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me hugh mcintosh.


I ->ir. Hugh Mcintosh, the well-known I

sports promoter and vaudeville manager, j who has been all over Europe in search

of new artists for Australia, was a pas- ' semjer from London by the mail steamer Orama, wkieu arrived-at the Outer Har- bor on "saturday afternoon. He has been away from Australia six and a half months, during which time he travelled 40000 miles. Mr. Mcintosh had considerable difficulty in pro- curing suitable artists, and wit- nessed no fewer than 1,953 different turns. Of this hage nunilx-r there were only 12¿ per cent, of them that could be booked for Austral»'», as the remainder »vere unsuitable. He visited Auckland, Suva, Honolulu, San Francisco, Los An- geles, Pasadena, Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, New York, Philadelphia. Atlantic City, Niagara Falls, London, ' Gkwgow, Edin- burgh, Paris, Brussels, Ghent, Osteude, Antwerp, Rotteidani, Amsterdam, Bre- men, Hamburg, Berlin, and numerous towns in Eugland and Scotland, and en- gaged altogether 1&5 artists. Their fare« alone to bring them out to Australia will amount to £25,000. while their salary list totals £153.200. Mr. Mcintosh engaged Miss Ada Reeve, a talented lady, -who holds all records in Australia as being the highest paid artist; Miss Florence Smithson, who i« a beautiful actress, and sang the "Pipes of Pan'" before bia Majesty King George by special request prior to the boat leairfng London: Mr.

Lew Fields, who aUo appeared before

the King, and is a comic and silent humorist: "'and truly," said Mr. Mc Iutosh, ''I have "never seen any acting that impressed nie more than what I have seen of Mr. Fields. Another old celebrity coming out ia Paul Cinquevalh, tile magician, who has spent 44 years on the stage, but I am sorry to say liasv dewded to ' rethe from the stage alto- gether at the expiration of his present conti act. Others of importance whom I have booked are Elliott Savqnat!, Gilday, aud Fox, Tucker, a singing violinist, Fair and Fal land. J. W., Rieaby, Beth Tate, Josephine Davis, Winifred Ward, and the two Bob». -. All these artists will arrive in Australia early in the new year, and let me tell von the people but here are ki for a really good time."

What do you think of the vaudeville ageucy business?

"Well, I found the vaudeville agency business in the United States rotten wit« graft. I might venture to say there is more* graft to the square inch in America "than in any other country in the world, and yet nobody seems to care. In the wild race for the almighty * dollar prin- ciples of honor seem to be forgotten, at least this», is the shocking state' of affairs I found, in vaudeville."

'Mr. Mcintosh said he was very much surprised to find that among the'vaudeville acents the practice of exacting a secret com- mission "for booking an artist was almost universal: "The idea, seems to be purely,a matter between the artist and agent," said Mr. ^Iclntosh, "in which no one else ha* any direct concern. I maintain that this idea ¡^"absolutely wrong.' The manager is the man who has to suffer for the secet commission bv the increased price of the

artist, and he is the one who is robbed by; such a proceeding, while the artist is very often blackmailed. Ten per cent, for book-" ing an 'artist for any show is a fair com1 mission, and I am always willing lo p*v that, and I object to the artist paying ajjy more to his agent secretly. I refused to book any act for Australia this time which I suspected of paying a secret commission, and us a consequence I »ras obliged to de- cline to consider many of the best acts I have ever seen. 'Tn all mv career, as a'pro- moter,, of sports T have never accepted 5 cents as a secret commission. I would. rather starve1 than make money by such ! dirty trickery, and I would discharge an.v

Remployé of mine instantly if I detected him , doing snell a thins, even my secretary here, who has been with me 15 years-yes, T 'would fire him on the spot if I found he had taken a nickel as a secret rebate In artis-1 tie quality American vaudeville leads the' world. Their comedy, singing, and dancing a<*ts are the best of their kind anywhere be- fore the public and they are constantly improving. Lopdon is still the. bia: place, ' but New York has become the vaudeville headquarters of the world. The vaudeville theatres of America do not compare with, the London music halls in architecture. '

luxurv, and comfort, but they give better j

eho»*rs and have more talent." i

Mr.tMcIntosh wjll remain in Adelaide un-1 til thi3 afternoon, when he will leave by ¡ the express for Melbourne. He will stay there a few days, and tfcen proceed to Syd' ney. In four or five months he wal return to the old. country to fix up matters in con- nection with his new theatre, which is be- ing erected in the West-End of London.