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Family Notices

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Un order lo murd against imposition notices ot 0,

Hirth» and Deaths must be authentl , In ntrd tu aoroc respectable person to ensure their j ^

Insertion 1 I m


GRIFFITH. —On the 23rd November, at ' Wakool,"    

Third street, Black Rock, the wife of the

Reverend M. E. de B. Griffith, now at Nurse      

Farall's private hospital St. Leonards Sand-   ringham - a daughter (Felicia Margaret Denise).

JACKSON.—On the 25th November, to Mr. and     Mrs. Ernest W. Jackson, Ferguson street, Williamstown - a son.

JARRETT (nee Minnie Hall). —On the 10th No- vember, at "Milo," Woodville, South Australia,         to Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Jarrett, Renmark —a daughter (Dorothea Mary). (Both well.)

PAUL (nee Barrett). — On the 22nd November, at    

JTKiii° licet West Brunswick -a daughter.

(Muriel Barrett Paul).  

RUDDLE.—On tie 21 th Noiemhcr nt Mount H ¡se

B ¿5il lo Mr an I Mr, I met Kmldle,

o( "(ree road Mnlvcrn-o «on (I mest John)

WHITING.—One the 20th November, at 12 Pasa   dena, Commercial road, Melbourne, the wife of

Marcus T. Whiting, of Warrnambool - a daughter.


LOCKE-KING. —On the 30th September, at Christ

Church, Essendon, by Rev. E Schweiger, Rodney Charles, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. G. Locke, to Laura Elizabeth Stead, eldest daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry King, Koetong, Essen-



BANKS.—On the 9th November, at Melbourne

Hospital, Thomas, the dearly beloved husband of Mary Banks, of Rowe street, North Fitzroy, and dearly loved eldest son of Mrs. Banks, also of  

Rowe street, North Fitzroy.

At rest.

CLAYTON.—On the 25th November, at Lindfield,

19 Donald street, Prahran, Esther Maria Clayton,           youngest daughter of the late John Joseph Clay-     ton, M.A., late of Banff, Scotland, and Sydney,   N.S.W., and dearly beloved sister of J. R. Clay-  

ton, late H.M. Customs.  

DAVIS.—On the 22nd November, at his residence,

Rugby road, Oakleigh, Frederick Davis (ex-   steward, State Parliament House), father of   lh le Man (Mrs Mcalister) Helvn (Mrs Franklin) Clara (Mrs It W Iginoro;I ant Frede rick J. Davis, aged 80 years. R.I.P. (Interred   privately on 24th)  

DAWSON.—On the 26th Novemmber, , Joan Margaret

Mary, the dearly loved only child of Mr and Mrs J Dawson, No 6 William street, Footscray, aged seven months.  

JACKSON.—On the '3rd November, at Heatherton  

Sanitorium M'rcd the loving father of lack «til Ivj McKeimle of Poowong, and loiing grand fallier of lu atcd rll ¡eira

Me ncier Kin our dnrling dad

before he pan. es1 nuai

I! it ne know he has gone to beaven,

And free from pain up there. -(Inserted by Jack and Ivy).  

JOHNSON.—On the 20th Noiemhcr, at her datigh  

1er s risi leuce Mrs W G Smith, Kclington Ringwood Louisa lohnson, widow of the late C1 .erics lohnson need 80 vears

MACWOOD.—On the 21th Noiemhcr, 1810 at his

resilience Mult Thomas Hnrdi, son of tho lato Thomas and Annie Hard} Mackuood, of Merino

McPHERSON. —On the -Util tioiember W10 at  

I' flrron slrftt St K11 la Fllzn Alary, dearl) beloied uiic of the late Donald Murra) McPher s n loied mother of the Inte Captain James T MePhenon V11 Mai, Mrs 1 Gowers, and Man an! loi lug grandma of little Gwenda

A patient sufferer at rest.

PEMBERTON. —On the 22nd November at Silver

Creek (burning accident), Alfred the dearly lreloice! husliand of-Alatllih Pemberton, and lov Inr. father of Constable A Pemberton (Moonee londs) Wert (Tocumwal) Mrs ltoso (Now tntrn) Mrs Sword (Stanloi) William (Crook wall New South Wales), Walter, Edward, and Rose, aged 72 years.    

"At rest "  

ROGERS. —On the 25th November, at a private

hospital Melbourne Joseph Rogers, of Lancefield Junction the dearlv beloved youngest son of the late Robert and Mary Rogers of New Ground, Tasmania and beloved brother of William, Robert, and George, aged 50 years.    

May his soul rest in peace.

SIMPSON.—On the 20th November (suddenly), at

Wentworth, John Leslie (George), beloved husband of Lina Simpson, Merbein (late Bacchus       Marsh and Western district), aged 34 years.      

SIMPSON. —On the 20th November, at Wentworth,

John Leslie (George), beloved son of Robert (ex senior-constable) and Lucy Simpson, South     Melbourne, and brother of Robert, Charlie, Thomas, Florence, and the late Harry (A.I.F.),      

aged 34 years.

STONER. —On the 25th November, at 19 Fenwick

street, Northcote, Edwin, beloved husband of   Emily, father of Constance (Mrs. L. G. Miller), Dean, grandfather of George, Mary, and Edward.    

A patient sufferer at rest.     "Lead, kindly light."

WEBB-WATTS.—On the 26th November at his

residence, 24 Victoria road, Camberwell, Thomas dearly loved husband of Nellie Webb-Watts, and   loving father of Mrs. Lennon (Rochester), Mrs.   Ellis, and Maurice, aged 60 years.

A patient sufferer gone to rest.

WHITE. —On the 22nd November, at Sydney (re-

sult of scalding accident), Inez Florence, be-   loved infant daughter of Edward and Inez White,     Rose Bay, Sydney, aged 12 months.  

WOODYATT.—On the 21th November, 1010, Mar

caret J lenrli beloved daughter of Janies Wood j-ltl Thurso Heaver street l-nst Malvern (Prl

Titelt interred Brighton Cemetery, November W)


On Active Service.    

LARTER.—In sad and loving memory of Frcd  

Larter who died of illness in France November

! 1918.

Safe in 111) love ive leaie our de iel,

Heal nil the wounds tint war lins made. Lilt nil mr lises to nobkr life .

-(From mother sisters, nnd brother )

REGELSEN. —I tríbulo of love to the memorj ol

ni dru nance, Corporil (>coree HegclsLii 0th Battalion who died of wounds in I rulicc Novcm 1er '.llliü

BICMCI an. the) who ore not dead, but gone

I ciorc to life s true du),

«here, jo) is throned for elermore

Their souls Imve found from cscry carthl) caro


Anil God hath crow ned their glorj with eternal -(»CfiO

TREADGOLD.—In loving memori of clear (Dook)    

Corporal C Ashbourne Trcudgold, who died of »oi n Is at Gallipoli, November 27 1016, aged 23 years loied son of the late C Ashbourne and 1

M Treidgold of Elsternwick, onls brother of Isle Ginitr Newton Irctdgold, died of wounds battle of llullnourt April 11, 1017, aged li

)eat> dear brother of Jessie irwin

Ihey »ere beautiful In life, and in death not


BITCON. —In loving memory of our dear father,

Who passed away on the 27th November 1918, at   his residence Herdstown Villa, Toolamba

At rest

- (Inserted by Alice and Jim, also Willie and


BITCON.—In loving memory of our dear father,    

who passed away on the 27th November 1918, also our dear mother, who died on the 27th June,      


Forget them not though they are dead

But love them just the same

And keep the love that once was theirs

Until we meet again  

--(Inserted by their loving daughter and son in law, Mary and Mark Robbins, Tatura also their   little grandson and granddaughter, Jim, Jean )  

BOWRING.—In loiine, memory of our dear mother,  

lo lass»! awas Noicmber 27, at Harcourt «reel t| per Hawthorn

BRIGGS.—In loung memory of our dear friend,  

Harold St oncer who passed away at Rotorua, New Zealand, November 27, 1918.  

"Friend o' mine."    

-(Inserted by M. S. and B. S.)

DIXON. —In loving memory of my dear father,

who passed away on the 26th November, 1917; also Clara Florence Haynes, daughter of above, who passed away on February 11, 1899; Herbert, Edward, son of above, who died on September 1, 1919; also matilda Elizabeth, wife of above,   who passed away on 12th October, 1919. (In- serted by E. and A. Treyvaud  

DOWNING.—In loving niemur) of our dearly loved     Mother and uncle (llnrr)) who passed ano) at Oakleigh November 27, 1010

meet Is thv rest, anil peaceful thy sleeping, Cod « way ,, best thou art lu lils keeping

-(Inserted bj his loiing sister and brother In nu 1 A an I h Cope, and nieces anil nephews ) FISHER.—In sad and loving incmor) of 1111 clear

liuihanl anl our loiing luther Chirles llonr), »ho pajsed onay on November 27, 1014, at Den

Cod is good He gises me strencfth

To I cor mv heal) cross

He Is Hie onls One who knows

My loneliness and loss.

-(Inserted b) his loiing wife and fnmlls, St

KELLY.—In loving memory of our father, Walter  

D'Arcy, died November 27, 1918. (Inserted by   his children, Laura, Harry, on Lily.)      


BOWLES.—The Friends of Mr. ERNEST H.   BOWLES are respectfully invited to follow the   I",I. " ,"1" lptc bilnicd wife Winifred Man, lo place ol Interment the Coburg Cometón

f^oriTrSi'ithrMrp^ii^'T l\i \t

AlHtH) AiusoN INmernl Dlreelor, Racecourse 'Mi Neinnirket_Tlioitc Ascot 007

C^Ä.rT!'?. ,riem,s of tlie~lato~Mlss l«nl,îl^lï'.MV.RIV C'^'TON aro rcs|H.otfull) 1 ml .,iollî", 1.'cr rcm"il,s tu ll'e P|aT «I In

"rtncnl the brighton Ccmelcr.

M VeiiiTv w!" !"*.° l,er ""WCTCC ' Llndllclil,"

'W ln,tTat?1nan "1"IS DU* f"""«4^

,L Bi1""J »'«I S,ON, Un.lertnkcrs, 281 Maliern 'al¿ijl!LAarcTi_ Iclcpolme Windsor 728 _

QAfiU\|)_11l(! vrimAa 0, thc laU Mr

Kltll A11T) CAUL AND are informed that his »ncul «m \mc ümMc , fímiy Btrecli s||(li|lo "Hghton THIS DAX (Tliursdny, the 27th In«),

« 11 i.m , for the Brighton Cemetery (Motors) 1

ttl.A»5I',EI0"T' ,'uncr", Directors, 250 Bay

.T«. Brighton Thone Tll,6


JOHNSON -The Mend« oí the late Mrs. MIUISA

10IINSON, rflkt of «io lute Charles Minson ore Imitcd to tollo« lier remains to the place M I interment the ANhilllcaca Cemetery (

I The funeral is al polnteil to move from nor Bon a IrtBldcnre Mr t 1 lolmson Se nth Morans To I morrow (rndai SMM at 2 o elook punctually

« 0 \PPS and SONS Inn ni nlrcctors Jitoo} 1 and Moor Uncle 1 Itzroi_UioutJOtjjront_ Mcrill IISON -Tht Tr en I? of l>e late Mr«

Ml/1 M\m Md'limsON arc respectfu ly Im lied to folio* her rumins to the plate of in tennent the Melboirm. Ocnoril f cmcterj

Ile funeral I» n| pointed lo nu»c from her late reddorec V »vron «reel st hilda THIS D\\ (Thurilai "7th Inst ) nt 1 p m

\\ t An S and SONS bl leiukors, High street St Ml la Phone 71 \\ lud 1 »_

STONE. - The Friends of the late Mr. EDWIN STONE are invited to follow his remains to     the flaeo ol Interment the HrUhton Corni lorj

The funeral is appointed to move from Iii« ros! dence No II) 1 cnulck a reel Upper Northcote THIS f>A\ (Thura! » rth lust ) at Z30 o clock puncti nlli fper m ilors)

« U VPISondSONS funeral Directors Fitr roy and Moor strccth, Htaoy_I hone 1M5 ten.

W7Bnjl V VTT3 - The Prienda ol the late 1 V ii|OM\& WHin \\ VTTS are respectfulb in Mlcd to folio» lils rcmiins to Hie place of inter

ment in the llox Hill Oemitcn

The funeral will lci\e Ina laic millonee 'Ki tromba U Uctnrlu nnd, f amberttill TIIISDVY (Thmvlm Novellier 2-) at 8 T> p ni

11 Pisr and s0\, 1 uneral Directora. Phone

Haw. 112