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The Advertiser FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29.


Mr. Sinclair, the newly-elected member for West Torrens, took his seat. A petition was presented by Sir. DUNCAN,

from residents on Southern Yorke's Peninsula,

from residents on. Sqnttem Todce's Peninsula, for a enmbf £500 fdr oonatcuoti?g a eatoseway or ford near the month <sf the Salt Creek. * The Mmi?iwot Btec*fTioy introduced a Bill i for the granting to the Council of Education of portions xt certain park lands, : A motion by the CoJoaasroHSft of Public ? Works for friday jdttisgs was agreed to. . ' The Trbiesvbbb obtained leave to introduce a Bill for the making of a eoaventian between : SonUi A?Btralia and New South Wales with ' reference to border-dafci?i, ?ad the continuance tof the ctafenttams validated by tip Border Duties Actjft J|7f. ?T r: ! The Council's .amendment in the Trades ' Union Bill wa* agreed to. An Appropriation BUI for £891,005 10s. ?J. ; was introduced, and pasaed through all i'a Bteges. ..'.-" ;. . ; The Post-Office Bill was read a second time, ? and taken into Joontmfttee. .. f I The House adjourned at 625ti1l the following <dMy .' -- ':-'???--''> -' -

Thkbb is no doubt that $he sfringentcpro • visions' of tfie* tania**Acf now in ft^t^aTe : f|lt ofca?lonkll^ to "be a little hasl. - We, caa easily conceive, in iEact we Icnow, cassa : where some of the small farmers in the^i?ta Lave ieen i/teabtom of taking up land in one or other of Hie new areas, and who. have had/with one impor tant eM?ptJOH,?v?^SMn^i?fl[uiBUet6 war rant the expectation of success in cas9 of their obtaining a selection—the exception beinga little reedy cash. They have U&d per sonal health and strength ; a family- ?f children, the elder two or three of whom have come to be valuable helps on a form; a team of horses, a few head of cattle, and a fair jsupply of imple mente—eveiythu^-: but the amoaint of money required to pay .the first instalment; and to carry them on until they could reap a harvest. It will be said that the course of such is clear, viz., to borrow. But men of the class referred to do not always find tit so easy—given that they are willing—to borrow when they have only personal security to offer; and, as our reader*' a?a • i aware, no lien can be effected on. the . selected land while there'is any portion of the puivhase-money rpinaining unpaid: To be sure the money market has during tie last few years been favorable, even te • £ucb borFowers; and, a3 a rule, we hays ] ik> doubt intending selectors of this class vlio have shown cause, for Ijeing trusted, • have found some kind friend to advance to them the requisite amount, even XLougii it has been at a little extra pre- , loium. Our Land Act, if not perfect ia. all ' i?s}>ects 7 5s vndouhiedjj' li'>eral as a whole, aTid V 6 do noisee tlikt the-Slat? ?Uqul4: provide for the jcase at persons vfKo hayd not cash enough to pay tlie very moderate •mount that is' required upon maldng a credit purchase. For one stick caae ol iumtehip.'or diflicidty as we hava indi cated, tbc Waste Lands Act and its near relative, die "Frauds at Auction Act," liave certainly prevented a hundred scan dalous abuses. They have done much to remedy " dmniayi&in" and " land-sharking.'.' Cf "land-shaiEsr* truly vrs have at one lime a vastly too numerous race, .but it .is a matter for cdiiga-atulaiioa that of late on]\- one specimeu now and agiiin has been . discovered and caught. Nevertheless, there are evils yet to be remedied, as the following facts will show; aud our readers may te assured that it is no imaginary case which we submit to tlicni, hut one of actual occurrence. Iv brief, Mr. A., about three months a^o, obtained a farm on Area. Finding it not according to all his wishes, and, •n-Lat was more, meetinp: with a ciistomer who would like the selection, even at a'good premium (report /says JESQO) e he looked ont Tor' the place in the Act in which'" the "coach-and-fix 1' could be driven. He was successful. A doctor's certificate was ob

ttiied/ ariTtooii 41was in the presence of uIB vsOiiulkl?biitafek' Of fJFUWITaSKnuBBr^^jPIMrf""1 Ms health,wiafa?*'f4ifili^;tii?'ldimate le^jig Teiy^unsmijabje,. find, ha jroiigt Je^pgr the Commissioner is not .proof, against such appeals, and the desired'permission of the | ?Govemor-in-Council" to transfer was in | due time to hand. A short trip to Mel bourne oveV (nd doubt for Hhe bepffit of his health), and' a little knocking about at home, and Mr. A. once more -starts for the Areas, in the neighborhood of his first Selection, to look out for another block of Hud, jwfwfch,' us lie shrewdly iiaja, lie knows what to do with if it doesn't suit him. Now this, we say, is •harking' in as hjad a form as we c?n, have it. Here is Wapstraw No. 1 turning to the cannibal practice of devouring 'Wap straw No. .3. .It,is an Abuse, wluch Ac Legislature has evidently not anticipated, for whether .such a person will he able to, v get at" the Commissioner a second time or not) there £c nothing in fhe1 Act, 80 far aspre kaoa&ito hinder Jus taking pp. U?a~ adjoining tie Very Tjlock whlcTiTie ltaS"Tsflr: profitably disposed of. But really, we do not know where the blame mostly rests - whether in the Act, in ita facilities for such abuse, or with the Crown Lands Department, in its being so completely 'bambbqded by an unsophisticated (?> man from the??ttntry. - . In the Waste Lands Amendment Bill promiaed by the. present Governmenfj but long incoming to daylight, we shall cer tainly expect to see this evil, as well as ?others, provided against. While we do not. think that a selector, who finds it essential through s^kness or other unforeseen ca lamity over which he had no control to dispose cf his holding, should be compelled to forfeit the amourite paid on account to the Government, it would certainly be better in such a case to take back the land and offer it again for sale, rather than leave jtha door open for inch abuses as the fore going. And while, again, we would not prevent one who through genuine affliction has been compelled to forfeit his selection jfrom taking op land at some future time, I should his health be restored, yet it would jbe only reasonable to require him to pro jduce satisfactory evidence to that effectr jTbata maQ'&hould be compelled through } ill-health to get permission to sell his land, 'and in a mbnfii after to be peregrinating the same district^ for another block, is i rather too gUring. For such men we 'should certainly iutve a black list, and the Government ?houl<l keep a vigilant eye > opbn medical icen" who. show too great a ; readiness to |^tint certaficates of confirmed ill-Wth.

Oi flsMja£%y/ AftemooV tW Ai?fsikibly earned the second reading of theFost : Gffice'l&fl, an& went] into Oonuairtee ?pon it. The repeals the present Act, and re-enacts it with certain alterations.' The MiH?tCTtrf>Ayrieii^tqie?nd Education, in erpotindln^tne^pT'otfeions'of'tfie Bill, stated that the main object1 was to assi milate fte- posfel practice-, to. that of "the I neighboring tsolomee -andi -Qqeat Britain. There is no'ciiatige"proposed^ the rates on letters or newspapers, and the: ehafges onpairalsarelefttobefixedby the Govern ment kt^he usual -way. change pro posed in the KJI waa, tnaVatl parceis posted at parcel rates shall be open iat: both ends. This gave ri?; jo "cbaatlexaTHe discussion, special cases being urged in which an .ex ception should be allowed to. this rule. When once an exception ia permitted, hosjt ever, maay aaore sriH fee asked fojyas was abundantly proved in the coarse the I debate. -Mr.-Cooke wished samples of ore | to be allowed to pass sealed at parcel rates. Mr. Myth wanted the same, favor to. be shown* to; llr. Rees put in a similar da}nv'onTbehalf^ of plans and specifications. It was urged, on the <>&?? hand, that the 'Po3WMce •hould be able to. see, without opening a pascelj whether \t !cootained a letter, and that tiity should cot, by making the Po3t- Office a Parcels Delivery Company, overload the mails,- and greatly raise the price we shall li.iv* to pay for mail contracts. The Hon. A- Klytli desired to -do away with the rtsliictlon of merchandise that might be sept as parcels, to patterps- or ia^ip!e3 of meicljaudise. lie thongbt a shirt ot ' gloves slioiild zo through the post. After a ! Iqt% and an animated debate, the House ! decided that bank-notes should go in parcels ''' closed at the ends. .. [? Ia reply to questions, the Minister of Agrlcultui-e and Education said each par- !i _?$ pot go l^e/pnd-the\limifa <g tie i; colony. Jtwiliout £utl letter- postage Iteirig ;| paid on them, and he further iirgei upon I 1 the House that the amendment would make ;! It 44pat5-£ible for Bopth Ausfralia. to ijoin || inaj;yi)o&talcoarention,.whicn last state- jj mem was characterised by Mr. Blyth as ' without auy reasonable foundation. By a j subseqac-nt diTisioa the House applied th? piTjjciplc of Mf.'lJlyiKs amendment to all parcels: hat a proviso was carried restrict- 1 inpr it to parcels delivered within the iuJojjy: parcels goinjr beyond the colony must Ie ojwn at both ends. | Wilh respect to the provision that mer chandise, to be sent-at parcel rates, should: be re&lrict>>d to samples or patterns of no j saleable value, Mr. Hawker said without this precaution stations in time of drought might be supplied with tea by post; and Mr. Uounsevell stated he knew tobacco had been sent northward in this way. The force pf these representations induced the House by a majority of eight to decide on retaining the restriction. Tha enumera tion of the articles that might be sent through pos>t was objected to, but it was felt that all torts of articles should not go by our mails. The maximum weight of

parcela -was reduced from 3 lbs. to 2 lbs. ' Wib quwUuu ofwiidiiigwwfp?W tn? <t ?. fostege waaNMJMCM^J?^ft^opoMng ' tort"ld.l>honid/bB liluUK?a'Oll TWjIUfS JPUt "' teyond *fee i&, sil£ gSsW^ssarad^u louse that he,t>eli<nfed*r<skfi£e for poafc i ge would,i&rttee-fte SufibQ ?papers i ent abroad. On the Bbufe laoghinf A ihtt assertion, the hon/mefaW^ta^d^ 1 hat more newBp?f??7I wre^??t 6^^|r;. I South Wal^e tfnd TiCtori^ifrpib^dfttMi • to the popula?iW tian *rtm fysbtfloiiy/' | fts Mr,fHy th jjwe^o figures in siimhh* <rf— uus* bold,, Jstateinen^mjltb1. |^t, fAe t^ajf liberty of l>elieving he is nustak^Q v uut" ii he is correct the reason probably is that fhere are more new comera 3iii*lh£foQu& Colonies than in this, and the longer persons live ipfareign fand?tit&4u>r?iheJ9rabafi in tharmodier oottntry; - Mr."djl3i -^?ag defeated £^94 F^^^^WEJ ** pamphlets to be £fftnESsi^!ind agento to lecture in England oS Jour resoarces, sad then ,place~? chargj^on4& infinitely better - mefl?)dof cbnveyi^ the colony/ \^bat ia tti cofUMere l? nejrepappr is jdefine^ ;by <^Be %, i p^e?atiras are takeoa in di^^ill)agai wf ??ifliig: V?eft. plajcards _ as Jiiiuerto nuTrupt^era inigWi liff ytuUw'wWi 'till they Yere^eeye^jdairfpldy-batt^A^ms ? is now,*by an^aniendnienx pr6fl6aerl ift^tr. Ward in Comffittfa, rfed^(gtt"tos|ix days. The Bill pnmflis *i<sfite mvk of post jcaidflAt the rate of Id., which will be a gi^ti&Biveifienfce. |McnaJwrs^f PArlMmen| i are now eulitled to receive by post Parfii-" ' meataiy -documents free, 'aiofl. .an^^ameiid . uASii was ?agreed -Ho thlmpMw i send such documental tree 6f- |ln future .letters will not lie ?£?*?#• !bj the ftukton^s, 4^^ln flic ] presence of at least two.officials? - letters addressed beyond tie mm, aqd innffir> cienlly stamped, bare bxd>erto inei?'^y- : tamed in the Adelaide Office fotia"fong: time, but the Committee pa—od an a?wad ment providing that in fnfere such letters .aball be imnaediatelj xetorned to 43i?. ' een^lerj and IMb will Myiao^ o^ Nl^^ iopening^tne letters, in order to aw^nam* {who fre seqdet ia r hatT^ to>^ a? | well done ist-onoe as : ,after S^ths Kan elapsed, Inere ire jarious offier new pro visions in .the Bill for.admini?teri?gL^ths W Batififactorily, and -pnnisbi^ 4>flEe!ace? ! against it, either %y offifiiala ot pritit|> j sons; but we must defer fartaerja*?rks I upon iiie measora, \ mittee, to * fdtore occaswfeL- - ?'?'1

' _3t*nfiefete^of farmers and others is to be OnThurw% < ?SeptemW r g&^lj. J. M. ? t^e -newly iirnlnT iiWiiiflitH fvs-Htm^ ; Torrens, took 13b seat inlhe?jojue of AMfbafM)^ r- Weaie pleased, toi hafr f&^fi^ftmefor ; thfe befit two iore problem ia'Se'ah^r^Srf ? Problem Tourney .has' been awarded to Mr^.B ' .?*<-??-:"?* : ( .- . U .Harsv; !?.•:; *':,<->r;-T Mr. W. IL Martin preached, jn ; ftft ; Town Ball on Bu^<fay, Segfaanbfa 3tg.-st%a*£ ? pectatmwiifalheTCanp?ramaOaMpijyii.. flaw : was a fair congregation.-??-?.: ?i.:":-Ji.I£'rs'a-ir f>;<^ r Mr.- fioocaut lias again hia intention to introduce-£n jUsci^r ,* Bill lor the amendment of ?he pcp^ce **&]?*?; cedate in the fianmeme Court. "? r ?"',? r""^ The annual tea anii pnWie ttieitinga.ui Connection milli ?o t^mrrti echoolTJnion festival week wffifeltda^&e Puie-street Lecture Hft?^hig'er??a£'J w <7T The dapping-at Port A3?d?ziei?i?lB • displaytrf bunting on TJinrwJay,i&taHdritf&ft return of Mr. J. JL Sinclair, vm Ihe tftjrfgwuftir tire pf :&fc District of Weefc 9??ttcniai?a? House of ABsemWy. =;;:?& Kotwithstanding the brg^i^ttfT^p gaigra&ts from tiie old* ?cgggtry J ;rlt{. fira^p Penney inportefi by lie Jajt etaama fappi?RS torn three skilled artisans to apfgiy tfcp.annfri of the building tfade. - ?-.-, al. ;-:? ??? ?> -A i^A To-day the Treasurer is toinbre iaTc*** mittee—"That it is expedient to ko£^nxn Hi^ Treasurer to borrow funds fot uflwit^ainl onUc pmpoees bjifisuing bonds to:Jile. J?TOW;^^ £ZSSBJSOO, to 'bear interest at 4'^et |Ajattt.i? -Mr. Ernest Giles was entertained it a banquet at the Institute, Bran, on Thnnday evening,TSeptenibera?. Ah*g*p?*y-?iaiMf?& whom were ladies, met to do: honor Vw*e ex plorer and his coropgniaap, aad *OkM Wltor was a great eucc^?. Mr. ?&? *^^?* h? Buira this mon2iug,'?sd ma^ ihoiiefCVO^e ex pected in town tP-dsy. .". t J , r it fjr A lad caused Edward JBeasty, flJWytjwft* ' years of age, was /admittedl inj^tteJlJTOff HoepitaJ, on Wednesday, Se^e?barJ^-fl^f icg from a broken leg. He was|ain|ia^W^ a dray fora ride, while the dray yas in nfljjgj, when his leg got between.the sppkesol^^jy acd was broken. _ .. : lt ..r\ A weli-atl^rded meeting connection with the Monfii'sTenaperanife Mission was held in the To* Ecchabite Hall on Wedne?dar .f;vfnirg,_Septenibcr 27. Mr. He^djrifeaii?i Intonerfoigi aud eomsinjr adfWfwii I*ra(^; Uvejed by Messrs. El Hoanskn^C Goolda, ajd Eicljawp.; and refidii^s £y, ?WH- *^?^ and Fry. Four persons signal $ne pieq|^^ -the close of the meeting. "., .' . ;: , - In tibe Assembly on TaeadayTiert,;!^. DunoanwiU a<k the Atbont?r&BatSSi}^^ the Government intend this aeteio?Ao oppose to amend the Electoral Afct so astop?PTMgor "Ifie eeeaja^^ of ?j|ogtbes? from Yorkee Yenysula*; ?nn bn^thi folloving day, . he wHf a?k<fe 4Somai3sitee?-of PoMii-Workg 7'i?.it-flfe ifiteatka of *e^?vanroj*^jm victe postal communication oetwe?u maubafl. and Ardrcs&an.". ? .' Ifx. Bounsevell lias gi?^?^?>ft^#? intention to move in the Assembly on Wednes day nest:— ** That a depasturing foe*?f t^pa Lead for ?heep per diem be charged for ???, -respectively, aud lid. per head for all €&*$ cuttle ifepasturcd oa the trateUifigJrtO* |b ecrvvf, and that rangers be appointed in c^E? of every R) miles, of sneh resfcrtes'*ojcoD?rt *ucb fees or other wise protect the said WBerrss fi'cm tres-jjassers." , : "'/; \" kA\ .*<" The raiEfall between 0 a.m. on Wedn?9" day and the same hour on Sfcursday is refi? tered as follots:— . AJka ? Port Awgustar.. 0280 Port Elliot ... (HB3 BCefaose .... 0540 Mannam f .. O?? Kadina . ... tH>3O Stratnalbyn .&> <H?M .IVallacoo ... OmO Port Lincoln... 0055 Famuada ... <rO3Ol Cape Boida ... AW lTauunda ... 0030 Mt. Pleasant... Qmp Gumeracha ... 00301 liiis evening an entertainment is to be given vi AVLite's Eooms, in aid of the boildin* fuud cf the i;iiu?!aft<l De-af aad Dumb laaa -' r -•• : ' ? -,xr

tuttou. The programme, which is an excellent one, includes Mr. W. Townsend's well-known ltsetsn* ou ?" lights an*" sitixStmrs tst Lan3os~ Ufe.?i!tt?H6n. Sir Wm. Milne is fo preside. Altpecialfetfin will leave Adelaide for Gienelg ajtter *he £bt&tamment. - - .-:...? 'The "sixteenth annual meeting of the. Adelaide Amateur Athletic Ouj^ which iad been postponed from September 16, takes plaoe oVj^turaay?fixt^pnihe oval, fiis Excellency the Gouernka- and La3y Masgraw have again sMufied their intention ot being present, -Lady. Wisghxe -kindly consenting to present the pSisestotoe^aocpsrfalcdmpetitQza. Should the weather prove fine, a.pleasant afternoon's sport is anticipated. V :.' ; THie Treasurer in the -Assembly, on Tttttsday, September SS, introduced ?a Appre iw&tion'Bill for £891,005 19s. 6tL, and it "was carried aU its stages. The amount re?dr?dafi>a? supply for Her Majesty's Oovern sAt .toting %b4 easuing year -was £1*091,005, bufc^sl a Supper Bfll for JE2oo,ooo'wm: passed esAitor ia'the seesion,onl^ an appropriation of rtvaiae W*b*?rtent<tf £801,005105. 6d. is re *,itn jAs^emJjly to-day Mr. Snaith. is to raf^e njbb>t?relarnbe hud on the i% tbi number afjpersons who were drank and duof4crly iaetween 66e hoore "of 6 un. onJSun-^ dXy.. and 6 a jb. on the. fotlqwing. Monday,-: dunng yean, in' die foUowing l^calitie?;-ijCiiy of Adelaide, Torrens,. Bait Tori^M, Bturt, and Port; Adelaide, and; were iroujg?^ -before any court and tjonvicted.^ ? Mr. WilliluHS porposes. moving' in the Assembly to-day, in committee—"That it is esjSeJieat-to legalise all leases hitherto issued to'pastoral 'lessees, under the seal ?f the Pro nnce, 'in all' cases where the original lease has keen surrendered for alteration of boundaries,, or 6thet^ parposes, and also to enable the<Jo vernuent to grant fresh leases, in future, under, similar circumstances. 71 . In tbe Assembly, on Thursday, a motion Ijy. the dommieskmer of .Public Works -for a Friday sitting of the House during the remain der of the session, was agreed to. Some objec riqn was raised, by country members, and. Mr. L^dsay stated tiiat he had:felt no incoavea i<a^oe : from the eveai?gEittiaga, a rwnark which was-receivedwith langhter,as most of the mem beijs wij? spake admitted the objectaonablenes* of ilate sittings. . . The, account of the voyage of the Tre relyau from Plymouth to Adelaide, as given by; our r shipj)ing reporter, is another instance of tie Vaganes wnieh the modern jack tar indulges in when he'has ..ihe opportunity. Insubordi natioiD^ defiance o/f officers, broaching cargo, and thbi'conscqucnt thtrbVenneas, go to make up a •citaUgae of Aisatfers—added to the loss of the rodder at a Tatfaer critical time, which most have jmaHe'the voyage anything but a pleasant onp tot Tne nusHSf. A xaad was made on the kangaroos on XsrkeTs PwniAnla On -Thursday, September 21, by a partvjjf gentlemen who, with horses and digs, started from Mr.' Hatcher's, Weaner'a ¥h&, shortiiy after 3 o'dock in fh& afternoon, 4nl?ooa fell in with their game. The hunt -was kept Tip-with great spirit untU. half-past 5 ?d£t??k;:when-it was found that 72 marsupials lisid.fiUen viotiins to the ardent sportsmen. The iwogaroO?at this part of the peninsula are ?&£ed to be very nomerous, sad offer a fine field for who delight in a good gallop with thegame In view. ' ' ; TJie following is Thursday morning's weather report on the Aflpfoin* and Port Tfyrwip tekgraph line:—Beltana, cloady, dn3} ; S^angways.firings, few clouds ; Peake, clear, ?ool; Charlotte ffaters, clear; Alice Springs, dear, fine; Bairrow Creek, clear,.fine,pkasant; Tennant Creek, clear, fine;TbweQ Creek, clear, fi?; Daly Waters,clear,fine,'hot; Katha rine, few clouds, fine; Pine Creek, cloudy, warm;. Tain Creek, clear, fine, very warm; Soflthport, clear, fine, warm; Port Darwin, clear, w&rsb. ?.*;.'? ']..'?'' . ? "jbu "Wedneaday ' afternoon, September S^a lad nat?sd Joseph Hardy,, in- the employ of Mesk^J, KewmanA Son, of Port Adelaide, whilst engaged in locking one lof jthe floors on the upper floor of the bonded jstom^ which is secured by : pS3IocIS on the "ouSide, fell to *to grpum^ a distance of about tf feet. ,'Hewas picked up insensible, and carried to the surgery of Dr. Gething, who ordered his removal to the casualty hospital. -On enquiry on Thursday mnrnfag ire learnt that the P??F' hoy is stm unconscious, and it is feared hefcas suffered concussion of the brain. ? The Chief Justice on Thursday, Septem-. ber 27, sentenced the prisoners, who had either on their own confession, or by the verdict of the jury, been found guilty of crimes and mis-. demeanors during the recent criminal sittings. Charles Whitmore Babbage, who had pleaded guilty to charges of forgery and embezzlement,. was sentenced to five years on the first charge, and two years on the second, or seven years in all. His Honor, in passing sentence, regretted that the banks apparently had no regulation preventing their clerks from entering into hazardous speculations. John Herman, the younger, who had been foond guilty of man slaughter, was sentenced to a year's rmpnstm ment. ' - , The examination of pupil teachers at the Model Schools was resumed on Thursday, Sep t?mbarS7, wbea fiie sabjects^oae through were; grammar, geography, and history. Male candi dates for appointment were dismissed, at the conclusion ox the examination, in the last named subject. The residue wQI attend to d*y, feom 0 to 11 asa.^ foe .examination in. practical teadiirg, needlework, and domestic economy. Of "the 151 who presented themselves foe examination, ?me had served four years, five ibree years, 80 two years, and 89 one year; leaving 76 as candidates for appojbt^sent. Too examinations were conducted by Mr. J. A. Hartley,'BA-, B£c^ Inspectors Burgan ?nd Stanton,andMT.L.G,Madley. . A concert was given in the hall of the Cumberland Arms; Elizabeth-street, on Tues day, September 36, id aid of the foods of Court Friendship, A.OJ?., to a crowded boose. Mr. Councillor McNamara occupied the chair, and in a few well-chosen remarks stated &c object for. wMeh €he entertainment was given. - The performers were almost exclusively amateurs. Mr. O. Dwyer then recited a poem on " Forestry 0 Fery effectively, after~?hich-Jlc~.J. O'Brien sang v The Nectar Cup* in fine style, followed by Mr. C. Kelly with two comic songs, which prere vociferously applauded. Miss Neilson was in fine voice, and sang several songs, in vading "Come hack to Erin," "Kathleen Jaavourneen,' and a duet with Mr. O'Brien.' Mr. Carroll's v Wholl tread on the "tail of my ?o*t?" and his American prize jig were very cleverly given. Mr. McVlty sang "Silver1 f%?p>fc anujng the Gold" very nicely. Messrs. S. Lower and 1\ Schirmer gave some fine selec tions ef mnsic during the evening. A ball took place afterwards, and was kept up with great spirit until mornicg. . On Thu:*day, September 27, a jHcnis of teachers in conneetioii with the Sand iy-scho-4 IJnio i took place at Ooromaidel Valley. The pies tore seekers were conveyed to thesceae of festivity in five of J. Hill& Co.'s large omni fcoses, which presented a gay and pleasin? ap pMrance, many of the ladies having ventured ♦otaketbeir watsoa the top. The first coach carried a haudsome silk flag, having on it the , words, "South Australian Sunday-school XTnion." One hundred and sixty teachers in all, from the city Sunday-schools of different denomination^; were present at ttie picnic. The Tialley was reached after a delightful drive by . way of the South-road, and the large party was ?' ?oon broken up into smaller ones, some of whom Wandered over the hills or up the valley, while ? efthers amused themselves with croquet, cricket, ? •nd other games. After a few hoars' enjoy-' flient kettles wereboile'l for tea. shortly afte.-,' which a start was made for home, returning by **y of Bleep's Hill and Mitcliam. The city! ?v reached in safety by the entire party about j $r*clock. ?

The other day we extHfcted a paragriapilj from the Kapunda Herald, seriously reflecting on' | ~Hfe3Josaucl6FoneoTMr.XHTAiigw'trallswluch ; was returning home tamo. thb?ojaT Agricul tural Society's show. . The paragraph stated that the bull, which was being led, made a Forious rush at a boggy driven hy Mr. Byan, and which it got, on its back and capsuod, breaking it to pieces. We were surprised oa reading this account* having; seen the animal at the show, and observed Jiun to be what Max Adder catle an "urbane bull f but -a recent letter in the I&pvftda genid, signed "Thomas Leyworthy," jgiv?a an entirely different version of the affair. Mr. Jjeyworthy saw all that took place, and states that" the bolls were not being led but driven, and -were playing amongst them seives, when Mr. Ryan, who was entering the township <of .Freeling), drove right amongst tbem, and one of theanunals running back over turned the buggy. Thatii iwas broken to pieces is entirely false* and no blame is attachable to anyone bat Mr, Bs*n. Had Mr. Ryan used ordinary prudence and kept out of the way of the cattle, no.accident would have occurred." The amount of coachmaker's account for re pairing the boggy which, was eaid to be "broken to pieces," was only 17s. 64, and was paid by Mr. Angas. , . : . . The first show of the season in connec tion with the Horticultural and FioricaltaraJ Society was held at the Town Hall on Thurs day, September 28. Altogether the exhibition was a very good, one. • There was a splendid display of pot plants, and the flowera, although the collections were small, were remarkably good, considering the season we hare had. Not only has the want of rain interfered with the growth of outdoor flowers, but the recent frosts have been severely felt. The* collection in the cottagers' class was small, but what there was was good. There was a fair show of fruit, the Orange and citron tribe being well represented. Mr. G. Pitt had oh view in the refreshment room1 a very fine collection of oranges, citrons, and lemons. On one stock were fourteen oranges, weighing about 6 lbs. The vegetables were good in viewof the cold and frosty nights' experienced. The potatoes were remarkably good. There was a collection of plants from : the Botanic Gardens, embracing some valuable and handsome specimens; foatDr.Schombnrgk : did not Bhow anything new lor rare. A. new feature in Hie; exhibition was provided in the . shape of three fountains intended for gardens." '. halls, or showrooms, which -when at work looked' very pretty. -These fountains were manufac tured by Mr. A: Fischer, ?f North Adelaide. : Asthe weather was fine there was a large atten dance of visitors at the exhibition during the afternoon and ?lso in the evening. Among the deaths of well-known men in the old country during the List few months was that of Mr. John And, the head of the firm Of Aird & Sons, the great London contractors. The deceased was one of those men whose : natural abilities, perseverance, end industry ensure tbeirjsaecess in life. . As a Lad, employed on the works of the Phoenix Gab Company, in London, he attracted favorable notice) and from this time his.rise wjss rapid and unchecked, ; till he becameone of the greatest contractors in ' the weald. He "had contracts in, different countries of Europe, and in the United States, I and all bis vast undertaking? were, earned out : thoroughly and welL He .took two of his sons : into partnership with iipn, and they are now carrying on the business, of. which they had the principal management for some years. The works undertaken by the firm were chiefly con -1 nected with gas and water supply, sewage, and harbor improvements; but of late years they carried oat large railway works, and on the failure of Sir Morton Peto, Bates, & Co, most of the contracts of that .firm were, taken up by Messrs. Aird & Sons, who realised fortunes by those works. Mr. John Aird was greatly esteemed by all who were brought into contact with him as a pleasant gentlemanly old man, j of liberal disposition and kindly sympathies. i A soil of bis was, we understand, in-this colony not long ago, as one of the staff of the B"gli4> : and Scottish Bank. ; Mr. Thomas Wilcox has just completed : fan new drapery establishment at the corner of Bundle and Pulteney streets. The building has been erected specially for the business, and , every attention has been given to makefile pre mises convenient and suitable. They are both ; coihmodioa?, attractive, and h&ve & frontage of 100 feet toPulteney-streetand42 feetto?undle . street. The shop is 60 feet by 38 feet, and the showroom at the back is 82 by 30 feet. The ' whole is finished in the most approved style, with two large plate-glass windows, giving the shop fronte a light and appearance. There ib a side entrance from Pulteney-street intotheshowroom,sothat lanitw may enter witfa ; out going throughthe shop. The whole of the first * floor, containing 10 rooms, besides bathroom,' dres?uigroom,andlinen closets, will be occupSad for living aparCments, havinga private entrance Ito Pulteney-etreetb , Tie business premises are . completelyshutoff from the privateapartmeats, co that there will be no inconvenience in that respect. The style is modem street architecture in Italian. The two front elevations are 36 feet from pavement to top of parapets, divided iritit ' pilasters ?uiriimumfc^l frith moulded capitals, with ornamental modillionsrestingonthe sajne, : and supporting both the upper and 'lower cornices. The- parapets have ornamental 1 balnstrading, surmounted by -handsome vases. All' the single 'windows on ihe first floor are wrfii architraves. The four principal ' windows have dadoes under the sills, pilasters with ornamental capitals and •pandrils, and are finished with cap moulds. The whole of the building has a very bold effect, and is a decided ornament to the city. Die architect is Mr. D. Garlick, and the builder Mr. C. Farr. The coa . tractor for tiie internal fittings is Mr. W. PeJt. The performances at the Theatre Royal .on Thursday evening were for the farewell benefit of Mr. Frank Towers, tile members of the company having tendered their services foe the occasion. The house was well filled in ever f part. The first piece on the programme was Morris BameWs comedy the "Serious Family," I Mr.Towerstakfng tlie character of Amiaalab Sleek. : His representation df iue Can wilg hypo crite was good on the whole, although there was • xl want of that pious unctioueness which is gene rally, associated with the part. Mr. Raiaford [ made -a AtuJhing Captain Maguire, and Mr. Bootbman was in better vein than usual as ? Charles Torrens. Mrs. Woaldridge's Lady i Sowerby Creamly, like everything that lady undertakes, was well played; and Miss Blanche Grey made a very demure Mrs. Torrens. Mrs. Towers wasafssrinating Mrs.Ormsby Dalmaine, | and Mibs Nelly Daley was very charming in the minor part of Emma Torrens. The re maining characters of Graham and Frank Vin cent were taken by Miss Kate Foleyand Mr. Brown. At the conclusion of the comedy the principal characters were called before the car tain, and Mr. Towers took the opportunity of thanking those who had patronised him, and the ladies and gentlemen who had kindly given their services. He also thanked the hitter for the manner in which they had workei with him daring the season. The position of a thea trical manager was, he said, not at the best of times the most envious one; but, notwithstand ing that, he wished to say that he never desired to be associated with a more kindly, geuerous, and hard-working company.than he was at pre- i sent connected with. Some 12 months ago he | had bidden farewell, with' regret, to the Ade- i laidepublic; and lie was shortly about to leave ! again, as it was ias intention nest month to ' proceed to England with his wife and - family. He regretted leaving, as he had made'many esteemed private friends daring his • stay here, bat he hoped to be amongst them again in the course of a year or two. The' entertainment concluded with Byron's laughable nautical burlesque of "Black-Eyed Susan," in ? which Mr. Towereappearedas Captain Crosstree; . Mi-s.Towero as Black-Eyed Susan; and Missfiosa Towers as William. .