIllcl M eildlug 1-On Hie 12th
lune. 1SSI. al St Siliss Clulnll of Ingllllil,
»liiert purl , In tile. Ile» "> I lu lit, llenn O
eldest -n of the 1 ile l(cnr) Heath 1 ll/lo) lo
I Inrenu V , eldest diuglitir of Hit late 1 liornas
llcilli »lliorlpiil Pri«ilit nddus«, Uuili)
M Kian «tritt North 1 HiTO»
BOND — WILSON. — On the 13th April, at Dunkeld,
by the Rev. A. Cameron, Frank Gerald, fifth son
of John Bond, Nhill, to Effie, daughter of the
late George Wilson, Karimba.
CROZIER — McGILLIVRAY. — On the 13th May,
1909, at Scots Church, Albany, W.A., by the
Rev. J. McKissock, Harry, second son of James
Crozier, of Toorak, to Elsa, second daughter of
Malcolm McGillivray, Elsternwick.
GREEN — ELLIOTT. — On the 5th May, at St.
Thomas's Church, Essendon, by the Rev. Wm.
Hancock, M.A., assisted by the Rev. Moorhouse,
Wm. B. Lloyd Green, M.M.C.V.S., of Moonee
Ponds, son of Jas Lloyd Green, of "Frampton,"
Hawthorn, to Annie, second daughter of the late
Councillor Thomas Elliott, J.P., of Castlemaine,
and Mrs. T. Elliott, "Fermanagh," Boulder,
HALLIDAY — MOLTINE. — On the 29th April, 1909,
at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Deniliquin,
by the Rev. W. D. Fairbairn, M.A., William
Guern, eldest son of John Halliday, Deniliquin,
to Florence Beatrice, daughter of the late James
Anthony Moltine, of Deniliquin, N.S.W.
HEATH — RILEY. — [Silver Wedding.] — On the 12th
June, 1884, at St. Silas's Church of England,
Albert-park, by the Rev. S. C. Kent, Henry G.
eldest son of the late Henry Heath, Fitzroy, to
Florence A., eldest daughter of the late Thomas
Reilly, Albert-park. Present address, "Henley,"
McKean-street, North Fitzroy.
Family Notices (Family Notices), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Saturday 12 June 1909 page Family Notices 2015-01-08 09:00 RUMLEY. –On the lilli Mai, 1901) at the Union    
Haul, l'ini,ell» Meskm »iislrjlla, the «ile. of
Percy Butler Rumley –a daughter.
«ll\H -On the 3rd lune, ni the meellcil afflfer'a
uqilince llo.pltil for the Incane Ken, Hu wife
Í fir Patrick Mil»»-a dapghtcr . s
«HtijN«rN -On the lut'i Mi), the wife qt Her
nulli Sinioin-en-i li-lightir.
.lui »HI -On the 2Sth »la), 10eW, til oO »nhurn
parade, Vtiburn, the nile of \ 11 _ Spooner
i I uighter
».I lill lit AND-(In Ile Sth lune, at îliss Mur
m » pmutc hospltil, (.Liions, the »»Ik of I
«ulerland, Ki i Ora l_ia-a daughter ,
si I ION-On Hie Kith Mu, it ' Durslon," St_
lind.ort strut, \lbert park, to Mi and Mrs
li J Sutton-a ilauglitel
RUMLEY. – On the 11th May, 1909, at the Union    
Bank, Pingelly, Western Australia, the wife of
Percy Butler Rumley – a daughter.
SHAW. — On the 3rd June, at the medical officer's
residence, Hospital for the Insane, Kew, the wife
of Dr. Patrick Shaw — a daughter.
SIMONSEN. — On the 19th May, the wife of Her-
mann Simonsen — a daughter.
SPOONER. — On the 28th May, 1909, at 50 Auburn-
parade, Auburn, the wife of A. H. G. Spooner —
a daughter.
SUTHERLAND. — On the 8th June, at Miss Mur-
ray's private hospital, Geelong, the wife of J.
Sutherland, Kia-Ora, Lara — a daughter.
SUTTON. — On the 30th May, at "Durston," 268
Bridport-street, Albert-park, to Mr. and Mrs.
H. J. Sutton — a daughter.
Family Notices (Family Notices), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Wednesday 11 August 1909 page Family Notices 2015-01-08 08:55 COOTE-CHARSLEY.- On the 24th March, at      
Melblurne, William Gordon, third son of
Sil |N-iPOO\l R -Hil Hie Killi lune li M
1 mr-11 DindenonB b> Hu Hot I r, Neal
Haul I hu iWrd «ii of I) I Stein I MI
I ne frote" NirSin doon, laic thiel olrker
Mi ir i oin in Uri lllluitlt »"'I SUttouo,
t niiige-l dilu-htu ol » « Spooner I -q ,
lina ^le," N ir Nai Goon
II ( M TI-toon - On Hie 4lh \ticusl 1000 lu
Hie lit Dr Mronj; I li irlol Ile lion I in li ti
on of the lali. Willum Iii uri Tuikett lo Helen
I o ti lOunEO-t ilmulitir of tin. lull. 1 Uli lohn
( o te solidloi Millioiiriie_
COOTE — CHARSLEY. — On the 24th March, at      
Melbourne, William Gordon, third son of
STEIN — SPOONER. — On the 16th June, at St.
James's, Dandenong, by the Rev. E. G. Veal,
David John, third son of D. J. Stein, Esq.,
"Pine Grove," Nar-Nar-Goon, late chief officer
Metropolitan Fire Brigade, and Skottowe,
youngest daughter of W. W. Spooner, Esq.,
"Iona Vale," Nar-Nar-Goon.
TUCKETT — COOTE. — On the 4th August, 1909, by
the Rev. Dr. Strong, Charles Helton Tuckett,
son of the late William Henry Tuckett, to Helen
Coote, youngest daughter of the late Fred. John
Coote, solicitor, Melbourne.
Family Notices (Family Notices), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Saturday 29 August 1908 page Family Notices 2015-01-08 08:48 LIPSETT–POWER. –On the Sth lull, at Christ
flin I St hilda hy the1 niv Thomas Qillgle},
Samuel TIIOHIIF, xoimgest sou of the late John
Imite, liusett of Alburj NSW, to I lorcnee
llituuiyx eldest diughtor of the late Catherine
(peer ot Melbourne, 1 letona
SPOONER–JOHANSEN. –On the 21tll lull, 1IWS,          
l!n"loein Methodist lllurell lij the Rex M
r Hllherfoiee son of the hite 0 1.
SJCK nn I n of llendlgo lo Sar ill Cecilil
isslrr Sadie of the Melhodist Home Mission),
hujiter ( f A C JOIIIIIHII 1 bt[ of Kevington,
111 ei trret last Millern l'roncnt address,
Toee r house 82 Irrol street, Nortll Melbourne
STUCHBERY–MORTON. –[Diamond Hi -ding.]–        
lill Ile llh xligust ISIS, (hj license), tit the
lan! (lunch Melton 1 mest Beilforelsriho,
Inslu 1 lu Hie Rex Chirles Beitt I'd» nell,
Hill am Mellier sot of lames anti ljte Miry
stillere Mucking)!im lo Susan, daughter of
bl lu es nul Susannah Morton, Pertenhall,
STICKDALE–McKENDRICK. –On the «Hil llllj    
t Ile re idcnce of the lillies pncnts hv Hu
»re II lou ritarltb lean third son of the
laie M II s|0t.|i|aiCi 0[ llarraueit Guim, to
IlortiK 1 hnheth jotingcst daughter of John
llileel driel ot Mallín
t o I r she terian Church, Portarlington, bx the
lice Iel n ( illies M \ , Mnry Ann Mcf-an,
io n net iliuehtcr of the late Archibald 1)
?klein ls| to George 1 \loolnougll, coach
I oprulnr 11 rtarlington lied Geelong_
LIPSETT–POWER. –On the 8th July, at Christ
Church, St. Kilda, by the Rev. Thomas Quigley,
Samuel Thomas, youngest son of the late John
Francis Lipsett, of Albury, N.S.W., to Florence
Hinimoa, eldest daughter of the late Catherine
Power, of Melbourne, Victoria.
SPOONER–JOHANSEN. –On the 29th July, 1908, 
Rosstown Methodist Church, by the Rev. W.
T. Hiatt, Wilberforce, son of the late G. E.
Spooner, Esq., of Bendigo, to Sarah Cecilia
(Sister Sadie, of the Melhodist Home Mission),
daughter of A. C. Johanssen, Esq., of Kevington,
Fisher-street, East Malvern. Present address,
"Tower house," 82 Errol street, North Melbourne.
STUCHBERY–MORTON. –[Diamond Wedding.]–        
On the 29th August, 1848 (by license), at the
Parish Church, Melton Ernest, Bedfordshire,
England, by the Rev. Charles Beaty Pownell,
William Webster, son of James and late Mary
Stuchbery, Buckingham, to Susan, daughter of
late James and Susannah Morton, Pertenhall,
STOCKDALE–McKENDRICK. –On the 29th July,
at the residence of the bride's parents, by the
Rev. H, Jones, Charles Jean, third son of the
late W. H. Stockdale, of Darraweit Guim, to
Florence Elizabeth, youngest daughter of John
McKendrick, of Wallan.
the Presbyterian Church, Portarlington, by the
Rev. John Gillies, M.A., Mary Ann McLean,
youngest daughter of the late Archibald D.
McLean, Esq., to George F. Woolnough, coach
proprietor, Portarlington and Geelong.
Family Notices (Family Notices), The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Saturday 5 December 1908 page Family Notices 2015-01-08 08:35 GARDE–MEADER. –On the 21st October, at ?.
Johu's, Latrobe-strcet, by the Iicv. A. 'Ii Drit-
ten, Halpli Andrew, only son of James H. Gartlc,
UQ, "Kororoit," Sunshine, to Geneviève Gar
treal, second daughter of the late William mid
Ijnma Meadcr.
KELLY—KEELAN. —On the Itli November, ot St.
liei. Dean Mielan, V.U., Piers Le Fanu Kelly,
mond, to Anm Dorothy Keelan, L.D.S., only
daughter of the late E. E. Keelan, mine manager,
December, lbS3, at Augustine Church, Hawthorn,
h- tile Ue\. A. Gotmnn, JOHIIUU rrcderick,
fourth son of the late George Lewis, of, llrtelge
road, Kiclimond, to Helen Jane, third daughter
of Francis Howe, of lliclimond. Prêtent ud*
drri-jf.i'-nivjii,*', Coppln-fitrect^Kieliuiond.  
it bt. Augustine's Churoll, Shepparton, by the
Ker. C F. Davis, Herbert, 3nuugd,t ton of the
MOORE—KERR. —On the 27th October, 1008, at the
tcsldcnee of the bride's parents, Ebdeit-htrcct,
Krocton, b> the Hev. Vi. Uni ris, Liízie, eldest
daughter of Vi. li. .MtConnell Kerr ("Kyneton
Uk-ener"), to Mllllam Henry Moore, ot Mar..
borougli, eldest sun of Mr. II. P. Moore, of
W. Williams, James Russcll, cldcst sou of George
Partridge, of Auburn, to Ethel, youngest daugh
ter ot Alfrcd Spooner, of Auburn. At home 8th  
and 9th inst.. "Becknor," Burwood-road, Au-
"Mair Athol," "tone street, Norlll 1'iti-voy, by
ip«Ml heense, liy the Hev. J. 11. Marahull, U.A.,
Dr Voniian Peru, M It.t'.S., Ult.C.I'., third son
ot Dr. Alfred Pirn, i'.ll.C'.S., ot Boll-, Kngluiid,
to \dcllnc 0. (Addie), cid« sun ¡ling daughter
ol,:. J. Willum Hcupt, and sister of Dr. A. It.
Hiatt, Louis T , sixth son of W.Thompson, Esq.,  
Blackshaw's-road, Spotsdwood, to Myrtle, eldest    
North Willlamstoven. At home, corner Elder
parade and Tweedside-street, Essendon, Decem
GARDE–MEADER. –On the 21st October, at S.
Johu's, Latrobe-street, by the Rev. A. E. Brit-
ten, Ralph Andrew, only son of James B. Garde,
Esq., "Kororoit," Sunshine, to Genevieve Gar-
trell, second daughter of the late William and
Emma Meader.
KELLY—KEELAN. —On the 4th November, at St.
Rev. Dean Phelan, V.G., Piers Le Fanu Kelly,
mond, to Anna Dorothy Keelan, L.D.S., only
daughter of the late E. R. Keelan, mine manager,
December, 1883, at Augustine Church, Hawthorn,
by the Rev. A. Gorman, Joshua Frederick,
fourth son of the late George Lewis, of Bridge-
road, Richmond, to Helen Jane, third daughter
of Francis Rowe, of Richmond. Present ad-
dress, "Kenwyn," Coppin-street, Richmond.
at St. Augustine's Churc, Shepparton, by the
Rev. C. F. Davis, Herbert, youngest son of the
MOORE—KERR. —On the 27th October, 1908, at the
residence of the bride's parents, Ebden-street,
Kyneton, by the Rev. W. Harris, Lizzie, eldest
daughter of W. R. McConnell Kerr ("Kyneton
Observer"), to William Henry Moore, of Mary-
borough, eldest son of Mr. R. P. Moore, of
W. Williams, James Russell, eldest son of George
Partridge, of Auburn, to Ethel, youngest daugh-
ter of Alfred Spooner, of Auburn. At home 8th  
and 9th inst., "Becknor," Burwood-road, Au-
"Blair Athol," Rowe-street, North Fitzroy, by
special license, by the Rev. J. H. Marshall, B.A.,
Dr. Norman Pern, M.R.C..S., L.R.C.P., third son
of Dr. Alfred Pern, F.R.C.S., of Botly, England,
to Adeline O. (Addie), elder surviving daughter
of J. J. William Heupt, and sister of Dr. A. R.
Hiatt, Louis T , sixth son of W. Thompson, Esq.,
Blackshaw's-road, Spotswood, to Myrtle, eldest
North Williamstown. At home, corner Elder-
parade and Tweedside-street, Essendon, Decem-

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