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F. Hopkins, the Claremont goalsneak, kicking one of his seven goals at Bassendean on Saturday despite the efforts of W. Hunter, -the Swan Districts goalkeeper.

STIRRING PLAY AT BASSENDEAN Swan Districts Beat ClaremonL The play was fast, vigorous, and of a high standard in a stirring game, in which Swan Districts beat Claremont by 14. points at Bassendean on Saturday. The teams were well-matched, and the issue turned on the forward play, in which the Swan Districts team was much the more effective. Its forwards played to position and led out well, and made a particularly good showing in the last quarter, when, with the result in doubt, the play became so fierce as to put team work to a severe test. Claremont's work in front of goals provided a distinct con trast. This team seemed to be imbued with the idea of kicking high to its tall goal-sneak, Hopkins, whatever the cir cumstances, and, although its persistency produced seven goals for him, many op portunities were missed which might have won the game for Claremont. The teams were: SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Zilko, Hunter, Easton.. Half-backs: McInnerney, Chandler. Sin clair. Centres: Krepp, Hunt, Mosey. Half-for wards: Holdsworth, Avery, Sweet. Forwards: Park. Taylor, Gorn. Ruek: Penberthy, Murray, Randall (rover). Nineteenth. man; Fountain (did not play). CLAREMONT.-Backs: Sutherland, Batt, S. Moloney. Half-backs: Headon, Clark, Grieve. Centres: Edmondson, G. Moloney, Lovegrove. Half-forwardP: Jones, R. Moloney, Boys. For wards: Steward, Hopkins, Reeves. Ruck: Bir mingham, Maitland, Hooper (rover). Nineteenth man: Skinner (did not play). UMPIRE.--G. Owens. The play was fast and open from the first bounce. Swan Districts had the bet ter of the ruck, but Claremont had com mand in the centre. Good play by each set of half-backs kept the ball in mid field, but then the Swan Districts attack settled down like a machine, and scored six goals in a row. Fast and combining excellently, the leading-out clinched by long and accurate kicking, the home team had given the game a one-sided appear ance by cuarter-time, when the scores were:-Swan Districts, 6.3; Claremont, 1.1. There was a marked change when play was resumed. The breeze, which had been very slight at first, now freshened but even allowing for this there was a general slackening in Swan Districts' efforts, a major cause being a lapse into poor kicking. Smartening, increasing its pace, and doing better in the ruck, Clare mont kept thrusting the ball down. At centre, G. Moloney was irresistible. He was well backed by Clarke and Love grove, and found touch with R. Moloney, who became more at home at centre half forward, and, with Boys, infused life into the attack. As a result, the score mounted steadily, despite an appalling weakness immediately in front of goal. The backs held their marksmen scoreless, and the continued pressure from midfield brought Claremont's total, in spite of many missed opportunities, to 5.6, against Swan Dis tricts' 6.3, at half-time. When the teams took the field again, Srepp was changed to centre, on G. Moloney. and Avery was swung into the ruck, Holdsworth going to centre half forward. Claremont, still at top pace and now leading and kicking better, con tinued in the ascendancy, but still lacked the decisiveness in front of goals which should have yielded the merited results. The Swan Districts team recovered its balance, and established a handy lead. Then Claremont increased its effective ness through an improvement in Hop kins's play, and, with both teams in top form, and little between them, there was spectacular football. An unusual inci dent occurred when Hopkins marked in front within easy distance a fraction of a second before the bell went. He ran on, taking the ball into play, so that, al though he kicked a goal, it had to be disallowed. Swan Districts had then scored 10.6 and Claremont 7.10. At the final change-over, Swan Dis tricts' centre-line was again changed. Randall was put on a wing on Love grove, who had been doing a lot of dam age, and, after going in a forward pocket, Mosey was transferred to the other wing in place of Hunt. Both teams threw themselves into the game unreservedly, and Claremont, with G. Moloney its guiding star, gradually drew up. After 14 minutes it was only two points behind. Swan Districts clapped on pressure, and goaled twice in the next three minutes. They wEre the deciding scores. Clare mont tired under the terrific pace set by Swan Districts, but battled with great determination. The game became very hard, the players hurling themselves into it and exchanging knocks with abandon,

and the spectators were worked into a high pitch of excitement. The game ended with the scores: SWAN DISTRICTS .. 13.7 (85 pts.) CLAREMONT .. .. 10.11 (1 pts.) Goalkickers.-Swan Districts: Taylor (3). Gorn (3), Avery (2), Park. Murray, Hunt. Sweet, and Sinclair. Claremont: Hopkins (7), Steward, G. Moloney and Maitland. Claremont had the star of the game in G. Moloney. Cool and clever, he did prodigious things at centre, showing him self to be a master footballer. Lovegrove played brilliantly on a wing, and Clarke was in his best form. Of the other backs S. Molcney was most prominent. Headon was very sound, but did not have much opportunity to -distinguish himself. Bir mingham, Maitland and Hooper made a solid ruck. R. Moloney and Boys worked well on the half-forward line, and Hop kins showed flashes of form in the last half. For Swan Districts, Murray was the outstanding player. He has been in un beatable form this season. Sinclair also stood out. Krepp scintillated on a wing in the first half, and, although his work in the centre was overshadowed by that of G. Moloney in the second half, he re mained a power in the game. It would be invidious to weigh the merits of the others in the team, who were uniformly good, but special mention should be made of Gorn's effective full-forward work and the strength of the full-back line.