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At the meeting of Federation Intermrcionalo do Natation Amateur which was to have been held at tbo House of Pirliamunt Stockholm during the 01}mpic Gimes smeial items of ii terest appeared on tho ageuda paper » list oi worl 1 s reco-¿s - j- '- ted \ the hon secretary mil incluled therein w13 one by K Bretting established over 100 metres on April G 1911 at Brussels In a 2o metres courso and certified to as being correct by the Federation Belge des Sociétés de Natation (Belgium) in tho timo of lm 2 2 5s so that Dulto Kahanatnoku s reported achievement of lm 2 4 JS at the Olympic Gimes is not a worlds record It is pu¿2llug to enthusiasts hero tnat Bretting was not ncntloned In the cables As the Hivvailin and Cecil Heal} wero fir^t ind seconl in tho 100 metres the German could not hive done bet

ter than third at the best but his was not included in tho cabled names of some of

the flnilists

Another rather sensational porformanco re

ported in tho simo list and which occurred on tho same dato and courso as above was that of O Schiele three times King s Cup winner who swam 100 metres by tho aid of tho back stroko in lm IS 2 5s-a very Ano effort, lhere wero no fewer than seven ro cords broken it tho Olympic Games

Other business at tho international meot Ing included tho friming of uniform diving and water polo rules for tho nex-t Olympic Games tho formulât

ing of a. minimum list of events that must bo included In tho programme of all future games and a motion that all swim ming diving and water polo contests BhiU bo held in accordance with tho laws of tho federation Tho question as to whether swim mers belonging to an affiliated nition should bo allowed to swim for* unafnliated nations was also to bo raised Russia submitted a motion asking that an excentlon to the ama teur laws be raido to allow that country to obtain the services of amateur teachers of swimming from Finland who although ro celving pavment, should bo allowed to retain their amateur status Tho last proposal is being mado for the reason that the sport of swimming is practically unknown and conse quently they can get no good swimming in structors Tho meeting was of considerable Importance Tho Australian Sw naming union was represented by Messrs A C W Hill and

C S Marks

Cecil Healy writing to a friend in Sydney on Juno 11 sa} s - Thin(,3 aro very slow hero Just now and wo aro beginning to feel tho strain of waiting for tho gimes How over Boardman and Hill aro charme 1 with Stockholm and aro content to stij hero but the rest want to got It over and bo off to Lon

don Training is going alonQ very well It is just like September or October weather in Sydney and surprisingly warra in tho suu ilthough the courso is still ver} coll Ave ill got in a swim overy day and Ilirdwicl and myself havo dot o i few qu irtors

Boardman cannot stan 1 tho cold v ater for moro than a lip ind Lon worth hu not yet gone four Ho In., boon °wimmins very well for tho hundred but linds tho water very dead for a long distance anl thlnl s that Brettint will win tho sprints anl Ta}lor tho distances Tho Jatc-jt n ws from Sweden tells of the selection of 70 competitors to represent tho nation in tha swimming events Of this number lo were ladies so that tho Swedes wore probably roi resento 1 by their full number (12) In tim majoiity of the events

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