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Dr. Sleeman, at the winding-up meeting of the local Red Croas, in cidentally imparted the information that soldiers, who, after their dis charge had been granted, were suffering from the effects any old injuries caused through the war, would be treated gratuitously at the local public hospital. Applications ore invited in thls issue by the Closer Settlement Board from dis charged soldiers holding qualification certi ficates to take up land for form allotments on the Blythdale Estate. Applicants who cannot attend the Board, to be held at Ararat on Thursday, the 18th December, may give their evidence at the Lands Office at Melbourne on or before 16th December.

'IO Xmas and New Year Shoppers. A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. ,'Xmas Dainties. To Christmas Shoppers we offer a large and varied assort ment of Xmas dainties including: Farmet's Hams and Bacon, Preserved Fruits and Fruit Salad, Choicest Spices, Lexias, Currants, Sultanas, Musca tels and Peel, Xmas Cakes and Puddings, Block Cake and Biscuits, bchweppes' Aerated Waters, favorite makes of Cordials, popular brands of Wines and Spirits, Ales andj, Stout. Send your order early, and so enable us to give your require ments the fullest attention possible. Xmas Presents. Christmas confronts us with the ever perplexing question of S''What shall I give?" An inspection of the following lines just opened will assist you in your choice ofa Useful Present that will be appreciated. Cups and Saucers, Teapots, Jugs, Cheese Dishes, Tumblers Cake Stands, Vases, Dainty Ornaments, Tea Sets, Cutlery, etc Shop early in order to avoid disappointment, as keen shoppers are quick to avail themselves of such an opportunity as we offer. Xmas Holidays. The following Whole Holidays will be observed during Christ mas and New Year: Christmas 25th; 26th and 27th December. New Year, 1st Jauuary, 1920. Mt Gambier Excursion 7th January, 1920. We wish our Customers A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A BRIGHT AND PROS ... PEROUS NEW YEAR. Anderson and Co. 'Phone No. 9, --O P. Box No. 47, BRIDAL PORTRAITS are necessary now-a-days The Bride of to-day demands the styles of to-day---in BRIDAL POR TRAITS as in everything else. She can get Bridal Portraits that are up-to-date, but Which possess no distinguished characteristics. If she sits for us. not only will she have a modern style portrait, but one thatis beautiful and distinctive--two qualities that have made our Bridal Portraits famous. S ENLARGEMENTS Of SOLDIERS Haveyou a portrait of someone nearand dear to you-a Portrait which should have an honored place in your home? No matter how old or faded it is send it to us for enlargement, We guarantee satisfaction. Note these prices: Size of Photo. Size of Mount. Price. 10 x 8 15 x 12 £112!6 12 x 10 20 x 16 £117/16 15 x 12 23 x 17 £11101 32 x 17 30 x 22 £2 /5/ Complete with solid io.n, oak frame and gilt slip. RICHARDS & CO. RC J. . DBARDBIN, Proprietor. 21 Sturt Street, Ballarat. of. VICTORIA LIMITED. --(Tho C.I.C.) Authorised Capital £100,000- Paid op Capital £30.000aj A PURELY CO-OPERATIVE INSURANCE OFFICE. tEstabliahed by tho Gippaland and Northern Co-ooerative Selling and Iosurance Company :Limited. and the Western District Co-operative Produce and Insurance Company Limited.) All classes of Insurances tranoacied. viz: FIRE (including Farm and Station Buildings, Machfoiry. Sheep. Stocks and Crops) LIVE STOCK. WORKERS' COMPENSATION, PERSONAL ACCIDENT, MARINE, etc. Lowest Current Rates. FARMERS and Graziere :This is your Jompany, therrore renew your current Policies with the 0.I.0 through the lo'al agencies or by communication direct with Head office ACTIVE-I OAGENTS - WANTED. HEAD CPFFICE-- 27 COLLINS STREET, MELBOURNE. W. CHARLES MOYLE, Manaoger.

CHILDS' COFFEE PALACE COMMIERC1AL ST. MT GAMBIER (CLOSE TO THE RAILWAY STATION) A Home from Home. Excellent Table. Moderate Charges :First-class Bread and Small Goods. M, E, CHI LDS, Proprietress Tel 113 P.O, Box 21 Announcement Make " Mental ?. y . Note . Vof thist 14 '& .. a Listen I IT'S AN - ABSOLUTE FACT A fact which will be proved to your pleasure and satisfaction that our Great Clearing Sale which commences SATURDAY, 1st NOVEMBER, will be without parallel in the annals of Drapery Sales In Hamilton from a money*savlng point of view. Come early-the Bargalu Plums are picked by the early birds. GET "OVER THE TOP" EARLY TO TiIS GREAT STUNTI W. H. CARTHEW, Cash Drapery Store . - Thomson Street - . HAILTON. ,i Our Sale will be continued on same basis, viz. --2sj in the £ Cash Discount, on all purchases from 2s 6d up, till further notice. Having decided to give up Business in Hamil ton, I will dispose of my General Drapery Stock as above stated. Terms-STRICTLY CASH or Approved Chegue W, H. CARTHEEW, General Draper, Thompson Street. Hamilton. THE STATE SAVINGS BANK OF, VICTORIA. CREDIT FONCIER LO.ANS!. Up to £1,000 on Houses and £2,000 on Farms SPECIAL TERMS FOR DISCHARGED SOLDIERS AND DEPEN. DENTS also to those who were in the RED CROSb and TRANSPORT SERVICES. TIIREE-FOURTHS OF VALUATION Will be advanced repayable by Quar~terly Instalments for each £100 of £t.15.0 on Farms or Houses of BRICK, STONE, or CONCRETB £2. 0,0 on Houses of WOOD or ROUGt CAST Including Interest at £5.15,0 per cent, and repaying loan in (full in_89} years in one case and 221 years in the other. Application Forms at any State Savings Bank. GEO. E. EMERY, Head Office. Elizabeth Street, Inspector-General. Melbourne, 23rd October, 1919. (THE MAGIC SALVE) is specially recommended foi" use wherever and whenever a Soothing, Healing, Antiseptic B'lm of its unique excellence is required, as to relieve RHEUMATISM, LUMBAGO, SCIATICA mad to render Stiff Joints supple again and reduce any swellinr. It is a truly wonderful remedy for COUGHS AND COLDS andwillbefoundamatchleasembrocationbyAthletes. Again it is undoubtedly the. urest, quickest and best remedy for NASAL CATARRH Finally, it cures Cuts, Sores, Bruises, Skin Complaints, and removes Dandruff. Putupin Sanitary Collapsible Airtight Tubes n * a ube and-on Sale by all Chemists and Stores F.ICe, 2/a Tu Or direct fomV A. WAWN. Manuofsturing ~COLLAPSIBLE 44 jlno abeth Street,. Rdfern . ANITARY. "" Sydn... N.5.W. Nao. i?R'TIGHT'TUBE :? MAtc " THE MAGIC SALVE OPEN FOR ALL CLASSES OP S General Banking Business In the Principal Cities andTowns ofAustralia and Rnbaul (New Britaln), also London (2), and A.l.F. Camps in England. S Savings Bank Department throuarhout Australis, Pepua, New Orltaln,, olomon Island., and The Paciic. JAMES KELL, DENISON MILLER, Deputy Governor 1010 QOomorO