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The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Tuesday 2 September 1930, page 8
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2014-10-12 20:22:56.0
Heroes of the Great War: the first listing should be for surname ISTILLWELL, not HILLWELL refer AIF No. 563 Frank Dean STILLWELL.
News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954) Tuesday 22 May 1951, page 7
2014-10-06 16:43:33.0
There is an error about halfway down the item on Orders nisi - there is an inclusion about TB that isn't in it's correct spot. The Orders nisi information continues further down.
Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 - 1954) Thursday 17 May 1928, page 1
2014-10-02 17:25:39.0
Tried to correct this but received an error message
The Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1912 - 1954) Saturday 2 June 1923, page 9
2013-05-25 21:30:37.0
This notice seems to be incorrect in its printed version.
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The Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1912 - 1954) Saturday 1 November 1952, page 50
Family Notices
2013-04-27 20:31:25.0
This scan covers 2 columns
The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Saturday 9 October 1920, page 14
2012-11-25 21:14:02.0
Final sentence is out of sequence - should read - If the poor young man had been given a fair deal he would have been alive today.
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The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Saturday 22 December 1934, page 13
Family Notices
2012-10-15 15:10:02.0
Father = Edwin
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The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Saturday 5 October 1918, page 8
Family Notices
2012-06-18 17:00:51.0
Heroes of the Great War entry for BOTTOMLEY should be A. E. [Alby] Bottomley, who was killed in action, October 4, 1917....not A, G. His name was Albert Ernest.
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The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Friday 26 August 1927, page 12
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2011-06-21 16:28:09.0
RI[?] FATALITY. ORANGE, Wednesday.
The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 28 October 1926, page 12
2011-01-19 15:18:13.0
Fold in original news item which covers some of the article.

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death   LE GRESLEY death   Le Gresley Philip Charles In Mem   Le Gros of Jersey   Le Lacheur Abraham - funeral   Le Lacheur Carole Eugenia death and funeral notice   Le Lacheur Gum marriage (2)   Le Lacheur Hellier birth   Le Lacheur James death   Le Lacheur James Wrathall death   Le Lacheur Jim In Mem   Le Lacheur John birth (2)   Le Lacheur Lorna birth (2)   Le Lacheur Miss E leaves employment to marry   Le Lacheur Sarah Elizabeth death   Le Lacheur William death (2)   Le Lasheur Ada death   Le Messurier Saunders marriage   Le Quesne Cornelius marriage   Le Quesne marriage   Le Rossignol   Le Rossignol and Bingham wedding   Le Rossignol and Brenton marriage   Le Rossignol and Grubb marriage   Le Rossignol and Harris marriage   Le Rossignol and Long marriage   Le Rossignol and Wright marriage   Le Rossignol Anderson engagement   Le Rossignol Baxter marriage   Le Rossignol birth (2)   Le Rossignol Burgoyne engagement   Le Rossignol engagement   Le Rossignol In Mem   Le Rossignol Jurgensen wedding   Le Rossignol Piggott marriage   Le Rossignol Wright marriage   Lee Broster marriage   LeLacheur Ada death   LeLacheur Hantken engagement   LeLacheur Jacqueline birth   Leo Rucioch   Leonard Ernest Blight (2)   Leslie Blight (2)   Leslie Bottomley bicycle accident   Leslie C Faggotter   Leslie MILKINS drowning   Liddiard Haines marriage   Liddiard Hopkins marriage   Liddiard In Mem   Liddiard Munn engagement   Liddiard Stanton marriage   Liddiard twin births   Liddiard Webb engagement   Lieut H LeLacheur return to Melbourne   Lill Nation marriage (2)   Lillian Millicent BOTTOMLEY marriage   Lillie Roberts John Morgan marriage   Little Brother Movement   Little Brothers (2)   Little Brothers arrival May 1928   Little Brothers Jervis Bay (5)   Little Brothers Jervis Bay 1928   Little Brothers Movement   Lorna Easlea   LORRAINE nee Mountford birth   Louis Malycha   Louisa Jaffray   Louise S Blee and John Henry Maynard marriage   Low nee Liddiard birth   Lucas Malycha   Luis Malycha   Luis Stanley Malycha Obit   Lyndon J A Poingdestre   Mabel Brown   Mabel Faggotter wedding   Mack Bottomley marriage   Macklin birth   Macklin Builder marriage   Macklin Clement wedding   Macklin Cordes engagement   Macklin William of the Sturt - death   Madeline Annie Malycha   Major G M DYAS MC KIA   Malcolm HEIN In Mem   Malycha (4)   Malycha In Mem (2)   Malycha McLennan engagement   Maple John Robert death   Margaret Ann Bowering   Margaret Dansie Robert Tansell engagement   Margaret FERME   Margaret Jane Fawcett-Le Rossignol birth   Margaret Le Gresley In Mem   Margaret Leslie Bottomley birth   Margaret Sandra Fawcett-Le Rossignol birth   Margaret Vivienne Green birth   Margaret Vivienne Pickering death   Margot Helen Bowering birth   Marie Gail Le Rossignol birth   Marion Doubtfire   Marion Williams death   Mary and Bill Rucioch   Mary Ann Bottomley death   Mary Ann Bottomley funeral   Mary Ann Flett death   Mary Ann Jemmima FRYAR nee Lush Obit   Mary Ann Malycha   Mary Ann Nykiel nee Ruciak   Mary Ann Parkyn Funeral   Mary Ann Rendell   Mary Bottomley death (2)   Mary Bowering death   Mary Casey and Frank Malycha wedding   Mary de Gruchy   Mary De Gruchy funeral   Mary Doddridge death   Mary Doddridge funeral   Mary Donnellan death   Mary Drake   Mary Eliza Le Rossignol death (2)   Mary Eliza Le Rossignol In Mem   Mary Elizabeth Gamlen death   Mary Elizabeth Pirkis death   Mary Emily KELSEY   Mary Green nee Craddock Obit   Mary Hardy nee Kroncke - obit   Mary Helen Bottomley death   Mary Jane Bottomley death and funeral   Mary Jane Pollie Kneale death   Mary Kroncke (5)   Mary La Folley nee Grandin   Mary Le Rossignol In Mem   Mary Lena Bidois   Mary Malycha   Mary Margaret Malycha   Mary Maud La Bas birth   Mary Maud Le Bas birth   Mary MOUNTFORD   Mary MOUNTFORD In Mem   Mary Nation funeral   Mary Rucioch   Mary Schebella   Mary Schebella nee Polomka   Mary T Malycha   Mary Teresa Malycha funeral notice   Mary Thirza Doddridge death   Mary Townley In Mem   Mauger   Mauger Arlene Merle birth   Mauger birth   Mauger Jenner marriage   Mauger Mebel Elaine   Mauger of Jersey Channel Islands   Mauger Ralph Garfield birth   Mauger Walter Thomas death   Mayne Pens marriage   McBEATH birth   McGirr   McMahon wedding   Melva K Brown engagement   Melville Joraslafsky marriage   Mercie Dansie Funeral   Mercy Dansie   Mervyn Elfenbein death   MESSERVY HICKS wedding (2)   Michael Donnellan death   Michael Robert Le Rossignol birth   Millicent SISSON death   Mitchell Milkins marriage   Mogensen Liddiard marriage   Moira Malycha   Mountford (2)   Mountford 60th Wedding anniversary   Mountford birth (3)   Mountford Black marriage   Mountford Clark marriage   MOUNTFORD Florence Julge   Mountford Gardiner engagement   Mountford In Mem   Mountford Kroncke marriage   Mountford nee Mouritz birth   Mountford Windsor marriage   Mr Mrs JC Tonkin 65th wedding anniversary   Mrs Doubtfire   Mrs E Le Rossignol death   Mrs J K Paschke obit   Mrs Le Breton   Mrs MM Goss   Mrs Peter Malycha's 77th birthday   Mrs William G Saunders funeral   Mudge marriage   Murray Russell Bottomley birth   Musgrave-Mountford birth   N Clement land allotment   Nancy Carmen Bottomley birth   Nancy Dansie   Nancy Pink nee Rucioch   Nation death   Nation Lile marriage   Nation Lill marriage   Nation Savage marriage   Nellie Bottomley In Mem   Nelson FERME   Neville Robert Bottomley birth   NICHOLLS marriage   Nicolle Bradley marriage   Nicolle Giles marriage (2)   Nicolle Hobbs wedding   Nicolle Schober marriage   Nicolle Smart marriage   Nicolson Bottomley marriage   NITSCHKE engagement   Nora Lillian Potter marriage   O'DOHERTY nee KNEALE   Obit - Lottie Faggotter   Obit Henry Price   Olive Mable Coote Townley death   Oliver Nation marriage   Orange Broughton marriage   Original is too feint to read   P R H G Nation   Parsons v Parsons   PASCHEK BIRT marriage   PASCHKE birth (3)   PASCHKE birth - twins   Pat Rucioch   Patricvk William Donnellan funeral   Paul Daebritz accident   Pepin Marshall marriage   Peter Clement   Peter Mountford birth   Philip James DANSIE (2)   Philip Newbury Emily Spada   Philip Winter Le Quesne   Phillip John de Ste Croix death   Phillip Winter Le Quesne   Phillis car crash   Phillis Cawte wedding   Phillis death   PHILLIS Elizabeth Ann nee Mountford   Phillis White marriage   Phoebe Doddridge death   Phoebe Doddridge funeral   Phyllis Ida Malycha   Pickering funeral   PICOT SCOTT marriage   Pike Lucy funeral notice   Pike motor cycle crash   Pike Myrtle funeral notice   Pinel Simpson Marriage   Platten Bottomley engagement   Platten nee Bottomley birth of Janet Dawn   POINGDESTRE Mary Elinor   Pointon Bottomley marriage   Pointon Bottomley wedding (2)   Polkinghorne Bottomley engagement   Ponton Burdett marriage   Potter Bradley marriage   Price nee Faggotter birth   Pridham Bowering wedding   Pte Bill Newell KIA New Guinea   Pte Don FRYAR incl photo   Pte E H Polkinghorne   Pte Horace Bourne In Mem   Pte Irwin Ernest Phillis   Pte L S POLOMKA   Pte W Tobin ill in Malta   R Dansie   R P E Coffee death   RAAF Caualties Daniels   Raelene Bottomley birth   Raffelt Schmidt nee Hanisch silver wedding   Ransley engagement   Ransley Vincent Golden wedding   Ransley Vincent marriage   Raymond Du Heaume   Reginald John Germein Doddridge birth   Reginald Pierre Hyett Gillard Nation   Renouf Corbitt marriage   Renshaw/Kneale engagement   Rev W du Pre   Richard A Trembath Rosa James marriage   Richard Bottomley Zelma Hage marriage   Richard Bowering death   Richard Saunders birth of son   Rita Daniels nee Clement   Robert Bottomley Obit   Robert Charles Bottomley birth   Robert Clement   Robert Edward CLEMENT   Robert F Bottomley In Mem   Robert Faraday Bottomley death   Robert George Bigham death   Robert Gordon Doddridge birth   Robert Mick Dansie In Mem   Robert Reuben Mick Dansie   Robertson Trezona engagement   Robinson Dansie marriage (2)   Ronald Castle death   Ronald Faggotter   Rosalie Jean Mountford birth   Rosalie Mitchell nee Malycha   Rosalie S Malycha   Rosalie S Mitchell nee Malycha   Rosalie Stanislaus Mitchell   Rose Christiana Behrmann marriage to S T Firth   Rose DANSIE Funeral (2)   Roy Donald Hanisch birth   RP Nation (3)   Ruby RAMSAY (2)   Rucioch   Rucioch Blackburn marriage   Rucioch Kevin Vincent   Rucioch nee Sommerville   Rucioch Pink marriage   Rudolph KOSCHE (2)   Russ and Neta Bottomley   RUSSELL Nellie B   Ruth Trembath death   RYLES birth (2)   Ryles Matilda In Mem   Samuel Coote Obit   Samuel Doddridge death   Samuel Gillard Nation funeral   Samuel Kroncke   Sansome Bottomley engagement   Sarah and Wilfred Faggotter   Sarah Doddridge funeral   Sarah Jane Kuhndt death   Sarah Kate (Kitty) Hewson   Sarah Kroncke   Sarah Lomax death   Sarah PAYN of Jersey   Sarah Saunders death   Saunders Fred Edward death   Saunders Grierson marriage   Saunders M A E Minnie death   Saunders Stacey wedding   Saunders Stokes marriage   Saunders Tonkin Marriage   Schebella Katherine   Scott nee Bottomley birth of Joan Marcia   Sellick engagement   Sharon Faggotter   Shearer Rucioch wedding   Sherriff Lettie nee Holly death   Shirley Bottomley birth (2)   Shirley Bottomley David Barge engagement   Sidney Milnes Hawkes   Silas Doddridge death   Simson and Le Rossignol marriage   Sir Hedley Francis Le Bas   Sir Hedley Le Bas   Sisson birth   SISSONS   SISSONS Thank you   Slater Mauger engagement   Son of Luis Malycha - death   Songrun (2)   Songrun In Mem (2)   Sophie PASCHKE   Spain Aicken marriage   Sparkman nee Le Lacheur birth   Stacey Saunders engagement   Stanislaus Malycha (2)   Stanislaus Malycha obit   Stanley S CLEMENT and Carrie WILLIAMS   Stead Dunstall Marriage   Stecker Bottomley marriage   Steele Thyer nee Stoneham marriage   Steer Paschke marriage   Stephen Coulson birth   Stirling Milkin   Stoneham   Stoneham arrest   Stoneham inquest   Stoneham Phillis marriage   Susan de Luce death   Susan JACKSON nee PICOT   Susannah DANSIE   Sussannah Liddiard In Mem   Sydney Horace LIDDIARD death   Sylvia Malycha   Talbot Dansie marriage   Tapscott Shaw wedding   Tartoosie (2)   Tartoosie death (2)   Tartoosie funeral   Tartoosie nee Bottomley   Theodore Malycha   Theodore Malycha funeral notice   Theodule Paul le Pennec   Thirza Elizabeth Doddridge death   Thomas and Eliza Mountford's golden wedding anniversary   Thomas Beauchamp   Thomas Bottomley hit and killed my motor car   Thomas C Beames Caroline C Alexandre marriage   Thomas Crombie Alice Ann Hale marriage   Thomas Edward Gillard Nation funeral   Thomas FRYAR   Thomas H Phillis   Thomas J Malycha   Thomas Mountford death   Thomas Nation accidental death   Thomas Nation death from horse fall   Thomas Norman MALLET   Thomas Trezona   Thomas William McAllen 100th birthday   Thomas William Parsons death   Thomas Yelland - death   Thyer Stoneham marriage (2)   Tonkin Fear wedding   Tonkin Margaret death   Tonkin Wildy wedding   Topsfield engagement   Tostevin Taylor golden wedding   Townley Audrey May birth   Townley Browning Silver wedding   Townley Florence Maud birth   TOWNLEY Horace J   Townley Leah Mary birth   Townley Pamela Audrey birth   Townley Symons marriage   Toy Townley Ruby wedding   Trembath birth   Treweek   Treweek funeral   TREWEEK marriage   Turnbull nee Bottomley birth of John Duncan   UPHILL nee Mountford birth   UZZELL E G   UZZELL Frederick   UZZELL Madelaine   V Faggotter injured   V S Malycha   Valentine   Valentine Malycha In Mem   Valerie Bowering Nation death   Valmai Alwyne HEIN   Venables Higgins wedding   Veronica Malycha   Verrall Schutt marriage   Vibert Vickers Silver Wedding   Viola Bowering death   Viola Bowering funeral   Violet CLEMENT (4)   Violet CLEMENT In Mem   Violet KNEAL In Mem   Virtue Lewis death and burial   Vollprecht Fryar marriage   W H CLEMENT   W I Lush   W I Lush Obit   W L Malycha and Irene Dickson engagement   W M Bowles golden wedding   W P Stoneham   W T Daniels   Wall Doddridge engagement   Wallace BALNAVES   Wallace M Green death in vehicle crash   Wallace Milton Green Coroner's report   Wallace Milton Green death and funeral   Walter F Easlea   Walter Henry Burford death   Walter John Bowering death and funeral   Walter John Hacquoil Obit   Walter Liddiard   Walter Liddiard death   Watson Le Rossignol engagement   Watson Le Rossignol marriage   Watts Annie In Mem   Webster Roberts marriage   Whitfield Dansie wedding   Whitington Funeral   Wilfred Allan Solly   Wilfred Faggotter   Wilfred Le Rossignol   Wiliam Doubtfire Obit   Will Kroncke   William Albert Bottomley death   William Alfred Broster   William Baldwin Funeral   William Bottomley of Menzies visits family in Pt Augusta   William Bowering death   William Bruce Burston death   William Burston death   William Burston death and funeral   William Chandler   William Chandler death (2)   William Dansie retirement   William Doddridge death   William Flower Guppy   William Francis Bottomley marriage to Elsie Young   William Frederick Daebritz death   William Gostwycke Saunders death   William Gostwycke Saunders Hardie Trading Ltd director   William Heath obit   William Henry Banks funeral   William Henry Faggotter   William Henry Flavelle   William Henry Waterman Bennett death   William James Doddridge death   William John Bertram CLEMENT in mem   William Kroncke (2)   William Kroncke - son   William Mountford Moses   William Rossiter Bowering birth   William Tartoosie cycle accident   William Thomas and Mary Agnes Parsons (2)   William Thomas Parsons (2)   William Thomas Parsons and Mary Agnes Parsons   William Wilmshurst death   William Wilson death   Williams Doorne marriage   Williams nee Bottomley birth   Wills Lansell engagement   Wilmshurst Criddle marriage   Winifred Irene MOUNTFORD   Winter Le Livre Egre   Wm Nicolle funeral   Woodhouse marriage   York-Brown Darrell Allister   York-Brown engagement   York-Brown Keith Charles   Young nee Liddiard death   Zwar Hein marriage  

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Family Notices
The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954) Friday 10 August 1934, page 20
Family Notices
2014-10-25 21:35:06.0announced of Daisy M.. only daughter of
announced of Daisy M., only daughter of
Family Notices
The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954) Monday 20 October 1941, page 12
Family Notices
2014-10-25 21:28:56.0accident I. Marjorie Doris. beloved
yrungest daughter of Windsor Carring
ton and Doris Vera Chandler. 145 Anzac
Highway. Glenelg. and sister of Roy.
accident) Marjorie Doris, beloved
youngest daughter of Windsor Carring
ton and Doris Vera Chandler, 145 Anzac
Highway, Glenelg, and sister of Roy,
Family Notices
The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954) Monday 20 October 1941, page 12
Family Notices
2014-10-25 21:26:57.01* announced of Lillian, youngest daugh
ter of Mr. and the late Mrs. Phil Us. ol
Georgetown, to Edward T. Leesue. young
est son or Mr. and Mrs. M. Leesue. ol
is announced of Lillian, youngest daugh
ter of Mr. and the late Mrs. Phillis, of
Georgetown, to Edward T. Leesue, young
est son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Leesue, of
Family Notices
The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954) Monday 20 October 1941, page 12
Family Notices
2014-10-25 21:24:55.0MALTCHA (nee Kath Harmer).—At
Port Ptile Hospital, on October 15. to
MALYCHA (nee Kath Harmer).—At
Port Pirie Hospital, on October 15, to
Family Notices
The Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1912 - 1954) Saturday 11 October 1952, page 42
Family Notices
2014-10-25 18:05:05.0and the late Mr. H. Phillis. of
Pen wort ham; aged 17 years.
and the late Mr. H. Phillis, of
Penwortham; aged 17 years.
Family Notices
The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954) Tuesday 9 September 1952, page 18
Family Notices
2014-10-25 17:42:59.0for the West Terrace Cemetery
for the West Terrace Cemetery.
Family Notices
The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954) Tuesday 9 September 1952, page 18
Family Notices
2014-10-25 17:41:53.0THIS DAY. TUESDAY. September
9. at 4 p.m.. for the Penwortham
? Phone 372. ? .
9, at 4 p.m., for the Penwortham
Phone 372.
Youth dies, 2 hurt in crash
The Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1912 - 1954) Saturday 11 October 1952, page 3
2014-10-25 17:33:49.0were injured in a road accident near . Water
Ray Francis Phillis. 17. who
lived at Sevenhill
maker. 15. of Sevenhill,
Adelaide Hospital
party escaped injury
been drivine at the time.
were injured in a road accident near Water
Ray Francis Phillis,17,who
lived at Sevenhill.
maker, 15, of Sevenhill,
Adelaide Hospital.
party escaped injury.
been driving at the time.
Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 - 1954) Saturday 11 October 1952, page 1
2014-10-25 17:30:17.0Adelaide.-A ' youth was
today and * it a pine tree.
The victim was 1.7-years
Seven HilLs.
(15>, of Seven Hills, was
Adelaide.-A youth was
today and hit a pine tree.
The victim was 17-years
Seven Hills.
(15), of Seven Hills, was
Wellington Times (NSW : 1899 - 1954) Thursday 2 January 1941, page 2
2014-10-23 23:07:56.0The engagement is announced ' of
er of Mr- and Mrs. A. G. Hood, of
Wellington, (N.S.W.), lpte of Why
Mr. and Mrs- I- Wehlack. of Adelaide
(S-A-) -
The engagement is announced of
er of Mr and Mrs. A. G. Hood, of
Wellington, (N.S.W.), late of Why
Mr. and Mrs. I. Wehlack, of Adelaide
(S.A.) .

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