Charleville, Dec. 24, '06.

Drover Walter Rose left here again this week for the Ord River, Western Australia, having over 100 very fine horses in his plant. John Martyr, who came second in charge with Walter Rose on his last trip, has been appointed manager of Palm Tree cattle station, on the Dawson River. Martyr is a very respectable, and steady man, and Rose was very sorry to have to lose him, for he had arranged that Martyr should go out again with


Mr. Buchanan, owner of Wave Hill, is putting down several bores on his Burrindilla Depot here, and making other improvements.

Several Wave Hill Cows have gone through the Sydney Market and brought good prices, the average work- ing out at about £6 16s per head.

The following are the current prices of stock in this district-Cows from £3 10s to £5 10s ; stock bullocks from £6 5s to £7 ; fat bullocks from £7 15s

to £8 10s.

There is an unlimited demand for all kinds of cattle, particularly fat bul- locks, which are snapped up as soon as they are in anything like killing con-