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USEFUL RECIPES. CHRISTMAS RECIPES. As this is now tlhe time to bogin tlinking of cooking our Xmas puddings and.caktes, I will give you a few of my special recipes-some of which I may lavoe-given you last year-hut they are worth repeathing. CHRISTMAS PUDDING (1). 1 lb raisins, 4 oz bitter almonds, l' lb currants, 2 lbs sugar, 1 lb sultanas, 2-lb breadcrumbs, 16 eggs, 2 lbs butter or suet (butter, for preference), 6 oss candied peel, 2 lemons, rind, I oz nut meg, 1 oz cinnamon, pilnt brandy. Mix all the dry isgredients together, then gradually all the othlers. Mix well. Plunge into fast boiling water, and boil for 7 or 8 hours. On the day used, boil another two hour. CHRISTMAS PUDDING (2). 1 lb currants, 1 lb chopped raisins, - [i suet, 6 tablespoons flour, 4 table poons breadcrumbs, 9 eggs, I win glass brandy, 1 winglass of sherry, I wineglass of milk, ¼ lb Isugar, .salt, aniLtmeg, lemon peel, ginger to taste. Boil at least six hours. OHRISTMAS PUDDING (3). 1 lb breadcrumbs, 8 eggs, 1 lb rai sins, 2 tablespoons flour, 1 lb ourrants, lb suet, ¼ lb citrons and lemon pel, Ib sugar, 2 fteaspoons mixed spice, 3 tablespoons treacle, i mnutmeg, grated. Mix dry ingredients well, warm .treacle and mis in. Let it stand in a wi.i'm place for a few hours. ,Beat yolks and mix thomn is next, then lastly the whites w!';pped stiff. tBoil for eight hours.