Limited Stocks of British flTCO ' MOTORMOWERS ff now available! fk^/ BOLTONS have a limited number iB&l Jf ?f the famous British Atee Meter- ^^^HaJI mowers for immediate delirery. A ^^fBB^Bmmfim 1 shipment just unpacked includes -^HHifl^^HSQIUl 12, 14, 17, :ยป6, 28, and 34 in. models. lT^VHH^HSB^H There is an Atco in this ranee to ^^/^^^?hjH suit YOUR needs . . . whether yon ^HIH^HhK^&sA want a motormower for your lawns, ^^^^^^HHHM tennis court, your council, or sport- ^^?^H||^^^ inr body. ^^^^^*^ ATCO ownership means... Own an Atco and you have the same motormower used at Buck ingham Palace, Government House, by the City Council, all the State's leading municipal and sporting bodies, ami hundreds of home gardeners. An Atco is British precision built from finest Sheffield steel to last, you a lifetime. AU Atco ballraces are dust and moisture proof. Atco blades and beaters are of 6uper- * tough Sheffield steel. An Atco is so simply operated a child can use it, and so mechanically simple that breakdowns can't occur. With a 12-in. Atco you .can mow an area the site of a tennis court In about half an hour on less than half a plat of petrol-oil mixture. Secure your Atco while stocks are available. ? -S^jjolaGitcitoque ? 1 lift Please Mnd m* without obligation a copy of ||Vj the* be* illustrated Atco catalogue containing WjJL details of six Atco motor mowers and tit* 1Q1 PIRIE STREET, ADELAIDE ? C456