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Large Sums Owing.

"There are courts at Fremantle," wns the remark of Mr. Atlee Hunk (sec- retary of the Department of Home and Ter- ritories) -when naked yesterday if the de- partment intended to take any action re- garding the recovery of taxes from Mr. Toiipcin, former mayor of Darwin, who left the Northern Territory owing a consider-

able turn.

Mr. Hunt added that the department in- tended to recover taxes, npt only from the former mayor, lint from all those in default. Toiipcin was not the worst offender, and ty* each mail orders for a hatch of prosecu- tions against those longest in default were forwarded. The Northern Territory tax was tantamount to a State tas, but many residents had paid neither this nor the

Federal tax. .

It has been stated that early in 1919 Toupein admitted, in open Court, that the tax was owing, that he had ample means to pay it, but that he would not pay a penny. His refusal, it is stated, was because of

"no representation" in the Federal Parlia- ment. No step was taken to enforce the order of the Court, as the police force was inadequate to stand up to any resistance. It is even alleged that some Government servants have paid no income tax for two


Failure to prosecute the former mayor will surely raise a protest from residents of the Territory who have paid their taxes regularly. By some it is contended that the Government has adopted the line of least resistance, and refrained from collect- ing the thousands of pounds due only to obviate all risk of disturbance.  

'Die question of the payment of the Ter- ritory tax will probably be considered by tlie Minister for Home and Territories (Mr. Poynton) when he visit« the Northern Ter- ritory in April. '