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The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Friday 30 May 1862, page 4
2014-11-01 12:47:51.0
Re Gardiner v Gardiner see the Argus reports, they have much more detail as was reported.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Tuesday 5 October 1937, page 16
2014-09-28 12:29:45.0
Incomplete translation of the table of rate defaulters
Family Notices
The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954) Thursday 19 October 1922, page 1
Family Notices
2014-09-16 21:18:50.0
Mis-stated marriage of Bulmrer-Fowler. Should be Fowler-Turner read correctly, facts in the notice.
The Inquirer and Commercial News (Perth, WA : 1855 - 1901) Wednesday 17 June 1863, page 1
2014-07-29 11:52:11.0
Page configuration won't allow appropriate correction to be effectuated
Family Notices
The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 28 July 1892, page 1
Family Notices
2014-07-14 19:41:58.0
No (e) on the end of surname Smyth, check notice again
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Monday 5 March 1888, page 3
2012-01-03 07:09:25.0
Mintaro Monegatta

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Glenorchy   Blackerby R vegetabale prizes   Blackerby Richard J witness at inquest of linesman   Blackerby William axe cut to leg   Blackman (William) In Mem   Blackman Annie death-funeral details   Blackman Arthur James KIA details   Blackman George In Mem   Blackman Marjorie May birth details   Blackman Mary Maude birth details   Blackman nee Vickers birth England details   Blackman Sarah funeral details   Blackman Sarah relict of James death details   Blackman William death details   Blackman William In Mem   Blackman-Edmonds marriage details   Blackman-Hamilton marriage details   Blackman-Vickers marriage details   Blakerby Wm embezzlement   Bland Arnold George birth   Bland Mosina death   Bland Nancy May birth   Bland-May marriage   Bland-Thomas marriage   Bleckmann-Ziebell marriage details   BM - Maddingly District Road Board J Young M'Donald etc   BM Madingley Road Board Young M'Donald G Lane   Boag Peter David birth details   Bodycoat Alice death-funeral details (2)   Bodycoat 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Bourbaud Mr Mrs G bereavement   Bourbaud Mrs JLE bereavement Thanks   Bourbaud nee Mary Jansen Mr Lou a son   Bourbaud Peter Cyril birth details   Bourbaud Raynor Marriage details   Bourbaud's arrive from London   Bourbaud's Lou orchestra Kilmany Victoria   Bourbaud's Orchestra   Bourbaud-Davey engagement details   Bourbuad Jean Louis Edouard death details   Bourke street repairs   Bouurbaud Rogers marriage details   Bowes Glenn Wm birth details   Bowser A E at presentation for Footscray friend   Bowser Alfred Ernest   Bowser Alfred Ernest death-funeral details   Bowser George James death details   Bowser John Gregory birth details   Bowser John Henry death details (4)   Bowser John Henry LofA granted   Bowser John Henry Obituary   Bowser John Henry Policy re-issue   Bowser Lady death details   Bowser Margaret Robina death details   Bowser Marion death details (2)   Bowser Marion re-issued Insurance policy re John Henry   Bowser Mrs of Sandringham death noted   Bowser Thomas Arthur death details   Bowser wife of T A birth details   Bowser Wm Thos Hunter South Africa death details   Bowser-Hauser marriage details   Boy Drowned in creek rear of   Brandy Water Myers Abm   Brickhill Walter Henry drowning at Port Melbourne   Brig Deveron sailing East Coast ports   Broken Hill residents arriving back home   Brooksbank Gertrude Amy death details   Brooksbank Gilbert John birth details   Brooksbank Hubert Allen death details   Brooksbank Mr and Mrs Alan a son   Brooksbank Rev Herbert Allan death details   Brooksbank wife of W H birth details   Brooksbank-Buckhurst marriage details (2)   Brooksbank-Buckhurst silver wedding Annvy   Brooksbank-McNulty marriage details   Buckhurst Ada Jessie death details   Buckhurst Anne Jane death details   Buckhurst Anne Jane death-funeral details   Buckhurst Benjamin John death details   Buckhurst birth   Buckhurst Catherine death details   Buckhurst Edith Mary death details   Buckhurst Edith May detah details   Buckhurst Ernest death 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et al   Cockburn-Mercer - Ramsden marriage   Coffin master American whaler still resident in WA   Collier Arthur Francis Collier death by accident   Collier Eleanor Langley death-funeral details   Collier Emma death-funeral details   Collier Emma wife of Samuel deposed in trial   Collier George land on Burra Burra run parish Fitzroy Parkes   Collier H Rev first newspaper marriage   Collier Harry probate on will advertisement   Collier John having left the district case dismissed   Collier John sale of deceased estate properties   Collier Rev Harry ordination   Collier Rev Harry retired ill health   Collier Samuel date of death noted   Collier wife of Rev Harry a daughter   Collier-Gunn marriage details   Collier-Pratt marriage details   Collingwood Poultry prize NAS show   Colonel and Major and Gordon Helpman and Mrs Duka   Colonel R H H Rudyerd-Helpman departs for London   Colonial Cutter TYPO for sale Myers A   Colonial Whalers reports   Command of the Champion changed   Comments upon the Tasman   compromised   Connor Barclay George 2nd death notice   Connor Barclay George death-funeral details   Connor Mrs of a son   Connor-Grant marriage details   Conway Michael Farmer Greenhills   Conway-Pettit In memoriam notices   Coombe Emma Jane death details   Coon v Myers cause settled   Cooper-Pyke marriage (3)   Corris Edward death details   Corris Jane death details   Corris Jane death-funeral details   Corris Margaret Elizabeth birth details   Corris Thomas death-funeral details   County court actions   Cowhan John Thomas funeral details   Cowhan Mr Mrs F attend Pridmore funeral   Cowper Dr Rev and Mrs and two children arrival   Cowper Mary death details (4)   Cowper-French marriage details (3)   Coxell-Frahm marriage details (2)   Coxen-Young Hemingway engagement   Craddock-Portingale marriage details (2)   Cranbourne near Cardinia creek land for sale   Crane Nellie death details   Crane-Fairman marriage details   Crane-Sims marriage details   Crawford Maude In Mem   Crawford re Fairman death   Crisp Bereavement notice   Crisp Christopher death details (2)   Crisp Emma Caroline death details   Crisp Harriett death details (4)   Crisp Mrs Christopher a son   Crisp Samuel death details   Crisp wife of A G a daughter   Crisp wife of Anthony George a son   Crisp wife of Christopher a daughter (2)   Crisp wife of Christopher a son   Crisp wife of James W a son   Crisp-Crook marriage details   Crisp-Lane marriage details   Crisp-Roach marriage details   Crook Hannah Eliza death details   Crouch Elizabeth alias Elizabeth Wright   Crouch Hezekiah Stephen Joshua and E Houston   Crozier Rev E died at Mudgee   Cruelty to Horse Walter Pettit   Crump Richard - Margaret death details   Cthbertson RM 352 Flinders str Melb display books articles   Currie (4)   Currie 1st daughter Capt R Gardiner of Hobart Town   Currie advertises for good working team of Bullocks   Currie Amelia death details   Currie and Co advert for Nathan Shaw contact them   Currie and Co advertise a Mare for sale   Currie and Co advertise barmaid Fryer's creek   Currie and Co lost pocketbook invoices etc reward   Currie and Co sly groging charge   Currie and Smith Sale Woods Point of Brewery   Currie and Smith Wanted add   Currie arrival from Dunedin   Currie Arthur death   Currie Birth a daughter   Currie Bricks Lancefield 1879   Currie Cuthbertson Young Grant   Currie Elizabeth Mary daughter of Capt Robt Gardiner   Currie Elizabeth Mary funeral details   Currie Elizabeth Mary wife of John death   Currie Gardiner marriage   Currie Horace St Clair death funeral details   Currie Irene Lucy death   Currie J   Currie J (Spiers) a son Prahran   Currie J assisting A Blackwood   Currie J Court Re Charlton   Currie J LoA application   Currie J merchant LoA to Susan Phyllis   Currie J Notice to Creditors   Currie J Sewell Trustee   Currie J wanted a bread and biscuit baker   Currie James Wallace and family arrives Hobson's Bay   Currie James Wallace granted land P of Bellengarook   Currie James Wallace LoA applied for   Currie John 952acres Kerrie   Currie John Admin granted   Currie John consignee Vic Railways etc parcel waiting   Currie John death (2)   Currie John death - funeral details   Currie John death noted (7)   CURRIE JOHN DEPARTS   Currie John dray for Ballarat highest price given   Currie John funeral notes   Currie John funeral notice   Currie John further LoA details   Currie John granted Tavern license   Currie John lost dog reward for return   Currie John Melville death   Currie John Presbyterian Church meeting   Currie John seeks brother James   Currie John seeks sister to write him   Currie John shetland ponies to be sold   Currie John suburban grocery business for Let   Currie John to sell Hotel Business goodwill and furniture   Currie John trustee et al of Potton estate   Currie John trustee one of for Dunlop estate   Currie John Witness   Currie JW executors sale healesville   Currie Lillian Ruby death   Currie Mary Teresa death (2)   Currie Mary Teresa Probate to James Thorn Currie   Currie Mr   Currie Mr grocer house break and entered   Currie Mrs J a daughter   Currie Mrs J a son   Currie Mrs John a daughter   Currie Mrs John a son (2)   Currie nee Jarrett Lillian Ruby 2nd death notice   Currie nee Lihou birth   Currie Robert William death (2)   Currie Robina May death   Currie S P Mining Share   Currie S P Notice to Creditors   Currie Sewell (3)   Currie Susan final sale furniture Mount Melville   Currie Susan Phyllis death funeral details   Currie Susan postponement notice   Currie Susan sell furniture house is sold   Currie Susan sell furniture Mount Melville   Currie Susan sell on August 30 prelim notice   Currie Susan to sell household furniture etc   Currie Susan to sell Mount Melville   Currie Susan to sell ponies bred by John Currie   Currie wife of Eric W L a daughter   Currie wife of Horace a son   Currie wife of J a son   Currie wife of J M a daughter stilborn   Currie wife of J M a son stillborn   Currie Young Ballan Ag society committee etc   Currie-Carey marriage   Currie-Dooley marriage   Currie-Gardiner Marriage at Bolinda Vale   Currie-Gardiner marriage details   Currie-Gibbon marriage   Currie-Hastie partnership (2)   Currie-Jarrett marriage   Currie-Robinson trustees in estate of Robert Dunlop   Currie-Smith drays wanted for Healesville   Currie-Smith to let 127 swanston-street   Currie-Thomson Marriage   Currie-Thorn marriage   Cuthberston-Robertson   Cuthberston-Robertson marriage   Cuthbertson - Watson connection   Cuthbertson a daughter   Cuthbertson Ada Jessie death details   Cuthbertson Alan death-funeral details   Cuthbertson Annie death-funeral details   Cuthbertson Annie funeral details   Cuthbertson at Bridgewater wife of J a son   Cuthbertson Caroline Elizabeth death details   Cuthbertson Carrie death QLD   Cuthbertson George cricket match Maddingley   Cuthbertson George death details (2)   Cuthbertson George death details age from Perth Hospital   Cuthbertson Hawthorn harriers running club   Cuthbertson J W transfer Victualler's License   Cuthbertson J wife of a daughter BM   Cuthbertson James Butter factory manager Onkaparinga   Cuthbertson James death   Cuthbertson James sell eggs from prize winning chooks   Cuthbertson James W Aussie rules football goal umpire   Cuthbertson Jas poultry and eggs for sale   Cuthbertson Jas Watson death details (5)   Cuthbertson Jessie death   Cuthbertson John letter awaiting Geelong PO   Cuthbertson Lillian Beatrice death - funeral details   Cuthbertson Margaret Gardiner death   Cuthbertson master of Tamar   Cuthbertson Melville Robert a soldiers story   Cuthbertson Melville Robert Hawthorn harriers running club   Cuthbertson Miss advertising for bed makers war effort   Cuthbertson Miss G M speaking to motions Womens Council   Cuthbertson Miss Inspector Factories case before the court   Cuthbertson Miss Lady inspectoress no appointment Ballarat   Cuthbertson Miss M G Impudent Robbery   Cuthbertson Miss M G ladies bowls Sth Melbourne   Cuthbertson Miss Margaret G appointed Factory Inspector (2)   Cuthbertson Miss MG visits Bendigo-Ballarat   Cuthbertson Miss MG Women's Political Association   Cuthbertson Mr - Mrs JW and children for Adelaide   Cuthbertson Mr - Mrs Middle Park Bowls club   Cuthbertson Mr and Mrs M R a daughter   Cuthbertson Mr-Mrs J W and 3 children- 1 infant   Cuthbertson R half marathon   Cuthbertson R M death - funeral details   Cuthbertson R M Findon Harriers Hunt Club participant   Cuthbertson R M secretary Findon Harrier's Hunt Club   Cuthbertson R M secretary Findon Hunting Club   Cuthbertson R M withdraws from Menzies by-election   Cuthbertson Robert land at Maryborough   Cuthbertson Robert sale of farm Maryborough   Cuthbertson Susan Foley death   Cuthbertson W G   Cuthbertson W R explorer (2)   Cuthbertson wife of M R a son   Cuthbertson wife of Melville Robert a daughter   Cuthbertson wife R M of a son   Cuthbertson Young Grant Muir Ag Society prizes   Cuthbertson-Robertson wedding reception guests etc   Cuthbertson-Watson marriage Pentland Hills BM   CuthbertsonJohn exile with pardon   Cutler-Buckhurst marriage details   Cutter TYPO in harbour   Cutter TYPO Myers A Perth   Cutter Zillah lease expires debts be paid E Pettit partner   Cutter Zillah Pettit Wenn Cross   Cuurie J-Smith J saved from the wreck Star of the East NZ   Dam destruction and charges laid thereon to no avail   Danby-Dixon marriage details   Dancing Messrs Burke - Rohlk   Daniel O Connor Caution 2nd print   Davenport health thereof   Davey (Bourbaud) Lynne Dorothy birth details   Davey-Bourbaud marriage details   Davies nee Buckhurst a son   Davis connect to Hele WA   Davis Mrs Charlotte Vienna nee Sherbert death details   Davis nee Frahm engagement Adell Fay to Kevin Harold   DE BEAUREPAIRE Richard birth details   De Beaurepaire-Cuthbertson marriage   De Beaurepiare-Cuthbertson marriage details   Death S P Currie   Deeds of grant Helpman - Nairn   Deveron laying in harbour laiding with wool for England   Deveron Owner and Commander   Devoran expected from England   Dick-Blackman marriage details   Diggerson nee Starkey a daughter   Dix re Charl Perryman In Mem   Dixon Edith Annie death-funeral details   Dixon family picture Upper Hawthorn Vic   Dixon Joseph death-funeral details   Dixon Lady of Sir Owen in Washington war effort   Dixon Sir Owen civic reception before departure   Dixon Sir Owen New Envoy to US   Dixon Sir Owen radio segment   Dixon wife of J W a son   Dixon wife of Owen a daughter   Dixon wife of Owen a son (2)   Dixon-Brooksbank marriage details   Dixon-Owen marriage details   Dixon-Owen Silver Anniversary   Dobson E H death details   Dobson E H death notice   Dobson Edwin Howard Obit   Dobson Mrs Sarah death-funeral details   Dockery Anthony death Wunghnu (Smeaton)   Dockery baby Maurice Osbourne Francis death   Dockery Brian wedding groomsman   Dockery Desmond John Seymour death   Dockery Frederick death Numurkah   Dockery Frederick death Wunghnu Victoria   Dockery Graheme Mark death England   Dockery Mark Anthony funeral   Dockery Matilda death Wunghnu   Dockery Mr-Mrs Seymour a son   Dockery youngest son of Seymour and Vera   Dodd R bereavement notice   Dodds Margaret death details   Dodds Robert Hall death-funeral details   Dodds Stella contributes to musical programme   Dodds Thomas death details   Dodgshun Joseph death details   Dodgshun Joseph death-funeral details   Dodgshun-Dixon marriage details   Dodgshun-Dixon Silver Wed Anniversary notice   Doig Ann Christina death-funeral details   Doig Edgar David In Mem   Doig Jennifer birth details   Doig John death Nth Williamstown   Doig Sandra Eileen birth details   Doig Teresa Agnes Death and Funeral Notices   Doig Teresa Mary daughter John and Teresa Agnes   Doig wife of Robert L a daughter   Doig wife of Robert L a son (2)   Doig William death-funeral details   Doig Williamstown birth   Doig-Ladd marriage details   Doig-Mulcahy marriage details   Doig-Portingale engagement   Donson-Richardson marriage   Downing anchored off Brown s River 22 tuns of oil   Downward Jane Smeaton death details (2)   Downward Jane Smeaton death-funeral details   Doyle-Fowler marriage details   Dr Duka Lismore Hospital (2)   Dr's Wyman and Wyly conduct post-mortem   Drummy-Portingale Silver Wed notice   Dry-Meredith marriage   Du Croz F A Ship passenger   Du Croz F A trustee et al   Du Croz G B-Massey J T marriage   Du Croz Gervase Bedford death details   Du Croz wife of Septimus a son   Du Croz-Massey marriage details (2)   Duck Holes 3 other local hotels electors' rights (2)   Duck Holes 3 others Hotels electors' rights   Duck holes Auction deceased estate Jas M'Arthur   Duck Holes Bull sold by Wragge to Rowe (Traralgon)   Duck Holes c LRB Elections to board   Duck Holes c Mail tenders   Duck Holes Common School appointments   Duck Holes Common School Committee   Duck Holes Conveyance of Mail tenders   Duck Holes et al Postal services call for tender   Duck Holes Harvest Home Hotel James Foley   Duck Holes Hotel being sold   Duck Holes Hotel farm Occp'd by M'Neill   Duck Holes Hotel for sale again   Duck Holes Hotel Horses Overstayed (2)   Duck Holes Hotel Info re Road work   Duck Holes Hotel Land for sale (2)   Duck Holes Hotel Monegetta Polling Place 1864   Duck Holes Hotel Partnership dissolved   Duck Holes Hotel still being sold   Duck Holes Hotel Supposed theft   Duck Holes Hotel to be sold (2)   Duck Holes Hotel to let (4)   Duck Holes Hotel Wanted Blacksmith Wheelright   Duck Holes Ins A Balment Distribution   Duck Holes Insolvent A Balment   Duck Holes Insolvent Edward Cullen   Duck Holes Insolvent Wm J Cain   Duck Holes James Foley Harvest Home Hotel for sale   Duck Holes James Foley To sell or let   Duck Holes John Scriven to sell (2)   Duck Holes John Scrivens to sell (5)   Duck Holes John Scrivens top sell today   Duck Holes Lost Horse DH Hotel   Duck Holes Lost Horse Hotel (2)   Duck Holes LRB Election of members   Duck holes LRB Tender road work   Duck Holes LRB works tender (2)   Duck holes Marriage O'Hara-Briggs   Duck Holes Mr Foley   Duck Holes Mr Prendegast sell lambs   Duck holes other at West Terang   Duck Holes Picked up red cow   Duck Holes pleuro-pneumonia cattle disease   Duck Holes Post office in charge by Mr F O Neal   Duck Holes post office officially changed to Monegatta   Duck Holes Post Office under charge of Mr Woodward   Duck Holes Public House to let   Duck Holes Robbery-John Akren upon John Cameron M'Intosh   Duck Holes sale of Crown lot   Duck Holes School Appointment (2)   Duck Holes School Wanted teacher   Duck Holes stock depasturing to be removed   Duck Holes supposed theft slight variance P5   Duck holes Teacher Wanted   Duck Holes Wanted a Teacher   Duck Holes Wanted Teacher (4)   Duck Holes Wanted Violin c for a ball   Duck holes Wm J Cain Apply for CoD insolvency   Duck Holes Works Tender LRB (2)   Duck Holes-Lancefield Road Board Poll Place   Duck-holes   Duckholes c sought to get a bridge   Duckholes Diphtheria notified   Duckholes Hotel to sell or let   Duckholes J Riddell sells bull   Duckholes James Foley To sell or Let   Duckholes Jas M'Niell Insolvent   Duckholes MANSION HOUSE FUND receipt amount   Duckholes Margaret Murphy contact sister Annie   Duckholes SS funds received by AGE relief fund   Duckholes SS removal erection as Overnewton SS   Duckholes Teacher Sewing mistress wanted   Duka a son   Duka Mrs Jean L noted for nursing achievements   Duka-Helpman engagement   Duka-Helpman marriage details   Duka-Helpman marriage London (2)   Duke Srah Phillippa death-funeral details   Dunbar nee Ramsden a son   Dunbar-Ramsden marriage   Duncan-Currie marriage   Dunn-Brooksbank approaching marriage   Dunn-Brooksbank engagement   Dunsford-Fitts marriage details   Eaton-Pettit re late Mrs M Conway   Eatwell-Hele marriage   Edward Pettit   Elizabeth Ann Crouch   Emily Downing   Emily Downing - Grecian arrived in port Hobart   Emily Downing at anchor Hobart from Brown s River   Emily Downing Capt-s Lucas etc   Emily Downing caught whale   Emily Downing Deceased Mariners   Emily Downing in Fortescue Bay   Emily Downing in port Hobart   Emily Downing in the stream at Hobart Harbor   Emily Downing insubordination case   Emily Downing John Porter absconder therefrom   Emily Downing new Captain Lucas   Emily Downing on the slip at Boss's   Emily Downing sailed   Emily Downing sailed from Blackman s Bay for whaling   emily Downing Sailed whailing   Emily Downing still of Fortescue Bay   Emily Downing tonnage on board et al c   Exchange cattle for sheep from the Henty flock   Explains Mintaro Redesdale Kyneton Though   F Frahm Dood Charlton Chemists   F J Pettit Kalgoolie   F M Helpman   F Myers Wife and 4 children   Fairley Florence Cecilia death details   Fairman Benjamin Fenton death details   Fairman Bereavement thanks   Fairman Catherine McPherson death-funeral details   Fairman Catherine McPherson In Mem   Fairman Daisy Muriel death details   Fairman Daisy Muriel In Mem   Fairman death of son   Fairman Elsie Joy birth details   Fairman Graham Henry birth details   Fairman In Mem   Fairman Isabella Lumsden death details   Fairman Jan Elizabeth birth details   Fairman Jane death details   Fairman Jessie Isobel death-funeral details   Fairman Julia Richardson death-funeral details   Fairman Louie death details   Fairman Margaret Elizabeth death details   Fairman Mary birth details   Fairman Mary death details   Fairman Mary In Mem   Fairman Mary Jane death details   Fairman Mathew John Jack birth details   Fairman Mathew Thomas death details   Fairman Private R J In Mem (2)   Fairman R J In Mem   Fairman Robert John death-funeral details   Fairman Robert John In Mem (3)   Fairman wife of Geo S a son   Fairman William John death details   Fairman William John In Mem (4)   Fairman-Crane engagement details   Fairman-Crane engagement notice   Fairman-Crane marriage details   Fairman-M'Leod marriage details   Fairman-M'Leod Silver Wedding Anniversary   Fairman-McLeod Golden Wed Ann'y   Fairman-Neeld marriage details   Fairman-Paterson marriage details   Fairman-Patterson marriage details   Fairthorne Landan death details   Fairthorne Landon Chemist J P death details   Fairthorne Landon death details   Faram Caroline Crook death details   Faram Caroline Crook death funeral details   Faram George funeral details   Faram George James death details   Faram George Sen   Faram Mary death details   Faram wife of A J a son   Ferguson-Forster marriage (2)   Ferguson-Lemon marriage (respelt)   Ferguson-Lennon marriage details   Fergusson Lydia death details   Field - Affolter marriage   Filed Miss Margaret - Mr Colin Affolter kitchen evening   First steam boat built in New South Wales   Fitts Alfred John death details   Fitts Elizabeth relict of late Chas death details   Fitts Frederick Arthur death details   Fitts Frederick Arthur funeral details   Fitts John death details   Fitts Leslie Robert Atkinson death details   Fitts Mrs John a son (6)   Fitts wife of Allan S a daughter   Fitts wife of C A a son   Fitts wife of F a a daughter (2)   Fitts wife of F A a son   Fitts wife of H A a son   Fitts wife of H G a son   Fitts wife of Hamilton a daughter   Fitts wife of Hamilton G a son (2)   Fitts-Blackham marriage detaiis   Fitts-Miller Marriage details   Fitts-Pardey marriage details   Fitts-Terry marriage details   Fitts-Thomson marriage details   Flaffus Caroline re 16 Y/o Clara illness recovery   Flood-Fairman marriage details   Foley   Foley Australasian Packet D Entrecastreaux Channel   Foley Brown's river -Samuel Taylor- absconder therefrom   Foley Browns River sell by auction etc   Foley Capt arrived Flying Dutchman from Whaling   Foley Capt arrived from whaling   Foley Capt arrived in Hobart harbour after Brown s river   Foley Capt Brig Flying Dutchman whaling   Foley Capt Emily Downing arrived and imports   Foley Capt Emily Downing at anchor Blackman s Bay   Foley Capt Flying Dutchman write letter to owner   Foley Capt Gardiner contributions LBF   Foley Capt Pacific Patriotic Fund donation   Foley Capt whaling arrived   Foley Catherine passenger   Foley Cleared - Departed port   Foley Emily Downing entered out   Foley estate to have a ploughing match   Foley Flying Dutchman arrvd whaling voyage   Foley J 2 past land owned new claim applications   Foley J claimed against by John Kelly Kingboro parish   Foley J Hamilton-on-Forth West Mersey Road District   Foley J Land abutting another in land claim   Foley J land abutting in land claim   Foley J passenger for Port Phillip   Foley J previously sold land subject of claim   Foley J sold land subject to claim   Foley James and Cottage Riddell   Foley James and Mary unclaimed mail   Foley James as heir-at-law of Foley John   Foley James ats Meehan 10 Jurisdiction   Foley James boat stolen   Foley James convict assigned   Foley James John Sherberd   Foley James Kelly John at Caveat Board hearing   Foley James Land described in another title   Foley James land mentioned in sale of estate   Foley James letter detained to Riddell's Creek Victoria   Foley James v Kelly John trust claim on John Senr' land   Foley James West Mersey Road District   Foley Jas claiming Father John land Brown s River   Foley John - Sherburd William Quit rents due Queenboro'   Foley John accident at Longford   Foley John appointed Brown's river poundkeeper   Foley John Bill of Exchange   Foley John Brown s River lost Bill of Exchange c   Foley John Brown s River Poundkeeper   Foley John Brown s river sell 100acres   Foley John Browns river death   Foley John Browns River sell 100acres 2nd print   Foley John Capt Pickersgill false claim   Foley John Const dismissed drunkeness   Foley John detaining a dog   Foley John displaced as pound keeper   Foley John et al Daniel O conner Caution re land   Foley John has assigned servant   Foley John jnr re Kelly Trust upon land claim   Foley John jnr Regatta 5 oared whale boats   Foley John Jurror Schaw v Meredith   Foley John land application Kingborough parish (2)   Foley John land claim comes on again   Foley John land described in sale notice of another   Foley John land mentioned   Foley John Land title Kingboro'   Foley John lost notes etc   Foley John Mary Ann Byfield Escheates   Foley John original land referred to be sold again   Foley John poundkeeper Browns river   Foley John removed as constable Brown's River   Foley John renting extra land to existing Brown s river   Foley John robbed parties remanded   Foley John son bequeathed trust to relatives land John Sen   Foley John Subscribing to St John Lodge Hobart   Foley jun Mr John mail awaiting pickup   Foley Land described in another title   Foley land described in title claim   Foley land mentioned   Foley late master jumped overboard outside Sydney heads   Foley Mary violently assaulted - highway 50 lashes J Goundry   Foley Mr -Mrs for Melbourne   Foley Mr late poundkeeper Plenty sells all stock   Foley Mr-Mrs for Melbourne   Foley Mrs Ann court case   Foley Mrs Browns River Assaulted   Foley Mrs renting out Blackman s Bay property   Foley Sherberd lying of Bramble cove Port Davey etc   Foley Sherburd out for the whaling grounds   Foley Sherburd whaling   Foley Title Deeds to be picked up Kingborough   Foley to sell Land at Bachuss Marsh   Foley v Lucas action in trespass   Foley' boat 1st prize in regatta week previous   Foley's Farm to sell Blackman's Bay   Foley's hotel Hamilton-on-Forth   Folley Capt Australasian Packet Mrs in Cabin   Folley Constable apprehending absentee   Folley Gardiner Lucas Sherbort   Folley James drowned Browns river   Folley James land claim re Jas Folley sen   Folley Jas as heir at law claims land   Folley Jas land described in claims   Folley John Juror Defamation case Schaw v Meredith   Folley John land mentioned for apportioning a road through   Folley John property apportioned for new road Brown's River   Folley John to pick up land grant et al   Folley Mrs found dingy on Brown's beach   Folley sailed for Sth Seas   Folley Sherbert Gardiner Rechereche Bay   Folley Sherbert land for sale adjoining thereto   Folley son of James claims as heir-at-law Kingboro' land   Folly (John) Fieri Facias executions on property Brown's Riv   Folly (John) re-appointed constable   Folly James vice constable Sandy Bay and Brown's river   Folly John re-appointed constable Kingborough   Folly's (John) farm mentioned   Folly's farm mentioned (2)   For Sale Sherburd S Blackman's bay   for work near section 5315   Forescue George funeral details   Forster Capt and Lady ship lost South Africa they to Europe   Forster Captain arrived Sydney from Hobart Town   Forster Captain brig Emu arrives from Hobart in Sydney   Forster Captain sails for Hobart Town with Mrs and etc   Forster Derwent Fortescue death details   Forster Dewent Fortesque death details   Forster Elizabeth death details   Forster Ellen Cicely death details (2)   Forster Elzabeth death details   Forster Emma Elizabeth death details   Forster Ernest funeral details   Forster G B appointed JP etc   Forster G B contributing to benevolent fund   Forster G B Fencing arbitration notice from Jas Murdoch   Forster G B Land granted   Forster G B land mentioned next him to be auctioned   Forster G B mentioned in other land claim   Forster G B mentioned in others land claim adjoining his   Forster Geo Chas Derwent death details   Forster George Brooks Cmdr death details   Forster George Brooks Land claim for examination   Forster George death details   Forster George Mussel death and funeral details   Forster George Mussel death details (4)   Forster Lady of Lieut a son   Forster Lieut farm notice all cautioned re trespass   Forster Lieutenant Colombo incident Ceylon   Forster Mary Eliza death details   Forster Mr Edward Chief Officer ship Frederick   Forster Mrs Derwent a daughter   Forster Mrs Derwent a son   Forster onboard brig Emu from Port Dalrymple Hobarttown   Forster Sibeel Hester death details   Forster Sibella death details (2)   Forster Sibella Hester appointed asst teacher   Forster Sibella Hester funeral details   Forster Sibelle Hester transferred Ass Teacher Maryborough   Forster Thomas Morton death details   Forster Thomas Morton funeral details   Forster Thomas Surgeon   Forster wife of Derwent a son (2)   Forster-Gregson marriage details   Forster-McNeill marriage   Forster-Smith marriage details   Forster-Tooth marriage (4)   Forster-Wilkinson marriage   Fortescue death commentary   Fortescue Dr at BMA annual meeting NSW branch   Fortescue Dr bye-lines article   Fortescue Dr consultant to Mr Holtermann etc   Fortescue Dr death and wife noted surviving him   Fortescue Dr death noted   Fortescue Dr death noted across the colonies (13)   Fortescue Dr death noted formal telegraph   Fortescue Dr death noted in official telegraph message   Fortescue Dr death of typhoid fever   Fortescue Dr fund contributor   Fortescue Dr George death noted at Victorian Medical meeting   Fortescue Dr Obit   Fortescue Dr rumour of his death premature not by much   Fortescue Dr telegram re Charters Towers patient   Fortescue Dr thanking gift of delicate medical instruments   Fortescue Dr treating patient etc   Fortescue Ellen Carne death details   Fortescue Ellen Carne funeral details   Fortescue George death details   Fortescue Mr away from consultation rooms a few days   Fortescue-O'Brien marriage details (2)   Fowler Albreda cited et al letter to editor   Fowler Albreda cited et al letter to editor by other   Fowler Albreda executrix advertisement   Fowler Albreda letter to editor (5)   Fowler Albreda letter to the Editor   Fowler Albreda letter to the Editor re Liberal Party objects   Fowler Albreda Letters to the Editor   Fowler Albreda protesting Sabbath for fund raising   Fowler Albreda response by other contributors   Fowler Albreda response to her earlier letter to editor   Fowler Albreda Women's vote   Fowler Deborah widow of James Barrington death details   Fowler Dr Robert best man   Fowler Elizabeth death details   Fowler Fanny Albreda Waldegrave Deed Poll Change of name   Fowler James Barrington death in Ireland details (2)   Fowler James Barrington deathh details   Fowler Lillias Jessie death-funeral details   Fowler Mrs Thos Walker a daughter (3)   Fowler Mrs Thos Walker a son (6)   Fowler partnership dissolved   Fowler Robert death details (2)   Fowler Rose Ella death details   Fowler Sarah Edith death details   Fowler Sarah Edith death noted   Fowler Thomas Walker gives report on extension of plant   Fowler Thos Walker death details   Fowler Thos Walker funeral details   Fowler wife of Edward Carleton a son   Fowler-Collier marriage   Fowler-Turner marriage (2)   Fowler-Walker marriage details   Fowler-Warnock marriage (4)   Fowler-Warnock marriage Silver Wed Ann'y   Fowler-Webb marriage details   Fox-Fairthorne marriage details at Lukey address Malvern Vic   Fox-Fairthorne marriage details re Lukey   Frahm - Affolter wedding Mr Bevans residence Booborowie   Frahm - Ritter partnership dissolved   Frahm - Siostrom engagement   Frahm A assiting with music   Frahm Albert Lieut 1st AIF   Frahm and Peters Car elector requisitioners Dsrt of Light   Frahm Anna Regima Mt Barker Springs   Frahm Anna Regina death details   Frahm C elector requisitioner   Frahm C J a groom at Corop   Frahm C Melb   Frahm C Melbourne Avoca land   Frahm C mortgagee sale farm goods Langmeil   Frahm C mortgagee sale farm land Langmeil 50 acres   Frahm C resturant new Management Wicklein s   Frahm C sale of farming goods property Langmeil   Frahm C sell business 42 Swanston st   Frahm Carl Land sale Langmeil   Frahm Carl Peters   Frahm Charles death details   Frahm Charles Husband of Lissette   Frahm Charles lost/stolen horse reward Collingwood   Frahm Charles Publican License   Frahm Charles Redecorated Resturant   Frahm Chas 40 Swanston-street   Frahm Chas Bendigo Assylum   Frahm Chas Myrtle Mining shares Sandhurst   Frahm Chas New Bus Sydney   Frahm correction re man fallen of wagon incident   Frahm Cyril from Gilles Plains   Frahm daughter in accident   Frahm Doris Edna death and funeral details   Frahm Dorothy Charlton State School result   Frahm E land lease Toowoomba   Frahm Edie East Adelaide Model school awards cookery   Frahm Emilie Martha Wilhelmine re Henry land transfer   Frahm F G Booberowie council meeting   Frahm F H Pollock   Frahm F Mudgee mining district lease   Frahm family arrives immigration   Frahm Frederick Freeling   Frahm Frederick funeral details   Frahm Friedrich Wilhelm Monarto   Frahm H cricket team   Frahm H Essendon   Frahm H land to be leased   Frahm H Paddocking   Frahm H Passenger to Melbourne   Frahm H purchase land in Hundred of English   Frahm H Stage Broken Hill   Frahm H voter in Kooringa Sub Dist Burra   Frahm Heinrich Ernst Friedrich Carl Obit   Frahm Helen cousin   Frahm Herbert Lawrence and Sidney Albert Strathpine   Frahm Herr company scenic artist   Frahm In Mem   Frahm J C assisting elections   Frahm J G Estate to be sold 9 miles from Pomona   Frahm John Frederick Christian Labourer   Frahm John George devisee David Alexander Pomona   Frahm Late C Resturant SA   FRAHM LIERSCH The engagement   Frahm Lisette   Frahm Lydia a young girl from Greenock   Frahm Maie   Frahm Maie In Memoriam   Frahm Martha Freeling Hospital   Frahm Minna Clara death Freeling   Frahm Mr and Mrs F E 50th   Frahm Mr and Mrs from Gaza   Frahm Mr and Mrs P 50th Wedding Anniversary   Frahm Mr Mrs J a son   Frahm Mrs E L Charlton   Frahm Mrs H Dimboola   Frahm Mrs H from Dimboola   Frahm Mrs in fire Goomeri   Frahm Mrs J a son   Frahm Mrs J daughter of Mrs A Affolter silver trowel   Frahm Mrs J in hospital recovery Burra   Frahm Mrs J won dance   Frahm Mrs Lily murdered at Lismore etc   Frahm Mrs Martha funeral details   Frahm nee Davy engagement Alec Harold to May J   Frahm nee Weber Doris and Cyril a daughter   Frahm Nelson searching for Emilly Stonehouse   Frahm Nelson Theodore whereabouts wanted Charlton   Frahm Peters of Nain   Frahm s Cafe 458 George St Sydney   Frahm S Strathpine   Frahm Sandra Ann birth details   Frahm Temple of Pomona dispute before the Court   Frahm W Strathpine   Frahm Wm jnr 21st birthday Hawthorn   Frahm's Cafe under the Verandah   Frahm-Bell engagement announced (2)   Frahm-Opie marriage details   Frahm-Siostrum engagement announced   Frahm-Stollberg Silver Wedding Anniversary (2)   Frahm-Sydenham marriage details   Frahm-Sydenhan marriage details   Frahm-Young marriage details   Frahme Otto Mrs Miss   Frahn Rita Monarto South   Francis Murray Helpman   Francisco-Nairn marriage details (2)   Fred Myers Concussion   Frederick Meyer   Frederick Meyers set down for trial today   Frederick Myers 5th daughter Catherine   Frederick Myers Accident   Frederick Myers assault charge   Frederick Myers Bigamy case sentenced   Frederick Pettet Public Cautioned re 20 cheque   Freeman bereavement notice re Portingale   Fremantle Jockey Club foundation Pace and Samson et al   Fremantle Mech Inst committee etc   Fremantle Mech Inst start   Fremantle Mechanics Institute inauguration Myers etc   Fremantle races organisers and participants   Fremantle whaling   Fremantle Whaling Company meeting   French Major John death details (4)   French-Coombe-Bowser marriage details   French-Forster marriage details   French-Foster marriage details   Full story of the Academy fire Insurances etc   Funeral commentary of Dr George Fortescue   Funeral of W S Helpman   Gapt Gardiner 1845 Probationers   Gard-James marriage   Gardener Prince Regent for whaling   Gardine Mr A prize 2yo Colt - Gelding   Gardiner - Gardner Marriage (2)   Gardiner - Wallaby whaling   Gardiner A and J Melville Park sale of farm equipment etc   Gardiner A in cricket team for country at Benaira match   Gardiner Abraham   Gardiner Abraham death details   Gardiner Abraham Insolvency (2)   Gardiner Abraham Insolvency 3rd meeting   Gardiner Abraham Insolvency accnt of recpts - disbtribution   Gardiner Abraham Insolvency Adjourned 2nd meeting concluded   Gardiner Abraham Insolvency adjourned second meeting   Gardiner Abraham Insolvency cert meeting lapsed no appear   Gardiner Abraham Insolvency cert meeting rescheduled   Gardiner Abraham Insolvency certificate (of discharge) meeti   Gardiner Abraham Insolvency gets certificate of discharged   Gardiner Abraham Insolvency second meeting   Gardiner Abraham insolvent process   Gardiner Abraham supporting candidate for Mornington   Gardiner Abram 2nd meeting Insolvency no business done   Gardiner Abram 3rd meeting Insolvency   Gardiner Abram 3rd meeting insolvent Court did not attend   Gardiner Abram Cert of Disch Appn lapsed defaulted   Gardiner Abram death details (4)   Gardiner Abram forced sale on Melville Park c   Gardiner Abram Insolvency 3rd meeting   Gardiner Abram Insolvency Adj 2nd meeting   Gardiner Abram insolvency CoD allowed as so granted   Gardiner Abram Insolvency CoD application   Gardiner Abram Insolvency CoD granted   Gardiner Abram Insolvency formal public notice   Gardiner Abram listed for hearing at 11 o'clock   Gardiner Abram notice to remove agisted Mare from property   GARDINER Abram Percival death-funeral details   Gardiner as a director The Auction Company Melb   Gardiner birth   Gardiner birth at Mt Schanck   Gardiner birth of Amy Florence Bolinda Victoria   Gardiner Blanche daughter of Mel and Kate death details   Gardiner Blanche death details (2)   Gardiner Capt and others contradict previous publication (2)   Gardiner Capt Barque Camila sailed for Sydney Feb 9   Gardiner Capt Brig Camila from Port Phillip   Gardiner Capt cricket team   Gardiner Capt in deputation re Roads Board Gisborne   Gardiner Capt Isabella Mrs with child   Gardiner Capt of Schooner New Zealander for New Zealand   Gardiner Capt Robert requisitioner but he declines   Gardiner Capt Robert sold unstocked pastoral runs (2)   Gardiner Captain advertising retained stock trespassed   Gardiner Captain as sitting Magistrate declined to take seat   Gardiner Captain Gisborne impounding stock trespass   Gardiner Captain Gisborne stock impounding adverts   Gardiner Captain kangaroo cull on Mt Schanck   Gardiner Captain Patagonia Rev G Despard etc   Gardiner Captain purchase of Nangwarry estate SA   Gardiner Captain sitting on bench adjudicating   Gardiner Captain St Enochs stock   Gardiner Captain to sell St Enoch's near Skipton   Gardiner Catherine G death   Gardiner Catherine Glendinning death details SA   Gardiner Catherine Glendinning funeral details   Gardiner Catherine Glendinning Obit   Gardiner Import from Portland 1 box   Gardiner Imports shipping   Gardiner impounded stock statutory advert prior to sale   Gardiner impounding for trespass of stock   Gardiner Isabella caught whale   Gardiner J - Lukey B bark stripping licenses   Gardiner Kelly-Joynt engagement announced   Gardiner Lady Emma from Hobarton arrival Melbourne   Gardiner lady of Robert a daughter   Gardiner Lady of Robert Esq a daughter   Gardiner master Agnes and Elizabeth schooner for PP Bay   Gardiner master Helvetia from Sth seas Fishery   Gardiner master Helvetia to Sth seas fishery original cargo   Gardiner master of barque Anglia sailed for Sydney   Gardiner May death   Gardiner May death East St Kilda   Gardiner Miss Pentland Hills assisting ladies' committee   Gardiner Miss winner Golf bogey handicap   Gardiner Mr A journeys to Fiji business prospects   Gardiner Mr Abram Obit   Gardiner Mr Abram SA Obit   Gardiner Mr Robert Gunbower Is   Gardiner Mrs A a daughter (2)   Gardiner Mrs A birth   Gardiner Mrs Abram   Gardiner Mrs Captain requires laundress and housemaid   Gardiner Mrs from Hobart Town and family   Gardiner Mrs Janet death details   Gardiner Mrs K M birth   Gardiner Mrs M a daughter (2)   Gardiner Mrs with servant arrives from Tasmania   Gardiner on the Wallaby   Gardiner Owner - Captain vessels   Gardiner Prince Regent Behring Straights   Gardiner R master Prince Regent arrival H'Town   Gardiner R Sussex Berhring straight   Gardiner Rbt Currie John sheep scab cure endorsement   Gardiner Rbt Disol'n Part'ship Whalers   Gardiner Rbt Melville Park Stock Grazing rent charges etc   Gardiner Robert 45acres Running Creek   Gardiner Robert Captain Obituary   Gardiner Robert death details   Gardiner Robert Melville death details (2)   Gardiner Robert Melville Obit (3)   Gardiner Robert Notice to Creditors of distribution etc   Gardiner Robert notifying cessation of Abram John to Berwick   Gardiner Robert purchased at Rowsley Victoria   Gardiner Robert Rent for Nangwarry due   Gardiner Robert transfer of land Act re Kerrie property   Gardiner Robert William death details (2)   Gardiner Robert witness in cattle stealing case own cattle   Gardiner Robt Capt Death   Gardiner Susan funeral details   Gardiner Susan wife of Capt Robt Gardiner Death   Gardiner Swan Marriage SA   Gardiner the wife of Robert (née Susan Foley)   Gardiner Two Captains   Gardiner v Ecclesfield re Abraham   Gardiner v Gardiner ejectment Abram no appearance   Gardiner v Gardiner Fi Fa writ of execution to sell land etc   Gardiner v Gardiner lease nonpayment case (12)   Gardiner v Gardiner lease nonpayment case determined   Gardiner v Gardiner writ of ejectment Robert against Abram   Gardiner v Lange   Gardiner wife of A a son at Nangwarry   Gardiner wife of A at Nangwarry a son   Gardiner wife of A P a son (2)   Gardiner wife of Abram a daughter (2)   Gardiner wife of M a daughter (3)   Gardiner wife of R M a son (3)   Gardiner wife of Robert death details   Gardiner-Gardner at res of J Currie E Melbourne   Gardiner-Gardner Marriage at J Currie Res   Gardiner-Gardner marriage details   Gardiner-Gardner marriage East Melbourne   Gardiner-Graham marriage   Gardiner-Joynt marriage   Gardiners and Currie' passage to Port Macdonnell   Gardner - Mrs passenger Prince Regent arr HT   Gardner - Mrs Prince Regent for Melb   Gardner and Mrs arr from Hobart Prince Regent   Gardner Capt from London and daughters   Gardner Mark Clayson death-funeral details   Gardner Mark Clayson funeral details   Gardner Prince Regent arr from Melb   Gardner Prince Regent for Port MacQuarie   Gardner with Mrs Prince Regent from Peru   Gardner-Corris marriage details (2)   Garrard-Warnock marriage (5)   Gayer (Ventry) from Sydney to Hobson's Bay Melbourne   Gayer - Hamilton dissolution of partnership   Gayer - Lyle engagement details (2)   Gayer - Smith marriage details   Gayer 2 passengers for Melbourne   Gayer A E signed petition   Gayer Alice death details   Gayer Alice death noted   Gayer Alice death-funeral details   Gayer Alice noted by twin sister   Gayer and Hamilton letter to Captain et al   Gayer and Kennedy 1859 marriage connection link   Gayer and Peck wedding guests   Gayer arrive - depart from Norfolk Island   Gayer Arthur Edward death in England noted   Gayer Aubrey death details   Gayer Capt Charles Richard death details   Gayer Charles Edward death-funeral details   Gayer Charles Richard death details   Gayer double marriage notices   Gayer double wedding and reception   Gayer double wedding notices   Gayer Dr lost university election   Gayer Dr the riots in Ireland pledge at electioneering   Gayer Dr withdraws at Dublin Uni election   Gayer E V at Hamilton dance et al   Gayer Edward Ventry appointed Magistrate at Morden NSW   Gayer Edward Ventry granted road board money for tank   Gayer Edward Ventry JP Morden relates heat stroke victums   Gayer Edward Ventry shooting of Rbt Gordon Graham   Gayer Edward Ventry-Wm Fielden Hamilton Land transfer   Gayer Esmond Courtenay death details   Gayer et al Mechanics Institute meeting   Gayer Florence prefect's prize   Gayer George letter awaiting Mudgee NSW   Gayer guests of Dombrain wedding et al   Gayer Hamilton prospective arrival from Plymouth   Gayer J G letter awaiting pick up   Gayer James witness in assault case   Gayer Kennedy Cockburne Edward River committee et al   Gayer Liet Charles Richard on board HMS Megaera   Gayer Lt Col James Arthur death details   Gayer Lt Col James Arthur death England noted   Gayer Martin letter awaiting pickup   Gayer Miss arrives from London   Gayer Miss Daughter of late Edward takes vows   Gayer Miss on the Tambo from the south sea Islands   Gayer Mr - Mrs pacific lsland cruise   Gayer Mr and Mrs R wedding guests et al   Gayer Mr Passenger Wellesley to London (2)   Gayer Mrs - daughter Norfolk Is - church missionary work   Gayer Mrs Charles a daughter (2)   Gayer Mrs for South sea Islands etc   Gayer Mrs Robert a daughter (5)   Gayer Mrs Robert a son   Gayer Mrs Robert present with gift bible from YWCA Melbourne   Gayer Mrs Robert resigns treasurer ship of YWCA Melbourne   Gayer Mrs Sarah Charlotte death details   Gayer Mrs Sarah Charlotte obit   Gayer Mrs to let Portland   Gayer Mrs Ventry a son   Gayer Mrs Ventry in town for show and golf from Hamilton   Gayer Mrs Wm Ventry donation   Gayer Oswald Noel Ventry porbate notice   Gayer Oswald Noel Ventry RHS Award   Gayer Oswald Ventry death details   Gayer passengers on Tambo from Norfolk Is Mrs and daughter   Gayer Peck wedding guests et al (2)   Gayer Phillip warrant to apprehend for contempt of summons   Gayer R attended at Dinner for Mr Hay Deniliquin   Gayer R committee to challenge proposed Bill in the Assembly   Gayer reference to election challenges near 30 years back   Gayer report from the Norfolk Island reaches NSW   Gayer Rev - another complain waist water past property   Gayer Rev - Mrs Charles Edward vicarage burgled   Gayer Rev alteration to tariff of renting hall   Gayer Rev and Crystal and Mr Peck not well   Gayer Rev C E chair at meeting on Marriage Lecture Sunbury   Gayer Rev C E Golf meeting disatisfaction   Gayer Rev C E re drowning incident   Gayer Rev C E re Holy Week races in Sunbury regret   Gayer Rev C E rebutted on the Racing Holy Day issue   Gayer Rev C E stolen silverware from church   Gayer Rev Charles popery conversions success   Gayer Rev Chas Edward gift of stole etc   Gayer Rev Dingle County Kerry Ire speech popery conversions   Gayer Rev people dying in Dingle county Ireland   Gayer Robert arrives on the William Prouse from the Downs   Gayer Robert C appointed Magistrate Murray River district   Gayer Robert daughters marriage announcements   Gayer Robert death details (3)   Gayer Robert death noted (9)   Gayer Robert defrauded by Thomas Blake at Moama   Gayer Robert Obit   Gayer Robert Obit - C E Gayer son reference   Gayer Robert Obituary   Gayer Robert of Harwood appointed Magistrate N S W et al   Gayer Robert political back reference re resignation   Gayer Robert selling up from Tasmania   Gayer Robert stock movement   Gayer Sarah Charlotte death details   Gayer Sir John London Lord Mayer 1646 queer bequest   Gayer v Keighran case struck out at Sup Crt   Gayer v Keighran place at top of list for the 30th inst   Gayer v Keighran Vic Sup Crt case listed   Gayer W receiver of imported goods from London in Adelaide   Gayer wedding guest Kennedy-McKellar et al   Gayer wedding guests et al (2)   Gayer William Ventry death at Flanders Belgium   Gayer William Ventry died of wounds Flanders   Gayer's 150 crossed the river etc Deniliquin stock report   Gayer's mob from Hartwood on the billibong NSW passing down   Gayer-Fetherstonhaugh marriage details   Gayer-Peck marriage details (2)   Gayer-Peck marriage reception write-up   Gayer-Smith marriage details   Geltwood   Geltwood application to be heard at Mt Ganbier refused   Geltwood final address by Judge and verdict all not guilty   Geltwood further details   Geltwood Meyer evidence in chief by constable c   Geltwood Meyers spelt Myers   Geltwood more charges under Customs Act all guilty   Geltwood re-arrest and further charges   Geltwood sailing times from London   Geltwood sale of salvaged cargo   Geltwood salvage crew sent for diving as well as recovery   Geltwood total arrests 11   Geltwood two men arrested with tobacco in possession   Geltwood two men charged one convicted other still remanded   Geltwood Wreck all acquitted   Geltwood wreck bodies inquest and cargo believed stolen   Geltwood Wreck Frederick Myer   Geltwood Wreck Frederick Myers (2)   Geltwood wreck reported   Gertrude Hele   Gibbon-Wishart marriage details   Girdwood Forwarding Agent collins street   Girdwood John death details (3)   Girdwood John funeral details   Girdwood L of Admin granted   Girdwood Margaret death details (2)   Girdwood-Chambers marriage details (3)   Glennis Myers   Goodes-Seelander engagement details   Goods apparently not delivered re Currie   Gordon-Smith marriage   Gow Currie Gow partnership dissolved   Gracie death Elizabeth wife of James   Gracie death Margaret wife of James   Gracie James (from Upper Macedon)   Gracie James 24acres Upper Macedon   Gracie James 75th year   Gracie Jane relict of late Thomas   Gracie Margaret daughter of James   Gracie Mary death wife of Hugh   Gracie wife of Hugh a daughter   Gracie wife of William a daughter   Grant Alex death details   Grant David re Lukey et al   Grant Hny Geo death details   Grant Jane wife of Wm Millbank   Grant Mary death-funeral details (2)   Grant Morton death details   Grant Mr Robert grandfather of John Deans his death   GRANT Susan sister of Wm of Hopetoun BM   Grant wife of William a son   Grant wife of Wm a daughter   Grant wife of Wm a son   Grant wife of Wm jun a son   Grant-Evans marriage details   Grant-Kerr marriage details   Grant-M'Donald marriage details   Grant-McDonald marriage details (2)   Grant-Patterson marriage   Greenland Thomas death details   Gregson Archer Knopwood death details   Gregson Capt on Jamaica rounding up Negroes on the run   Gregson Elizabeth death-funeral details   Gregson Elizabeth widow of T G Gregson death details (3)   Gregson Flags at halfmast in sign of respect to T G   Gregson James Trotter about to leave colony settle accounts   Gregson John watchmaker Lancaster UK   Gregson Margaret death details   Gregson Mr at public meeting   Gregson Mr attends Public meeting   Gregson Mrs a daughter   Gregson Mrs a daughter at Jericho   Gregson Mrs a son   Gregson T G appointed JP etc   Gregson T G death noted etc (2)   Gregson T G Obit (2)   Gregson T G renting to Mr Hudspeth at Jericho   Gregson T G Wheat Quota   Gregson T G witness dissolution of partnership   Gregson TG his estate named in advertisement   Gregson Thomas George death details (4)   Gregson Thomas George funeral details   Gregson Thomas George OBIT (2)   Gregson Thomas George public meeting to give gift   Gregson Thomas Obit   Gregson Thomas witness in civil case re warranty on horse   Gregson Thos advertising mare (2)   Gregson Thos advertising stray mare   Gregson Thos fund committeeman   Gregson Thos Local district committeeman etc   Gregson Thos witness in criminal case   Gross Joshua Charles death details   Gross Joshua Charles death France details   Gross Sophia In Mem   Gross-Farriell marriage details   Gross-Nowland marriage details   Grubb Albert Edward death details   Grubb Albert Edward death-funeral details   Grubb Bridget Mary death details   Grubb Charles Bereavement notice   Grubb Charles death details   Grubb Charles death-funeral details   Grubb Louisa death-funeral details   Grubb Louisa In Mem (5)   Grubb-Lancaster marriage details   Grubb-Mercer marriage details   H Frahm Scenic arrangements   Halligan (nee Jones)   Halligan Edward Francis Patrick death-funeral details   Halligan Robert Cullan death details   Halligan W R and R C In Mem etc   Halligan-Piguenit   Halligan-Piguenit marriage   Halloran-O'Brien marriage   Hamilton enrollment list   Hamilton Tennis tournament attendees etc   Hammond wife of Mr T Durell a daughter   Handicap Frahm boat race (half mile)   Hann-Hele engagement   Harnett -- Sherburd marriage   Harnett Arthur Ryder death details   Harnett Arthur Ryder death-funeral details   Harnett Mary Harriett death details (3)   Harnett Miss Minnie Sherbert death details   Harnett Mrs A R a daughter (2)   Harnett Mrs A R a son (4)   Harnett Sarah   Harnett Sarah wife of A R death-funeral details   Harnett Sarah wife of Arthur Ryder death details (2)   Harnett-Boothman marriage details   Harnett-Sherburd Marriage   Harnett-Sherburd Marriage 2nd printing   Harnett-Sherburd marriage details (2)   Harnett-Whiteway marriage   Harper Brian Leslie birth details   Harper Susan H death details (2)   Harper Susan Hepzibah death details   Harriette Nathan shipping news from Melb - Hobert   Harris Joan In Mem Affolter connection   Harris nee Affolter birth Joan Marie   Harrison-Bowden marriage (2)   Harrison-Harvey marriage (2)   Hart Florence Eleanor death details   Hart re Mercy Halligan In Mem   Hart-Joynt daughter of Edwin   Harvest Home hotel Erskine Banks   Harvest Home Hotel Melb mentioned Crim case   Harvey Alice Emily death-funeral details   Harvey Edward sen death details (2)   Harvey Ellen death-funeral details   Harvey Ellen relict of Richard death-funeral details   Harvey Emmalee death-funeral details   Harvey H - F produce merchants Geelong   Harvey Henry death details (4)   Harvey Henry death-funeral details (2)   Harvey Henry Percy death details   Harvey Henry Percy death-funeral details   Harvey Mrs F a daughter (2)   Harvey Mrs Frederick a daughter (7)   Harvey Mrs Fredk a son (6)   Harvey Mrs H a son (4)   Harvey Rose wife of Edward death details (2)   Harvey Thomas drowned on Geelong beach drunk   Harvey wife of Frederick a daughter (2)   Harvey wife of Henry a daughter (2)   Harvey wife of James a son (2)   Harvey wife of James funeral   Harvey-Bowden marriage details (2)   Harvey-Fletcher marriage   Harvey-Haines marriage (3)   Harvey-Hudson marriage   Harvey-Hudson marriage details   Hawkers connection to Nevell   Haxton nee Rohlk birth details   Hayward Catherine Johanna death details   Hele A A-grade umpire reappointed SACAUA   Hele B plays for West Adelaide AFL club   Hele birth   Hele C P wife of-a daughter   Hele Henry death   Hele in memoriam   Hele in Memorium   Hele L assisting Red cross society   Hele Mary Eliza wife of William   Hele Miss J guest at social wedding Hacket-Laurenti   Hele Mr W and Mrs J D Furlonge sad bereavement   Hele Mrs at Fete   Hele Mrs B a daughter   Hele Percy bereavement notice   Hele plays for Brompton Methodists AFL club   Hele Rose Amelia death   Hele Thomas aged about 13 years witness for William Martin   Hele w and Olive MM Salisbury St Unley   Hele William brother of Henry   Hele William Gilles St freehold   Hele William witness to assault   Hele-Brown 25 Yr Wed Anny   Hele-Mullett Golden Wedding Anniversary   Hele-Polak marriage   Hele-Vonow marriage   Hellier-Myers   Helpman   Helpman - Murray marriage   Helpman - Rymill Olive Downs Pastoral Company directors etc   Helpman bees again   Helpman Capt and Mrs meat parcel to UK extra duties et al   Helpman Capt from the Vasse etc   Helpman Captain arrives from Launceston at Perth   Helpman Captain in party scouting for wreck   Helpman Captain mentioned in conversation with Governor   Helpman Captain of ss Champion sunk by Lady Bird coaster   Helpman captain of the Lady Bird arrives Launceston   Helpman Charles death (2)   Helpman Colonel returns from London to Sydney via WA etc   Helpman Corio cricket match (2)   Helpman cricket match final report et al   Helpman cricket match Geelong et al   Helpman death-funeral details   Helpman Elizabeth Howard death (2)   Helpman F Bunbury town lot purchased   Helpman F Capt and Brother-in-law Henty arrive Hobson s Bay   Helpman F commander for Bombay with Mrs and child   Helpman F commander from Singapore 5 weeks   Helpman F commander RN Schooner Elizabeth   Helpman F dog license   Helpman F Esq re-appointed to Schooner Champion   Helpman F got a dog license   Helpman F letter in reply   Helpman F master   Helpman F master for Singapore   Helpman F purchased lot at Bunbury   Helpman F receives 5 for bees introduction   Helpman F shipping 7 bales wool to London plus others   Helpman Francis Murray death   Helpman Frank and others call meeting of WA mining Company   Helpman Frank kills snake across the road   Helpman Frank Murray Obit   Helpman Frank Obit   Helpman Frank purchase of land plus others   Helpman Frank report from sea-going observations   Helpman Frank witness to dis-solved partnership   Helpman Gardiner Caledonian Club   Helpman Gordon joining the King Edward Horse brigade   Helpman Gordon returns from Papua   Helpman J from Papua onboard Morinda   Helpman J M business partner dies Mr Cameron   Helpman J M death   Helpman J M death details (2)   Helpman J M Mt Gambier Hunt club (2)   Helpman J M onboard tug for boat racing Port Adelaide et al   Helpman J M wife of Maytie   Helpman James Murray Obit (3)   Helpman Lieut full report on disorderly mutinous conduct   Helpman Lieut Journal at Warrnambool Examiner (2)   Helpman Lieut Lady of a son   Helpman Lieut lays information-complaints re 2 seamen   Helpman Lieut re steamer service etc   Helpman Lieut refused recognition for Beagle journal dairy   Helpman Lt RN Eleanora from KG Sound Myers Wm Pope   Helpman made ordinary member Corio cricket club   Helpman Margaret Ann death details   Helpman Mary death details   Helpman master sch Champion passenger Mrs Helpman et al   Helpman May widow of Frank   Helpman Miss passenger to London   Helpman Miss Sheila acting   Helpman Mr attending opening Geelong Hospital et al   Helpman Mr E L appointed to Warrnambool racing club   Helpman Mr RN   Helpman Mr Sam staying with ill mother 'Waikato'   Helpman Mr-Mrs G and Mrs Duka and infant   Helpman Mrs 3 children and 8 servants   Helpman Mrs donates to christian gospel society   Helpman Mrs gift for Christmas treat with others   Helpman Mrs guest at Dix-Ardlie wedding   Helpman Mrs guest at Lindsay-Nicol wedding et al   Helpman Mrs helping form Red Cross branches et al   Helpman Mrs Isabella   Helpman Mrs Isabella death   Helpman Mrs Isabella death noted   Helpman Mrs Isabella Obit   Helpman Mrs Isabella statutory probate notice   Helpman Mrs litter of red Pekingese pups   Helpman Mrs S (Sam) at races   Helpman Mrs takes grandson Theo Duka to grammar school   Helpman Mrs W S (Isabella) Obit   Helpman Murray   Helpman Nairn dog licenses   Helpman neglecting to enter out on the harbor masters list   Helpman P A from mate to Lieut (maybe printing error )   Helpman P and W Warrnambool cricket team   Helpman R M and Mrs re Kennel club etc   Helpman Rear-Admiral obituary London Aug 2 home papers   Helpman returns from Madrass without orphaned labourer's   Helpman Robert dance Arrangment (2)   Helpman Robert Jazz Frolics dancing   Helpman run into Nornalup   Helpman speedy bowling went for byes   Helpman W passenger to Melbourne   Helpman W player in cricket club   Helpman W S a son (2)   Helpman W S wife of Isabella   Helpman Walter Gordon death   Helpman Walter renounces trust as executor of Mary Pallas   Helpman Walter Stephen death   Helpman Walter Stephen obit (2)   Helpman wife of W S a son   Helpman William Henry Obit   Helpman-Gardiner marriage Mt Gambier   Helpman-Gardiner wedding details   Helpman-Gardiner wedding reception etc   Helpman-Helpman marriage London   Helpman-Murray marriage details (3)   Helpman-Pace marriage (2)   Helpman-Phillip engagement   Hemingway Elizabeth funeral   Hemingway J R death - funeral detail   Hemingway Jennifer death - funeral details   Hemingway Jennifer In Mem   Hemingway Jennifer Margaret In mem   Hemingway Louisa from Southport England death   Hemingway Mr and Mrs JE Mel a daughter   Hemingway wife of J R a son (2)   Hemingway-Cuthbertson marriage   Hemingway-Holloway marriage   Henty 40 Rams for sale at Wanstead   Henty and Co meeting explain acts attorney Mr Reed creditors   Henty and Wyly account at pay office   Henty Charles Shum death details   Henty Charlotte death details   Henty Gabrielle death details   Henty Herbert James wife of a daughter   Henty James trustee of Skardon's estate et al   Henty Lucas letter awaiting pickup   Henty Lucy Mary funeral details   Henty Mary Jane death details   Henty merino   Henty merino delivery   Henty Mrs C S wants house maid   Henty Percival Edward death details   Henty Rams and Ewes for sale   Henty schooner in the Derwent   Henty Stephen letter awaiting pickup Geelong PO   Henty wife of Richmond a son   Henty Wm and C S re fund for destitute etc   Henty-McKellar marriage details   Henty-Murphy marriage details   Henty-Pace marriage details (5)   Henty-Pinnock marriage   Hernett Miss Minnie Sherbert death details   Hewitt-Fitts marriage details   Hobbs-Fitts marriage details   Hoglin Dairy farmer   Hoglin H G Passenger Burrawong from Sydney   Hoglin John animal trespass on Hundred of Blanche S684   Hoglin John in Old mans race over 45 years   Hoglin John on another jury case   Hoglin John on election committee for Victoria district   Hoglin John on jury case   Hoglin John requisitioner for Wm Paltridge Victoria   HOGLIN JOHN thanks for sympathy of late wife   Hoglin Mr A leaving for WA to sell by auction   Hoglin Mr and Mrs A and 2 children for Albany WA   Hoglin Mrs and child passenger on the ANT   Hoglin Mrs letter care of John McDonald Guichen Bay   Hoglin Mrs won work-box in raffle   Hoglin William in steerage on board SA Steamer from Melb   Hoglins residence Sutton Town   Hogrefe Anna death re Rohlk   Hogrefe re Mrs Otto Rohlk   Hohlin s wine shop near where horse accident happened   Home Harvest Hotel   Hoppe Bernard Anton Franz death details   Hopwood and Sherburd land application thereto   Hopwood Ann Hotelier Green Gate Collins st Hobart   Hopwood assists Mr Jemott fainting   Hopwood George death details   Hopwood George Publican London Arm's Hotel   Hopwood George Publicans license   Hopwood George tender of meat to commissariat   Hopwood Sarah Sophia death details (2)   Hornbrook Ragged School contributions   Hoskin Edward death-funeral details   Hoskin Edward further death notices   Hoskin Edward In Mem   Hoskin wife of Edward a son   Hoskin William - Jane In Mem   Hoskin-Grubb Silver Wed Annv'y   Houston Arthur letter awaiting pick up   Houston Captain receiving payment from salvaging Captain   Houston emigrants   Houston H ships master   Houston in foot race   Houston J Hundred of Munro Para   Houston Jane deceased mother of Henry Port Lincoln   Houston John Esq Melbourne   Houston John Melbourne share holder   Houston master of Gwalior from Deal arrived   Houston Miss M Mr Myers   Houston Mr R cornet player   Houston Myers   Houston O boatbuilder Pettit T carpenter   Houston passengers from London   Houston Stanley Nairn death - funeral details   Houston W Sgt L Myers contribute Greenough flats fire   Houston W son of damaging property of Bishop of Perth   Houston wife and 6 children   Houston William Myers John   Hull Frederick advertises for House to rent   Hull Frederick advertises for road gang (2)   Hull Frederick death details (2)   Hull Frederick death details from Adelaide   Hull Mrs wanted house servant Richmond   Hull William Bennett death-funeral details   Hull-Peryman marriage   Hull-Peryman marriage details   Hundred of Brownlow H Frahm allotment   Hunter Isabella Lewis death details Dumfries Scotland   Hutchinson - Blackerby marriage details   Huxtable-Harnett marriage   Hyrons B nominated for municipal council   Hyrons Benjamin granted renewed license   Hyrons Benjn contributing to benevolent fund   Hyrons J and Mrs re servant absent without leave   Hyrons John granted renewed license Blenheim Hotel   Hyrons John killed 26-Feb-1888 in Melbourne prize fight   Hyrons John land owned by him so described   Hyrons John requisitioner for candidate stand for election   Hyrons John v Hughes John case dismissed   Hyrons Mahala death wife of John   Hyrons Mahala wife of Benjamin   Hyrons Miss passenger from the Black swan From Melbourne   Hyrons Mr B instructs to sell at auction   Hyrons Mr deals with disorderly person   Imports schooner Isabella   In Memoriam notice   IN RE EDGAR ANDREWS Insolvent (2)   In the court list Faithful v Myers   Insolvency Carl Frahm 1874   Irvine a daughter   Isabella Capt Wilson ale - cigars   IVEY John death-funeral details   J Cuthbertson Bachus Marsh   Jackson Sarah of Kingston   Jackson-Pickersgill marriage   Jaeschke Johann Friederich death details   James Frederick Taylor death   James Henty Co insurance advertising   James Selah death   James-Hammond marriage   James-Kelly-Joynt marriage   James-Smith marriage   Jas Foley sell business Preston   Jas Foley sell Carlsrhue   Jeffery Mr and Affolter Mr E help lightning victim   Jeffery T H In Memoriam   Jeffery Tom in Mem by D-in-law Eddie Affolter etc   Jenkins-Affolter Marriage Boboorowie Coranderk   Jericho Rope Walk   Johanne Caroline Mathilda Klaffus nee Aldenhoven Divorce   John Currie   John Currie Advt for dray   John Currie assist dinner (2)   John Currie Sale Wedderburn   John Folley Land Grant   John Melville Currie (5)   John Myers Drapper Insolvent   John Myers General Storkeeper Willunga   John Nicol Esq Sell Horses   Johnson - Gardiner -Morrison - Sherberd Blackmans Bay   Johnson-Walker engagement announced   Johnson-Walker marriage details (2)   Johnson-Walker Wedding article   Johnston-Harris wedding article   Johnston-Muir marriage details   Jones Modistach fight   Jones nee Dulcie Sherburd   Jopling Dr John death details (2)   Jopling Dr John death noted (5)   Joynt Captain referred to in Escott   Joynt Dr (Oswald)   Joynt Edw-Woolcott Alice marriage   Joynt Edwin husband of Emma   Joynt Emma death details   Joynt John-Kelly death   Joynt Mrs E a daughter   Joynt Mrs E a son (2)   Joynt Mrs E K a son   Joynt Viola Maud death-funeral   Joynt-Fenton marriage   Kalamistrakis Fire damage   Kanofski-Ziebell marriage details   Karsten Clara Ann death details   Karsten Clara Ann In Mem   Karsten Elizabeth Ann death details   Karsten Henry death-funeral details   Karsten Marie death details   Karsten-Mowat marriage details   Kellaway Agnes Obit   Kellaway Idonia assist Burra fair   Kellaway Jack In Mem   Kellaway Mrs Aberdeen Confectioner advertising   Kellaway son of S and L O aged 7 weeks   Kellaway Stanley death details   Kellaway Thomas funeral details   Kelly John claim by trust on John Foley' land Kingboro'   Kelly John Insovency   Kelly John Prince Regent time expired   Kelly-Joynt Mr Edward death   Kelly-Joynt Mrs Alice death   Kelly-Joynt Mrs J a daughter (4)   Kelly-Joynt Mrs J a son (2)   Kemp Charlotte Wilhelmina death-funeral details   Kemp-Harvey engagement   Kemp-Harvey marriage   Kemp-Nichol marriage details   Kennedy - Gayer marriage details   Kennedy nee Gibbon birth details   Kent-Alston marriage details   Kerr Margaret deceased Bacchus Marsh   Kerr Mrs Margaret wife of James   Kerr Robert death details   Killmister nee Fairman twins   Kilpatrick Bereavement notice   Kilpatrick Helen death details re Portingale   Kilpatrick J J death and Thanks details re Portingale   Kilpatrick William George death details   King Jean Elizabeth death-funeral details   King Leslie John Maxwell birth details   King-Angwin marriage details   Kirkham George death details   Kirkham George further death details   Kirkham-Thompson marriage   Klaffus 94th anniversary at Burra   Klaffus Allen and others footy etc   Klaffus and Aldenhoven at Mitchell land approvals   Klaffus Apoinga council gates conditional approval   Klaffus C G 100 at Bright alloted thereto   Klaffus Charles assaulting Agnes Frahm step-daughter   Klaffus flowers sent in for red cross stall et al   Klaffus G land mortgagee sale   Klaffus Gottfried supporting Angas in election   Klaffus Gustav of Dutton labourer at Eudunda inquest   Klaffus Gustav witness Tanuda Crt inquest   Klaffus Hurtle Clarence In Mem   Klaffus L in Burra open golf tournament   Klaffus land 100 of moorooroo   Klaffus Lihou etc electors Burra district   Klaffus Mrs 100th   Klaffus Mrs 86th celebrations   Klaffus Mrs 91st   Klaffus Mrs 92nd son Oscar Frahm present   Klaffus Mrs 94th anniversary   Klaffus Mrs 94th anniversary at Burra   Klaffus Mrs 95th anniversary Burra son Oscar alive   Klaffus Mrs 98th   Klaffus Mrs 99th   Klaffus Mrs at Mitchell QLD   Klaffus Mrs books stolen from home   Klaffus Mrs celebrating 91st birthday   Klaffus Mrs death noted in Burra record   Klaffus Mrs donated winter firewood   Klaffus Mrs gets visit from Prime Minister Chifley   Klaffus Mrs her d Mary and child Violet Lillian Highet   Klaffus Mrs M 93rd year   Klaffus Mrs M 96th   Klaffus Mrs M return thanks by son Oscar Frahm   Klaffus Mrs re Mrs E Wohling appreciation thereto   Klaffus Mrs receives Brodie chair   Klaffus Mrs two sons still alive   Klaffus Mrs W M death details   Klaffus Mrs win Brodie chair by 13 months   Klaffus Rose death details   Klaffus Sgt Walter and others on active service   Klaffus sheep to Mitchell   Klaffus v Klaffus full hearing   Klaffus v Klaffus Motion for direction as to mode of trial   Klaffus v Klaffus motion for mode of trial   Klaffus v Klaffus Nisi petition granted   Klaffus v Klaffus order granted for single judge trial   Klaffus v Klaffus trial by Judge on affidavit   Klaffus v Klaffus wife custody of Oscar   Klaffus v Sontag Tanunda Crt abusive language   Klaffus W A re Wilson funeral   Klaffus W A Sgt RSL ceremony   Klaffus Walter footy team and others etc   Klaffus Walter Imperial Hotel Broken Hill   Klaffus Walter Sgt on active service with others   Klaffus Ziebell Lehmann requisitioners for Cole in Dst Light   Kluffas Mrs 95th   Kluffas v Kluffas divorce   Kluffas Walter Sgt letter to mother etc   Knighted Sir Owen Dixon   Kyezor Hny Myers death England   Lady Owen Dixon   Lakeland Alice Alicia death details (2)   Lakeland Emily Louisa death details (2)   Lakeland Gordon death details   Lakeland Gordon death details in error   Lakeland Hunter death details   Lakeland J T death details   Lakeland James death details (2)   Lakeland James G N death details   Lakeland James Gordon death details (4)   Lakeland wife of Gordon a daughter   Lakeland wife of Gordon a son (2)   Lakeland-Downward marriage details   Lakeland-Plummer marriage details   Land at Berwick near Cardinia creek to be sold   Land boundaries surveyed as correct listed   Land commission - M'Donald Richardson Young(A J)   Lane George death details   Lane James Watson death BM   Lane Margaret death details   Lang-Warnock approaching marriage   Lang-Warnock wedding   Late Mr Colin Crowhurst employed by Mr E J Affolter   Lawford-Thomson marriage details   Lawson C H land approved Bendoc   Lawson Mr JP Bendoc   Lawson Robert Landsberg Mains property Mt Blackwood   Lawson-Nicholson marriage   Le Tac v Catherine Myers assault fined 10 no appearance   Lee Lila Roberta   Lee Lila Roberta death notice   Lee nee Lukey Lila Roberta Funeral   Lee-Garnock marriage details   Lees James death details (2)   Lees Mary death   Lees-Rolfe marriage   Lehman K licensed victualler Adelaide court case   Lewis Bessie death-funeral details   Lewis Wm Bryan Thos death details   Lewis-Abbott marriage details   Lewis-Lakeland marriage details   Libel case Pace and Samson witnesses   Libel case witnesses Pace Samson Henty et al   Lihou Henry Winter funeral details   Lihou Mrs Agnes death details   Lihou Mrs Agnes Obit (2)   Lihou Nicholas death details   Lihou-Pearce marriage details (2)   Livestock sold Wm Poole   Livingston Catherine death-funeral details   Livingston wife of John a daughter   Lloyd Emily Mary death details   Lloyd James Frederick death details   Lloyd James Fredrick death details (3)   Lloyd James Hobart land claim   Lloyd James proceeding to Sydney   Lloyd Mr James witness partnership dis-solution   Lloyd Mrs inquiry on death from bad liniment   Lloyd Mrs J F a son   Lloyd Mrs J F a son birth details   Lloyd Mrs Sophia and Ann Meridith leaving colony NSW   Lloyd-Buxton marriage details   Lloyd-Cracknell marriage (2)   Lloyd-Mason marriage   Logan Sophia death details (2)   London death re Mrs A Currie Clematis Vic   Loss of Brig CAMILLA   Lt Col Davey passes   Lucas Florence Graham/ Aurthur Wm Sherburd Harnett   Lucas Mrs Wm of Brown's River a son   Lukey (Joseph) letters delivered by due process   Lukey A sale of Furniture at 127 Gipps-street East Melbourne   Lukey Amy debt order and costs   Lukey Amy Florence death details (3)   Lukey Amy Florence funeral details   Lukey an english import for cricket team at the Gam   Lukey and family (3) and Perryman on White Swan from Melb   Lukey and Rimmer to sell vessel Melb by auction Sandridge   Lukey auction room etc taken by new owner   Lukey barque Sussanah laid on for Sydney   Lukey Benjamin emigrant from Plymouth   Lukey Capt arrives from the downs with convict etc passenger   Lukey Capt charter party action   Lukey Capt for Melbourne on steamer Aldinga   Lukey Capt J from Melbourne on steamer Aldinga   Lukey Capt Joseph Application for Administration of estate   Lukey Capt Joseph death details   Lukey Capt Joseph gift of horse to the Queen   Lukey Capt Joseph letter awaiting pickup   Lukey Capt Joseph Lukey funeral details   Lukey Capt Joseph new vessel   Lukey Capt re Lloyds demonstration of India-rubber boat   Lukey Capt sells wreck of Blencathra   Lukey Capt shipping agent   Lukey Capt Susannah Perth   Lukey Captain from Melbourne   Lukey Captain Joseph death details   Lukey Captain Others on relief fund committee   Lukey Captain Susannah Perth   Lukey cargo on Coorong 1 trunk for Adelaide   Lukey Christopher Stuart death details   Lukey Elizabeth and James arrive from Plymouth   Lukey Emma Lance death-funeral details   Lukey Emma Lance Probate re-sealed in Tasmania   Lukey Ethel Rose court attendance   Lukey Francis   Lukey Francis Daniel death-funeral details   Lukey George   Lukey H J order for goods case not defended   Lukey H judgment against from Com Trading Co   Lukey Henry J death details   Lukey Henry J In Mem   Lukey in country cricket team at the Gam   Lukey J goods importation   Lukey James merchandise   Lukey John giving Moonta mine accident assistance   Lukey John Henry mixing water in the milk   Lukey John Henry traffic fine speeding Prahan   Lukey John Thomas D D Wodonga   Lukey Joseph - Mary Snell Hull marriage   Lukey Joseph auction Brig SHANNON at new rooms Melbourne   Lukey Joseph Auction of BLACKBIRD   Lukey Joseph Captain Obit   Lukey Joseph master Sussanah emigrants from Plymouth Peryman   Lukey Joseph Richmond death details   Lukey Joseph sale of vessel at Sandridge pier Melbourne   Lukey Joseph sell ALBATROSS   Lukey Joseph shipbroker selling by auction Llloyd s rooms   Lukey Joseph surveyor with Ins Company   Lukey Joseph tenders of freight to Northern Territory   Lukey Joseph to auction screwship Edina at Melbourne   Lukey Joseph to auction the Barque Nautilus at Melbourne   Lukey Joseph to auction the Brig Francis Gertrude at Melb   Lukey Joseph to auction the Flying Squirrel   Lukey Joseph trustee of assigned estate   Lukey M   LUKEY Mary Maudie death details   Lukey Mary Snell death details   Lukey Mary Snell widow of Joseph   Lukey master Sussanah laid on in London for Adelaide   Lukey master Sussanah to leave Plymouth Jan 25th   Lukey Messr from Melb on the Aldinga   Lukey Miss G   Lukey Mr and Mrs arrives from Adelaide after recent marriage   Lukey Mr J a miner of Kohinoor   Lukey Mr Joseph puts motion for Sailor home in Melbourne   Lukey Mrs A V prize WA Horticultural Society   Lukey Mrs and (3) family Perryman from Melbourne   Lukey Mrs and 2 children in cabin for Melbourne   Lukey Mrs and master from Melbourne Aldinga   Lukey Mrs C a son (2)   Lukey Mrs for Melbourne on Aldinga   Lukey Mrs for Melbourne on Coorong steamer   Lukey Mrs for Melbourne on the Coorong   Lukey Mrs from Melbourne on Aldinga   Lukey Mrs J a daughter   Lukey Mrs J a son (2)   Lukey Mrs J a son details   Lukey Mrs J from Melbourne   Lukey Mrs Miss and Master from Melb via Portland bay   Lukey Mrs N birth details   Lukey Mrs passenger from Melbourne steamer Havilah   Lukey Mrs Rose organist (2)   Lukey Mrs travels back to Melbourne on Aldinga   Lukey Mrs wnated adv's two different person's   LUKEY nee Gardiner a daughter at Gardiner-villa   Lukey O Dea marriage   Lukey passenger cleared out for Melbourne   Lukey R J passenger   Lukey Rita   Lukey Thomas witness to death of Joseph Bishop Kooringa   Lukey to auction the THURSO at Melbourne   Lukey wife of Alfred V a daughter   Lukey wife of H J a son (2)   Lukey wife of Joseph a son   Lukey Workers' Comp Board   Lukey-Fairthorne marriage details   Lukey-Fairthorne marriage reception   Lukey-Gardiner marriage (3)   Lukey-Gardiner marriage details   Lukey-Massey marriage   Lyle and Young open Steam Flour Mill Bacchus Marsh   M'Donald (Wm) sale of wheat dispute Ballan   M'Donald John Bowser death details   M'Donald William preferred failed charge of false pretences   M'Donald Wm crop of oats   M'Donald Wm death details   M'Donald-Gardiner marriage details   M'Donald-Sutherland marriage details   M'Leod Marion death details   M'Millan-Muir marriage details   M'Pherson John death details   Mack-Helen Isabel Janet formerly Nicol   Macmillan-Gayer marriage   MacPhail Anderson Bacchus Marsh   Magill-Baylee marriage details   man suicide's in outhouse thereat   Manning Merla Gywnneth funeral   Manning re Fairman   Martin re Fairman   Mary Myers   Mary Myers and child passengers   Mason Mary Isabella death details   Massey Beecraft contribution to patriotic fund   Massey Beecraft DuCroz contribution to patriotic fund   Massey Emma Lance death details   Massey Emma Lance death-funeral details   Massey T W 1st meeting report   Massey T W 1st meeting set down for hearing   Massey T W Obit (2)   Massey T W-Towner E L marriage   Massey Thomas Sen Cautioned re administraion E Howard   Massey Thomas William death details (2)   Massey Thomas William death-funeral details   Massey Thomas William Insolvency Notice thereto   Massey-Towner marriage details   Master Gardiner Arrival Wine Glass Bay   Master Modistach in concert by Nurioopta school band   Mathew Seal Husband/son of Mrs P Seal   Matson-Watson marriage   Maulitz birth details   Maulitz Charles August William death details   Maulitz Charles August William funeral details   Maulitz Charles Wilham August motorcycle accident   Maulitz In Mem (2)   Maulitz In Mem from Zadow   Maulitz Theodore Hermann death details   Maulitz W senr accident Blanchetown   Maulitz Wayne Stanley birth details   Maulitz-Hoppe marriage details   Maxwell and Bowser libel action   Mayor Cuthbertson   McArthur W A F death details re Rohlk   McBride nee Blackman birth details   McBride-Blackman marriage details   McCallum-Fairman marriage details   McCormick-Alston marriage details (2)   McDonald A S Probate notice   McDonald connect to Bourbaud etc   McDonald Donald Alexanda death-funeral details   McDonald Jessie Mack death-funeral details   McDonald-Bowser marriage details   McDonald-Halligan marriage details   McFarlane nee Grace H Crisp a son   McGrath Capt Wm John   McGrath Elizabeth death details (2)   McGrath Elizabeth Obit   McGrath John Thomas Pub License Spring Bay   McKay Emma death details   McLeod Kenneth death details   McMeekin death details   Meeting of Master Mariners at Port Jackson   Melville Park Birth   Meredith lady of George death details   Meredith Lewellyn A death details   Meredith Miss Ann and Mrs Lloyd arrived from Port Jackson   Meredith Mr F junr   Meredith Mrs J a daughter birth details   Merry Creek   Mesdame Frahm F C   Mesdame Frahm passenger for Melbourne   Messrs Goodman Chenery's station Pentland Hills   Meyer committed for trial etc   Meyers Bigamy   Meyers case set down   Meyers Convicted Bigamy   Meyers evidence in chief against him to date   Meyers Frederick charged with dissertion from wife   Meyers Frederick Convicted Bigamy   Meyers Frederick drunkiness Mt Gambier   Meyers Frederick fined 1 drunkiness or 14 days' default   Meyers Frederick Naturalisation   Meyers Geltwood committed   Meyers J Geo Hodgetts B Hyrons requisitioners   Meyers N Master Stamling Schooner   Michael Myers New York   Michelmore-Seelander marriage details   Miles-Folley marriage details (3)   Miller re Blackman In Mem   Millington v Sherburd Court of Requests   Mining Registrar Lawson Smith Bendoc   Mintaro (5)   Mintaro Alterations   Mintaro Brown connection   Mintaro Clark Connection   Mintaro Country House for Fete   Mintaro Dame Crivelli House Fete   Mintaro Death of Mrs FG Moore' father   Mintaro Dom House Sister   Mintaro Excursion 1907   Mintaro Fat Lambs sale   Mintaro For Sale again   Mintaro for sale Mrs W R Fitzgerald Moore   Mintaro For Sale short Advert   Mintaro Furniture for sale c   Mintaro Furniture for sale Mrs Fitzgerald Moore   Mintaro Gardiner lots for sale P8 C1   Mintaro Girls Home (5)   Mintaro Girls Home excursion to there   Mintaro Girls Home Lucheon Afternoon tea   Mintaro Girls home Thomas Adamson   Mintaro Girls reformatory   Mintaro Girls Reformatory Sold   Mintaro Livestock sold   Mintaro Madame Crivelli Fete result   Mintaro Methodist Girls Home donation   Mintaro Monegeetta AT Clark MLA mentioned   Mintaro Monegetta Brown Bros Stock sale   Mintaro Monegetta Death Brown Wm Clarence   Mintaro Monegetta Fitzgerald Moore ill   Mintaro Monegetta Sold again   Mintaro Monegetta wool sales   Mintaro Prelim advert to 27th Feb sale   Mintaro Put for sale by Brown Bros   Mintaro RAS placing   Mintaro Report of Sales from auction   Mintaro Sale by Auction   Mintaro Sale By Auction again   Mintaro Sale Monegatta   Mintaro Sale of Beautifull Residence   Mintaro Sheep shorn sold Wm Poole   Mintaro Sister Wanted (3)   Mintaro sold again   Mintaro sold by Parer to Brown 1928   Mintaro sold to Mr Rae   Mintaro Steamer arrival awaited   Mintaro Transaction in property   Mintaro Wanted Dom House Sister   Mintaro Wanted Housekeeper able to cook (3)   Mintaro Wanted Knitter (2)   Mintaro Wanted Sister   Mintaro Wanted Sister domesticated P 9 C 4   Mintaro Wanted Sister for Girls Reformatory   Mintaro Wanted Sister Kitch Cook P 12 C 1   Mintaro Wanted Sister Kitch Cook P 12 C 2   Mintaro Wanted Sister Kitchen Cooking P 12 C 4   Mintaro wanted Sister laundry P 12 C 2   Mintaro Wanted Sister P 12 C 3   Mintaro Wanted Sister P 13 C 3   Mintaro wanted Sister P 14 C 2   Mintaro Wanted Sister re laundry P 13 C 8   Mintaro Wards of State   Mintaro Wool sale   Mintaro Wool Sales (3)   Mintaro-Monegetta Birth Brown   Miss E Myers unclaimed mail   Miss Mary Myers funeral details   Miss Pettit Vice President Stanely Pub Teachers Assocn   Misses Affolter and V Pettitt C of E Bazaar Mrs Affolter Sen   Mitchell Mrs Edward a daughter (2)   Mitchell Mrs Edward a son (2)   Mitchell return thanks Affolter etc   Mitchell Wm In Mem   Mitchell-Corris marriage details   Modista F crt case   Modistach Eric   Modistach not guilty of manslaughter   Modistach travel to Melbourne from Albury   Monegatta   Monegatta Death of Friedrich Joseph Carl Janzen See Romsey   Monegatta Francis Palmer Livingston Insolvent farmer   Monegatta Hotel Location   Monegatta Miscamble   Monegatta R HUTCHINSON miller Insolvent   Monegatta Title under Act transfer   MONEGATTA W C Brown sell Fat Lambs   Monegatta Will of Hugh Allen   Monegeetta Mrs M S Moore Sale   Monegetta A T Clark Cricket Match   Monegetta A T Clark relocating thereto   Monegetta Accidental shooting thereat   Monegetta Bolinda Stn's trains not stopping broken medicine   Monegetta Brown Death   Monegetta Death Jas Morrison   Monegetta Morrison Jas son of   Monegetta Picnic for Williamstown Dockyard employees   Montgomerie s Brewery (2)   Montgomerie-Sleight marriage details   Montgomeries Brewery Mr John Currie deceased noted   Moore John death-funeral details   Moore Robert Brian death   Moore-Thomson marriage (2)   Morrison   Morrison Ella Georgina Idalia grandchild of Sayner In Mem   Morrison J employee Aust Explosives and Chem Co   Morrison J fund contributor   Morrison James Galt deceased solicitor   Morrison Jas Found dead in waterhole on property   Morrison Jas Upper Macedon footpath provision request   Morrison Monegatta   Morrison's Jas Farm sold Monegetta   Morrison-Barter marriage   Mort Edwin Lisle death details (3)   Mort Elizabeth death details (2)   Mort Francis Russell Sutcliffe death details   Mort H and J passengers from Liverpool   Mort Henry James Sutcliffe and Thomas Sutcliffe elections   Mort James Sutcliffe death details (5)   Mort James Sutcliffe Yeomanry etc   Mort Mary Sutcliffe death details (2)   Mort Mrs H a son   Mort Mrs J of a son   Mort Mrs J S a son   Mort Mrs James of a son (3)   Mort Mrs James S a daughter   Mort Mrs James S a son (2)   MORT Mrs James S of a daughter   Mort Robert Horatio Stanley death in Manchester UK   Mort Robert Sutcliffe death in England details (2)   Mort Stewart Archer Sutcliffe death details (2)   Mort Thomas Sutcliffe appeal case on land title from auction   Mort Thomas Sutcliffe to stand for election   Mort Thos S sheep sale advert   Mort wife of J S a son   Mort wife of James a son (4)   Mort-Forster marriage (3)   Mort-Laidley marriage details   Mort-Laildey marriage   Mount Misery - Mount Pleasant runs to be sold Berwick   MOWAT IN MEM (2)   Mr Adamsom wife taking leave   Mr and Mrs A J Jones wedding guests et al   Mr and Mrs Gregson passengers from England   Mr and Mrs J M Myers returns on the Orient ship   Mr Chatfield connection to Nevell - Mudgee   Mr Frahm at Elwick races   Mr Frahm Unley Literary Asscn evening   Mr Frahms forest background   Mr Gardiner wife - child for Melb   Mr H Myers From San Francisco re Adams Co Messenger   Mr Harry Frahm Bijou Theatre scenery   Mr James Myers committed for murder of chief officer   Mr Jas Murray - Mrs Walter Helpman rel's of O'Dea   Mr John Lang killed by jet of water   Mr Lilbourne   Mr Lilbourne Melville Park   MR MOWAT   Mr Mrs Pettit re Grace Rowe   Mr Mrs T J Myers attending funeral   Mr Mrs W L Pettit New York   Mr Myers   Mr Myers adverts Royal Hotel   Mr Myers Fremantle Mech Inst   Mr Myers from Farina   Mr Myers North Parade auction   Mr Neil Campbell   Mr Nevell of St-John St London assaulted   Mr Pettet Booborowie   Mr Pettit Smith curator of Patent-office Museum   Mr W A Pettit letter from Adelaide re cricket   Mrs A Affolter J Frahm etc   Mrs Affolter social party Booborowie   Mrs Auguste Affolter Obituary Burra Record   Mrs Duka and child Suevic accident   Mrs Dulcie Chesshire sister of Mrs Pearl Frahm   Mrs Elizabeth name defect on indictment of prisoner   Mrs Foley - Capt Gardiner et al travel to Melbourne   Mrs Folley school mistress South Arm   Mrs Geo Myers a daughter   Mrs George Myers   Mrs Goldie - Mrs Smith express thanks re Ashby Matilda   Mrs H Frahm endorsement   Mrs Henry Hele Sister of Nathan Pettit Myers   Mrs Henry Myers a son   Mrs J M Myers a son   MRS KARSTEN and MRS CRAWFORD SAY THANKS   Mrs Klaffus 95th still does her own house-work   Mrs M Farrelly Grand daughter of Mrs A Affolter   Mrs M Myers a son   Mrs Modistach Etc bereavement of Ramco   Mrs Myers death 1899   Mrs Myers deserted with 4 children on rations   Mrs Myers McKenzie St near Supreme Court   Mrs Myers Restaurant Midland Junction   Mrs Pace L Samson W Samson witnesses in libel case   Mrs Pace re Fremantle whaling company meeting venue etc   Mrs Pace referred to re Whaler's Inn case   Mrs Pace' Hotel meeting for forming whaling company etc   Mrs Pettit   Mrs Pettits Family Miss Myers   Mrs Robert Gardiner SA   Mrs W M Klaffus Married to Carl Frahm   Mrs William Pettit snake in bed   Mt Byran FFCF Appeal Fund list   MT Schanck 1881 Clarke Gardiner   Muir Andrew death details   Muir James death details   Muir wife of Jas a son   Munns Frank H trooper death details   Munns Henry Frank In Mem   Munns Mary Emily death-funeral details   Munns-Portingale marriage details   Murray - Myers marriage   Murray Miss Doris returns to Melbourne   Murray-Myers marriage   Myer passenger from the Vasse to Perth   Myers   Myers (Nathaniel) Master for Sydney   Myers - Macklin   Myers A   Myers A agreeing to disapprobation   Myers A and others contribute to new Fremantle Chaple   Myers A arrived Champion Bay discharging   Myers A at Perth Hotel re shipping   Myers A back at Perth Hotel Mr Nairn out of play re Typo   Myers A Ex Typo sales   Myers A Fine Vasse Potatoes (2)   Myers A for Bunbury and Vasse and printing agent   Myers A Hon Sec WA Cricket Club   Myers A letter to be claimed   Myers A letter waiting pickup   Myers A Master of William Pope Schooner   Myers A Master sail for Champion Bay   Myers A Master Tpyo Nairn Mr J agent for Myers Perth Hotel   Myers A Master Typo   Myers A Master TYPO J Nairn shipping   Myers A Master TYPO Nairn Mr J agent for Myers Perth Hotel   Myers A Master Typo Vasse Butter (2)   Myers A Messrs and Co Auctioneers collins street east   Myers a New Vasse Butter   Myers A Objecting to Leg Council statements   Myers A Perth hotel re shipping   Myers A sale of TYPO Bagatelle table   Myers A scorer for the Gentleman of cricket   Myers A sell goods from the Vasse   Myers A sell Vasse Butter   Myers A sell Vasse Potatoes   Myers A selling Vasse potatoes   Myers a son to Ina and Len   Myers A succeeds in civil case non payment of freight   Myers A TYPO mails Vasse   Myers A TYPO renew boat license   Myers A Vasse Butter (2)   Myers A Western Australian Club Hon Sec cricket challenge   Myers A William Pope for the outports   Myers Abe in men re nephew Ernest   Myers Abm Dog License   Myers Abr appointed JP   Myers Abr Revised JP List   Myers Abraham a prisoner   Myers Abraham address wanted   Myers Abraham Alexanda soda water   Myers Abraham Boat License   Myers Abraham Boat License for Cutter Typo   Myers Abraham breaches of Ins Act   Myers Abraham charge of false pretences dropped with costs   Myers Abraham imprisoned insolvent   Myers Abraham in occupation of a store near Mudgee EP   Myers Abraham Insolvency (2)   Myers Abraham Insolvent   Myers Abraham letters of instruction thereto   Myers Abraham Licensing Application   Myers Abraham Publican License 1848 Perth   Myers Abraham sale of insolvent estate 237 Elizabeth st   Myers Abraham shares in Gold mine   Myers Abraham son of Capt Abraham   Myers absconder from Wellington   Myers agent for The Ind Journal paper   Myers agent for the Inquirer   Myers Alfred   Myers Alfred In Mem   Myers Alfred wife is sister of Joseph Hains Adelaide   Myers Alice relict of late John Myrniong   Myers alleged defaulter Wellington NZ   Myers Amy Bertha   Myers and Co   Myers and Co cargo Omeo   Myers and Co imports   Myers and Co Myers and Nuestadt Cargo Omeo   Myers and Co partnership dissolved   Myers and Cole shop   Myers and Coles drinking booths at races   Myers and Nairn cricket match team   Myers and Neustadt importers   Myers and others express re public meeting on education   Myers and others FiFa to sell   Myers and Pettit rates Leederville   Myers and W / J Nairn in cricket match team   Myers Annie auntie to John Allan Livingston   Myers ats Barker and Pope certain bills and goods delivered   Myers ats Barker and Pope Sheriff notice to sell   Myers ats Levi Local Crt   Myers ats Levy   Myers Band Claremont Hall   Myers Bridgett immigration payment   Myers Bros Houston grazing leases   Myers C cricket team   Myers C G Houston for Melbourne   Myers C in connection to Crossus Sth Gold Mining Co   Myers Capt of Flora Temple for Callao Nov 22 clearance   Myers Captain killed by main-sheet block on Camila Schooner   Myers Captain Nathaniel Battery Pnt   Myers Catherine attempted suicide   Myers Charles McClaren Vale   Myers Chas wife a son   Myers children lost in Wreck of Dunbar Sydney   Myers Christopher printer to QE1   Myers Conductor Band   Myers convicted of no visible means of support dessertion   Myers Dalton and Maisie a daughter Jillian Louise   Myers David M solicitor   Myers deceased granddaughter Shirley Mount Hope   Myers died March 1899   Myers E and J Grocers   Myers Edith daughter of George   Myers Edmund wife a daughter Pt Augusta   Myers Edward and George Uncles of Doris Annie Tanner   Myers Edward of Rosina street   Myers Edward of Rosina street Insolvent   Myers Edward on charge of Fraud   Myers Edwin C death at Day Dawn hospital   Myers Elizabeth wife of Hyam d   Myers Elizabeth wife of Hyam D death   Myers Elsie Annie Fremantle   Myers Emily sister of Eliza Mahoney   Myers Ern   Myers Etc Mech Inst Fremantle   Myers etc West Aust sheet Almanac just published   Myers Ethel and John a son Albert John Whyalla   Myers Evelyn deceased 1918   Myers F and Houston T at Warrow branch farmers Assoc   MYERS F F mortuary report of death   Myers F forfeit sale of shares Sandhurst   Myers Fanny Tryphenna deceased   Myers father deceased daughter Bessie In Mem   Myers father Re Tilly Cornell   Myers FiFa Sheriff to sell Fremantle property   Myers Florence deceased 1942 In Mem   Myers Florence In Mem   Myers forwarding report of THE AUSTRALIAN Eleanora   Myers Francis writer at Lyceum Theatre   Myers Frank and Nell a daughter (stillborn)   Myers Franz pastry steward on steamer on stealing charge   Myers Fred Geltwood wreckage   Myers Frederick committed on Bigamy   Myers Frederick Elizabeth press stealing charges two boys   Myers Frederick funeral   Myers Frederick seaman lost at sea   Myers Frederick William buried at Clare destitute Apr 1863   Myers from King George Sound to Nepean Bay then Adel   Myers Garce and L from Crystal Brook   Myers Geo (2)   Myers George   Myers H a century in cricket   Myers H passenger for Melbourne   Myers H West Hobert Cricket club   Myers Hector Norman deceased husband of Ruby Florence   Myers Henry his wife deceased   Myers her father daughter Emily and Fred son-in-law   Myers Herbert and Mrs Pollock Theatre Royal Adelaide   Myers Herbert Manager Theatre Royal SA   Myers Herbert treasurer for Mr Pollock   Myers Herman and other from USA stage act   Myers Hilda Maude daughter of A and M Myers   Myers I Fremantle Elector   Myers in cricket match team   Myers in Melb Mag Crt re not voting 1899   Myers in TYPO sailed for the Bunbury Vasse etc   Myers in Wm Pope Champion Bay with passengers cargo   Myers Inez Olivia daughter of Albert F Myers Architect Syd   Myers Isabella seeking Francis Hughes her father   Myers Issac accidentally killed 21st December 1903   Myers J H Letter from Mr Ellis gold diggings   Myers J M passenger for Melbourne   Myers James from Woodend   Myers James Insolvency of Armidale   Myers James witness   Myers Joanna for sail to Portland and Melbourne   Myers John   Myers John boatman   Myers John committed on manslaughter   Myers John deceased   Myers John of Cairnbank Pentland Hills death details   Myers John Storekeeper Willunga   Myers Jonas Myer retiring   Myers Joseph Henry   Myers Joseph objected to on Fitz Sth Div voters list   Myers Julia Agnes wife of M F Myers   Myers Kay marriage   Myers land in MT Crawford district Council   Myers Lewis deceased 1944 In Mem   Myers Lewis estreated on recognisance failure   Myers Lewis passenger from Melbourne testimonial   Myers Linda Jessie death   Myers Lindsay Anderson son of T A Myers Burn Brae Dean   Myers M (2) letters awaiting at GPO   Myers M R (Hollywood)   Myers Mary and child to Portland and Melbourne   Myers Mary application for Destitute House   Myers Mary assault charge dismissed   Myers Mary Bonnet damaged   Myers Mary deceased and Family named therein   Myers Mary dress stolen from her   Myers Mary Gibbons Mary still at it   Myers master of Wallaroo   Myers Maureen Catherine daughter of V A Myers Randwick   Myers May Gibbons Mary others fracas   Myers Mechanic Institute etc   Myers Michael father of Israel of this city   Myers Miss during recent illness   Myers Miss Ettie winner minor prize Perth   Myers Miss K from Barmah Vic   Myers Miss letter at GPO   Myers Mr A auction next Bank West Maitland   Myers Mr A Capt Wm Pope re whale oil unpaid for   Myers Mr A cricket match challenge   Myers Mr A freight for the Vasse etc   Myers Mr A Perth for freight on TYPO   Myers Mr A present owner TYPO to be launched   Myers Mr A recently from London soon to return thereto   Myers Mr and Mrs and 4 children for Melbourne (2)   Myers Mr and Mrs passengers for Singapore   Myers Mr and Pope Mr Fre Mech Inst Comm members   Myers Mr Edward instrumental performer   Myers Mr Edward loss of wife at Subiaco   Myers Mr F N US Dept of Agriculture seeking peaches   Myers Mr F Nth Richmond Catholic service   Myers Mr H notice to take cart away   Myers Mr J M leaving for England   Myers Mr John oyster stealing confined in court   Myers Mr Lonsdale - street unclaimed letter   Myers Mr Michael father of John of Kooringa   Myers Mr or Mrs unclaimed letter   Myers Mr S horse for sale   Myers Mr S resigning teachers license for Hamilton   Myers Mr sells Wm Pope at Melbourne   Myers Mrs a Treasurer AJLBS   Myers Mrs Abigail Houston Margeret   Myers Mrs Abigail unclaimed letter   Myers Mrs and family for the Vasse on William Pope   Myers Mrs Board and Residence contact   Myers Mrs child and nurse passengers for Brisbane   Myers Mrs defendant in Local Court   Myers Mrs E Miss and Master from Sydney   Myers Mrs E Nathan Myers unclaimed letters   Myers Mrs Gardiner   Myers Mrs J M a son and death   Myers Mrs John unclaimed letter (2)   Myers Mrs Mary - child Houston H for Portland and Melbourne   Myers Mrs Mary husband left 20 months with 4 children   Myers Mrs Miss and Master from Townsville for Cairns   Myers Mrs Palmers-Place Nth Adelaide   Myers Mrs R unclaimed letter   Myers Mrs T and Miss prize winners   Myers Mrs Tolmer testimonial   Myers Mrs unclaimed letter Adelaide   Myers Mrs V G Houston adverts   Myers Mrs William st Norwood   Myers Multiple   Myers Myra and Dean a son Peter Kent   Myers Myrlte Ruby nee Duncan In Mem and Mother Dorothy   Myers Myrtle Ruby wife of George Edgar etc   Myers Nathan Pettit death   Myers Nathan Pettit Obituary   Myers Nathan Pettit re Mrs Henry Hele   Myers Nathan Pettit Trustee for Wollar Mech Inst   Myers Nellie S daughter of D R Myers   Myers Olive Frances wife of Harry 2 services etc   Myers Others Naturalizations a Bill thereto   Myers Parker marriage   Myers passenger from Uladulla   Myers Pettit Contribute to fund   Myers Pollock Theartre Royal SA   Myers property stolen etc   Myers R at Cobden   Myers Rachael wife of John Of Salibury storekeeper   Myers Raymond Joseph deceased family cited therein   Myers Rebecca ages of children 11 years in colony   Myers Rebecca deceased   Myers Rebecca deserted 4 children to maintain   Myers Robert land at Hundred of Lincoln   Myers Robert unclaimed letter   Myers Robert youngest son of A Myers Pt Adelaide   Myers Ruby Florence deceased nee Hill   Myers run another coaster report in paper (already doing it)   Myers S Carroll Sec of Conference   Myers S J wife of Joseph deceased In Mem   Myers sale of TYPO others   Myers Sarah Ann Forest road Hobart   Myers Sarah J deceased   Myers Sarah Jane In Mem   Myers Simeon marriage to Parker   Myers Son D-in-law Gson   Myers Thomas fires a gun in Cobden   Myers Typo arrived 10th Inst from the outports   Myers Typo arrived from Bunbury and Vasse cargo   Myers Typo arrived from Bunbury large cargo   Myers Typo arrived from the outports (2)   Myers Typo arrived in harbour   Myers Typo Master W Allen   Myers typo sailed for outports   Myers Typo sailed for the outports   Myers Typo to the Vasse etc Moore now agent   Myers Unclaimed letter   Myers v J W Turner re freight costs   Myers v Solomon   Myers W J Sec Nth East Jockey club Petersburg   Myers William   Myers William a German unlawfully in a stable   Myers William barman Black Swan   Myers William Bonnar Bros Harrold Frank and Fred   Myers William illegal grazing on crown land   Myers William letter awaiting pickup   Myers William wife Bridget   Myers Wm and nieces drowned wife Annie   Myers Wm Assigned estate Tunketta   Myers Wm Pope and Helpman Lt RN   Myers Wm Pope could not see beacon coming southward   Myers Wm Pope for Vasse with Mrs Myers and family   Myers Wm Pope from outports cargo   Myers Wm Pope in harbour and Lt Helpman ship repairs   Myers Wm Pope in KG Sound to sail to the Swan   Myers Wm Pope sailed 20th Bunbury and Vasse   Myers-Sewell H P H eldest son of Nathan Pettit Myers etc   Myersa A Captain 1st Mate query Port Gregory   Nairn - Pace payment from treasury   Nairn and Pettit passengers from Nicol Bay (2)   Nairn Jane death details (3)   Nairn William Objector to Leg Council statements   Nairn William success at civil trials   Nairn Wm land purchased   Nairn Wm Major death details   Nairn Wm title deed for Canning River   Nairn-Pell marriage details   Nathan Myers   Nathan Myers Certificate meeting   Nathan Pettit Myers   near Elliston   Neeld re Mrs G Fairman   Neeld Susan In Mem   Neil Johanna Mathilda Caroline death details (2)   Neil-Aldenhoven marriage details (3)   Nevell Ann death details (2)   Nevell Elizabeth death details (2)   Nevell Ellen wife of John a son   Nevell John death details (5)   Nevell John land leases Roxburgh NSW   Nevell John Re-licensing at Roxburgh   Nevell John Roxburgh land leases   Nevell John Treasurer Roxborough School Trust   Nevell Mr - Mrs fund subscriptions   Nevell-White marriage details (2)   New Water Motive Power   Nichol Eliza Marie death details   Nichol Henry death details   Nichol John Electoral registrar   Nichol Messrs at Bendoc   Nichol-Bowman marriage   Nichol-Oslington marriage details   Nicol Isabella death details   Nicol John Bendon Progress committee etc   Northcott Geo Leake death at Merino Vic   Northcott Jane death wife of Goeorge   Northcott Mr -Mrs H J a son   Northcott-White marriage   Northway Annie death-funeral details   Northway Miss Sarah   Norton-Fairman engagement details   Not Melville   Nursegirl wanted see Mrs Myers St Kilda   O Toole - Affolter engagement   O Toole nee Affolter at Parnaroo a child   O'Brien Bartholomew death details (2)   O'Brien Dr Bartholomew death noted (2)   O'Brien Dr Bartholomew expert witness in murder case   O'Brien Dr Bartholomew Obit   O'Brien-Carne marriage details   O'Rourke-Hamilton re Alston re M'Cormack   Oaklands   Obituary of Pollock F H   Ogilvy (Ashlingcorn) a daughter details   Ogilvy (Ashlington) a daughter details   Ogilvy(Ashlingcon) a son details   Orr-Cherry engagement announcement   Orr-Cherry marriage details (2)   Oslington Medame mentioned   Pace - Samson deeds of grant available for pickup   Pace Anne - Louis Samson purchase land   Pace Anne - Samson H Fremantle -Samson W Perth dog licenses   Pace Anne purchased at Perth land   Pace arrived the Monkey   Pace Capt Black Swans to Java 2nd instance   Pace Capt Monkey arrives with Expeditionary party   Pace Capt Monkey departs for Java   Pace Capt of Monkey   Pace Capt package from London etc et al   Pace Capt sale by public auction - re Samson   Pace Capt Walter referred to re the expedition   Pace Captain and the Monkey on an expedition north   Pace Captain arrived lucky escape on anchoring etc   Pace Captain character for Lamb re Sheldon case   Pace Captain imports per the Monkey   Pace Captain Walter and Henty family connection   Pace Captain Walter expected to leave london November last   Pace E (Msr) import of goods from London et al   Pace E - Samson payment from treasury   Pace E payment from treasury food - goal shirts etc   Pace Elizabeth death details   Pace Elizabeth Mary death details (4)   Pace Elizabeth Public House in Fremantle   Pace Elizabeth relict of Walter   Pace FiFa execution on Clark   Pace George from Portland to Hobart town   Pace Jane daughter working in Fremantle shop of mother   Pace M receiving imported goods etc et al   Pace Miss Mary witness in civil case libel   Pace Miss passenger from London   Pace Miss with others manage Sunday school at Fremantle   Pace Mr Walter property alluded to by indirect description   Pace Mrs - Samson imports from the ship 'Montreal'   Pace Mrs assault against her not guilty re Miss Pace witness   Pace Mrs assault near her lodging house Fremantle   Pace Mrs Barnett stealing from her shop till   Pace Mrs boarding house at Fremantle   Pace Mrs drunken sailors in her boarding house fined   Pace Mrs E caution on paying bills in her name   Pace Mrs E revokes Sweetman agency re Whaler's Inn Perth   Pace Mrs E v Tompkin default win B-L debt   Pace Mrs Elizabeth repossession of the Whaler's Inn Perth   Pace Mrs Ellen death-funeral details   Pace Mrs Fremantle to lodge tenders for Shenton   Pace Mrs had bottle of pickles stolen   Pace Mrs new building to be erected nearby Fremantle   Pace Mrs not paying taxed bill on legal fees   Pace Mrs pigs killed mentioned et al   Pace Mrs properties adjoining to be sold or leased   Pace Mrs raffle holden at the guest house thereto Fremantle   Pace Mrs recieving Tenders food and drink for HMS Pelorus   Pace Mrs requesting all accounts be fully paid up   Pace Mrs shirts stolen set for trial   Pace Mrs shop at Fremantle can see sale inventory et al   Pace Mrs silver spoon stolen by Michael Keefe guilty   Pace Mrs store at Fremantle   Pace Mrs takes over the Mason Arms hotel   Pace Mrs theft of shoes and wine   Pace Mrs Violet - Mr D Pace to auction estate of Mrs V etc   Pace Mrs Wm Barnett not guilty of theft from till   Pace Mrs' guest-house Fremantle goings on outside by sailors   Pace Mrs' venue for Free press meeting Fremantle   Pace Samson dog licenses   Pace Walter - Samson W caution re Fresh Water Bay property   Pace Walter death details   Pace Walter to pick up Land deed of grant   Pace Walter-Mrs Elizabeth-Miss Ann civil case-Thos Gregson   Pace's Mrs boarding house cook on charge of assault   Palmer-Harnett marriage   Parr master of Zillah from Bunbury   Parr Thos H and Emma   Parson-Rohlk marriage details   Parsons bereavement notice   Parsons Henry death details   Parsons Henry death-funeral details   Parsons Jane Elizabeth death-funeral details   Parsons nee Rohlk birth details   Parsons William death details (3)   Parsons Wm Thomas death-funeral details   Parsons-Gardiner marriage   Parsons-Gardiner marriage details   Paterson-Watson   Patterson Esther death details   Patterson Flora death details   Patterson William Ramsay death details re Fairman   Peace - Affolter engagement   Peacock (nee Carter) tribute   Peacock Ruby Philps death details   Peacock William Oliver death - funeral details   Peacock William Oliver death details   Pearce - Affolter approaching marriage   Pearce-Wilksch marriage details   Peck Emma Maria (6)   Peck Emma Maria death details   Peck Emma Maria death noted   Peck Hugh death-funeral details   Peck Hugh Loan Broker   Peck Hugh Obit (2)   Peck Mr J M Mrs and Miss leaving the district   Peck Mrs a daughter   Peck Mrs Hugh a daughter   Pegler Hurtle Augustus death-funeral details   Pekinese Mrs J M   Pentland Hills   Pentland Hills (formerly known as Bacchus')   Pentland Hills common school prizes various students   Pentland Hills James Young   Pepprell Norman Wishart death details   Pepprell Samuel Roberts death details   Pepprell Wm and Samuel   Pepprell-Wishart marriage details   Perston Agnes death details (2)   Perston D L Actg Scribe   Perston James V NSW deaf-dumb-blind Inst   Perston Mar Sarah death details   Perston Mary Ann funeral details   Perston Mary Sarah death details   Perston Mary Sarah In Mem   Perston Mathew death details (2)   Perston Mathew John death-funeral details   Perston Mr-Mrs wedding guests   Perston Mrs W R a daughter (4)   Perston Mrs W R a son (6)   Perston Norman Mathew Fortescue death-funeral details   Perston wife of L D a son   Perston wife of W R a son New Zealand (2)   Perston William funeral details   Perston-Buckhurst marriage details (3)   Perston-Dyason marriage details   Perston-Fortescue marriage details (4)   Peryman to leave Adelaide re Lukey   Peters a daughter   Peters Carl Purchase lots Brunskill Town   Pettet Allan William birth details   Pettet Allan William death - funeral details   Pettet Allan William death details   Pettet Allan Willian birth details   Pettet Anne   Pettet Anne - Allen Thora High School   Pettet Carol Ruth birth   Pettet Carol Ruth birth details   Pettet David Robert birth   Pettet David Robert birth details   Pettet Divorce   Pettet Gloria Anne best for Basketball games   Pettet Gloria Deb Ball Burra   Pettet Joy Burra Rural Youth Club   Pettet Joy Methodist Sunday School Picnic etc   Pettet Lost crow bar between and Burra   Pettet M Burra riffle shoot   Pettet M Burra riffle shoot etc (2)   Pettet Malcom shooting score Burra   Pettet Mesdame and Miss Annie   Pettet Mesdame Burra HS P-A Association etc   Pettet Miss Joy gave present of bouquet   Pettet Miss Violet Pettet   Pettet Mrs adv under Live stock   Pettet Mssers W Son Burra Market sales   Pettet Nea Barbara death details   Pettet Nea Barbara Esther and Laurence   Pettet R buy house advert Prospect   Pettet R H Pres Marion RSL sub-branch   Pettet W C death details   Pettet W C death details Burra   Pettet W cash sale Oats   Pettet W sec IOOF Star of the West Lodge   Pettet WC - Son purchase property   Pettet WC -Son purchase part Hilltown property   Pettet WC vacancy of High school council due to death   Pettet William   Pettet William Charles death   Pettet Wm Chas birth   Pettet Wm Collingwood races at Rochester   Pettet-Brown marriage   Pettie Mrs and M Pettit Thornleigh cricket club ladies etc   Pettir Mr Alf 1st AIF marriage   Pettit (Peltit Cr)   Pettit 1829 arrival claims   Pettit and Nairn Mrs' with children passengers   Pettit and six children passengers from eastern states   Pettit Annie Rebecca Arthur   Pettit Bill near Lake Mullinger rabbeting   Pettit birth details wife of C   Pettit C for East via Bunbury   Pettit Capt L Narrogin fire brigade honour presented   Pettit Capt schooner with Mrs as passenger   Pettit Capt Wild Wave from the Vasse H Houson imports   Pettit Charles attacked by camel he was riding   Pettit Charles Harvey Cadet appointment Adel Observatory   Pettit Chas and Ellen prize winning pupils   Pettit Chas Death   Pettit Chas In Mem   Pettit cricket match   Pettit cricket match Albions and Federals   Pettit D as master of Amelia from the Vasse   Pettit D experienced digger looking for gold   Pettit D Judge of Ag Society show   Pettit D passenger from the Vasse onboard Amelia   Pettit David and Edward maliciously cut fishing line etc   Pettit David Henry Victoria Park   Pettit David offers reward for lost horse   Pettit death onboard the Amelia turned back etc   Pettit Dongarra   Pettit Doreen remembering a dear friend   Pettit E (Vigoro) fixture   Pettit E master Wild Wave from Bunbury   Pettit E passenger on Favourite from the Vasse   Pettit Edward Captain of the Amelia advertising for business   Pettit Edward injury onboard lighter   Pettit Edward Master of the Amelia   Pettit Eliza Turf Hotel Parkside   Pettit F and Jackson Accused of Larceny   Pettit Frederic Stealing from Garden   Pettit from Guildford financial difficulty Sheriffs sale   Pettit G   Pettit G Albany Elector   Pettit G F Mrs and T   Pettit Geo as the Doctor   Pettit George in Perth as property stolen and prosecuted   Pettit George insolvency sale of personal chattels etc   Pettit George land at Albany   Pettit George Notice of sale by Sheriff etc   Pettit George on murder charge   Pettit Henry accused of stealing from the person with others   Pettit Henry giving evidence   Pettit Herbert mine tragedy   Pettit Hny Wm Marcia Lilian Mary Divorce   Pettit Horace Edwin Atkinson his property stolen   Pettit house at George st Singleton   Pettit inquest of body resumed at coal mine Newcastle   Pettit Insolvency and sheriffs forced sale etc   Pettit J A Kalgoolie request with others a meeting for Mayor   Pettit J and Mrs passenger from Vasse cutter Two Sons   Pettit J H W mining surveyor resigned   Pettit J Women s cricket team   Pettit James death Adelaide   Pettit James sailed to Adelaide   Pettit James survivor train crash   Pettit Jane death details   Pettit JB Land allotment perth   Pettit Joan Mary birth details   Pettit John drunk offensive language 1 month HL   Pettit John McDonald death Kalgoorlie   Pettit Jon A Kalgoorlie   Pettit L K poultry owner   Pettit Lily and W masquerade ball   Pettit little Malcom centenary Baby prizewinner   Pettit Louie' mother In Mem   Pettit master Amelia and Mrs D Pettit and family passengers   Pettit master Amelia and Mrs on Wild Wave for By and Vasse   Pettit master Amelia for Vasse   Pettit master Amelia from Albany and Vasse   Pettit master Amelia from Bunbury and Vasse   Pettit master Amelia from the Vasse   Pettit master Amelia KG Sound from Swan river   Pettit Master Amelia Myers passenger other   Pettit master Brother for the Vasse   Pettit master Brother for Vasse   Pettit master Brother for Vasse Mr D Pettit wife 6 children   Pettit Master Mr L Myers   Pettit Master Mr L Myers other   Pettit master of Amelia / Myers L passenger Zillah Vasse   Pettit master Speculator from Bunbury   Pettit master Wld Wave from Bunbury   Pettit Matilda wife of Thomas absconds from him   Pettit mentioned in exploratory journal South Esperance   Pettit Miss at Clarement carnival stall   Pettit Miss Francis breach of promise suit USA   Pettit Miss Malvina from York WA advertising   Pettit Miss mystery as to her disappearance from Melbourne   Pettit Miss V assisting fete etc   Pettit Miss V fancy dress   Pettit Miss Violet noted not being a local but doing good   Pettit Mr A W member of PSSFB SA   Pettit Mr apprehended runaway   Pettit Mr Edward Banayeo   Pettit Mr G former owner of the Albany Brewery   Pettit Mr george from King Geo Sound / ship Hermann Lehmkuhl   Pettit Mr House at Hurstville Gardens to be sold   Pettit Mr prize Perth horticultural show   Pettit Mr V E R of Steynsberg sells rams   Pettit Mrs death noted   Pettit Mrs E Busselton   Pettit Mrs Emily Glebe   Pettit Mrs husband passed short time ago now fire   Pettit Mrs passenger from Vasse to Perth   Pettit Mrs received a case from London shipping   Pettit Myers Contr India Releif fund   Pettit Nida Mary st Nedlands   Pettit Olsen evidence against Capt assaulting another seaman   Pettit on Oswald footy team   Pettit P from eastern ports   Pettit passenger from Bunbury etc   Pettit passenger on Amy for Champion Bay   Pettit passenger to Adelaide from Melbourne   Pettit Percival death from boxing bout   Pettit Pte W A died of wounds from Busselton   Pettit R (capt) Pettit cricket team   Pettit R and R W Farmers   Pettit R Forfeited shares in WA Mining Coy   Pettit Rebecca death   Pettit Rebecca death details   Pettit Rebecca to Mr Kyser   Pettit Robert Insolvency matters   Pettit Robert Letter at Perth GPO   Pettit Robert meeting for distribution approval   Pettit Robert on meeting etc   Pettit Robert registered letter awaiting pickup   Pettit Robert seeking certificate of discharge   Pettit S cricket match   Pettit S store George st Singleton   Pettit South Head Road Hotel   Pettit T A Secretary   Pettit T contribute to Lancashire fund   Pettit T from Tuntable creek   Pettit Thomas accosted with others etc   Pettit Thomas farrier mentioned   Pettit Thos and Michael Conway York district requisitioners   Pettit Tom 15in memorial cutting championship   Pettit v Downey litigation   Pettit V Frahm Affolter etc   Pettit W and Miss Violet attend Bachelor's Ball   Pettit Walter   Pettit Willam found on bank of Yarra destitute   Pettit William York re found Mare   Pettit Wm near Government House Yarra bank sleeping   Pettit Wm street person   Pettit Zadock permission to leave colony in Buffalo   Pettit-Beckwith Marriage Booborowie   Pettit-Harris engagement details   Pettite Mr and Mrs and 3 children passengers   Pettitt Constance Isabel   Pettitt Edwyn A S death/funeral   Pettitt Fred   Pettitt William lucky escape from mine accident   Phillips - Affolter 25th Anniversary   Phillips Gwen Adelaide children's league   Phillips Myrtle coming of age party Booborowie guests etc   Phillips nee Affolter a daughter   Phillips-Affolter marriage   Phillips-Affolter marriage details   Phillips-Langsford re Colin Affolter etc   Phillips-Willis engagement   Pickells Margaret death   Pickells Thomas death England (2)   Pickells W E an insurance case   Pickells W E Bereavement notice   Pickells W E death details   Pickells W E In Mem   Pickells W E inquest Robert Cuthbertson appeared thereto   Pickells W E Insurance court action by wife   Pickells W E insurance policy contested by wife   Pickells W E of a daughter   Pickells W E report of death Albert Park lagoon Melbourne   Pickells W E report of death at Albert Park lake Melbourne   Pickells W E suicide Albert Park Lagoon Melbourne   Pickells W E suicide Albert Park lake   Pickells W E suicide by shooting   Pickells W E suicide's insurance intended court action   Pickells W E verdict of inquest   Pickells W E verdict of self destruction   Pickells W E verdict of self-destruction at inquest Melb   Pickells-Watson marriage at 'Mount Melville' Armadale Melb   Pickells-Watson marriage details   Pickells-Watson Marriage re John Currie   Pickells-Watson married at 'Melville Park' Armadale Melb   Pickells-Watson married at 'Mount Melville' Armadale Melb   Pickersgill Ann death details   Pickersgill Edwin Glover 2nd death notice   Pickersgill Edwin Glover death-funeral details   Pickersgill Georgina Elizabeth death details   Pickersgill Hotel to let ads   Pickersgill Mary Victoria death details   Pickersgill Mary Victoria In Mem   Pickersgill May Jane death-funeral details   Pickersgill-Barter marriage details   Pickersgill-Barter marriage etc   Pickersgill-Hornby marriage   Pickersgill-Roberts marriage (2)   Pillow-Fairman marriage details   Polak F H Pollock explained   Polak Frederick Hart In Mem   Polak-Myers Silver Wed Anny   Polak-Myers Silver wedding Ann'y Notice   Pollock and Myers Dissolution of Partnership   Pollock and Myers Never to late to mend   Pollock and Myers The Squatters Daughter   Pollock F H Accounts to H PH Meyers   Pollock F H and Herbert Myers Theatre Royal   Pollock F H death notice   Pollock F H Manager Webb's Marionette's Fremantle   Pollock F H on Bench of Adelaide Court   Pollock Frederick Hart funeral notice   Pollock Mrs F H now lessee Theatre Royal   Pollock wanted prepossessing barmaid Theatre Royal   Pollock-Myers marriage   Pollock-Myers marriage notice   Porter wife of S J a son   Porter-Frahm marriage details   Portingale (née Kydd) Rose and Robert   Portingale (nee Kydd) Rosetta Mary death details   Portingale Charles Arthur death details   Portingale Eileen birth details   Portingale Emily death details   Portingale Emily death-funeral details   Portingale Emily In Mem (3)   Portingale Geo T sec druids lodge Sydney   Portingale George death details (2)   Portingale Harriet Ann death details   Portingale James Arthur death details   Portingale Mary death details (2)   Portingale Mary wife of George death details   Portingale Mrs deposed at inquest of childs death   Portingale Mrs W a daughter details   Portingale Robert Alec funeral details   Portingale Rose In mem   Portingale Silver Wed Ann'y   Portingale Walter death details   Portingale wife of G T a son (2)   Portingale William death-funeral details   Portingale-Boag engagement   Portingale-Brabazon marriage details   Portingale-Davidson marriage details   Portingale-Fisher marriage details   Portingale-Humphries marriage details   Portingale-Humpries marriage details   Portingale-MacDougall marriage details   Power Jessie Tasmania death details (5)   Power-DuCroz marriage details   Prendergast-Woolcott marriage details   Prince Regent 2 referred to herein   Prince Regent convicts transported thereon mentioned   Prince Regent ship   Prince Regent Ship 2 referred to herein   Projector fund etc Affolter Frahm   Property dispute in WA   Property near steam mill at Bacchus Marsh   property stolen   Prosser Emily Hoskin death details   Prosser William death details   Prosser-Klaffus marriage details   Prosser-Saunders marriage details   Pryde - Affolter connection   Pryde and Affolter   Pryde George death Booborowie   Puls nee Pettitt Constance a girl (Jessie Isabelle)   Pywell Catherine death details   R M Gardiner Death   Racing regatta boat entered by Mrs Foley   Rae Bacchus Marsh   RAE Elizabeth late Bachus Marsh   Rae Elizabeth relict of Dr Rae Bacchus Marsh   Ramdsden Beaconsfield land nearby identified auction   Ramsden - Helpman - Gayer guests of different weddings   Ramsden birth details   Ramsden Capt 'Lioness'   Ramsden Capt Mrs and child   Ramsden Edward Maxwell Matriculation   Ramsden Eliza daughter of Samuel and Eliza death   Ramsden Eliza funeral details (2)   Ramsden Eliza May death details   Ramsden Eliza relict of Samuel death-funeral details   Ramsden Ethel death and funeral details   Ramsden G Beaconsfield land referred to   Ramsden Geo land referred to et etc   Ramsden George Beaconsfield land Home-park auction   Ramsden George Beaconsfield property under lease   Ramsden George contents Home-park Beaconsfield auction   Ramsden George death details   Ramsden George Vance death details   Ramsden Isabel Lucy death details   Ramsden J jury panelman   Ramsden James death details   Ramsden John Archibald death details   Ramsden Katie death at Brung Brungle   Ramsden Louisa Agnes death-funeral details   Ramsden Louisa Agnes Probate re LoA of deceased estate   Ramsden Mr and Mrs arrive Hobson's Bay from Tasmania   Ramsden Mr and Mrs S amongst the guests   Ramsden Mr assistant clerk Legislative Council   Ramsden Mr G arrive Hobart from Melb and Sydney produce   Ramsden Mrs George a daughter   Ramsden Mrs George of a son (2)   Ramsden Mrs transfer case referred to   Ramsden paper mill article   Ramsden R H of Corowa station subscribing to fund   Ramsden R third Master at Chalmer's School   Ramsden Rear-Admiral Obit noted in England   Ramsden Richard death-funeral details   Ramsden Robert death-funeral details   Ramsden Robert son-in-law of John Ivey   Ramsden S 18 bags of wheat Portland Warrnamboll   Ramsden S assaulted in Carlton near his flour mill   Ramsden S H wife of a son   Ramsden S import from London   Ramsden Samuel at trial of Mr Loaf aborigine   Ramsden Samuel attempted robbery upon him   Ramsden Samuel death details   Ramsden Samuel funeral notice   Ramsden Samuel Henry death and funeral details   Ramsden Samuel Obit   Ramsden Samuel purchased land Warrnambool   Ramsden Samuel reward for opening boiler blowoff valve   Ramsden Samuel successfully counters claim of wrongful vote   Ramsden Samuel summoned to Magistrate Court non fee payment   Ramsden Samuel the miller   Ramsden Samuel title deed to Warrnambool property   Ramsden Samuel voting in Gipps Ward election   Ramsden ship's purser   Ramsden Sir John his tenantry problems   Ramsden Sir John ridding election   Ramsden Sir John Under Secretary of war problem with duties   Ramsden W H Jindivick leaving Victoria for WA   Ramsden wife of Arthur a son   Ramsden wife of Benjamin a son (3)   Ramsden wife of E Maxwell a daughter   Ramsden wife of George a son (4)   Ramsden wife of Guy N a daughter   Ramsden wife of Richard a daughter (3)   Ramsden Wm son of Samuel died   Ramsden's flood damage at paper mill   Ramsden's mill   Ramsden's paper-mill exhibits at museum etc   Ramsden-Gardiner Marriage   Ramsden-Hindley marriage   Ramsden-Ivey marriage details   Ramsden-Marshall marriage (3)   Ramsden-Marshall marriage details (3)   Ramsden-Vance engagement announced   Ramsden-Vance marriage details   Ramsden-Watkins marriage   Raphael and Myers conspiring to defraud   Rbt Gardiner JP Palmerston NT   Re Abram Gardiner   Recovery of interest of contract owing to delayed completion   Redpath-Cuthbertson marriage details (2)   Regulations for New Holland west coast settlers   Reid-Grant marriage details   Renner-Lukey marriage details   Replies to question of separation from the NSW Colony etc   Reply from Capt Sproat re safe voyage   Revell Emily death   Reynolds - Leighton Wedding Booborowie   RICHARDS BECKINGSALE marriage details   Richards Mark death details   Richards Mary death details   RICHARDS WILLIAM MARK DEATH-FUNERAL DETAILS   Richards William Mark funeral details   Richards-Corris marriage details (2)   Richardson a son   Richardson Andrew death SY   Richardson Elsie Jane death details   Richardson Elsie Jane tribute from friend   Richardson Florence Racheal death-funeral   Richardson Freda death Nathalia   Richardson Geo Edw and Agnes Isabella death   Richardson Geo Edw death SY   Richardson Geoffrey James joy riding   Richardson Isabel Julia birth details   Richardson J A a daughter   Richardson J Y a son   Richardson James snake bite save   Richardson James Young Death-Funeral   Richardson Maude death   Richardson Mrs W daughter of Mrs P McDonald   Richardson Pickering marriage   Richardson Smith marriage   Richardson wife of R W to Toowong Cemetery   Richardson-Crane marriage (2)   Richardson-Dodds marriage   Richardson-Stafford   Richardson-Young marriage   Roach-Nairn Golden wedding Annvy   Roach-Nairn Golden Wedding details   Robers Alfred John In Mem   Robert Gardiner   Robert Gardiner Death   Robert Gardiner MT Schanck SA   Robert Pettit husband of late Mary Ann Pettit   Roberts Charles Hartley In Mem re A I F Sept 1918   Roberts Samuel Hartley death-funeral details   Roberts Samuel Hartley In Mem   Roberts-Bennet marriage details   Robertson Elisabeth death details re Ziebell   Robertson In Mem   Robertson Janet death-funeral details   Robertson May infant daughter of Thos Janet R   Robertson son of Thos Janet R death   Robertson Thomas death details   Robertson Thomas death Scotland   Robertson wife of T S a daughter   Robertson wife of Thomas a daughter   Robertson-Robison marriage   Robertson-Sherburd marriage details   Rogers Alfred John re Bowser In Mem   Rogers re Bowser death details   Rohlk Anna Caroline death details   Rohlk Augustus death-funeral details   Rohlk Bros   Rohlk children at Ironbark school celebrations   Rohlk G member Free Christian Church Fitzroy   Rohlk Mathilde death details   Rohlk Miss R cleared out for Sydney   Rohlk Mr at ANA meeting Sandhurst   Rohlk Mr granted transfer to Melbourne from Bendigo ANA   Rohlk Mr-Mrs In Mem (2)   Rohlk Mrs Otto Clifton hill   Rohlk Otto A death details   Rohlk Otto lh thumb amputated   Rohlk Professor Clifton Hill School of Music   Rohlks Mr Pupils concert at Clifton Hill   S M Sercomb LoA S P Currie   S Modistach Elector of Greenock   sailed for outports   Sale of Mintaro Estate   Sale of Zillah to E Pettit-G Cross Bunbury   Samson Elizabeth Mary death details   Samson Loius pall bearer for Mr Bickley et al   Samson Messrs L - W promissory bill - money stolen   Samson W dog license   Samson-Pace marriage details   Sarah Petit servant of Mr Frederick Turner   Sawyer Harriett death details   Sawyer Harriiett death details   Sayner Ada Lina daughter of Mathilde Klaffus death details   Sayner In Mem (6)   Sayner In Mem from mother-in-law Caroline Neil   Sayner Thos Wm Henry Joseph death details   Sayner Thos Wm Jos Henry death details   Sayner William George death details (2)   Sayner Wm George In Mem (2)   Sayner-Klaffus marriage details (3)   Schlessinger v Frahm warrant of distress for rent sell goods   Schooner Isabella arrival - Import   Schooner William Pope for coastal trade   Schultz and Frahm engagement   Schultz-Frahm marriage   Schwartz nee Seelander Ernestine Caroline death details   Scott L W died at Timor connection to Sherburd   Search for Small and Myers Cape De Coudie   Searle Abraham death details   Searle Eliza death details   Searle Eliza extra death details   Searle Eliza funeral details   Searle George Bereavement notice   Searle George death details (2)   Searle George funeral details p15   Searle Mr and Mrs G a son birth and death details   Searle William Henry death-funeral details   Searle-Richardson marriage details   Seeland Island in (Prussia) Germany described   Seelander Arthur re Squires   Seelander Carl William death-funeral details   Seelander G Angaston councior   Seelander JH to sell harley-davidson   Seelander Margaret wedding guest   Seelander Mr F E sells sheep at Kapunda market   Sercombe Alice Evelyn death and funeral details   Sercombe Alice Evelyn In Mem   Sercombe July 2 1910 In Mem   Sercombe Susan Maud death   Sercombe W C death and funeral details   Sercombe W C further death and bereavement notices   Sercombe W C In Mem   Sercombe wife of W C a daughter   Sercombe William Cameron In Mem   Sercombe-Currie marriage   Sercombe-Currie marriage reception article   Sercombe-Nelson marriage castlemaine   Severin connection to Frahm   Sewell   Sewell Probate Currie J   Sewell Probate granted   Sewell Property Frankston   Sewell sell Greyhound Currie J   Sewell sell horse Currie J   Shattock birth details (2)   Shepherd - Starkey marriage   Sheppard-Nairn marriage details (2)   Sherberd Capt John and Capt JT McGrath   Sherberd Mrs William funeral details   Sherberd R signs petition against continued transportation   Sherbert (Sherburd) Whaler   Sherbert - Lucas Browns River   Sherbert 4 year old daughter convulsions   Sherbert arrived Hobart town (3)   Sherbert arrived Hobart whaling   Sherbert Capt arrived Agnes and Elizabeth from whaling   Sherbert et al Portland whaling   Sherbert infant child restored to parants   Sherbert J - Gardiner R - Mrs whaling - Behring straight   Sherbert J 2nd winning crew regatta   Sherbert Juror   Sherbert Mrs sued Mrs Sockett   Sherbert Portland Bay whaling   Sherbert Portland whaling report   Sherbert s Brown s River   Sherbert sailed Hobart Port   Sherbert sailed Hobart Town   Sherbert Sarah death - funeral details   Sherbert W water usauge et al from Govt aquaduct   Sherbert whaling Portland bay   Sherbert whaling report (2)   Sherbert whaling report Hobart   Sherbert Wm death   Sherbert Wm death Sandy Bay Tas   Sherbert Wm Govt Tender 30 Bushels   Sherbert Wm Govt Tender 50 Bushels   Sherburd 1st 100 batting   Sherburd A P Cottage To Let   Sherburd A P Obituary   Sherburd A P Resident's plight of steamer   Sherburd at sea 60 barrels oil   Sherburd August Percy death - funeral details   SHERBURD AYRES marriage details   Sherburd Baynton wanted Bricky (2)   Sherburd Baynton Wanted Bricky's   Sherburd boat for sale Blackmans Bay   Sherburd boundary described in land claim   Sherburd Capt arrival from whaling   Sherburd Capt case neglect join ship   Sherburd Capt Chatham Herd Islands'   Sherburd Capt crew dissertion   Sherburd Capt prosecute insubordination of mate   Sherburd Capt Ship wreck   Sherburd Capt Wm et al contribution to Seamans mission   Sherburd Captain contributes to Patriot fund   Sherburd Captain entering out ready for sea   Sherburd Catherine arrives from South Seas   Sherburd Catherine cleared out   Sherburd Catherine entered out whaling   Sherburd cleared out   Sherburd coxswain boat race   Sherburd cricket player   Sherburd Davey st description in land claim   Sherburd description of land to be conveyed   Sherburd Dolse   Sherburd Edith death - funeral details   Sherburd et al Australia Day fund   Sherburd et al Description of Taroona water area   Sherburd et al Fair at Kingston   Sherburd et al Girls friendly society   Sherburd et al Kingston School prizes etc   Sherburd et al Licensed Fisherman's Assoc   Sherburd et al re bush fire Kingston etc   Sherburd Foley c whaling activities   Sherburd Foley et al Quit rent to pay   Sherburd Foley et al sail for whaling grounds   Sherburd Foley et al Vegetables Kingston   Sherburd Foley sailing for whaling grounds   Sherburd Gardiner Possible connection   Sherburd Gardner Masters whaling   Sherburd horse broke back on way down hill   Sherburd J Grant connecting Jas Folley Wm Sherbert J Baynton   Sherburd John claiming land anthr   Sherburd John land abutting in description of another   Sherburd John land described he previously owned Hobart   Sherburd John property described in land claim   Sherburd John re Thomas case in Mayor's court   Sherburd John Wm   Sherburd Mary death   Sherburd Mary wife of John death (3)   Sherburd Master Barque -Mrs -Family   Sherburd Mesdames P/S Miss Z   Sherburd Miss Ila Badminton   Sherburd Miss Kingston Zeila etc   Sherburd Miss L minor ROBUR TEA prize et al   Sherburd Miss Presided RHHAB meeting   Sherburd Miss Stall holder Kingston   Sherburd Miss super hostess et al   Sherburd Miss Tea tent assist   Sherburd Miss Z at Huonville show etc   Sherburd Miss Z retiring secretary   Sherburd Misses P Z Mssrs P District News   Sherburd Mr Mrs P Miss S Sherburd District news   Sherburd Mr W reports items stolen etc   Sherburd Mrs - Misses et al Fair   Sherburd Mrs W Misses D - Z   Sherburd P Blackman's Bay camp site   Sherburd P Capt Crick team Bowl Avg for season etc   Sherburd P cricket team   Sherburd P prize in Ag show   Sherburd P Sell Cow   Sherburd Pacific Catherine whaling report   Sherburd Pacific cleared out whaling   Sherburd Pacific entered out   Sherburd Pacific entered out whaling   Sherburd Pacific left Hobart - Foley J Emily Downing   Sherburd Percy In Mem   Sherburd Percy witness bridge ketch case   Sherburd refusing to work case   Sherburd report - Prince Regent at Norfolk Is   Sherburd Robt Dunedin NZ death   Sherburd S Golf   Sherburd S R   Sherburd S R Golf   Sherburd S SR Golf   Sherburd sailed on whaling voyage   Sherburd sails for the south seas   Sherburd score only   Sherburd spoken inn August by Postboy out at sea   Sherburd Stanely Scholarship Successful candidate   Sherburd Stanley et al Cricket Premiers   Sherburd Tas M-F badminton players   Sherburd W Family recent bereavement   Sherburd W G entering out   Sherburd W G for whaling   Sherburd W H 89th birthday   Sherburd W H Obituary   Sherburd W master return from whailing   Sherburd W P cricket team   Sherburd W public Works contract   Sherburd W transfer of land claim   Sherburd William now deceased land at Brown s river   Sherburd Wm Davey-Antill st Polling Booth   Sherburd Wm Electoral Roll   Sherburd Wm gradson of Capt Wm son of John   Sherburd Wm Hry Death   Sherburd Wm John death - funeral details (2)   Sherburd Wm ketch Awarua (2)   Sherburd Wm land described in claim   Sherburd Wm land described in title (2)   Sherburd Wm Landlord   Sherburd Wm property in description of land   Sherburd Zeila Annual Fair Dance GFS   Sherburd' Lucas   Sherburd-Dillon John Charlotte Marriage   Sherburd-Dillon Marriage 2nd print   Sherburg at Kingston Fair and ors   Sherburg Kingborough cricket match   Sherburg Ruth proof of debt in insolvency case of Harnett   Sherburg Tasmanian farmer badminton player   Sherburg Victor attacked in park   Sherburg W S for Wellington   Sherburt barque Catherine South seas   Sherburt Capt John death - funeral details   Sherburt Capt John death details   Sherburt John Capt death noted   Sherburt John death - funeral details   Sherburt Miss Z tickets arrangements   Sherburt volunteer assistant at fair for day trippers etc   Sherburt W and P Kingston cycling etc   Sherburt W cricket for Kingston   Ship Mary Ann   Ship Tasman further intel   Ship Tasman intel   Ship Tasman more transit and passenger details   Shipping Gardiner 1841   Ships coming to the aide of the Amelia   Simmons Jane death details   Slattery-Hanna marriage notes   Sloan Mr Thos sports day organiser Myrniong   Sloan Mrs James a son   Smith Abraham 2nd death notice   Smith Abraham death-funeral details   Smith Alexander death   Smith Belle death details   Smith Dora Isabel death-funeral details   Smith Henry death details   Smith Isabella funeral details   Smith J R of Messrs Currie-Smith leaves for Otago   Smith Jane death details (2)   Smith John of Grassdale death details   Smith John son of T and J from Pentland Hills   Smith Mahala wife of Capt Thos death details   Smith Mahala wife of Capt Thos death-funeral details   Smith Mr Thomas obituary details   Smith Mrs Jane ats Postmaster-General   Smith Mrs Jane Obituary   Smith Thomas (jnr) death details (2)   Smith Thomas (jnr) Obituary details   Smith Thomas death details   Smith Thomas freeholder Pentland Hills objected as elector   Smith Victoria death details   Smith wife of John a son (2)   Smith wife of Melville a daughter   Smith William death-funeral details   Smith-M'Donald marriage details (3)   Smith-Ramsden marriage details (3)   Son Capt'n Rbt Gardiner   Splatt James Charles death-funeral details   Sprenger Henry funeral details   SS Great Britain arrival date 12th   SS Great Britain departed Hong Kong   Starkey - Diggerson marriage   Starkey Catherine Otto death   Starkey Marion death   Starkey Merl   Starkey Merl and Cecil a daughter   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son   Tooth-Forster marriage (5)   TRAEGER (nee Linda Frahm) a daughter   Treager nee Frahm Linda   Turner-Grove marriage   Twomey-Parker marriage Helpman guests several et al   Ulm Désiréé death-funeral details   Ulm Emile in Paris death details   ULM wife of E G a son   Ulm wife of Emile G a son   Ulm wife of Emile jun a son   Ulm-Bourbaud   Ulm-Bourbaud marriage details   Ulm-Greenland marriage details   unionists   Unpaid fees on lots at Bunbury WA   Vasse products for sale A Myers   Villa at Macedon for rent see Mrs Smith at Ramsden's   Vines W R death details   Vogler William John death-funeral details   Vorbach Ann death-funeral details   Vorbach Lorna Margaret birth details   W J T Clarke First mentioned Hob Papers 1832   WA Mining Company shares forfeited   Walker Duncan Stewart death details   Walker Duncan Stewart death-funeral details   Walker Duncan Syewart death details   Walker Jessie Death details   Walker Margaret death-funeral details   Walker Margaret Lowe death Suez Canal details   Walker Margaret Sarah death details   Walker Margaret Sarah funeral details   Walker Mary death details   Walker Mr Young brother of Edwin butchers Redcastle   Walker wife of Mr D S a daughter   Walker-Lees marriage details (2)   Walker-Strachan marriage details   Walker-Young marriage details   Wanted ad for Abraham Myers   Warnock and Wharton wedding guests et al   Warnock Eliza Ellen death details (2)   Warnock Emily death-funeral details   Warnock Hazel Lily death details   Warnock Henry Frederick death-funeral details   Warnock Lara Elizabeth funeral details   Warnock Laura Elizabeth death details (2)   Warnock Leslie death details   Warnock Leslie funeral details   Warnock Mrs S J - Misses wedding guests   Warnock Samuel James death-funeral details   Warnock wife of Sherrard a son   Warnock-Anderson marriage   Warnock-Clarke engagement   Warnock-Milne engagement   Warnock-Stone engagement announced   Warnock-Stone marriage   Waters-Buckhurst marriage details   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new master   William Pope Cleared out for circular Head (2)   William Pope Cleared out to Circular Head   William Pope in Harbor   William Pope noted to have cleared Melb for Launceston   William Pope reported left KG Sound January 18   William Pope sailed 24 Feb Circular Head   William Pope sailed for the Vasse June 16   William Pope Schooner cleared out for Launceston   William Pope schooner noted in Victorian section of paper   William Pope still reported in Hobsons Bay or the river   William Prouse ship by Robert Gayer arrives   William Sherburd Captain   William Thomas Myers a lad   Williams (Maud Vivien) birth   Williams - Haevey wedding at Mrs Affolters Booborowie   Williams Jamestown Ethel death   Williams Jamestown Olive A Le M birth   Williams Kathleen death   Williams Kathleen probate resealed in Victoria   Williams-Lukey Silver Ann'y   Williams-Oke marriage   Williams-Shannon marriage   Williams-Shannon marriage guests Williams and Helpman   Wilson Annie death details   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show   Wyly Robert son of Alexander death details   Wyly T account for payment at Pay Office Portland   Wyly T outstanding account pay office   Wyly Thomas Manly Obit   Wyly Thos MD list of Qualified Dr's   Wyly William Lewis appointed junior Clerk Marine Board   Wyly-Henty marriage details   Yarc and Doon footy match   Young - Crisp marriage   Young - Currie marriage 1896   Young Alan Stewart birth details   Young Alexander death-funeral details   Young Andrew death-funeral details   Young Andy killed in France   Young David 4 acres Upper Macedon   Young Edith J A J death-funeral details   Young Edwin George death-funeral details   Young Elsie May death details   Young Ernest George death details (2)   Young Ernest son of R H of Ballan   Young Flora Brokensha death details   Young Flora Brokensha Obit   Young Flora Brokensha Thanks noted   Young Frank H OAS Galipolli   Young Frank Stewart death details   Young Frank Stewart death-funeral details   Young Frank Stewart funeral details   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Ballan Shire Council Secretary   Young Rbt Hall sen a son   Young Robert Hall death details (3)   Young Robert Hall secretary served notice to produce in case   Young Robert Hall sen death details   Young Sydney Douglass (Harry) KIA WW1   Young Thos Oliver death details   Young wife of Andrew a son (2)   Young wife of Nathaniel a daughter   Young wife of R H a daughter   Young wife of R H a son (4)   Young wife of Rbt Hall a son   Young wife of W G N a daughter (3)   Young wife of W G N a son   Young wife of W W a son   Young Wm Douglass In Mem   Young Wm son of W-R Nathalia death details   Young Wm Walker sen death details   Young-Candy marriage   Young-Crisp marriage wedding party guests list etc   Young-Currie marriage details (2)   Young-Grubb marriage details   Young-Jopling marriage (3)   Young-Myers marriage details   Young-Richardson marriage   Young-Ryan marriage details   Ziebel assault at Thomastown   Ziebel August member of Church   Ziebel Peters Schoder immigration   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COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. The Argus Office, Tuesday Evening.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Wednesday 5 February 1873, page 4
2014-11-28 19:20:41.0FonTLAND.-Hob Roy, Februars' 7,1.16 p.m. ; West-
PORTLAND.—Rob Roy, February 7, 1.15 p.m. ; West-
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Thursday 1 February 1877, page 10
2014-11-28 19:18:26.0for Mr. John Grant, Pontland-hllla ; (l8 wethers, for
Merdea. J. and T. Myora, Montville ; 09 owea, for Mr
Jiu«a Cowan, Fontland-lillle ; and a small lot of owes!
for Mr. H. C. Morrison, Mount Blackwood, Messrs!
Grant, Pontland-hllla ; 30 for Mr. James Conn,
Pcntland-hllla ; 42 for Mr. John Hall, Bouthwalte;
and l8 for Mr. H. C. MorriaoD, Mount Blackwood.
Meeara. Powkri, Rütiiktuord, and Co. Bold 378 (or
for Mr. John Grant, Pentland-hllls ; 98 wethers, for
Messrs. J. and T. Myers, Montville ; 99 ewes, for Mr.
James Cowan, Pentland-Hills ; and a small lot of owes,
for Mr. H. C. Morrison, Mount Blackwood, Messrs.
Grant, Pentland-hllls ; 36 for Mr. James Cowan,
Pentland-hllls ; 42 for Mr. John Hall, Southwalte ;
and l8 for Mr. H. C. Morrison, Mount Blackwood.
Messrs. Powkri, Rütiiktuord, and Co. Bold 378 (or
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Thursday 20 December 1877, page 10
2014-11-28 19:10:34.0for Mr. Joseph Grant, Pcntland-hllls ; and 40 In the)
wool for Mr. Isaao Evans, Fontlacd'hills. Messrs.
for Mr. Joseph Grant, Pentland-hllls ; and 40 In the)
wool for Mr. Isaac Evans, Pentland-hills. Messrs.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Thursday 20 December 1877, page 10
2014-11-28 19:02:56.0crossbred euee and wotbers for ¡Mr. Peter M'Olusky,
Pentland-hiHa, at 10a. ; 820 owes and wothers for Mr.
Goorgo Orant, Fontland-hllls, at gs ; 60 wctbars for Mc
crossbred euee and wotbers for ¡Mr. Peter M'Clusky,
Pentland-hills, at 10a. ; 820 owes and wothers for Mr.
George Grant, Pentland-hllls, at gs ; 60 wctbars for Mr.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Tuesday 12 August 1873, page 4
2014-11-28 18:59:30.0FonTLAND -Y\ cstcm, cv er) Monday , Otvva), ev cr)
PORTLAND.—Western, every Monday , Otvva), ev cr)
Government Advertisements.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Saturday 24 September 1864, page 7
2014-11-28 18:58:14.0111 To ai d from tho Fontland hills and Mount
Blackvvocd, six da)s a week
111 To and from the Pentland hills and Mount
Blackwood, six days a week
Traralgon Record (Traralgon, Vic. : 1886 - 1932) Tuesday 24 August 1909 Edition: MORNING., page 2
2014-11-28 18:56:27.0(1t THIE EDI'TOR OF TILE RECORD),
Sir,-In your issue of Tuesday last I
seen that the Tyers, Morwell, and Glen
thecentre ridiig, who reside right on these
are so badly neglected as " latepayer"
be most at fault, and not Mr fontland.
who4 lives so far away from the town and
sufficient beans to go round. And whooe
your last issue: I think the people here
tne riding. So it may be only reasonable
no fault to find with Mr Pentland, there
for him.-Yours, etc.,
Traralgon, 23/8j01.
Sir,—In your issue of Tuesday last I
seen that the Tyers, Morwell, and Glen-
the centre riding, who reside right on these
are so badly neglected as " Ratepayer"
be most at fault, and not Mr. Pentland,
who lives so far away from the town and
sufficient beans to go round. And whose
your last issue, I think the people here
the riding. So it may be only reasonable
no fault to find with Mr Pentland, there-
for him.—Yours, etc.,
Traralgon, 23/8,09.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Wednesday 25 November 1885, page 8
2014-11-28 18:51:15.0PAT SIIFÍT-Thia market was airain larpciyrap.
au I wethers for Mr Is Lole V, c.t hills 10f
for Mr Thomas My h, fontland Hills at 7s. Od ,
TU_SD\T, Nov. 24.
FAT SHEEP.—This market was again largely sup-
au I wethers for Mr Is Lole V, c.t Cloven-hills 10f
for Mr Thomas Myers, Pentland Hills at 7s. 6d. ;
TUESDAY, Nov. 24.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Thursday 5 April 1860, page 6
2014-11-28 18:47:43.0r,SSe diver medal, Mr. D. G. Olarko,
.Humedal. Mr. F?M. Millar ; second prizo, honorary
O.Clàrke;socon'l prizo, honornrycortillcato.Mastor V
WFor'tho best pen of Ducks' (if doservlng).-Lar,'i
.'ivermodal, Mr.D.O.Clarke.
"'" . .' EXTaA STOCK.
Cochin-Chlna Cockoroi.-Honorary oortlncato, M ..
WborkiD(CS.-Honorary cortiflcato, Mr. Macmeikan.
' TanonB-Silver medal, Mr. Savngo. v
Game Bantam (single bird).-Silvor modal, Mc
"oam^Co'ckerol (singlo bird).-Sllvor modal, Mt.
^aimo Cockoroi (singlo bird).-S!lvcr medal, Mr. F.
S Hamburgs (pair).-3Uver medal.-Mr.D. G. Clirki.
S (hras'J'-Uonorary cortlQcato, Mr. Wost.
Clarke ___________
r,SSe diver medal, Mr. D. G. Clarke,
.Humedal. Mr. F. M. Millar ; second prizo, honorary
G. Clarke ; socon'l prizo, honornrycortillcato. Master V
Wood the best pen of Ducks' (if doservlng).-Lar,'i
.'ivermodal, Mr. D. G. Clarke.
Cochin-Chlna Cockoroi.-Honorary oortlncato, M.
W. Cecil. borkiD(CS.-Honorary cortiflcato, Mr. Macmeikan.
' TanonB-Silver medal, Mr. Savage.
Game Bantam (single bird).-Silvor modal, Mr.
"oam^Co'ckerol (singlo bird).-Sllvor modal, Mr. Macmeikan.
^aimo Cockoroi (singlo bird).-S!lvcr medal, Mr. F. Search.
S Hamburgs (pair).-3Uver medal. Mr. D. G. Clarke.
S (hras'J'-Uonorary cortlQcato, Mr. West.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Thursday 5 April 1860, page 6
2014-11-28 18:43:54.0PORT PHILIP FARMEllS' SOCIETY.
Tho annual grain, produce, and poultry show
f the Port Philip Farmers' Sooioty was held yes-
The show may bo pronounced tho most success-
ful which has ever been held undor the auspices:
of this society. The number of ontries for mo3t
urticles of produce was greater, and the quality
on the whole bettor, than on any previous oeoa-_
i ¡on.
Wheat, 32 ; oats, 17 ; English barloy, 5 ; Caps
ditto, 8 ; potatoes, 10 ; early ditto, 5 ; seodling,
?1 ; seeds, 5 ; beans, 2 ; peas, 7 ; tares, 4 ; grass
i teds, G ; clovers, 5 ; lucerne, 2 ; turnip seeds,
3; mangold wurtzel, 3; beet, 2; imphee and
lOigbum, 3; roots, 38; green sorghum and maize,
Iß ; collection of seeds, 4 ; farm produce, 4 ;
It will bo seen that the ontries for wheat wera
\ cry numerous, and tho quality was such as to
t licit especial commendation from the judges and
( onnoisseurs. Tho weight of tho first prizo
wheat was 071b. 2oz. to the bushel, and of the
second G51b. Hoz., a result which, presuming
the qualities to bo equal, would show that this
colony is not inforior to South Australia as a
wheat-growing country. The first prizo whoat
exhibited at tlio Mouth Australian Society's exhi-
bition this season weighed 071b. 8¿oz. to tho
bushel, and the second 071b. 5}oz. It was geno
rally admitted that the mode of filling tho bushol
mensuro yesterday was not such as to give a fair
i est of the woight ; not only was tho slightest ten-
dency to compression avoided, but tho grain was
of courso did not affect the relative position
unfavourable comparison with thoso samples
which wore not subjected to the same rigorous1
precautions. The prize wheat from the Smeaton ?
Society's Show was amongst those entered and m
tho building, and was said to weigh CSlb, to the
notice of the judges. Several exhibitors statod
that thoir samples .were heavier than thoso which
obtained the prize, but their statements must bo
taken in connexion with the' inbdo of measure-
ment adopted. Thero was oxhibited by Mr.1
nnd another, said to bo tho South Australian
prizo wheat, was not shown, in cousoquonco of
having arrived too late. Tho judges, in award-
ing the first prizo to Mr. John Dewar, of Gis-
borne, and tho second to Mr. John Thomas, of
the Pentland Hills, made the following momo
landum :-"Many of the samples of wheat carno
judges wero guided in the decision arrived at
trom the purity of the seed and the weight per
Of oats, tartarian and potato, thero was a largo
nnd vory suporior show, and, contrary to pro-
cèdent, tho first prizo was awarded to a samplo
Alexander, of Lancefield ; and tho second to Mr,
Myers, of tho Pentland Hills. The weights wore
respectively 481b. 12oz. and 431b. Goz. to tho
bushel. Tho first prize weight at tho South
Australian Show was 451b. 5Joz., and the second
441b. lO.Joz. For English barloy, tho first prizo
Richmond, the sample weighing u51b. 14oz. ; and
Hills, the weight being 551b, For Capo barloy,
the prizes nero awarded to Mr. T. Wright,
Molbourno, and Messrs. M'Phail and Hennessy,
of tho Emu Creek. Tho samples weighed 521b.
Goz. and 521b. to the bushol. His Èxoellenoy
the Governor, who visited tho show during the
samples. Thero was a fair display of potatoos,
but tho quality, genorally speaking, was not of
the best. Tho first prize was awarded to Mr.
Robert Laidlaw, of Heidelberg, and tho second to
toes, Mr. Laidlaw obtained both first and,second
prizes. Mr. Cochrane obtained tho prizes for
long and globo mangold wurtzel, but the other
samples, tliough sufficiently bulky, wore not all
sound, and in point of quality wero surpassed by
>ome exliibitod as the "produce of the Experi-
mental Farm. There were, howover, only throo
entries. Only ona lot of Hold cabbages and one
of turnips wore ontered, both by Mr. Chaudlor,
to whom, as a matter of courso, the prizes wero
awardod. Tho cabbages woro, howover, vory
uno, and well worthy of a prize, and it is a mat
tor of regret that it was not awarded tb ' thom
after having horne tho test of comparison.
Tho show of green sorghum and Indian corn
WAS vory good. The entrieB were 15 in number,
and tho exhibits very superior. Some of (ho
b'arni a buudlo of second cuttings ot sorghum
about four foot in height. Tho prize for the
Slieer, and for Indian corn to Messrs. J: and li,
Buchanan. Tho exhibits of Mr. P. J. Burton
»eodling potatoes and tobacco plant-gained for
him prizes; the seedlings woro highly spoken of.
flower, which he tormB the "double giant." No
than a largo collection of English grassos, in
them exhibited in living tufts as thoy grow.
Thoy woro shown by Mr. T. Walton, and although
taking a plaeo amongst the oxtras, receivod tlio
acknowledgement of a' gold medal. Ho also
seed. I
reedsnion, exhibited collections of agricultural
»eeds, and to tho latter tho gold medal was
.i« arded. Messrs. Buchanan, of Western Port,
und Mr. Thomas, grower«, obtained each Isoveriu
Tho entries of wine and grapes were not
Tho judges for the wine and grapes wore
Messrs. Ltear and Holmes. Thoy awardod tho
iirst prize, uoth for red and white, to Mr. Dar
ele-1, of Batesford, near Goolong. Ile is a pro
fi.t-s¡onal vino grower, a native of Switzerland,
but a very old colonist, Tho second prizo for
red wino was awarded by them to Mr. T,
Walton, and Mr. Rawdon Groeno obtained a
bimilnr prize for whito wine.
Mr. Arnold exhibited throo bottles of whits
Mino, mado from grapes grown at Cloverdale,
Toorak, in 1854. Tho quantity boine under 12
barties was not eligible for a prizo in tho class to
vihich it properly belongs, but of this sainplo tho
judges spoko highly, and pronounced it okcellont.
coevalo, exhibited some colonial brandy, which
indicative of what might bo done in this di-
For grapes, the judges awarded tho first prizo
t ) the well-known Mr. Colo, of Collingwood, for
bevon varieties, all of first-class character. '
Thero wore only two entries for rod lor whito
wine of the vintago of 1850, and tlio throo
bottles oxhibited by Mr. Arnold wero updor tho
proper quantity. i
Mr. Shilling presented for exhibition,' hut not
for competition, specimens of tho produce of the
s.eds, and roots. The latter wero oxoludod from
tho interior of tho building through not having
been sent forward the day previous. Thoi wheat
wr.b pronounced to bear favourable cojnparison
with the prizo sample, and was taken from tho
ordinary orop on the farm, which yielded 3lij
bushels to the. aero. A bag of very fine grain
excited great interest, both from its no jolty and
excellence. Tho yield was stated by Mr, Skilliiy
to bo 29A bushels to tho acre, and tho quality U
certainly much superior to that of what is no
largely imported from India. j ,
The judges of grain and soeds, and of roots,
bceds Biio't'u by him, although of small valuo in-
ture of both monoy and labour. Many of thom
uro in quantities too small to bo as yot of any
Eradical valuo in tho oxtonsion of agriculture;
ut aro not the less valuable as experimbnts,
Tho roots and samples of (.reen crops, ¡although
not obtaining admission within tho building, wore,
exhibited outside the doors, and boro very favour-
able comparison with thoso sent in for {compéti-
tion, j >' i/i
Tiio following is the list of agricultural sods
pioducod from tho Experimental Farm, i-^
U ardon Socds.- Kidney boan - blact'uog'ro,
early dun, China speckled, scarlet runnel*.
Annexed is the prize list :
' Potatoes', 'best 10 cwt.-A pieeo of plato, vaina M
? FOVS, Ho. 1, Mr. Itobort Laidlaw, Hcldolbor¿ . somíi
bott 10 cwt,, tho first silver medal, Mr. A. PatteT.
'St.' Germains ; and No. 2, Mr. Kobcrt Laidlaw, hH
. commended. .j " '
Totatoes, best owt., early.-Tlio gold medal sir
Itobert Laidlaw ; second best owt., the first ¡¡f».
«,ednl, Mr nobort Laidlaw. slT
- First silvor medal, Messrs. IU nnd J. Buchanan
Kopo Seed, best bushel.-First silver medal. Un» »
/Macmillanand Co. < ' "*
Messrs. Smith and Adamson. '
- > Beans,- bost i 'bushels, field.-First Bllver medal it,
T. Walton, Western Poi t. * "'.
Messrs.-R. and J. Buolianaa. , '
. Tares, best 4. bushels.-First silvor modal, Ucs»
/JR. and J. Buchanan. ,
meela),' Mr.. James Wilson, Borwick.
-'Messrs. Ii: and J. Buchanan.
Messrs. B. and J. Buchanan.
Alsylto Seed, host 101b.-First silver modal, Ht.
Lucerno Socd, host 101b.-First silver tncdal Mr
John Tilomas.
ir.cual, Mi. T. Walton.
Sugur Boot Sood, best 101b.-First silver medal. Hr
John Tilomas,
Indian Com Cobs, best 12.-Silver medal, Main,
It. and J. Buchanan.
Cabbage, host 12, Hold.-Silver medal, Mr. JoitA
Mangold Wuttzol, boat 12, long.-Silver mod»!, Mr
Mr. J. 0. Coohnno.
Cnrrots, lost cwt., Hold.-Sllvor modal, Mr.íoii
Onions, bebtent.-Silver medal, Messrs. R. »ii.
Messrs. It. and J, Buchanan.
Silvor medal, Mr. Sllcor.
Tobacco Plant, best sample-Silver modal, Hr. F
Mr. John 1 homos. |
grown by one c\hibitor.-Tho gold medal, Mr. Júl
U homos. I
Melons and Pumpkins.-Silver modal, Mr. ItkM
Judges of Seeds, Roots, &c. : Messrs. Joalah UIU|
Fovs., to No. 22, Mr. John Dowar, Gisborne-welji
Mr. John Thomas, Pontlnnd Hills-weight porbusli,
FOVS., Ko. 4, Mr. Alexander Innes, Lancefield-wtijii
'o. 14, Mr. Mjors, Pentland Hills-woight portoM
No. S, Mr. John Thomas, Fontland Hills-woighl¡«
value 10 sovs, No. 7, Mr. T. Wright, Molboura
the first silier medal, Messrs. M'I'liatI and lloma;,
Judges.-Mossrs. O. J. Dennys, B.C. Porto, «I
v intago of I860.-First silver medal, Mr. Uardtl,
bottles, vintage of I860.-Silvor modal, Mr. B. I.
of pinto, value S sovs., Mr. T. O. Colo, 11!**
Mr. E. Arnold, Ehzuboth-strcot, Melbourne.
Jud¡¡ca.-Georgo Holmes, ESQ.., aud C. W, liff
1;sq. |
c ite, Mr. HuBhall. ' '. " ' ~"
fccason).-First prize, silver modal, Mr.1 it, Sinp,
Eccondnrho, honorary cortideato, Mr. K. Sang*.
tills seauon).-First piteo, silver medal, Mr. Crc-iUí
this season).-First prho, sllvor medal, Mr. J, I»
tnoILau; second prize, honorary certificate, lit',
modal, Mr. F. B. Wobktor ; second prizo, hw»!
certificate, Mr. F. Search. *
; First prlio, silver medal, Mr. Law. fc
«¡Ivor medal, Mr. Rushall, , - ; j
-First'prize, silver medal, Mr. Macmeikan; r"""
i prizo,, honorary, cexttflcato, Mr, Seymour. .
(of any'ago).-First prize, Bllver medal, Mr. PJL
' Clarke ; socond prize, honorary cortlflcatc, Mr. JW«
- Bato, Jf
Urs. Kirby. , M
meda], Jlr. D. G. Clarke
Mr J. Macmeikan. . . Jr
modal, Master Donnvs Walton. ' JL
n:cdal. Mr. Rushall; second pike, honorary cow«
luedul, Mr. D. G. Olarko. . . ,, , j
Mis. Kirby; second prizo, honorary cert)»«!,*, sllvor medal, Mr. Hunt. , .. ,."¡
A.r. V. 0. Clarke. ' , , ¿ ?
tllMr medal, Mrs. Kirby. ,;
The annual grain, produce, and poultry show
of the Port Philip Farmers' Society was held yes-
The show may be pronounced the most success-
ful which has ever been held under the auspices:
of this society. The number of entries for most
articles of produce was greater, and the quality
on the whole bettor, than on any previous ocoa-_
Wheat, 32 ; oats, 17 ; English barley, 5 ; Caps
ditto, 8 ; potatoes, 10 ; early ditto, 5 ; seedling,
4 ; seeds, 5 ; beans, 2 ; peas, 7 ; tares, 4 ; grass
seeds, G ; clovers, 5 ; lucerne, 2 ; turnip seeds,
3 ; mangold wurtzel, 3 ; beet, 2 ; imphee and
sorghum, 3 ; roots, 38 ; green sorghum and maize,
15 ; collection of seeds, 4 ; farm produce, 4 ;
It will be seen that the entries for wheat were
very numerous, and the quality was such as to
elicit especial commendation from the judges and
connoisseurs. The weight of the first prize
wheat was 671b. 2oz. to the bushel, and of the
second 651b. 14oz., a result which, presuming
the qualities to be equal, would show that this
colony is not inferior to South Australia as a
wheat-growing country. The first prize wheat
exhibited at the South Australian Society's exhi-
bition this season weighed 671b. 8½oz. to the
bushel, and the second 671b. 5¼oz. It was gene-
rally admitted that the mode of filling the bushel
measure yesterday was not such as to give a fair
-est of the weight ; not only was the slightest ten-
dency to compression avoided, but the grain was
of course did not affect the relative position
unfavourable comparison with those samples
which wore not subjected to the same rigorous
precautions. The prize wheat from the Smeaton
Society's Show was amongst those entered and in
the building, and was said to weigh 68lb, to the
notice of the judges. Several exhibitors stated
that their samples .were heavier than those which
obtained the prize, but their statements must be
taken in connexion with the mode of measure-
ment adopted. There was exhibited by Mr.
and another, said to be the South Australian
prize wheat, was not shown, in consequence of
having arrived too late. The judges, in award-
ing the first prize to Mr. John Dewar, of Gis-
borne, and the second to Mr. John Thomas, of
the Pentland Hills, made the following memo-
randum :—" Many of the samples of wheat came
judges were guided in the decision arrived at
from the purity of the seed and the weight per
Of oats, tartarian and potato, there was a large
and very superior show, and, contrary to pro-
cedent, the first prize was awarded to a sample
Alexander, of Lancefield ; and the second to Mr,
Myers, of the Pentland Hills. The weights were
respectively 481b. 12oz. and 431b. 6oz. to the
bushel. The first prize weight at the South
Australian Show was 451b. 5½oz., and the second
441b. 10½oz. For English barley, tho first prize
Richmond, the sample weighing 551b. 14oz. ; and
Hills, the weight being 551b, For Cape barley,
the prizes were awarded to Mr. T. Wright,
Melbourne, and Messrs. M'Phail and Hennessy,
of the Emu Creek. The samples weighed 521b.
6oz. and 521b. to the bushel. His Excellency
the Governor, who visited the show during the
samples. There was a fair display of potatoes,
but the quality, generally speaking, was not of
the best. The first prize was awarded to Mr.
Robert Laidlaw, of Heidelberg, and the second to
toes, Mr. Laidlaw obtained both first and second
prizes. Mr. Cochrane obtained the prizes for
long and globe mangold wurtzel, but the other
samples, though sufficiently bulky, were not all
sound, and in point of quality were surpassed by
some exhibited as the "produce of the Experi-
mental Farm. There were, however, only three
entries. Only one lot of Hold cabbages and one
of turnips were entered, both by Mr. Chaudlor,
to whom, as a matter of course, the prizes were
awarded. The cabbages were, however, very
fine, and well worthy of a prize, and it is a mat-
ter of regret that it was not awarded to them
after having borne the test of comparison.
The show of green sorghum and Indian corn
was very good. The entries were 15 in number,
and the exhibits very superior. Some of the
Farm a bundle of second cuttings of sorghum
about four foot in height. The prize for the
Slicer, and for Indian corn to Messrs. J. and R.
Buchanan. The exhibits of Mr. P. J. Burton
seedling potatoes and tobacco plant-gained for
him prizes ; the seedlings were highly spoken of.
flower, which he terms the "double giant." No
than a large collection of English grasses, in
them exhibited in living tufts as they grow.
They were shown by Mr. T. Walton, and although
taking a place amongst the extras, received the
acknowledgement of a gold medal. He also
seedsmen, exhibited collections of agricultural
seeds, and to the latter the gold medal was
awarded. Messrs. Buchanan, of Western Port,
and Mr. Thomas, growers, obtained each several
The entries of wine and grapes were not
The judges for the wine and grapes were
Messrs. Ligar and Holmes. They awarded the
first prize, both for red and white, to Mr. Dar-
del, of Batesford, near Geelong. He is a pro-
fessional vine grower, a native of Switzerland,
but a very old colonist, The second prize for
red wine was awarded by them to Mr. T.
Walton, and Mr. Rawdon Greene obtained a
similar prize for white wine.
Mr. Arnold exhibited three bottles of white
wine, made from grapes grown at Cloverdale,
Toorak, in 1854. The quantity being under 12
bottles was not eligible for a prize in the class to
which it properly belongs, but of this sample the
judges spoke highly, and pronounced it excellent.
coevale, exhibited some colonial brandy, which
indicative of what might be done in this di-
For grapes, the judges awarded the first prize
to the well-known Mr. Cole, of Collingwood, for
seven varieties, all of first-class character.
There were only two entries for red or white
wine of the vintage of 1850, and the three
bottles exhibited by Mr. Arnold were undor the
proper quantity.
Mr. Shilling presented for exhibition, but not
for competition, specimens of the produce of the
seeds, and roots. The latter were excluded from
the interior of the building through not having
been sent forward the day previous. The wheat
was pronounced to bear favourable comparison
with the prize sample, and was taken from the
ordinary crop on the farm, which yielded 36½
bushels to the acre. A bag of very fine grain
excited great interest, both from its novelty and
excellence. The yield was stated by Mr, Skilling
to be 29½ bushels to the acre, and the quality is
certainly much superior to that of what is so
largely imported from India.
The judges of grain and seeds, and of roots,
seeds shown by him, although of small value in-
ture of both money and labour. Many of them
are in quantities too small to be as yet of any
practical value in the extension of agriculture,
but are not the less valuable as experiments,
The roots and samples of green crops, although
not obtaining admission within the building, wore,
exhibited outside the doors, and bore very favour-
able comparison with those sent in for competi-
The following is the list of agricultural seeds
produced from the Experimental Farm :—
Garden Seeds.— Kidney bean — black negro,
early dun, China speckled, scarlet runner.
Annexed is the prize list :—
Potatoes, best 10 cwt.—A piece of plate, value 10
sovs, No. 1, Mr. Robert Laidlaw, Heldelberg ; second
bott 10 cwt,, tho first silver medal, Mr. A. Patterson,
St. Germains ; and No. 2, Mr. Robert Laidlaw, highly
Totatoes, best owt., early.-Tlio gold medal Mr.
Robert Laidlaw ; second best cwt., the first silver
medal, Mr Robert Laidlaw.
- First silvor medal, Messrs. R. and J. Buchanan
Kopo Seed, best bushel.-First silver medal. Messrs.
Macmillan and Co.
Messrs. Smith and Adamson.
- > Beans,- bost i 'bushels, field.-First Bllver medal, Mr.
T. Walton, Western Port.
Messrs. R. and J. Buchanan.
. Tares, best 4. bushels.-First silvor modal, Messrs.
R. and J. Buchanan.
meela),' Mr. James Wilson, Berwick.
Messrs. R. and J. Buchanan.
Messrs. R. and J. Buchanan.
Alsylto Seed, host 101b.-First silver modal, Mr.
Lucerno Socd, host 101b.-First silver tncdal Mr.
John Thomas.
ir.cual, Mr. T. Walton.
Sugur Boot Sood, best 101b.-First silver medal. Mr.
John Thomas.
Indian Com Cobs, best 12.-Silver medal, Messrs.
R. and J. Buchanan.
Cabbage, host 12, Hold.-Silver medal, Mr. Joseph
Mangold Wuttzol, boat 12, long.-Silver mod»!, Mr.
Mr. J. C. Cochrane.
Cnrrots, lost cwt., Hold.-Sllvor modal, Mr. John
Onions, bebtent.-Silver medal, Messrs. R. and J.
Messrs. R. and J, Buchanan.
Silvor medal, Mr. Slicer.
Tobacco Plant, best sample-Silver modal, Hr. P.
Mr. John Thomas.
grown by one c\hibitor.-Tho gold medal, Mr. John
Melons and Pumpkins.-Silver modal, Mr. Richard
Judges of Seeds, Roots, &c. : Messrs. Josiah Mitchell,
Fovs., to No. 22, Mr. John Dewar, Gisborne-weight
Mr. John Thomas, Pentland Hills—weight porbusli,
FOVS., Ko. 4, Mr. Alexander Innes, Lancefield—wtijii
'o. 14, Mr. Myers, Pentland Hills—weight portoM
No. S, Mr. John Thomas, Pentland Hills—weighl¡«
value 10 sovs, No. 7, Mr. T. Wright, Melbourne—
the first silier medal, Messrs. M'Phail andHennessy,
Judges.-Messrs. C. J. Dennys, B. C. Porter, and
v intago of I860.-First silver medal, Mr. Dardel,
bottles, vintage of I860.-Silvor modal, Mr. R. I.
of pinto, value S sovs., Mr. T. O. Cole, Richmond
Mr. E. Arnold, Elizabeth-street, Melbourne.
Judges.—George Holmes, ESQ., and C. W. Ligar
c ite, Mr. Marshall.
fccason).-First prize, silver modal, Mr. R. Savage ;
Eccondnrho, honorary cortideato, Mr. R. Savage.
tills seauon).-First piteo, silver medal, Mr. Crothier ;
this season).-First prho, sllvor medal, Mr. J. MacMeikan
tnoILau; second prize, honorary certificate, Mr. J.
modal, Mr. F. B. Webster ; second prizo, hw»!
certificate, Mr. F. Search.
; First prlio, silver medal, Mr. Law.
«¡Ivor medal, Mr. Rushall.
-First'prize, silver medal, Mr. Macmeikan ; r"""
i prizo,, honorary, cexttflcato, Mr. Seymour.
(of any'ago).-First prize, Bllver medal, Mr. D. G.
Clarke ; socond prize, honorary cortlflcatc, Mr. Thos
Mrs. Kirby.
meda], Mr. D. G. Clarke.
Mr J. Macmeikan.
modal, Master Dennys Walton.
n:cdal. Mr. Rushall ; second pike, honorary cow«
luedul, Mr. D. G. Clarke.
Mrs. Kirby; second prizo, honorary cert)»«!,*, sllvor medal, Mr. Hurst.
Mr. D. G. Clarke.
tllMr medal, Mrs. Kirby.

National Library of Australia