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A HARD FIGHT. Twelve-point Win by West Perth. Although not productive of a very high standard of football, the match between West Perth and Perth at Leederville Oval o0 Saturday was interesting for three quarters and developed into an exciting tussle in the last term, during which West Perth's big men rose to the oc casion and won the match. One was im pressed with the ease with which West Perth made many of its attacks as com pared with the less efficient forward work of Perth, but the latter showed the more dash and determination until the home team summoned all its forces together in the last quarter. Even then Perth was not beaten. A much-needed example of straight-through, effective play by Mc Disrmid, whose two goals in succession gave his side a handy lead, stirred the West Perth side but Perth, showing ad mirable spirit, fought back. Goal for goal was scored until Perth broke through again to reduce the deficit to only three points with eight minutes' play left. Then the brilliant marking and clever com bined play of West Perth turned the tide and Perth, tiring after its desperate efforts, could not score again, losing by 1.6. When it is pointed out that Gook, usually Perth's heaviest scorer, failed to kick a goal, the merit in Perth's effort against a strong side like West Perth is at once apparent. On the day, Perth won across the centre, more so in the first half, and it also did well in the ruck. West Perth won really because its kick ing to the man was more accurate, its marking was generally superior, and its players helped one another. The teams were: WEST PERTH.-Backs: Flegg, Benton, Flem ming. Half-backs: P. Walsh, Buttsworth, Tet ]ey. Centres: Drew, Jeavons, Coward. Halnf forwards: Anderson, McDiarmid, L. Walsh. For wards: Beveridge, Tyson, R. Screaigh. Rnck: Marinko, O'Eeeffe, Pola (rover). Nineteenth man: Forbes (did not play). PERTH.-Backs: Crooks, Love, L. Walsh. Hall-backs: Dewar, . Brown, Fitzgerald. Centres: H. Davey, H. Grigg, Trainor. Half-forwards: G. Headon, Hetherington, O'Callaghan. For wards: Robson, Gook, Burton. ,Puck: Oliphant, M. Jarvis, Eeightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Davenport (did not play). UMPIRE.-L. McComish. A nice mark and kick enabled Hether lngton to kick the first goal of the match. Perth, leading well, winning across the centre and spoiling West Perth's high marking forwards, began strongly but its players in the forward division did not take the ball cleanly and lost much ground and several opportunities through their fumbling. Tetley was solid and Buttsworth dashing at half-back and West Perth moved ahead, scoring three goals. Tyson was scouting cleverly and Perth shifted Brown back into goal to guard him. Unable to find Gook and kicking' poorly, Perth was struggling vainly. The nippy Pola added another goal for West Perth before the fine play of Oliphant and Trainor allowed Perth to attack and score. Easy chances were missed but two goals gave Perth confid ence by quarter-time, when it was nine ,points in arrears-3.3 to 4.6. In the rather scrambling play early in the second term Oliphant did much to keep Perth in attack. At first Perth's forwards were palpaably slow, just as West Perth's forwards indulged excessively in short, misdirected passes. Robson goaled for Perth. Dewar and Fitzgerald

were solid Perth defenders but they saw two easy shots for goal by their team go out of bounds. Robson, marking well in front when Gook drew the back men right out, placed Perth a point in front. H. Davey was playing a great game on the wing. O'Keeffe, one of West Perth's best players, goaled and West Perth re gained the lead by half-time-7.7 to 7.6. West Perth was on the defensive at the start of the third quarter and at last Keightley opened up the play to enable Robson to kick his fourth goaL Goals from Beveridge and Tyson gave West Perth the lead again. With Flegg in the centre and Drew in form on the wing, West Perth had an advantage across the centre now and the Perth backs were sorely pressed. Too many Perth men jumped for the ball and West Perth usu ally secured it on the ground. It was then that Brown, at centre-half back, rose to great heights. He took the ball in all positions and at all angles, beating half forwards and full forwards alike. West Perth's defence as a whole, however, was strong and at last it passed Brown to increase its lead by the bell to 10.11 to 8.7. A succession of points was discouraging to Perth, which was making vigorous efforts to win. Then Keightley, passing and running on to receive the pass, goaled for Perth and O'Callaghan's goal reduced the deficit to a mere point. Perth's ruck, with Jarvis prominent, was superior but the forwards were below standard. The best mark of the game was taken in front of goal by Anderson, but his kick was poor. Tearing through towards the goal with great determination, McDiar mid scored two goals for West Perth. Fighting back, Perth scored a goal from Keightley, roving in great style, and Brown was still doing everything in his power to keep West Perth at bay. Again Robson scored, Love saved spectacularly and Headon goaled-a point the differ ence. In quick time Pola goaled for West Perth. The marking was now brilliant with Anderson running loose and making openings for West Perth. At a critical stage he started a combined movement between McDlarmid, Marinko and Beve ridge which resulted in a behind and relief. Perth fought on but without suc cess and the game ended as follows: WEST PERTH .. .. 14.18 (102 pfs.) PERTH ........ 13.12 (90 pts.)

Scorers.-West Perth: Tyson, 5.6; Pola, 3.3; Anderson, McDiarmid, 21 each; Beveridge, 1.1; O'Keeffe, 1.0; Scresigh, 0.3; Coward, 0.1. Perth: Robson, 5.2; Keightley, 4.2; Headon, 1.2; Hetherington, 1.1; Burton,-O'Callaghan, 1.0 each;-Gook, 0.2; Trainor and Oliphant, 01 each. For West Perth no player was more consistently effective than Tetley, who gave a fine display at half-back, marking surely and always getting his kick in. McDiarmid was strong in the ruck, marked well throughout, and showed great determination in the last quarter. Pola's roving was clever. Drew, who had an even tussle with Trainor, was the best of the centre line. Marinko began uncer tainly but finished well and O'Keeffe played strongly in theeruck. Benton was a good spoiler in defence and P. Walsh and Buttsworth did some good work at half backl Tyson scouted -nicely at- full for ward. Flegg was useful in a back pocket and in the centre. Anderson ran into a lot of trouble but played at his best in the last quarter. Speed did not char acterise Beveridge's play but he was use fuL Keightley, the rover, was probably Perth's most valuable played throughout the game. He roved cleverly and ten aciously and kicked four goals. Brown. at centre-half-back, was the best man on the ground in the second half; before that he did not have much opportunity to mark and dash through so spectacu larly. H. Davey played a fine game on the wing, where his speed and eel-like tuns helped him out of bother. Trainor. on the other wing, showed dash and he never gave up, while H. Grigg, although trying to run too much with the ball, was good in the centre. Oliphant was ham pered a little by a sore knee but he played some brilliant football, marking and kick ing well M. Jarvis was a great trier and his knocking out from the ruck was a feature of the game. Dewar was a solid half-back and Robson did well to kick five goals. Fitzgerald was slow'but sure when he handled the ball.