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The signing of the visitors' book at the Glenelg Town Hail ii always one of the chief events of Commemoration Day. Lost year. although a special room was set

I abide for the pioneers to sign the book. tile quarters were found to be too cramped for the purpose, so yesterday a large area under the town hall balcony, on tihe sea front. was partitioned off with tarpaulins, which gave adequate room for the eign inz. Seats were placed all round, and many of the pioneers took advantage of: them to recline while awaiting their turn.' The oldest native present was Mrs. E. Merrett. who was born on March 9. 1839.   She is believed to be the oldest sur-   viving Port Adelaide native. Her parents . (Mr. and Mrs. G. McKay) arrived in   South Australia in the Canton, on May   2, 1838. Last year the list was headed   by Miss Marianne Fisher, who died this   year after attaining the age of 100. A photograph taken in her 100 th birthday, and a reproduction of a painting of the children of Sir James Hurtle Fisher, who arrived at Glenelg in the Buffalo on De cember 28. 1830, Elizabeth (Lady Mor phea. 1815-1905). James Fisher (1816 -1913). Charles Brown Fisher (1818-1908), Frances Lucy (Mrs. James). (1823-1909) George William Taylor Fisher (1825-1859), drowned in the Admella. and Marianne (1827-1927). adorn the walls of the Glenelg conn?i! chamber. Those who si-rned the roll were:— Mrs. E. Merrett (native). 1*39. Mr. C. B. Canhsm (Planter). 1839. Mrs. G. Foreman (Northumberland), 1839. MrF. 11. Burroughs (Morphett), 1839. Mrs. V. Miller (Somersetshire). 1539. Mr. T. Neil (Eecoi-ery). 1839. Mrs. B. -I. <~urrie (Martin Lu'.her). 1340. Mr. J. I'ederick <Brightman). 18*3. Mrs. M. G. Hyde (Rajagtan) 1840. Mrs. \V. A. Jacobs (native). 18*1. ilr. J. E. Stone (Lvaander). 1810. Mrs. M. M. Mair -native). 1840. Mr. J. C. Ford (native*, 1840. Mrs C. B. Cirmic'ia-*! (Indies). ISM. Mr. W. B. Hill (native). 1840. Mr. W. L. Titcombc (native), 1811. Mr. B Mercer (native), 1841. Mr. A. G. Ashton (native), IS4I. Mr. H. B. Baker .native). 1841. Mrs. K. Turner (native), IMI. Mrs. K. Chapman -.native). IS4I. Mrs. Gibbons (Bermondsey). 1841. Mrs. M. Cornelins (native). IMI. Mr. W. Row (Buffalo). 1842. Mr. J. Bowe (native). 1842. Mrs. F-. Coward (native). 1842. Mrs. S. Glastonbury (native). 1843. Mre. E. Ramsay (.native), 1843. Mr. J. Harrington (native), 1813. Mr. J. Gosden (native), 1844. Mr#. fi. Bpse (native), 1544. Mr. W. X. McKenzie (native). 1844. Mr. J. H. Trevena ( 1544. Mrs. ,T. Lashmir (native), 1844. Mrs. D. F. Kennedy (native), 1844. ilrs. P. Kvans (Pastonjee Boinanjee), 1841 Mr. Peter VThitington (native), 1545. Mr. F. C. -Reeves (native), IS4J. Mr. F. Morphett (native), 1845. Mr. R. Budd (native). J845. Mr. H. Shepherd (native). 1545. Mr. J. Mercer (native), 1845. Mr. J. H. Mowsett (native). IS4C. ilrs. E. Holden (native), 1816. Mr. 8. Williams (Hoog.ey), 1846. Sir. M. Alford (Habertou). 181?. Mr. W. Powell (native), 1546. Mr. T. Bell (native), 1846. Mr. \V. Thompson (native). lS4fi. Mrs. K. Wli-iices (Stephen Heath), 1846. Mrs. T. Stephens (native). 1846. Mrs .lune Sohutt (Constant), 1847. Mr. H*. T. Trevena (native), 1847. Mr. W. G. Hannaford (native), 1817). Mr. G. H. Smith (native), 1847. Mr. U. S. Wylie (native), 1817. Mr. W. G. Randell (native). 1847. Mr. H. Barry (Ramillies). 1818. Mr. J. \V. liuva) (native). 1818. Mr. P. Mirtin (Henry Porcheri, 1843. Mre. S. Wright (Ramillies). 1818. Mr. M. Loraman (native), IRIS. Mrs. J. Wells (native), IS4S. Mrs. E. Jacka (Mary Ann of Bristol), 1848. Mr. S. J. Kincoek (Baboo). ISIS. Mr. H. J. Mather (Babool, 1818. Mr. W. Harding (native), 184*. Mrs. J. Tonkin (native). IS4S.