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* < April l8.

The retiring ohairman of the Waggamba Divisional Board, Mr. W. J. Hooper, was unanimously re-elected at their recent meeting. The clerk was «appointed at a slightly inoreased salary. Las^year's foreman of works was also reappointed. A letter was read from the Municipal Council, offering to take over the control of tho Sandy Camp pasturage reserve, aud to take with it certain ratable properties, situated between the reserve and the present town boundaries. After some discussion it was decided that the offer of the council be accepted conditionally upon the transfer of the proper- ties referred to. The clerk was appointed to act as valuer, and his valuation for 1891 as tabled was adopted. It was deoided after con- sideration to strike a general rate of $d. in the pound. A schedule of works was presented and adopted, as far as the amount specified for eaoh portion of the division was oonoorned. The foreman of works Wai instructed to report upon certain roads in No. 8 Subdivision, in the vicinity of Dunmore and Western Creek, and a portion of the Mungindi-ïoad in No. 1 Subdivi- sion. The foreman was'also instructed to report .upon any existing'öbstruotions, such as unlicensed gates or slip-panels upon any roads within the division. Tenders had been invited for the erection of a bridge over the Weir River at Talwood,but no applications wero received. The Municipal Council, at a special meeting held for the purpose, struck a rate of 2d. in the pound for the current year.

A Court of Appeal against the council's valuations for this year was held during the week, and oocupied the bench for three days and a-half. Forty-four appeals were dealt with, of whioh twenty-three were confirmed, four settled by mutual consent, ten by arbitra- tion, five reduced by the benah, and two adjourned>for further hearing. In some of the cases the evidence was very conflicting and contradictory.

The latest stock passing was that of 309 head of mixed cattle from Tartha station, on the Moonie River, travelling to Gunnedah, W. Dockrell owner, B. Johnston in charge.

Tho weather is getting nice and cool, but remains very dry. Rain is getting to be badly wanted pretty well all round the district.

[Two inches of rain were reoorded at Goon- diwindi up to 9 o'olook on~the morning of the 21st instant.-ED.]



April 10.

i We were visited last Sunday by the heaviest flood ever witnessed here, and the rapidity with whioh the water rose exoeeded anything in my experience. On Saturday night at 7 o'clock the water in Magpie Gully and the Western oould only be seen. At midnight it had risen considerably,' but not to an alarming extent, but at daylight next morning the whole country was one sheet of water. Several houses were partly submerged, and considerable damage was done to furniture and effects, as owing to the rapid rising of the water and the darkness, it was next to impossible to put things out of the way. Another remarkable thing was the quiakness with vfhioh the waters subsided, as by Tuesday the creeks were all within their banks again. The "weather .has now set in fine. ' At a meeting of the committee of the North Gregory Club, hold last night, it was decided to adjourn the annual race meeting for one week. Despite the troublous times there is every pros- pect of the meeting being a success, a result which will be gteatly contributed to by the week's postponement. Our member, Mr. Cor- field, wired the hon. secretary that the 14th and 15th instant had been proclaimed holidays here, but Mr. Ware was equal to the occasion, and having learnt that the unanimous feeling of his committee was in favour of a postpone- ment, he wired " urgent " asking that the 21st and 22nd might be gazetted instead, which alteration was kindly made.

Last Wednesday the Charters Towers Mounted Infantry inaugurated a concert in aid of the hospital. The idea was only started on Monday morning, but such was the energy displayed by several members of the troop that a brilliant success was achieved, the house returning over £32. Steele's Hall was kindly placed at their disposal gratis by his agent, Mr. R. L. Gardiner, and Mr. Maxwell, of the Winton Herald, generously printed the tickets free of chargo, so that no expense whatever was incurred. Considering that the performers attended only two rehearsals, the outcome was

very creditable, and the infantry well deserved the vote of thanks accorded thom.

The arrival of the Charters Towers Infantry has aroused the dormant warlike spirit of our townsmen, and steps are being taken to form a troop of Mounted Infantry here. The present is a very happy time to initiate the movement, as should the Government be pleased to accept our services, we could have the advantage of drill instruction while the Charters Towers troop is with us. About thirty men have already signified their willingness to join, and no doubt a very considerable troop could be raised.

A very exhaustive inquiry has boen held into the burning of Nook's Great Western Hotel, but although a lot of witnesses were oxamined, not a partióle'of evidence was adduced to throw any light on the origin of the fire. Tho balance of evidence tended to show that the fire originated outside the building, and an open verdict was


There is abundance of grass and water, and were the labour troubles only settled we should enjoy a season of prosperity to which we have for some time boon strangers.



April 11.

During the past week we have had fine weather, but for the two weeks before we had slightly over 20in. of rain, making 33in. for the year so far. The river rose to within 2in. of the highost over known, whioh was in March, 1890. All gardens are washed away, and a good deal of damage was done to fenoes, dams, «fee, besides a lot of stock being drowned. Several families had to be rescued by our only boat, which is private property. This boat has been here for over fourteen years, is made of iron, and has rescued dozens of lives. The

Government ought really to provide a boat here, for rescue work. It should be of iron with air- tight compartments, and to bo placed in the charge of the police.

Our mails are all behind time, it being im- possible-to travel. Of the seventeen .mails due here from Windorah this year wo have had only four, and are not likely to get another for at least six weeks. The weather has now cleared up, and the river has fallen considerably, though it is now a long swim. Of course grass and water ore plentiful, and'so aro tho sandflics, which keep the horses and cattle continually on the go, and cause them to fall off considerably.

We havo eighteen men of the Maryborough Infantry, and twelve men of the Gympie Mounted Infantry bere, undor Captain Harrop and Sergeant-major Hood respectively. The infantry have for the last three days been drilled on horseback, and taking one considera- tion with another, they did very well. Of course, somo of the men not being accustomed to riding, and having awkward horses, things were a bit rough, but in three days both horses

and men seem to have learned what was re- quired of them.



' On Monday last, the Gth instant,^« Wf

flood here which rose half-an-inch\ÍPW?V a that of March, I890,,and caused A'11?1

amongst the dwellers on the W6P i Ee,de

*«°jt°the 6tb~instBnt rain bli E MF8" steadily and almost incessantly for a fn,Ä8 and on that date the creek commenced V*' very rapidly. The water was tS?i£,tS*

main street at about 10 p.m TAH S?. 10W?tha part of the town is low down andVm,!"8"1683

the first to get the overflow. "M°2 M*

whole flat upon whioh the town ia; ftthe completely covered with water, and a £Waa.

over 6m. an hour wa« .Lr"8?0*

Willing hands were no? WanüThl?' assist people to places of SI'11« *° postmaster, Mr. Derrig, not only woL h°^ in removing the most helpless, bnuSLH?

house open, and with his Wif» 1 * íew ks

allwhoW refuge'wifh hto! ft *.

Gibson, who treated us so weil w «°d Mrs

to the fore again, and then- S¿ VAT* open to refugees, as was also Mr SkÛZ^

The two new boats of the Divi¡,T.i £er a

were called into reaction? andÄ?°ard vioe. Mr. Kelly's boat, añ exrLlw80od Bet' home construction, proved vervÄ "*% ot have to thank Mr. P. Kelly Jo%uÄ"and we assist all in need of help. TheAl" to of water was behind Fit^aUeraÄ d?pth being there about 5ft, from ThÄÄ'

sonndings tapered out to about 21in 0C £e flooded portion of the surveyed area C ^e we have no loss of life to report and wPpily much damage was done to nrQlL°tv^y Tuesday, 7th instant, the water had arLt°u run away The sun shone Ä'i"

rthTflrdawr.ediately .** ¿Ä