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  • Advertising

    ... [Advertising] (779 words)
  • ITEMS OF GENERAL INTEREST Search for Australian Seaman.

    Efforts are being made in New York to locate Gearge Frederick Coles an Australian seaman, to inform him that he has been' awarded the EMpire ... [Article] (61 words)
  • Dairying Subsidy Opposed.

    A well attended meeting , of dairymen of Colac and district was held at Colac on Thursday last, to protest against the Federal Government's ... [Article] (63 words)
  • Fear of Tetanus.

    The chairman of the Health Commission (Dr. Featonby), referring to the fear that some amateur gardeners had of tetanus, said that the only ... [Article] (74 words)
  • Requirements of Cattle Sales Act.

    A statement setting forth the number of cattle sold, the amount of the purchase money for each head, and the date of the sale. must be written ... [Article] (156 words)
  • Nationalisation of Banks.

    Speaking in favor of the nationalisation of bank the Treasure. Mr. Chiefly, said that the banks, made a fortune out of the last war. That was ... [Article] (77 words)
  • Cattle Compensation Act.

    At Port Fairy Court or Petty seasons on Wednesday, John Sproal of Port Fairy, was fined £2, with. £1/10/ costs, for an offence against the Cattle ... [Article] (76 words)
  • Trade Unions and the War.

    "We have, in short, agreed to give to this nation 100 percent. co operation of the Trade Union movement in the gigantic task of re organising the ... [Article] (107 words)
  • Fined £15 for Leaving Fire Unextinguished.

    At the Cobden Police Court on Friday last, Wilfred Alsop was proceeded against by detective G. A. Wright for lighting a fire and leaving it before ... [Article] (105 words)
  • A Prisoner of War Camp Smithy.

    There was no spreading chestnut tree 'when Corp. George Henderson, of Warrnanbool, took charge' of the smithy at a P.O.W. camp somewhere ... [Article] (112 words)
  • St Mary's R. C. Church, Hamilton.

    In recent weeks, serveral changes have taken place at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Hamilton, the departure of Rev. Father Monk for ... [Article] (137 words)
  • Wandering Stock.

    The Minhamite Shire has decided to abandon "kid glove" methods of dealing with the menace of wandering stock, particularly at night, and. ... [Article] (161 words)
  • Quick Work By Navy.

    It has always been a recognised fact that the Navy has been quick at action in its duties on the sea, but it is now evident that its ... [Article] (180 words)
  • Squandering Public Money Protest.

    The Shire of Rutherglen has circularlsed municipalities throughout the State protesting against the' squandering of public money on ... [Article] (215 words)

    In the past candidates for the Victorian Egg Board have stood individually, and each one on his policy, with the result that the Board has ... [Article] (193 words)