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BIRTHS   SLOWGROVE (nee Taylor) March 23, 1929 to Mr. and Mrs Ernest Slowgrove-a son (Donald Taylor).    


PENDEREL-LONEY.-March 30, at all Saints  

Cathedral, Cairo, Egypt. Squadron-Leader Hubert Godfrey Penderel M.C., of the Royal Air Force to Aetheldreda Luxton, daughter of Mr and Mrs Luxton Loney, of Ocean-avenue, Edgecliff (By cable.)


ALLABIN.-March 31 1929 at this daughter's resi-i-   dence (Mrs. A. Allen). 13 On-street. Bondi. Alfred Allabin, aged 79 years. Interred Church of England Cemetery. Rookwood. April 1 1929

ALLINGHAM.-March 30, 1929 at Kiama Hospital, Edward Walter, solicitor, late of Lismore, aged 80 years. Lismore papers please copy.

ALLINGHAM.-March 30, 1929, at Kiama Hospital. Edward Walter, beloved father of Sam (Murwillumbah), Mabel (Mrs. E. Rowe. Shellharbour). Sophie (Mrs. Roy Bannon (New Guinea),Sid and Cecil (of    


BAYLIS.-April 2, 1928. at Euroa, Victoria, James John, eldest son of the late Henry Baylis, formerly police magistrate of Wagga Wagga, aged 70 years.

BLACKFORD.-March 31. 1929. at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Charles Normby Blackford, of 136 Avoca-street, Randwick, formerly of Brisbane dearly loved husband ol Victoria Blackford.

BLUNT.-March 31,at Hannan-street, Maroubra, Mary   Blunt, loved mother of George, Ada (Mrs Farmer), Minnie (Mrs. Johnson), Leonard, Frances (Mrs. Shep herd). Edlward, Rose (Mrs Whitelaw), age 82 years. BOSLEY.-April 1, 1929 at Western Suburbs Hos- pital. Arthur Edward, dearly beloved husband of Kate Jane Bosley, and father of Jim, Iris, Dave, Doris, Kathleen, Daphne, Eileen, Joyce, Arthur. Richard, and Bruce aged 50 years.  

BOYALL.-March 30, at Rodney, Edgar-street, Chats

wood. Charles, beloved husband of Ellen Julia, aged 64 Interred April 1.

BRIERLY.-April 1, 1929, at her son Clive's resi- dence, 52 Chapel-street, Kogarah, Teresa Mary, widow of the late James Dundas Brierly, and father of Coralie, Florrie. James, and Clive, aged 68 years.

CALDWELL-April 1. 1929, Elizabeth Mary Cald-

well, aged 77 years. R.I.P.

CHILD. - March 31, 1929, Amelia Augusta Child, widow of the late Thomas Bedwell Child, late of Enmore, aged

73 years.

CREST.-April I, 1929 (Madame) Bessie Crest, of o Wentworth-street, Manly (late of Albury and Wagga).

DUNCOMBE.—April 1, 1929, at private hospital, Matilda Duncombe, of Richmond and Kurrajong, aged  

87 years.

FLOYD.-April I, 1929. at his residence, Glenholme, River-road. Greenwich, Arthur J., beloved husband of

Mim Floyd aged 32 years.

FLOYD.-April 1. 1929. nt his resilience, Glenholme.   River-road, Greenwich. Arthur J., eldest son of Nurse E. Floyd, and beloved brother of Beattie, Ivy, and  

Jim. aged 32 years.  

FUSEDALE.-April 1, 1929 at her daughter's resi- dence, 26 Apsley-avenue. South Kensington, Marion, widow of the late Henry Wallace Fusedale. dearly loved mother of Ethel (Mrs. J. Kavanaugh), Charles, Mabel (Mrs. A. Edwards), Reg and Alice (Mrs. H Long), and daughter of the late Nathaniel Banner- man Chauney of Hyde Park, London aged 69 years.

GALLIVAN.-March 28, 1929, at Coast Hospital, Kevin Gallivann, beloved infant son of Mr and Mrs Jack Gallivan, of 4 Hoskin-street, Balmain East. R.I.P.  

HARRISON.-March 31, at Newcastle Hospital, Annie,     dearly beloved wife of Anthony (Tony) Harrison. Bucks Hut. Brown-road. Broadmeadow, sister of Mrs. Mallam, Mrs. Lindsay (Mullamble), Jackand George   Mckay (Sydney), also Patrick (Rick) McKay. Railway Adamstown Armidale papers please copy.

HOLMESBY.-March 11, at Adelaide, Richard George Holmesby, beloved brother of W. B. Holmesby Gros venor-street. Glandore, and Mrs. F, H. Carter. Benfield.

age 77 years. At rest.

KENNEDY.-March 31 1929,at his residence, 10   Punch-street, Mosman. Thomas, relict of the late Jessie   Kennedy and late Engineer for Railway Surveyors, aged 68 years.  

KIRKLAND.-April 1, 1929 at Royal Alexandra Hos-

pital. Camperdown. Allan James, dearly loved infant son of Arthur and Doris Kirkland, of Roselie, Onslow- street. Canterbury, aged 13 months.

KREUUTSER.-April 1, 1929, at her residence, Sea-     combe, 33 High-street. Willoughby, Louisa Josephine, the beloved wife of George F. Kreutzer, and loved mother of Ingeborg, in her 43rd year.

LLOYD.-April 1 1929, at 167 Alison-road, Rand-  

wick. Emma, widow of the late George Alfred Lloyd.

MclNTOSH.-April I, 1929, at Lewisham Hospital.    

Sydney, relict of the late Ellen Mcintosh, and loving father of Svdney, Ellen, Lily and Joyce, aged 47 years. R.I.P  

MADGWICK.-March 31, 1929 at 31 Campbell-street,   Kogarah, Martha Elizabeth, widow of the late James Henry Madgwick aged 75 years.

MAWSON.-April 1, 1929, at Royal Alexandra Hos-

pital, Camperdown, Iris Doreen, beloved infant daughter of Frank and Alice Mawson of Belerieve, Queen- street, Concord West, aged 1 year and 4 months.

MIDDLETON.-April 1, 1929, suddenly, Charles Mid- dleton, late of Railway Department and beloved hus- band of Elizabeth E. Middleton of Osroy, Wentworth road, Vaucluse, and father of James E. (Ed.), aged

67 years.

NELSON.-April 1. at New Hampton Court, Herbert Bertram Nelson (Starkey and Starkey), dearly beloved   husband of Constance Madelynn Nelson.

NEVILLE.-April 1, 1929, at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Joseph Francis, the dearly-beloved husband of Elizabeth Neville, of 32 Abbott-street, Suspension   Bridge, North Sydney, and beloved father of Kathleen, Muriel, Eileen, Molly, Leo, Clem and Kevin, aged

64 .years. R.I.P

PRESCOTT.-March 31, 1929, at her residence. Arns- cott, 547 Anzac-parade, South Kensington, Mary Teresa, beloved wife of Henry Prescott. R-l.P.

PRESSWELL.-April 1, 1929 at a private hospital, Dulwich Hill, Rev Peter Presswell, of Jersey-road, Woollahra., aged 80 years.

RIXON.-March 31, 1929, at the Children's Hospital,   Camperdown, Allan, dearly beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Rixon, grandson and nephew of Mrs. S. and the late W. H. Rixon and family, of Haberfield.

ROBINSON.-March 31. 1929, at Liverpool. David Robinson, late of Moorbank, Liverpool, aged OS years,

SEWELL.-April 1, 1929, at a private hospital. Kogarah, John, beloved father of John and George,

aged 70 years.

SHERRIN.-April 1, 1929, at her son's residence. Parkville, 18 Salisbury-road, Camperdown, Hannah, widow of the late Thomas Riall Sherrin, late of Hobart and Nambucca Heads, mid dearly-loved mother of the late Henry Ernest Sherrin, Thomas, Hannah, Eliza, Marion, and Alice, and daughter of the late James and Mary Leahy, of Mallow, County Cork. Ireland in her 81st year. Requiescat in pace. Irish papers please copy.

SPROD.-April 1, 1929, at a private hospital, Ken- sington, Patricia Marie, beloved infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. Sprod, of 107 King-street, Randwick, aged two days.

SWEET.-April 1, 1929, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. S. Davis, No. 4 Booreea-street, Lid- combe, William, dearly beloved husband of Selina Annie Sweet, aged 74 years. At rest.

TANNER.-March 31, 1929, at his residence, 20 Gor- don-street, Burwood, Edmund George, beloved husband of Ada Tanner, aged 67 years. By request, no mourn- ing. Interred at Enfield, April 1.

WHITING.-March 31, 1929, at Airlie, Neutral Bay, Lucilla Josephine, eldest daughter of the late George Robert and Louisa M. Whiting, and be- loved sister of Evelyn Whiting.

WILSON.-April 1. 1929, at a private hospital. Bondi,   Christine Jane Wilson, of 46 Brook-street (North). Coogee, aged 72 years.

WITHERS.-March 31, 1929, at her parents' residence, Garden-street, Botany, Jane, beloved eldest daughter

of Mr. and Mrs. J. Withers.


ARGUE.-In loving memory of our dear mother and Grandma, who passed away April 2, 1928.

Freed of pain-at rest.

Inserted by her loved ones. Roy, Glady, «nd baby,


ARGUE.-In affectionate memory of our dear sister. Daisy, died April 2, 1928. Loved and remembered by

Edith, Elizabeth and Hesba.

AUSTIN.-In loving memory of my dear daddy, son, and brother, Reginald, who passed away April 2, 1924. Inserted bv his only son, mother, and brother.

BARNARD-A tribute of love to the memory of my dear wife and mother, Muriel May Barnard who de- parted this life April 2, 1924. Inserted by her loving husband and son, Ronald.

BARNARD.-In loving memory of my dear daughter and our sister, Muriel May barnard, who departed this life April 2, 1924.

Sadly missed.   Inserted by her loving father and brothers, Ken and .

Alf Siddins.

BRADY.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away April 2 1922.

Gone from this world of sorrow,

To God's beautiful home of rest; 'Tis sad but true, I wonder why,

The best are always first to die.

God's greatest gift-Remembrance.

Inserted by her loving daughters, Lizzie, Mary, Millie, Florrie, Jinnie, Alice, and Francis.

BURTON.-In loving memory ol our dear daughter and sister, Maggie, drowned Woy Woy April 2, 1928.

She bade no one a last farewell,

She said good-bye to none.

Her spirit fled before we knew

That from us she had gone.

Inserted by her loving parents, brothers, and


CLARKSON.-In loving remembrance of our dear daughter and our sister, Ruby, died April 2, 1921.

Lost awhile, our beloved- Gained forever, safe above.

Inserted by her loving parents, sisters, and brothers. CLEAVER.-In sad but loving memory of my dear mother, Mary Cecilia, who departed this life April 3, 1928, aged 32 yers..

Words cannot say how I loved her; deep down to

my heart is a pain.

God alone knows how I miss you, mum, as I

battle along life's lane.

But her voice keeps gently saying, My dear girl

be good and true; at the end of life's great battle I'll be watching and waiting for you Inserted by her ever loving daughter, Mvrtle.

CLFAVER.-In loving memnrv of our dear sister. Sis. who departed this lite on April 2. 1028. .

No one knew the parting.

So one knew the pam it cost.

But (¡nd mid the angels have taken

rho «islet we all have lost

Insenin bv RuliV nnd Tom Edgeworth. Olga, Oss,

»ntl lilly.

CLEAVER.-In lining memory of Mary Ceoilla, »hi pawed away April 2, 102H.

Always so grnd. un-clnsh, nnd kind, Few in this world bi-r equnl to lind.

But a beitiliful Hie cuni- to an end.

She died .ii she lived, cwrvime't friend.

Insertud bv aunt, sister, niece, Alloc, Pearl, Florrie CLEAVER,-A tribute of love In memory of Mnn Cecilia, »ho departed this life April 2, 1023. R.I.P

A. Nugent.

COX.-In loving memory ol our dear ion, ErnC6I Robert, wuo pasted uwny April 2, 1027.

Deep ici oui hearts lies n picture

Ot von, iltur muí, gone lo rest.

In tni'iutiTV's frame we will keep him,

Bet »use he «as one ol the best.

Inserted by his loving mother and Ijthcr, L. and

li. Cox.

FRAWLEY.-In loilng remembrance ot mv only child Clait. who was accidentally killed April 2, 102«.

If all this world belonged to me

I'd glie It, ves. and more:

To sec her dear face smile again

And meet me at the door. Inserted by her sorrowing mother. '

? "-.aï mÉmoriam.

FRAWLEY,-lu loving memory ni ili-ar little Clare ilccideiitully letlle-d.- Avril ï. 1Û28. Inserted hv h«i j Iming juin le- Mu}-. -

FRAWLEY.-A tribute- 01 love te. the ' memory ot dear Clare-, who pj«e-d away April 2, 1U28.

Wliui happy days we mico enjoeed "Alien we- teen were together.

Hut, oh, how changed it all li. now. (iuil alone- knows hu» I m1» voei

As 1 Uitltli- along Hie*» rongli way. Sadie missed by Jim.

FRAWLEY-Jn loi jug memory ol dear Clare, who dcpaiu-d .this Hie April 2, 1U28.

We »till cherish with thoughts isincert Ue'autiful memories ot Clore, di-ar.

Inserted bv Mr. and Jin. klee and family.

GREER.-In loving nie-mur» ut mj deat liusban« and our dear f.itlier. who passed away April -2. 102S.

What happy hours we once enjoyed,

When we were al] together.

But, oh. how «ed and e-linnged It Is

Since dud line gone forever.

Inserted hy hi* lue in« w11.- and family.

IIAlll'KIt.-In loving memory of my dear husband, Churl*«, Warrant OlHce-r, So. lil, A.N- »»li H.K.I*'., whei passed awaV April 2, 1023. Inserted by his lov- ing willi, Emily.

IIAHHIK.-I» loving memory ot our Dclovefl «on, Frederick, who depuitcd this, life April 2, 1Ü2B.

To-day recalls 6ud memories.

Memories that make us cry,

To think that you were taken

'And never auld good-bye.

Inserted hy hie loe lue; lather and mother, sister! and brother, Lucy, Willie, and Doris.

HEAVSt.-In loving memory ot my deat mother, who paiese-d «way April 1, 1022.

Forever with the Ixird.

Inserted by Florrie. Harry, and Collo beesley and


1111.1».-In loving me-mnry ot my only »on, Lawrence Sydney Hill, accidentally killed at West Wyalong.

April 2. |02S.

liol»;, hut not forgotten.

Inserted by his loving mother and sisters; Agness and ll.ifuy Hill.

IIU.LIElt.-4ta loving memory ol our dear brother, Charles, passed away April 2, W28i also our dear faihe-r, pushed away. July 2, ' 11)27. Inserted by his sisters and daughters. 11. Meager, li. White.

JONES.-In loving' nie-inory ol our de-ar mother. Sarah Winton!, aged till ye-ars, who pasted away Aiirll 2, 102U; also odr dear latlier, ilobe-rt, uged St. »hu iiusi.ed away April 7, 1021). Ihíf-rted by their lovini! ton, George, mid dauchter-ln-law, Evelyn.

Klltny.-In loving memory ot mv dear wife and mother, Eil« Kirby, who departed this Hie on April .1, 11)25. Insetted hy her loving husband, P. Kirby, and (.ons, George and Percival Kirby, Agnes Kirby and family.

KIIIIIV.-In loving memory of my dear mother, who departed this life April 2, 1923.

Peace, perfect peace.

Inserted by her loving duligillcr. Sarah, and son

ln-law. Les.

KIRBY.-In loving, memory of my dear mother, who departed this life April 2, 11125.

Sadly missed.

Inserted by her loving daughter, Clara, and family. LEES.-In memory of our dear father, Joseph Sutton Lees, died April 2, 1928; also our dear mother, Helen Gibson Lees, died May 30, 1904. At rest. Inserted by their daughter and son-in-law, Helen and Rod


LEONARD In loving memory of Michael A. Leonard, who passed away April 2, 1919. Never forgotten by his fond wife, E. Leonard.

MASSEY.-In loving remembrance of our darling haliy, Nancy* Gloria Massey, ulm fell asleep-April 2. 1024, aged 16 months. Inserted by her parents, E. and V. Massey.

MASSEY.-Sweetest me-morle-s of Nancye Gloria, whom God called home April 2, 1024.

Dear little flower that was all our de-light,

Little white bud, death plucked In the night, Now in God's garden of glory it grows,

Our little white bud that evas never a rose.

Inserte-d by her loving grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Will .Tout. lira. Barnett, aunties, uncles, Campsie,

MATHESON.-ln loving memory of mv dear wife and our molhcr. Susan Purcell Matheson, who died April i.

1023. .

Your memory is as sweet to-day As in the hour you passed owny.

Inserted bv her sorrowing hiiiliand and family.

MKItltETT.-In loving memory of our dear son and brother, Oswald George Henry (Ossie), who died April 2, 11)25. Inscrled by his loving mother, father.


NEWS.-In loving memory of my dear husband and our loving fattier. James, who departed this life April

2, ? 1023.

Thought* return to scenes lung pnst. Years roll on. hut memory lasts.

Your memory still Is sweet anil dear, And treasured with a love sincere.

Inserted by lil« loving wife. Clara, and children. Linde. Jack, Daie, Jim. anil Elly.

NUGENT.-lo loving memory of our dear mother, who »oil asleep April 2, 1028.

Too de-jrly loved to ever be forgotten.

Inserted bv lier loi lug daughter and son-in-law, and


NUGENT.-In loving memory of my darling mother. Charlotte, who passed away April 2, 1028.

No one knows how mucli I miss you,

No one knows the silent pain

I have suffered since you left me.

Life has never been the saine.

Inserted by her sad and lonely daughter, Annie.

NUGENT.-In loving memory ol our dear mother, who departed this life, April 2. ID'S. Inserted by her loving sun and daughter-in-law. Sid and CÍ6.

NUGENT.-In loving memory of my dear mother in-law, who fell asleep April 2. 102S. Inserted by her lonely daughter-in-law. Mrs. Myrtle Nugent.

O'SHEA.-In loving memory of my dear Husband, Will,! and my-daddy, -who .piiíícd.away April 2, 1020.

! Loves! and treasured the same to-day ¡ As In the hour you paved away.

Inserted by his loving wile- and daughter. Beryl.

PARRY.-In loving memory ol our dear mother, .Muryi Ann ll'arry. i who passed away April 2. 1027. Inserjcn b.vl her loving children and grandchildren.

PAllTLETT.-In loving memory ¡>f my dear hus- band, and our father, who passed away April 2, 1027. Inse-rjed by ¡his loving wife and family.

POLLOCK'-In lovjng, memory of my dear husband. John, and our loving 'fátVeí,' wTiii 'departed this life April; 2. 1028. Gone, but not forgotten.

ROBERTS.—In sad but loving memory of my dear husband. John Henry Roberts, who departed this life April 2, 1928.  

Peacefully sleeping.

Inserted by his loving wife. S.E.R.

ROBERTS.—ln loving memory of my dear father, who departed this life April 2, 1928. Inserted by his

son. Ray.

ROBINSON.-In loving memory of my dear wife. Mary Ann, who depancd this Hie April 2, 1010. Gone, but not forgotten. E. C. Robinson.

ROOKING.-In affectionate remembrance of a dear wife and mother, who pjsj.ed away. April 1, 102*. Al- ways remembered. Inserted by her lovlns¡ husband

and daughter.

SHAW.-In loving memory of our dear mother, Jean,

«ho died April 2, 1923.

A beautiful memory left behind ' Of a mother, so gooel and kind. Sadly missed by Dot and »ob.

STEWART.-In loving memory of our dear son and brother, David Henry (Harry), evlio was drowned at Towradgi Reach, Corrimal, Good Friday, April 2. 10211

A day of remembrance sad to re-cull.

Sadly missed by hearts that loved him »eil.

Inserted by his fotlier and mother, listers, and


TOOVEY.-In loelng memory ol my dear father, Waller Toovcy, who died April 2, 1020.

Gone, but not lorgotterï.

Inserted by his lining daughter, Thelma.

TOOVEY.-In loving memory ol Walter, who was   act-Mentally killed at Knnnbach. N.S.W., on April t. 1020. Inserted hv his brothers, Fred mid Dess.

WALKER.-In loi lug memory of my denr husband and father. Orville Walker, who was accidentally killed

April 2. 1927.

Always remembered.

Inserted bj lils loving wife. Eileen, and son, Jack.

WALKER.-lu loving momnrv of our darling son and brother. Orville Henry, accidentally killed April 2,


Shades ot cu-ntng softly gather,

bit stars will come to light the way We- see jou in the llghl, dear Onie.

The light ol eviTl.iitlng day.

We ennmit lorget you, «e loved you too dearly

For your memory to lude like o dream.

Our lips nmy not speak, though our hearts rhouro


And our eyes olten test where your photo, is seen. Inserted by lila loving mother and father, brothers,

sisters, and brotlicr-in-law.

WEEKES.-In loving memory of our dear mother, Emily Weeks, who passed away April 2, 1928. Inserted by her loving daughters.

WESTON.-In sud memory of my loved son «nd our dear brother. Roy. drowned at Austinmer, April 2,


Who shall wiy the grlel Is lessened.

Though the smile may hide the tears, Mnnory keeps the wound still open,

liispile Hie- passing of the jears.

Inserted by mother, sisters, brother, sister-in-law,

mid brothers-in-law

WESTON.-In loung memory ol our dear brother. Roy Harold, who iM-unl aw.iv April 2. 1024.

Yon live In our hearts always.

Inserted bv Im loving brother und sister.ln-laey.

WICKKS.-In loving memorr ol our darling little tlctty, who departed this life April 2, 1027.

Another little lumb bus gone,

To dwell with Him Who gave! Another little darling babe

Is sheltered in the grave

God needed one more angel child,

AtnliM HI« shining tMlid.

And Ile bent with loving smile.

And chisprd our darling's hand.

Inserted by her loving mother and father, sisters,

und brother.

On Active Service. . .

BIIOAIHII'KST.-in loving memory of our son and lirnlher. Private Jack llro.iilhiir-t, killed In action \prll 2. 1017 Inserted by his father, mother, sisters,

.mil nrotlicrs

FREW.-In lining memory of my dear son, Alexander Mevvart, «ho «ile killed In France April 2, lill?.

An Anr-ic.

Inserted by his lovin« mother.

GLAZKIIROOK.-In loving memory of my sons. Robert (Roy), killed in action April 2. 1017; also Harry, died ol wounds In France. Sadly missed by their loving

mother, and brother. Gordon.

GLASS1NGTON.-In loving memory of our dear son mid lirotliei. Le'lle. who was.killed In action April 2, 1017. At rest Iii'erlsd by his loving parents,

-Mer. and bruthen.

HEATH.-In loving memory of Private Norman John lleafh, killed In Fruncí April 2, 1017. Inserted ">v fiither. mother, brothers, and sisters.

THOMAS.-In sad but loving memory of our dear son «lid brother, Private William Thomas, killed In action In Franc«. April 2, 1017, Inserted by his loving inoUler, father, ' -ritten, and brother»,


Mrs CLII KIRD hlh mid I- \M!L\ ot Stnnfrerl

Million rond Histwotd desire to sincerely THANK all relmber fi lends lodges and nelüib mrs for Iii ral tributes telegmns letters cirds and expressions of SMiipitln In the recent loss of her liu-hunil and their father

Mrs FIOHRIE «FsTCOTT nnd FAMIIY desire to return their grateful THWKS to the sisters mid digger pals of Randwick Military llnspltil for their kind expression of swnpithv In the loss of hei denr husbind and their falhir Wllllnm II Westcott

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