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HAHKDOBP inearcst !' Pos^Office, Hata dorf), John Wait, Poundkecpcr.-Onc rcd^and white cow, smoky cheeks, white down: face, trand€dBC-or BG near rump. Will besold March 11, noon. „?,.-! ?'?D^«'ii MOUNT BARKER, Thos.- Paltndge,^oand-- kceper.-One bay mare, stripe down face, black jo A bTde/K :T jjmjg, fone dark feet. Will be sold March 11, noon. LAKE HAMILTON Jos. Marquis, Pound keeper-One red and wbte_ steer, tip oft near 'J/T«i nerr rump; one white cow, strawberry xec'k like Sotf rump;-one white cow, no brand ? Sc one white heifer, strawberry neck, no Ir'nd 1 Visible. Will be sold March 8, noon. MALCOLM, Lake Albert, Section 187, Post Office -Meningie, Wm. Edwards Rowe, Pound lecper.— One brown horse, S near neck, like R er B off neckj one white and brindle steer, piece ?lit off ear, snaily horns, no brand visible; one s-r^ckkd and red steer, like S in diamond near nmp. WiU be sold February 29, noon. KAPUNDA, Alexander Thomas, Pound x keeper.— One black mare, branded 207 off shonltfcr, like y or D off neck, small star, little white* on three feet, three shoes on. Will be sold March 16, noon. KADINA, Section No. 3 (nearest Post-Office, Green's Plains), George Skipworth, Pound keeper.— One spotted bullock, near ear slit, Eke illegible brand off ribs; one red bullock,* star on forhead, white belly, branded Hke WD ?ff nunp, lite BAT off ribs. Will be sold March 19 HOOD. ?


TFrnm the Government Gazelle. February 22.


Mr. John Morris, as Overseer of Works to th» Local Road Board Port Augusti. MOUNT GAMBIER AND ROBE LICENSING

Order in UOUnCU airecwug tuau uuo £cuoi-k ineeting of the Licensing Bench for the District of Mount Gambicr shall be held on the fqurtk Monday in April, and the meeting for the Dis trict of Robe on the fourth Friday ic April, w. each year. , , AGRICULTURAL AREA No. 20 YARCOWIE.   Proclamation setting apart portions of the Counties of Victoria and Kimberley, in Hun dreds of Whyte and Terowie, as an agricultural area; all the country lands to be open for selec tion on March 28, at 30s. per acre, the price falling to 25s. on May 23, and 20s. on July 18. COUNTY OF FLINDERS. Proclamation defining the boundaries of, th# County of Flinders as follows:— Bounded on tho north by a: line connecting Point Drummont with Cape Burr, and on all other sides by; the seacoast, including all islands adjacent , to tiii- mainland. ?,...?'?. DOG ACT. .% ^ 1 * Proclamation altering the t boundaries of.Du-4 trict No. 4. as follows : -To 'cwbjMm- (*? HundredsCof Hanson, Ayers, Andrews, Mitoa, Hart Yackamoorundie, Koolunga, and Boucaut. r TENDERS ACCEPTED.' f: ' Engineer-in-Chief - Departoentl-AlteratbM to out-office at Jlpuat Gambter Hospital-R. Newberry,£31 12s.' '..'.,.. .'\ ,: 1 ASSIGNMENT.. . - ~ John Wallace, of Goolwa?. and Pe^rSaitk Dawsbn; of ' Adolaiae, formerly ? shipowien, trading under, the .firm of Wallaco & Dawso*. trustee— William Heory Charnock,of Adelaide, mercnact.' . , ... IMPOUNDED AT TUB PUBLIC POUNDS. WAKEFIELD PLAIN8, Section 145, Hua dred Dalkcy (nearest Post-Office, Balaklava), lliomas Dalton, Poundkeeper.— On© Wwk pony mare, stripe face, hobble-atraps and ring* on one leg, collar aad saddle marked, braudwl NPwitlt TN over near shoulder. 'Willbeiwltt March 19, noon. ?? ? . - -., . - ; WOODSIDB, Wm. Lawis, Poundkeepor. Ono bay horse, blare' down face, hear hind foot white, branded lika T ? off sfcoulderv ifaH* sold Maxch 18, noQtt« \;,^, ....^ -?,.-,: -? ^