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(By Telegraph from our Correspondent )

SYDNEY, September 26.

Randwick Racecourse was fairly well patronised to-day, when the A.J.C. held their September Meeting. The weather was bleak, but the course was In first class order, and the racing interesting.

The following are the results :


Dr. Cortis's Chang, 9st. 4tt>.

. (G. Phillips) 1 J. J. Cadell. Yelverton, lOst. 21b.

. (A. Colley) 2 T. Cook's All Right, list. 21b.

. (P. Fallon) 3 Five other horses started.

Betting : 5 to 2 v. Goldstatn, G to 1 Yelverton, G to 1 All Right, 8 to 1 Whlte foóril. and Cornet, 10 to 1 the others.

Chang made the running all the way, and won easily by 'four lengths, eight lengths separating the second and third

horses. Time, 3mln. B2sec. I


W. A. Long's Hopscotch, lOst. 21b. I .i....,. (H. Farrel) 1

H. Oxenham's Loch Isle, 6st. 71b. | . (P. M'Carthy) 2

W. Forrester's The Faithful, 9st. I

. (J. Gough) 3

Two other horses started. |

Betting : 2 to 1 on Hopscotch, 7 to 1 v. Athlone, 8 to 1 Akarlnl, 10 to 1 The

Faithful, 20 to 1 the others. I

Loch Isle led to the turn, where the favourite began to improve his position from- fourth, and coming on, won by a neck. The Faithful was four lengths off third. Akarlni was last. Time,

lmin. 14i4Bec. I


N. V. Devlin's Ganmain, Set. 41b.

. (R. Piper) 1 A. tladdington's Dandy Dick, 6st. 71b.

. (H. Cook) 2 Thomas King's Dora, Sst. 131b.

. (M. Harris) 3 'Six other horses started.

Betting : 5 to 2 v. Dora, 4 to 1 Rose Noble, 5 to 1 Ganmain, 6 to 1 Gozocear, 10 to l-1the others.

Ganmain led Dandy Dick into the straight, and,. drawing away, won by two lengths, Dora being a head off. Dandy Dick third. Time, lmin. 29%sec.


J. Mayo's The Meddler, 8st. lib.

. (F. Fielder) 1 E. Key's Redavnl,. 7st. 21b.

. (H. Houseman) 2

C. Lincoln's Loch Leigh. 8st. 31b. I

. (D. Cook) 3

Four other horses started. j

Betting : 3 to 1 The Meddler and Leonidas, 6 to 1 Loch L»5_-l and Re- davnl, 8 to 1 Trldentate, 20 to 1 Toreador.

The Meddler and Redavnl led a!l the way, and though Elton put out a chal- lenge at the turn, The Meidlcr won by a short neck, Loch Leign being two lengths off third. Time, 2mln. 31sec.


H. Bradburn's Pharamond, list.

. (W. Kelso) 1 T. Hosklng's Dorra, 9st. 'Oro.

. (M. Harris) 2 R. Wooten's Euroka, 8st. 9tb.

. (J. Gough) 3 The other starters were-Freedom (J. Barden), Aeolus (J. Kelly), Kelso (A. Cox), Rose Noble (H. Farrell), Fadla deen (A. DPlaney), All Right (M. Galla- gher), Sortie (Keane), and The Turk (W, Delaney).

Betting : 7 to 2 v. Euroka, 4 to 1 Fad ladeen, 7 to 1 Pharamond and Kelso, 8 to 1 Dora and Aeolus, 12 to 1 Rose Noble. Won by three-quarters of a length, with a neck separating the second and third horses. Time, lmin. 41%sec.


The weekly meetlncr of the Brisbane Racing Club was held at Albion Park on Saturday afternoon, and was well attended. Five events were run off, and the sport was quite up to the standard, there ibelng good fields of starters, and some close and exciting finishes. Over £600 passed through the totallsator machines. Details of the racing are appended :

PLYING HANDICAP, of 15 sovs.; for all horses ; second horse 2 sovs. from the prize ; Ti furlongs.

C Jones's b.h. Recovery, ¡by Phil

Athol-Lydia, aged, list.(Jones) 1 'Mrs. Cooper's br.m. Ilma, 'aged, 8st.

IStb.(¡Booth) 2 F. Brightwell's b.g. Banker, 6 years,

9st. Gib.(Tucker) 3 The other starters were-Peeress, 9st. 91b. (¡M<Cabe) ; Ooriolanus, Sst 131b. (Kendrick) ; and Crater, 7st. (Hopkin- son). From an even start, Ilma was the first to get going, and led from Crater and Banker i ound the Ibend and along the Ibaclc. At the quarter-mile Banker shot to the front, but Recovery headed him as' they turned into the straight, and- keeping the lead to the end, won nicely by a length from Ilma, who was a similar distance in front of Banker. Then came Crater, Corlo lanus, and Peeress in that order. Time, lmin. G'4sec. Dividend, 16s.

HIGH-WtEIGHT WELTER HANDI- CAP, of 15 SOV3.; second horse, 2 sovs., and third 1 sov. from the prize ; 4 fur- longs.

J. Grant's br.h. Westport, by West-

minster, 6 years, 9st. 71b.(Booth) 1 W. Webb's b.f. Captive, 3 years, lOst.

51b.(Jones) 2 .Mrs. Ferguson's ch.m. Confidence, 4

years, lOst. 9tb.(M'Cabe) 3 Archon, lOst, 31b. (Mullens) ; Flsher maid, 9st. (Fox) ; and Chance, Rat 12Jb. (Horn), also started. Confidence Jumped off in front, and led from Capture and Westport round to the straight. Here Westport' joined her, and after a good fin isa Westport won 'by half-a-length from Capture, a neck between second and third. Time, 53%sec. Dividend,


WELTER 'HANDICAP, of 15 sovs.; second horse 2 sovs. from the prize ; 5% furlongs.

P. Olsen's br.h. Adonis, by Newbold,

aged, lost. 121b.(Holmes) 1 W. Webb's b.f. Safeguard, 3 years,

lOst. 4lb.(JoneB) 2 F. Bailey's br.m. Lady Maud, 6 years,

list.i. (Baley) 3

Caradoc, list. 61b. iJ. White) ; ? Lochaber, 9_t. 61b. (Tucker) ; and Bean«

stalk, 8st. 71b. (M'Cabe), also started. Beanstalk and Caradoc raced together in front to the back of the course, where. Beanstalk dropped back, and Lady Maud headed Caradoc and led round the turn and Into the straight, where Adonis and Safeguard put In their claim, and a good race home resulted in a win for Adonis by a length, Lady Maud being" a good third, and .Lochaber a bad last. Time, lmin. 14sec. Dividend, 16s,

HIGH-WEIGHT HANDICAP, of 15 sovs.; second horse 2 sovs., and third 1 sov. from the prize ; 4& furlongs.

J. Grant's br.h. Westport, by West-

minster, 6 years, 9st. 71b. and 51b.

penalty ..-.-.. (Booth) I W. Gray's fclk.h. Pakeha, 4 years,

iOst. 71b.(Holmes) 2 Mrs. Ferguson's ch.m. Confidence, 4

years, IOst. 91b.(M'Cabe) 3 The other starters were-Faust, J2st, 91b. (Mullens) ; Archon, IOst. 31b. (White) ; Scot, 9st. 51b. (Wrigley) ; Fishermaid, 9st. (Fox) ; and Chance, Sat. 121b. (Horn). Westport was the first to show in front, and led from Confidence nnd Pakeha to the quarter mile. Here Pakeha headed him, and led into the straight, but Westport came again, and, after a good finish, won by a neck, a length and a-holf between second and third. Time, 60%sec. Divi- dend, £1 5s.

ALBION HANDICAP, of 25 sovs.; së | cond horse 3 sovs. and third 2 sovs. from

the prize ; 1 mile.

I P. Olsen's br.h.^ Adonis, by Newbold,

aged, 7st. 101b. and 5tb. penalty

| .... (Holmes) Ï

J. Annan's to.g. Kildare, aged, 7st. 2Tb.

and 81b. over . (Cannon) 2 J. Smith's br.m. Peeress, 5 years, 9st.

: 61b. (M'Cabe) 3

I Also started-Sir Hugh, 7st. 3tt>. (Hop-

kinson) ; Oxford, 7st. 21b. (Gorman) ; and Philomel, 6st. 71b. (Morgan). The field were despatched to a good start Peeresa was soon to the front, and showed the way round the turn and past the stand i from Sir Hugh, Oxford, Adonis, and | Philomel, with Kildare last. The same positions were maintained to the four furlong post, wher* Adonis and Philomel improved their positions Peeress was still in front as the* approached th© home turn, with Sir Hugh and Oxford next, and Adonic and Kildare coming through very fast. Adonis headed Peeress in the straight, and won very easily by three lengths from Kildare, Peeress a length away third. Time, lmin. 47sec. Dividend, £1.



Another of the series of matches for tie Feez trophy was played on Satur- day afternoon, on the Eagle I< a^n Race l course, bet.vcen toowoomba ana Bns

bane teams. The game was one of I more than ordinary interest, as tho double teams at the conclusion of the allotted number of bouts tied with two goals each, but lu the play off both the vToowoomba teams scored tho coveted goal, thus winning the match alter a hard afternoon's play.

The weather was nearly all that could be desired, except for a cold westerly which blew throughout the afternoon, but the freshness of the breeze was a decided advnntage to the players and ponies In their hard work. The dusty nature of the ground, however, was a great hindrance, occasionally obscuring the flight and position of the ball. Two learns from Toowoomba, tai own a9 the Firsts and Seconds, competed with simi- lar Brisbane teams. The arrangement? were that the Firsts should play three bouts of twenty minutes eafch, and the Seconds four bouts of a-quarter of an hour, the Firsts having a short interval at half-time to change ponies if neces- sary. The Brisbane players wore scar- let riding shirts, and Toowoomba white, with light-blue sash, and thus were easily distinguished. The ponies were hard, and in no C.ICJ showed distress. There waa no serious Infringement of the rules, although occasionally some of the Toowoomba men were Inclined to ride with more " devil-me-care dash" than discretion. Mr. Deacon, of Ips- wich, officiated as referee.


Toowoomba Seconds v. Brisbane


Tihe Seconds led off, the competitors being-Tooiwoo mlb'a : Messrs. S. Nolan (caiptaJln), C. Rolands, H. Hood, ami S. Benne'Ot ; and Brisbane : Messrs. Alexander (captain), back ; A. T. Peltson, No. 3 ; A. Rule,   No. 2 ; and Spencer Browne, No. 1. The flnst bout opened with the Toowoomba team playing with the wind, winch blow dead between the goals. The ball was kept in fairly safe ground for some time, any advantage being posgnssed by Brisbane, until Roberts carried the ball down past tho Brisbane goal boundary, but It was again run to the opposite end of the field. Rally and counter rally followed, till at length the visitors got the ball well home, and the first goal was secured by Hood for Too- woomba. The visitors kept the ball well up again till time was called. The second bout wa? a game of see-saw. Just at half-time, however, Brisbane narrowly saved their goal in a melee I round the poles. Although the ball

was In neutral ground again at time, the visitors had the best of the maiden bout The third round opened Imme- diately with rather a soft thing for the Downs men, and it was apparently ow- ing to it being an easy thing to secure a goal that, in the excitement of the moment, it was missed. The ball had been run up very fast by the visitors to the 'Brisbane end, and in the scrim- mage to protect its flight it rieochetted off the leg of a pony, and stopped dead five or six yards from the goal, but exatíifly opposite to it But, like an easy caöeh ait cridkert, it was missed by I the honsaman .who suddenly found hlan

soli called upon to give It a gentle tap. The erles of "(Be careful" only made

j Mm over-careful, Tbere was a mlsqj

and ¡the bail was instantly squared arway\ by Brisbane, who, following np ttoeir luck, made a determined a&_ault, and Jüsít at half-time recovered lost ground by securing a goal. The bout was a lively one t'hroughuut, the local men continuing their attack with so inueh spirit that for some time the visitors had to play round their oun vantage ground for safetj, there belüg one dangerous miss. At length an opening was made by Kobens, who dhased the ball iuto the Brisbane teiri tury, and sbortly afterwards the % iai tors secured a second goal. It was after eundawn when the fourth and de- cisive bout was played, aud after a de tetuuined contest Brisbane secured a goal, rhus making two goals each. Late as it was, however. It was decided to finally settle tlhe game, and in the play oEf the Toowoomba Seconds obtaining the first goal won the honours ot the day.

Toowoomba Firsts v. Brisbaue Fiists.

Tlie players were : Toowoomba-A. M'Phee (captain), No. 3; ,N. Caswell, No, 2 ; J. Jennings, No. 1 ; and Di. Woodward, back. Brisbane-'A. Feez (captain), No. 2 ; Captain Tyne, No. 3 ; D. Rich, No. 1 ; and J. E. Trude, back. The fiist bout opened wirti slow play for a time, but the iu>t goal was secured by Brisbane. It was dashingly played for by Feez and hit by Rich. Then followed a game of battledore aud Shuttle co. k, and eventually the ball got luto the vicinity of the Toowoomba goal, those Who were holding it playing for safety ; but at half-time the bali liad been forced back as far as the boundary. After a minute's ©pell, the ball was hit all over the field, often out of bounds, and at the close of the round the visitors held it at close quarters to their opponents' goal. Play in the second bout was more free and fast, the ball belüg often hidden by the dust, and shot tram point to point. A fine run, however, was made to the Brisbane end with the wind, and the first score to Toowoomba was hit by Jennings. Reversing, the visitois rode against the wind, and forcmg the game kept the ball about the Brisbane goal, eventually getting it through during a scrimmage. Not to be outdone, Bris- bane followed with increasing vigour, and hit their second goal. Shortly afterwards time «as called, the bout having been marked by «îouie line sweeping strokes and dashing runs. Dhe scores being equal-two goals each -the final bout it was expected would decide the match. Up to half-time the local meu had had Wie best ol' the play, but afterwards the visitors maintained their attack on the coveted passage with dangerous persistence, but at each exciting moment tlhe ball was skilfully Bquared along the boundaries, and a dangerous run by Dr. Woodward was only interrupted by the dust, enabling the position to be lelieved. After ttiat a grand nish was made to the Too- woomba goal, but again the ball was played back. . A couple of sticks wore broken at the half-way, and in riding for the ball wl'th Jenuiugs, Feez's pony tupped and brought his -rider down a cropper. Neither was hurt, however, and play continued, but when the bell rang Wie game was equal, neither side (having secured an ad-


However, neither side was satisfied, and t!he players, af not the horses, were willing and ready to continue, which they did at once. But fate was against tfhe local unen, for within minutes the fateful hit was made by the visitors, who thus won the mutch by 3 goals to







(By Telegraph from our Correspondent.)

SYDNEY, September 27. !

It was only the attraction of the . twenty-five mile race between Martin

and M'Donnell that drew a large attend- ance yesterday to the sports held'by the League of Wheelmen, as that body had aroused much resentment by its persis- tency m holding its meeting so as to clash with amateur fixtures. That race, however, was a grave disappointment, for it Was won easily (by 'Martin. The lollowlng are the results :

SPRING HAiNüBOAtP.-¡F. Eichler, 190 yard'?, 1 ; F. E. Shaw, 142 yards, 2 ; Stan .Fullick, 150 yards, 3. Won by half-a length. Time, 2min. 14 2/5sec. ,

OH ALLENGE RACE, for £50, 25 miles.-W. Martin, 1 ; A. B. M'Donnell, 2. The start was made from opposite points, so that one man should not wait for the other. M'Donnell gained some- what on the first five laps, but then (Martin drew upon him, and at the seven- teenth lap was at his wheel. M'Donnell

fell then, and his opponent slowed do%vn | to let him mount again. The rest of the race was a weary wait for the public, as (M'Donnell, ..though completely at Martin's mercy, would not give up, though urged to do so. Martin just kept ahead of him at a slow' pace, and won by a length. Time, lh. lGmln.


INVITATION SCRATCH RACE ; 5 miles.-A. O'Brien, 1 ; W. T. M'Combe, 2 ; W. Martin, 3. Nine others started. O'Brien won by a foot, Martin being three lengths off.

Davison won the first pacing prize, Bradbury being' second. Time, 12min. 54 2/5sec.

THREEHMTLE OPEN HANDICAP. W Bailey, 430 yards, 1 ; H, Bagnell, 235 yards, 2 ; A. L Longdon, 405 yards, 3. There were thirty-five starters, and the race was won on the post by Balley, trime. Gmin. lOsec.




(By Telegraph from our Correspondent.)

SYDNEY, September 27.

The Sydney Bicycle Club held its fifteenth annual fixture on the Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday, and was favoured with a fair share of public patronage. The following ate the re- sults of the various events :

HALF-MILE OPEN HANDICAP BICYCLE RACE, run in three heats. J. A Marley, 55 yards, 1 ; H. Sargent, 35 yards, 2 ; A. G. Griffiths, 75 yards, 3 ; J. A, Smith (Queensland), scratch, 4. This was a desperate race, Smith being close up at the finish. Time, lmin. 8 3/5see. Smith's time was lmin. 9 l/5sec.

MILE OPEN HANDICAP, run in two heats.-Sargent, 70 yards, 1 ; F. J. F. Babllnaki, 175 yards, 2 ; C. H. New, 60 yards, 3. Won by five yards. Time, 2min. 30 3/5sec.

MILE INVITATION SCRATCH RACE.-W. L. Kerr, 1 ; J. A. Smith, Brisbane, 2 ; B Goodson, Rockhamp-

ton, 3 ; P. E. Marsden, 4. Kerr carne' splendidly at the finish, and just beat Smith, the others being close up. Time, 2min. 55 4/5_ec.

FIVE-MILE CHAMPIONSHIP OF NEW SOUTH WALES-W. L. Kerr, 1 ; J. C. Cameron, 2 ; C 'H. New, 3 ; J. G. Holdsworth, 1. There were seven starters. A. C. Goodwin made the pace, but in the last lap Kerr shot away, pursued by Cameron, and won comfort- ably. Time. 14min. 22 l/5sec.




The City of Brisbane Sailing Club held their opening regatta in the Milton Reach on Saturday afternoon. The programme comprised five races, which were all keenly contested, and provided good finishes. It might perhaps have been wiser if the committee had been content with fewer races, as it was almost impossible for the umpire to fol- low them all closely, much less the spectators. A better afternoon for sail-   ing could not have been desired. The sun was not too hot, and the steady strong north-east breeze gave the skip- pers ample opportunity to brlng out the best points of their boats. The reach presented a beautiful sight, there being many private craft, as well as the com- peting boats, on the river. The 22 footers' race fell to the Caneebie, and in the 18-footer class the Vera just managed to beat the Truant, which was splendidly handled by Mr. G. I. Dick- son. The Myee pulled off the 16-footers' race by thirty seconds, and the Vida proved herself the smartest of the 12 footers. As is usually the course adopted by this club, the handicaps were given at the start and the boats sent away on the flag system. The steamer Young Mat was the flagship, and car- ried a large number of spectators, and on theriver banks, too, were many per-   sons eagerly watching the races. The officials for the day were :-Umpire, Mr. M. Colclough ; starter, Mr. P. Wood ; handicapper and timekeeper, Mr. J. Wil- liams. Appended are the details of the

racing :


For 22ft. boats; starting point between starter's iboat and South Brisbane side of the North Quay Ferry, up stream to

(buoy aibove Mr. T. Finney's residence, I Toowong, leaving buoy on starboard hand, thence round starting point, leav- ing rounding mark on starboard hand, thence over the same course a second time, and finishing between starting point and southern shore, leaving start- ing buoy on port hand. First prize, trophy value £3 3s. and £1 ; second,

15s.; third, 5s.

Caneebie (T. Goodall) scratch. 1

Ettie (W. Wain), scratch. 2 Zenobia (W. Slawson), 2%min. 3i

The Mary (Glen BPal), 3min. allow- ance, also started. At starting the

Mary and Zenobia miscalculated the | time, and having to come back, lost nearly thirty seconds each. The Ettie got away smartly a few seconds before the Caneebie, and a straight run was made for the buoy. The Mary hoisted a topsail smartly, but the Zenobia's crew were slow in getting out their top- sail and spinnaker. The Caneebie made a big show of kites, setting a topsail and big ringtail. The other boats gradually hauled up on the Mary, the order of rounding the upper buoy for the first time being-Mary, Zenobia, Ettie, Caneebie. It was a dead thrash down, and on this point the other boats soon left the Mary, the Zenobia and Ettie getting to windward of her on the first

'tack. The Caneebie thrashed along in | splendid style, and at Bennett's Bridge had got into the windward berth. The Ettie and Zenobia, however, hong on well, the order and times of rounding the Quay mark-boat being-Caneebie, 4h. 7min. lsec; Zenobia, 4h. 7min. 37sec; Ettie, 4h.8min.5sec; and Mary,'4h. lOmin. 12sec. All kites were soon out again. The Caneebie steered a good course, but the Zenobia and Ettie hugged the north shore too closely. * The Caneebie was

first round the upper buoy, followed by i the Zenobia and Ettie, and from this point the race was the Caneebie's, bar accidents. On the thrash home the Ettie had her work cut out to weather the Zenobia, and the two boats made a desperate fight for second place, the Ettie just getting there on the rnark." The finishing times were-Caneebie, 4h, 4Gmin. 35sec; Ettie, 4h. 47,mln. ISsec; Zenobia, 4h. 47min. I9sec; and Mary, 4h. 4Smin. 30sec. The Caneebie was skippered by her owner, Mr. T. Goodall,

who sailed a splendid race. i


For ISft. boats ; course same as 22- I 1 footers. First prize, £2 ; second, 10s.;

third, 5s.

I Vera (J. K. Whereat), scratch. 1

Truant (G. J. Dickson), 3min. 2 Satanita (A. F. Dearnley), 6min. 3

The Satanita was a long way behind in starting, and lost over a minute and I a-half. The Truant got a good start,

and the Vera was timed to the second. The Truant got up a topsail and square

sail, and the Vera sported a big spin- I naker. On the run up the Truant sue- , ceeded in overhauling the Satanita, the i order of rounding the top buoy for the first time being-Truant, Satanita, Vera. On the thrash down the Truant sailed very well, and the Vera took advantage of every puff. The order and times of rounding the starter's boat for the first time were-Truant, 4h. 13min. Ssec; Vera and Satanita, 4h. 15min. 7sec. Sanberg soon had all extra sails on the Vera, and at Bennett's Bridge the Truant, bowling along at a tremendous pace, led, with the Vera beating the Satanita. The Truant rounded the top buoy first, with the Vera thirty seconds later. On the thrash home, the Vera slowly but surely worked up on the Truant, and at Bennett's Bridge had the race in hand. The finishing times were -Vera, 4h. 53mln. 45sec; Truant, 4h. 54min.; and Satanlta, 4h. 54min. 37sec.


For 16ft. boats ; course same as 22 footers. First prize, £1 ; second, 10s.;

third, 5s.

Myee (H. Whimp), scratch .... 1 May (L. C. Young), scratch .... 2

Irene (T. Whimp) ½ min. .... 3

The Wairuna (A. Wood), ½min.; Ar- foma (F. Perry), ½min.; and Dolly Var- den (Dickson and Williams), scratch, also started. Most of the boats got away well to time, and set spinnakers and topsails. The Myee made good headway on the run up, the order of rounding the upper buoy for the first

time being–Walruna, Irene, Myee, Dolly   Varden, May, and Daisy. On the thrash   down the Wairuna swamped, and the   Myee weathered them all, the times of

rounding the mark boat being-Myee,   4h. 23min. 15sec; May, 4h. 24min. 25sec; Irene, 4h. 25min. 4sec; Dolly Varden, 4h. 25min. 6sec; and Daisy, 4h. 25mln. 42sec. On the run up again the Daisy and   Irene improved their positions, the order   of rounding for the last time being   Myee, Daisy, Irene, with the others well

up. On the thrash home the Dolly Var-    

den showed up, and at Bennett's Bridge was second boat to windward, the Irene

and Daisy being close up. The finishing   times were-Myee, 5h. 10min. lsec;   Daisy, 5h. 10min. 41sec; May, 5h. 11min. 34sec; and Irene, 5h. 11min. 55sec. The Dolly Varden is stated to have finished the wrong side of the mark. The Dolly Varden and Daisy were several times   at close quarters, and the judge placed the winning boats as stated. I FOURTH RACE.

For 12ft. iboats ; course same as ?2 footars. First prize, pair lifebuoys and £1 ; second. 10s.v. third. 5s.

Vida (A. Homann), scratch . 1 Julia (A. Morrison!, scratch . 2 Marie (E. F. Darcy), scratch . 3

The Doris (A. Young) also started. Most of the boats got well away, and the three first boats kept close together. On the thrash down the Doris gave up, the times of rounding the mark boat for the first time being-Vida, 4h. 27min. 33sec.; Julia, 4h. 2Smin. 52sec; Marie, 4h. 28min. 54sec. The Vida and Julia stuck very close to one another, and in the thrash home the result was for some time uncertain. The finishing times were-Vida, 5h. 17min.; Julia, 5h. 17min. 40sec; and Marie, 5h. 19min. 37sec.


A race for 10ft. dingeys was also sailed,

the Rosetta, Raceland, and Joker com- I peting. The Raceland capsized, and the Rosetta proved too speedy a boat for

the Joker, winning by 35sec. I

The Queensland Yacht Club advertise in another column ».hat the entries for

.their races for 22-footers, 16-£ooterfi and ,

up to 12ft. boats close with the hon. secretary at noon on Wednesday next, and that the steamer Young Mat has been chartered for the day to follow the races, and will leave Aquarium Wharf at 2.15 p.m., and Toombul wharf at 2.45




[NOTE.-All rerorls of matches for publication must be signed by the writer.-ED.]

Albert v Oakfield.

This match was îcsumed at the Ex- hibition Ground, and the wicket was in first-class order. At the conclusion of

last Saturday's play, each side had an I innings, the Alberts scoring 129 against the Oakfields' 62. In the Alberts' eecond Innings, a splendid -3tart was made by Crouch and Cowan, the first wicket putting on 100. The innings finally closed for 204. Cowan contributed 55 and Crouch 51, but the former's innings was certainly the best. Crouch should have been caught in the long-field on three or four occasions, and certainly had a deal of luck in his hitting. Kit- chen contributed 30, but the innings was by no means up to his usual form, al- though only actually marred by one easy chance to Austin. The Oakfields had only a little over half-an-hour left for ' batting, and In that time lost four wickets for 55, the match thus ending in a draw. The following ' are 5 the

scores :

Albert C.C.

First innings . 129

Second Innings.

W. Crouch, c. Silvester '(sub.), b.

Carter . 51

J. Cowan, c. J. Doran, b. .Miller..,. 55

W. Gower, b. Austin. l8 W. Kitchen (c), c. Smith, b. Austin d0

H.'Silvester, b. Power. 9 T. Buckle, 'b. Power ...v.. 6 J. Ferguson, not" out ..,. 8 H. Earnshaw, b. Carter .,. 2

W. Davies, b. Power . . 0 P. Hurwood (absent) . 0 R. 'M'Graw, c. Power, b. Carter .... 8

Sundries-. 37

Total ... 204 Bowling Analysis : Austin, two wickets for 41 runs ; . T. A. Doran, none for 16 ; I J. Doran, none for 27 ; Moran, none for I 30 ; Carter, three for 19 ; Miller, one for

23 ; Smith, none for- 21 ; Power, three

for 10.

Oakfield C.C.

First innings . 62

Second Innings.

J. Doran, c. Gower, b. Crouch . 23

T. A. Doran, b. M'Graw . 3

E. Edwards, b. M'Graw. 0 J. Power, not out *.A. 11 D. Miller, not out ..?.'.. 5

A. Smith, b. M'Graw . 13

Total for four wickets . 55 -Bowling Analysis : M'Graw, three wickets for 29 runs ;" Crouch, one for 26.

Graziers'-A Team v. Limestones.

This match was finished on Saturday, ending in a draw. The Graziers re- sumed their innings with Jones 66 and O'Brien 13, both not out. The feature of the afternoon's play was the splendid batting form of Jones and Atkins. The former made 173 runs by sterling cricket, and showed the onlookers some of his old form. His long drives and varied strokes were a treat to look at. Atkins's cricket was in every way equal to that of Jones ; and his 125 runs were made in an hour and three-quarters. At the close of the game the home team had secured '404 runs for the loss of six wickets. Both Jones and Atkins re- ceived an ovation on returning to the shed for their fine performances. Mr. Francis will give each batsman a pre- sentation bat. Appended are the

scores :

Limestone, first Innings . 58

Bowling Analysis.-R. O'Brien, 11 overs, 1 maiden, 1 wicket, 25 runs ; R. Wilson, 12 overs, S wickets, 26 runs ; T. Byrne, 1.1 overs, 1 .wicket, 2 runs.

Graziers' A Team.-First Innings.

W. Bradley, c. Bullmore, b. Carew.. 24 S. P.'Jones, c. Parkinson, b. Jones... 173 W. Lewis, c. P. Carew, b. Campbell.. 32 R. O'Brien, st. H. Campbell, lb. Lip

man . 29

C. Martin, e. Parkinson, b. Carew... 4 A.- Atkins, c. Caff rey, b. Jones. 325

A. Wilson, not out . 6

Sundries . 31

Six wickets for . 404 Bowling Analysis.-J. M. Campbell, 21 overs, 1. malden, l wicket, 77 runs ; P. Carew, 20 overs, 2 wickets, 94 runs ; S. Lipman, 17 overs, 1. wicket, 85 runs ; H. Jones, 8 'overs, 2 wickets, 28 runs ; H, Bullmore, 2 overs, 31 runs ; T. Caffrey, 4 overs, 28 runs ; J. Jarvis, 1 over, 3 runs ; J. Carew, 11 overs, 35 runs ; A. French, 3 overs, 30 runs.

Kangaroo Point v. South Brisbane.

This match was commenced on Saturday week on the former's ground, and at the conclusion of the first day's play the game stood-Points, 106 ; and Souths, six for 88, Morgan being 29 not out. The Souths completed their innings for 147. The Points then went to the wickets, and made 211 for six wickets, when the game was drawn. Clarke batted splendidly for 105, when he was unfortunately run out. The ther prin- cipal scorers were-Ferguson 46 not out, G. Crouch 37 not out, Mapleston 24. For the Souths, Morgan (42) was top


Oxford v. Second Morris's.-Played at Barney's Flat, and íesulted in a victory for the Oxfords by an Innings and 16


Carlton v. Toombul.-A friendly game, played at the Junction, resulted in a win for the Carltons by 44 runs. J. Power'3 25 not out was the best score for the winners. Bowling against Toombul, Martin Maher took six wickets for 17 runs, and J. M'Allan four for 20 ; for the losers, J. Corrigan took five for 22.

H.M. Customs v. Long Pocket.

Played at Indooroopilly, and resulted in a draw In favour of the Customs. The scores were ¡-Long Pocket, 85 (Bias dale 38) ; and Customs, one wicket for 71, including Green 24 not out, Smith 21, and Synan 17 not out.

Milton v. Rockton.-Played at Milton. At call of time the score stood :-Milton, seven wickets for 184 runs (Austin 92, W. Harris 30, A. Harris 25).

Post Office v. Nundah, B Team. Played at Nundah, and resulted In a win for the former club by 37 runs on the first innings.

Boundary v. Second Finney, Isles, and Co.'s.-Won by the Boundarys by 92 runs on the first innings.

Stone's Corner >v. Lahey Bros, and Nicklin.-Played at Stone's Corner, and, won by the latter team by 24 runs on the first innings.

Civil Service Training College

Camphills.-Played on the latter's wicket at Coorparoo, and resulted in an easy win for the Training College by 64 runs. Scores ¡-Training College, 45 and 64 ; Camphllls, 19 and 26.

Paragon v. Brighton.-Won by the Brightons by 3 runs.

Wentworth (B Division) v. Hamilton. -Played at Eagle Farm terrace. At call of time the score stood ¡-Went- worths, 180 for four wickets (R. Mills 100 not out), N. W. Barton 48 not out).

Stanley v. Sandflles.-Played in the Gardens, and won by the Sandflles by 59 runs. Scores ¡-Stanleys, 45 ; Sand- flles, 104 (Whalley 51).

Wentworth (A Team) v. Goldsworthy and Perkins (B Grade).-Played at Junction Park, and resulted in a draw. Wentworths made 101 (E. J. Beard 65) ; and when wickets were drawn their op- ponents had put together 28 without losing a wicket.

Ashley v. New Farm (B Grade). Played at New Farm, and resulted in a win for the former by two wickets. Scores ¡-New Farm, 67 ; Ashleys, eight

wickets for 73.

Nundah (A division) v. Glenolive. Played at Nundah. The Glenolive te«m made 43 in their first innings (batting three men short), and Nundah compiled 87 with the loss of seven wickets (R. T. Banbury 32 not out). In their second innings, the Glenollves lost five wickets for 13 runs.




Rosebanks v. Rovers.-These teams, met at the Association Ground, Bowen Bridge l', in the final tie for tihe Brisbane Charity Cup. There was a poor attendance. The Rovers won the toss and decided to play with a strong wind in their favour. The (bulk of the work naturally fell to the Rosebank badi» in this half. These ' acquitted themselves credira/bly, ibut the Rovers managed to put three goals through be- fore the call of half-time. The last of these the referee was unavoidably re- sponsible for, the bail a'f'ter being well cleared rebounding off him straight into goal, when the Rovers had little dilli culty iu scoring. The Rosebanks scored just before the Whistle sounded hailf-'ti'mc. With the wind in their

favour, the home team were able to ,

harass Hie opposing Ijacks ; Indeed, I

during t'he second half the ball seldom left the Rovers' goal. The Rosebanks sctorod just after the commencement, and on auother occasion the Rovers' goalkeeper was "clearly through the goal with the ball in his hand, but the goal was not allowed by the referee. Tihe Rovers did not äcore lu this half, so that the game ended-Rovers, 3 goals ; Rosebanks, 2 goals. Mr. T.

Jenkinson was referee. I